By Jan Aldrich

ACUFOE UPDATES (as of 9 October 1999), Version 2

(Use with Dominique Weinstein's November 1997 Catalogue or later.)

N=New Case not in November 1997 ACUFOE Catalogue

D=New details for cases already in the ACUFOE Catalogue

#=New reference for a case in ACUFOE Catalogue

NLT=No Later Than

*=Version 2, additional cases or cases with new information after Dominique Weinstein's 1999 catalogue.

Manner of presentation: These summaries were prepared for Dominique Weinstein who has many of the primary documents, therefore the summaries are very short. Generally each item has the date, time, location, what type of aircraft and witnesses were involved, if known, then a brief description and finally the sources. This list is meant to be used with one of Weinstein's published catalogues. Some entries on this list only update Weinstein with news references that he did not previously have.

ACUFOE Prior to 1942

N - 1916.01.31, 2025 hours, England, Near Romford, Essex.

RAF fighter patrolling for Zepplins saw a light to the north. He tried to close for 20 minutes but his engine was malfunctioning and would not do more than 50 mph. Light was lost in the clouds. (UFO Brigantia #25, Mar-Apr 87 (PRO Air 1/611/16/15/288) (First UFO seen from the air))

N -1936.10.10, about 0415 local, near Cape Talamonore.

Italian military Idro S.62 Bis, pilot in a four plane formation flying at 3,500 meters, sighted a light at a higher level that at first was mistaken for another plane in the formation. Tried to pursue. The object appeared to shot short flames from the center. Could not make out shape as object's light was blinding. Appeared to be twice the diameter of the moon and flew north. (Flying Saucer Review Vol 1, #3, page 5, taken from reports to CIRNOS, Fiumetto, Italy)

ACUFOE in World War II

N - 1943   Changed entry from N - 1945:

(An interview with Dr. Haines clarifies that this incident had to take place in 1943),

Night, Atlantic, between USA and England,

US Navy PB-2Y5, pilot and 8 crewmen, Single lighted red orange object flew formation off the wing of the aircraft. Pilot repositioned the aircraft several time. Each time the object matched the maneuver. UFO took off ahead of the aircraft and vanished from sight in 30 seconds. (Report to Paul Cerny and interview with Dr. Richard Haines)

N - 1943.03-04 - night, Tunisia,

Hurricane, 73d RAF Squadron (Night Fighter) pilot encounter unusual light as did other squadron members. (Letter to RNZAF in Air Department File 39/3/3.NS Vol. 1, Reports: Flying Saucers (Nov 1952-Dec 1955), at Defense House, Wellington, New Zealand.)

N - 1943.05-07 - night, Tunisia,

Hurricane, 73rd RAF Squadron (Night Fighter) pilot encounter bright light nickname "The Light" or "The Thing" other pilots also encounter the object many times.(Letter and Report Form, Andy Roberts' Collection)

N - 1943.06.25 - Elbe Estuary, Germany.

1st Air Division, "12 flat objects, six feet square, fell like leaves." No explosions noted. (Data on Unusual Objects & Missiles Encountered on Missions, 8th Air Force files, Feb-May 1945.)

*N - 1943 Late - Bremen, Germany

Many reports of "silver and red discs above the formations". (115 RAF Squadron newsletter, issue no. 1, dated Dec 31, 1943). See report below which may be related.

N - 1943.11.26 - Bremen, Germany

"Rings of flame 2 or 3 feet in diameter, green, corkscrewed thru formation, as (if) floating." (Data on Unusual Objects & Missiles Encountered on Missions, 8th Air Force files, Feb-May 1945.)

*N - 1943.12.11 - Emlen (Emden?) Germany

American formations saw a fast moving unidentified object as large as a Thunderbolt flying under the formation leaving a long lasting vapor trail. (115 RAF Squadron newsletter, issue no. 1, dated Dec 31, 1943, Andy Robert's research at PRO.)

N - 1943.12.14, night. Italy

On night patrol to Naples, Beaufighter 255th RAF Squadron (Night Fighter), "dogfights" with "The Light" a bright light which out climbed aircraft. (Letter, Report Form, Logbook extract, Andy Roberts' Collection)

N - 1944 - Night, South Atlantic

Military transport, 4 pilots, 2 bight lights came toward the plane, separated and went around the plane, then they turned and flew along side the aircraft for four or five minutes. (Alexandria, LA, TOWN TALK 20 April 1980.)

N - 1944.04.30, between 2100-2200 hours, Night, Italy, near Anzio

Beaufighter, RAF 600 Squadron, pilot and radar officer saw a orange red glow following the aircraft. No radar contact. All evasive maneuvers, even going into a clouds did not stop the object from pursuing them. Finally, a dive into a cloud bank lost the object.(Letter [data from logbook]. Andy Roberts' collection)

N - 1944.06. - 1100 hours, Adriatic Sea, just northeast of Bari

3 P-38s of the 1st Fighter Group at 33,000 feet saw a round silver disc above them at about 50,000 feet. It dropped to about 40,000 feet and stayed with the formation for 3 minutes, then sped north out of sight. (Report form, Center for UFO Studies, (CUFOS))

N - 1944.06. (2nd, 5th, or 8th unsure of exact date),

About 0000 hours, Italy, southwest Florence over the Florence/Rome road, Beaufighter Mk X saw a bright red light that followed them for about 5-10 minutes. Evasive action did not work. (Letters and report forms, Andy Roberts, Collection)

D - 1944.08.10

The Records of the 792d Bombardment Squadron's history confirms that Lt.Reidas was indeed on the mission described by him on this date. There are no details about the mission or bombing results. (792d Bomb Sq History)

*N - 1944.08.10 - Night, Japan

B-29, 40th Bombardment Group, two aircraft crews reported seeing a green flare followed by an amber-orange flash horizontally across the nose of the aircraft. (There were no fighters, or searchlights on this mission and flak was meager. 40th Bomb Sq History)

N - 1944.10.18 - Day, Alfonsine

"Also on 18 October, a shower of silver objects about the size of silver dolllars was reported in the vincinty of Alfonsine. These objects were seen floating at 10,500 feet and descending slowly." HQ, 42d Bomb Wing, A-2 (Sep-Oct 1944 Special Flak Report) ("Windows?")

N - 1944.10.30 - 2125 hours, Germany.

Leaving Cologne, Halifax III, 640 RAF Squadron, flight engineer and gunner, saw a ball of fire following the aircraft that was on a heading of 107 degrees. It appeared to be closing. Aircraft took evasive action and the light was lost. A few seconds later an aircraft on port caught fire. (Letter, Andy Roberts' collection)

N - 1944.10.30 - 0145 hours, Munich, Germany,

419th Bomb Squadron, B-17 on a "Lone Wolf" mission. A light blue ball of fire paced aircraft for a time. (The Raven, 301st Bomb Group veteran's publication, August 1994.)

N - NLT1944.11.10 - daylight, Coast of Formosa just west of Okayama at 25,000 feet

B-29(?), black dot seen to hang in the air without movement or explosion. It was smaller than a flak burst, and looked like an object rather than a cloud of smoke. (Weekly Intelligence Summary #11, 10 Nov 44, HQ, Eastern Air Command, South East Asia)

N - 1944.11.22 - 1900-2200 hours, Germany, Coblenz.

422d Night Fighter Squadron (NFS), 4-6 "jets" reported, 3 on line abreast.(9th Tactical Air Command (TAC) Operation Summary (Opsum) #167)

N - 1944.11.22 - About 2200 hours, Norway, WSW of Trondheim.
RAF IX Squadron. Returning from mission Flight officer, engineer and rear gunner saw a clearly defined "pyrotechnic pink" spherical object following plane. Object made violent acceleration and deceleration and swift jerky movements side to side. (Letter, Report Form, Andy Roberts' collection)

N - 1944.11.27-28 - between 2330-0330 hours, Germany, Cologne-Bonn area.

422d NFS, 3 "Jets" seen by patrols. (9th TAC, Opsum #173)

N - 1945.------ ------ Formosa.

Radio operator on a B-24 saw a vertical chain of luminous globes, one following the other in a spiral climb towards the aircraft. They continued to climb out of view. (Stringfield, Inside Saucer Post.....Blue, page 8.)

N - 1945,------ Near the end of the War, Day, Germany,

Fighter Pilot, preparing to land, pilot saw a rectangular light, short base parallel to the ground hanging in the sky. Pilot changed his position to make sure it wasn't some kind of reflection and informed Sq Cdr., who told him to ignore it. (Possibly: Runaway balloon?) (Letter to Project Blue Book ("Life magazine file"))

N - 1945.02.22 - Night, Near Chichi Jima

B-24 #501, 98th Bomb Group, "2 exhausts" seen, indication on SCR 717C radar. Followed for 20 miles and disappeared. (Letter to Project Blue Book (Life magazine file, from diary entry.)

N - 1945.03.--- After Midnight, Northeast Italy west of Trieste

RAF Boston Bomber, 55 Squadron, 232 Wing, Pilot and 2 other crew members, 6 Spheres 3 time the apparent size of the moon that were like red-hot metal followed the bomber to the southeast over the Adriatic. When they appeared to move toward the aircraft, pilot took evasive action. (Letter and report Form, Andy Robert's collection)

N - 1945.03.26 - About 1100 hours, Germany, over "Happy Valley" in the Ruhr.

RAF Spitfire XI, # PL 966, 541 Squadron, pilot, Pink sphere about 3 feet in diameter first seen ahead, then slow passed object on the starboard side. Aircraft speed was 360mph. Object appeared to be doing 340 mph. (Letter, Logbook extract, Andy Roberts Collection.)

N - 1945.03.26 - Night, Near Iwo Jima.

P-61-B, 549th Night Fighter Squadron (NFS), Gunner saw lights on an airborne object that followed them through turns. P-61 gave chase, with a slight radar contact. Object pulled out of sight. (549th NFS Unit History for March 1945)

N - 1945.03.27 - Night, Near Iwo Jima.

P-61-B, 549th NFS, night patrol saw lighted object similar to the one encountered on the previous night. (549th NFS Unit History for March 1945)

N - 1945.04.03 - Night, Japan

B-29 formation, two orange balls of fire. One near IP and the other over the target appeared to come from the ground and then move even wtiht he B-29s along the flight paths. No explosions. (Report of Operation 3-4 April 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)

N - 1945.04.03, - 1813Z, Tokyo Bay area flying across the peninsula at land's end

B-29, heading 115 degs., 8000 feet, light observed following and closing on B-29 while gaining altitude. Ball of fire followed aircraft despite evasive maneuvers. Picked up on radar. Followed aircraft to about 25 to 30 miles beyond the coast over the ocean. (Report of Operation 3-4 April 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)

N - 1945.04.03, 1814Z - Tokyo Bay area.

B-29 heading 120 degs., 7000 feet ball of fire observed at 4 o'clock position following aircraft. Evasive action through clouds 3 time could not loose the object which had a phosphorescent glow. Stayed with B-29 for 5 minutes across Tokyo Bay after that it disappeared. (Report of Operation 3-4 April 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)

N - 1945.04.03, 1817Z - Near land's end Tokyo Bay.

B-29, 9000 feet, saw a ball of fire about the size of a basket ball. Evasive action not effective after following the aircraft for 6 minutes it turned back toward the coast. (One crew member thought he saw a navigation light on a wing.) (Report of Operation 3-4 April 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command, 500th Bombardment Group History)

N - 1945.04.18 - about 0300 hours, 20 miles north of Iwo Jima.

P-61-B, 549th NFS, GCI (Ground Control Intercept) radar tracked a target at 18 to 8 miles almost immediately. P-61 gunner saw a yellowish light (like a star) approaching and losing altitude. AI contact was lost. Gunner saw another light, but no AI contact.(549th NFS Mission Reprot #4-27)

N - 1945.04.18 - between 0022 and 0415 hours (at end of patrol), near Iwo Jima.

P-61-B, 549th NFS, GCI radar made contact with target. Gunner reported reddish round light. Contact on radar showed two blips with evasive action and out distanced P-61. (549th NFS, Mission Report #4-28)

N - 1945.04.19 - About 0100 hours, Norway, off Kristansund.

RAF Halifax III, P5-K 297 Squadron, Gunner, starlight light over took aircraft from starboard side then appeared stationary on starboard beam. Disappeared to a pinpoint. (Report Form, Andy Robert's collection.)

N - 1945.05.15 - Night, Nogoya, Japan.

B-29, 444th Bomb Group, "The first sighting of a ball of fire' was made on this mission. (444th Bombardment Gourp history)

N - 1945.05.23 - Night, Tokyo, Japan.

B-29, 444th Bomb Group, "Three balls of fire' reported. (444th Bombardment Group history.)

N - 1945.05.27 - 1438Z to 1532Z.

B-29s, 40th Bomb Group, about 20 "balls of fire" sighted by the Group. (40th Bombardment Squadron history.)

N - 1945.07.12/13 - Night, Kawaski, Japan.
B-29, 315th Wing, Mission 267, large orange light phenomenon observed by one plane. (Report on Attack of 4 Cities, 12/12 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)

N - 1945.07.12/13 - Night Japan.

B-29, Orange light paralleling the path of enemy aircraft. Unable to determine if it was part of aircraft. (Report on Attack of 4 Cities, 12/13 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)

N - 1945.07.16/17 - Night near Numazu, Japan.

B-29, 58th Wing, Mission #271, ball of fire at 10,000 feet followed aircraft. Disappeared into smoke to the right of the B-29.(Mission 271-274 16/17 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)

N - 1945.07.16/17 - Night, near Numazu, Japan.

B-29, 58th Wing, 58th Wings, Mission #271 one light seen at 10,800 feet about 500 feet above B-29 and gaining. When within 500 feet of the B-29, the light turned right, went off and disappeared. (Intel Officer: sharp maneuvers do not support Baka theory.) (Mission 271-274 16/17 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)

N - 1945.07.16/17 - Night, Numazu, Japan.

B-29, 58th Wings, Mission #271, a red light at the 6 o'clock position. The light passed to the right of aircraft making sharp turns. B-29 crew received flak from the ground at this time. (Mission 271-274 16/17 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)

N - 1945.07.16/17 - Night, Oita, Japan.

B-29, 73rd Wing, Mission #272, a pulsating circular, red glow was reprot at 10,000 fet of the target at the 2 o'clock position. The light continued on a parallel course to the aircraft for 5 minutes it disappeared into a cloud. B-29.(Mission 271-274 16/17 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)

ACUFOE in 1946


N - 1946.09 -- USA, day, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Private Pilot, encountered "flying mayonnaise jar" shaped UFOs. (Project Grudge: Bumble Bee Missiles Launched by John Hopkins University) (FBI files, Project Blue Book report summary, newspaper accounts)

N - 1946.10 -- USA, day, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Private Pilot, encountered "flying mayonnaise jar" shaped UFOs (Project Grudge: Bumble Bee Missiles Launched by John Hopkins University) (FBI files, Project Blue Book report summary, newspaper accounts)


ACUFOE in 1947

N -1947 ---- Night, USA, Hanford, Washington

B-17 USAF pilot, pulsating cavorting lights maneuvered around aircraft for 20 minutes then flew off. (PJ47 Report, p125 (UFO Report 1977, p. 39)

N - 1947 --- Night, USA, Ardmore, Oklahoma.
AT-6 Trainer, USAF pilot, flashing red light caught up with aircraft, circled aircraft, and matched speed with plane for 20 minutes then flew away to S.(PJ47 122, (Ideal UFO Magazine #1, March 1978))

N - 07.04 - 1030 hours, east of Moscow, Idaho

Flying from Couer d'Alene to Lewiston, pilot and passenger both CAA officials. an object flying in a northerly direction on a regular course, but without a wavering, fluttery or bouncing movement. The object was slightly above the CAA officials' plane's 4000 feet altitude and was flying about 300 mph. (Astoria, OR, ASTORIAN BUDGET, 5 July 1947.)

N - 07.04 - Afternoon, USA, Nevada, between Tonopah and Austin.

Private Plane - 150 Voyager - pilot and passenger, 5 circular object brilliantly reflecting sunlight, aircraft at 10,000, UFOs below. Pilot could not catch UFOs. (PJ47, p 75, Elko, NV DAILY FREE PRESS 7 July.)

N - 07.06 - 1500 hours, USA, Colorado-Kansas border flying toward Bartleseville, OK

Private plane, 2 Phillips Petroleum pilots, at 10,000 feet saw UFOs come flying directly at them one after another for about 15 minutes. Nine in total. They appeared metallic and were revolving. (PJ47, p 84, Bartlesville, OK, DAILY EXPRESS, 7 July)

N - 07.07 - 2200 hours - USA, Kingman, Arizona.

Private plane, 2 pilots, Piper Super Cruiser, two lights approached the plane, parted right before a possible collusion and rejoined and disappeared. (PJ47, pp 92-93, Kingman, AZ, MOHAVE COUNTY MINER, 10 July)

N - 07.07 - USA, Morning - About 7 mi north of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Military pilot (enlisted), a bright silver object observed for 5 minutes appeared about the size of the moon. (PJ47, p. 87, Shreveport, LA, TIMES, page 87.)

# - 07.07 - USA, Waukesha, Wisconsin

(PJ47, page 86-7)

D - 07.08 - 0705 hours, USA, Cook Spring, Alabama.

(PJ47 page 95)

N - 07.09 - 1553 hours. USA, Montana, Glacier National Park.

Private Plane, 2 pilots, 7 objects heading to the Northeast visible for a short time. Seemed to disintegrate. (PJ47 p 102 )

D - 07.09 - 1217 hours. USA, near Boise, Idaho.

(PJ47, p. 23 (wrong date should be 9 July) and appendix VI)

D - 07.11 - 1920 hours. USA, near High Point, North Carolina

(PJ47, page 183-185)

# - 07.11 - 1000 GMT, Bay of Biscay.

(PJ47, page 102)

N - 08.04 - 2200 hours, USA, Bethal, Alaska,

DC-3, 2 pilots on civilian cargo plane, object out-distanced plane. Object appeared to be like a fuselage without wings. (Project Blue Book files)

N - 08.26 - 0030 hours local, Sweden, 10 Km SW of Fkenberg.

DC-3, pilot and co-pilot on postal plane, one object like a green parallelogram seen for 8-10 second. (Report in Swedish Defense Archives, Anders Lilgejren in PJ47 Report, pp 144-145)

N - 08.26 - Afternoon, USA, Mexico, Missouri.

Private plane, 2 pilots, saw 3 discs flying to the NW. Plane tried to chase, but out distanced. (UFO Magazine Mar-Apr 1996. (Mexico, MO, WEEKLY LEDGER, 28 August 1947)

N - USA, Fall, Day - Washington-Oregon border.

Airliner, passengers: Pilot announced to the passenger that there were six UFOs outside the plane. (Quincy IL, HERALD WHIG 14 Sept 1980.)

ACUFOE Post 1947

*N - 1948.00.00 - USA, Night, Near Richmond, Virginia.

Military C-45, Beechcraft, General Vogt and co-pilot, saw a bright purple light off the right wing flying formation with the plane. It was veered around the plane and flew around off the plane's left wing. CAA confirmed no other traffic in the area. (USAF Oral History Interview with General John W. Vogt, 8-9 August 1978, USAFHRC, Maxwell AFB.)

*N - 1948.04.30 - 1015 local, USA, South of Anacostia Naval Air Station.

US Navy Bruno aircraft, 1 pilot, altitude at 5,500 feet, on head of 180 heading magnetic, Yellow sphere moving from south to north at a constant altitude about 1000 feet below aircraft. Did not pursue as the object was over no-fly areas. Winds aloft in wrong direction for balloon. (HQ, USAF, Directorate of Intelligence correspondence files 1948., USAF formerly Top Secret "Analysis of Flying Object Incidents over the United States," page 12) (Also, DI Correspondence files 1948)

*N - 1950.02.00 - Day. USA, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

US Navy F6F-5 (Hellcat) pilot at 10,000 feet, 3 large disc-shaped objects. Pilot attempted to report the incident to the tower, but tower would not answer due to accident at airfield. This officer was also later the witness to a serious of radar reports off Korea. (Report to Larry Fawcett)

*D - 1950.06.23, Day. USA, Near Dagget, Caifornia.

United Airlines pilots and pilot and crew of a Navy R-60 (Air Transport Squadron Five) Additional witnesses to case in ACUFOE database. (McDonald files.)

N - 1952.08.00, 21:25. - USA, Flying into Fort Worth, Texas from San Diego, California.

2 pilots in a DC-3:

"Pilot Loran Pilling didn't come out and say he'd seen a flying saucer' but did indicate that he had seen something he couldn't explain. Neither could co-pilot Russ Fishback explain it." (Dallas News, undated)

" It looked like the landing light of a plane and was at maybe 5,000 feet, ahead of us. We were at 3,000 feet. It was about 9:23 p. m. when we sighting it and we never got close enough to see a shape'."

"Whatever it was could climb at a high rate of speed for later it raced up to 20,000 or 25,000 feet, and also could hover, for it seemed to hang in the air. On landing he and Fishback weren't the only ones to view the phenomenon. The field tower had been watching too.

" Don't ask me what it was,' Pilling said. I just know I saw something.'" (Convariety magazine 10 Sep 1952.) The plane was in contact with the Fort Worth tower at the time. They deviated from flight pattern at the time to try to get closer, but the UFO would move away. (Investigation by NICAP.)

*N - 1954.06.11, 1045 local - USA, between Charleston, West Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia,

Dr. H. Percy Wilkins, astronomer a passenger on an airliner, observed two objects the color of polished brass. They appeared to be drifting southward. He then noticed a third object that was greyish and not reflecting sunlight as the others. It arced across the sky and disappeared into a cloud bank. (UFO Evidence page 52 quoting from Wilkins, Mysteries of Space and Time, page 41.)

*N - 1958 or 1959, Night. USA, over Virginia and North Carolina.

US Navy TV-2D, 2 pilots practicing instrument night flying, at 35,000, heading 165 degrees true, an object heading 080 true at the same level crossed in front of the aircraft. They observed 10 to 12 windows from which brilliant light shown thru. Object continue until out of sight over the Atlantic. (Ltr to Larry Fawcett from witness.)

N - 1960.09.14 Day - Japan,

Flying between an overcast above and below him when a greenish-white object appeared from the overcast above him. The object fell straight down, and disappeared in the overcast below. The object was described as looking like a green pea in size and shape. Preliminary investigation could not identify any balloons or other known objects in the area which could have accounted for the sighting. (39th Air Division History, 1960 (further FOIA pending.)

N - 1960.10.18, Night - Japan.

USAF 4th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, pilot, "reported that he had seen an object as large as a saucer about 8inches in diameter. The object was white, and it had a white tail about 16 to 20 times as long as the diameter. It appeared from about 30 degrees above and to the right of the aircraft and passed by the aircraft's right side, disappearing toward the rear of the aircraft in a downward arc. (39th Air Division History 1960, page 115, (further FOIA pending)

*N - 1966.06.26, 1530Z - Pacific between the Hawiian Island and Wake Island.

Saturn Airways pilots, and 6 other planes including a Pan American Airways and Military Airlift Command. A bright light near Venus seemed to expand like a gas bubble until it was the size of the sun, in the center was a bright blinking light. It then appeared to climb straight up and lost in the stars. (Possible rocket launch?) HF communication, ADF and LORAN inoperative for about an hour. (Volunteer Flight Officer Network report.)

*N - 1966.08.26, 1930 local - USA, Grand Island, Nebraska.

United Airlines pilot, crew and all passengers witnessed a white object which changed to orange and then back to white. Observered for 20 minutes. Sun had set but pilot felt it was possibly a weather balloon reflecting the sun. There was a faint radar target in the area where the object was first seen (25 miles away), however crew felt this might just be coincidental. (Volunteer Flight Officer Network report).

*N - 1967.01.09, 0742Z - 22 deg 33' S, 171 deg 08' E.

Qantas Airlines.   Flying on a heading of 040 degs magnetic at 37,000 feet the crew observed on radar only a target for about one minute about 35 degrees to the right of the aircraft and about 5 to 10 degrees below the aircraft. (Volunteer Flight Officer Network report)

*N - 1967,01.12, 1720Z - 45 deg 35' N, 08 deg 57' E.

Pilots of Conder Flugdienst, GMBH, object like visible satellite, but none in that position. (VFON Report # 636)

N - 1977 Spring, 1020-1040 Local - England, 5 to 6 miles from Heathrow Airport.

Bell 47 Helicopter, pilot and co-pilot, two objects encountered. The first seen appear dark greyish and sausage shaped. When they got closer it looked like a grey disk. A second object, disk shaped with concave top and darkish grey but more whitish and circular than the first object appeared, and went quickly under the helicopter to the Northwest, landed in a garden, then flew around chimneys about a third of the way up and moved away again landing in a park, took off again. When they reported the objects on the radio, they were told to cease transmitting as their transmission was blanketing all frequencies. Disappeared vertically into clouds. (London UFO Studies Report Form date 15 May 1993)

*N - 1979 August 27, afternoon - England, Blackbushe Airport, Hampshire.

A flight instructor flying a private plane observered a very small object within a few feet of his aircraft, the UFO was in two portions, "with a split, like a joining line, in the middle. Two short aerials were at the top, near the periphery, and there seemed to be two clasps near the dividing line. (UFO Research Newsletter Vol V, #9, Dec 1977-Jan 1978 from the London Daily Telegraph.)

*N - 1979 August 28, afternoon - England, Blackbushe Airport, Hampshire.

Another flight instructor flying a private plane observered a very small object within a few feet of his aircraft, it was traveling about 150 miles per hour at an altitude of 800-1000 feet. (Aldrich: Small model?)

(See WW II reports for Schweinfurt, Stuttgart, and Alfonsine)

N - 1980.06, 1400Z - Germany, North of Hopsten (52 57N, 007 33E).

USAF F-111E, pilot and weapons officer, saw a UFO that looked like an aircraft drop tank 30 to 40 feet long and silver in color pass 50 feet from the aircraft as the pilot made evasive maneuvers. No radar contact. (20th Tactical Fighter Wing History, 1980 and Near Miss Report 10 Jun 80.)

*N - 1988.07.21, morning 35 minutes past first light - Australia, Near Wycliffe Wells, NT ( about 25 miles south of Wycliffe Wells),

Private pilot flying at 5500 feet is a S-SW direction. Pilot looked down and saw an object he thought was a balloon casting a shadow on the ground. The object was about on a 45 degree angle from him. He called Alice Springs Flight Service to inquire what it might be. As he flew over top of the object, it suddenly accelerated away. It turned on its side and then seem to just vanish. The Non Directional Beacon Arrow moved in the direction of the object but came back to correct position about 5 minutes after the object left. Object had no visible markings and a "silver frosty disc." (Keith Douglas, in The UFOLOGIST Vol 3, #2, 2d Qty 1999.)

N - 1998.06.03 about 2100 local - Australia, near Semaphore, flying towards Port Adelaide, South Australia.

Piper Arrow, private pilot and passenger, flying at 2000 encountered 5 or 6 pale orange that appeared to be the size of small cars. The UFOs seemed to part to let him pass. Seen from the ground. (Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research Issue #80, Aug 1980.)

Duplicate entries:

47.07.09 Meridian, Idaho and 47.07.09 Boise, Idaho are both entries of Dave Johnson's sighting.


1969.01.22 1600Z, Pacific 20 deg 22' N, 166 deg 12'W - Slick and Saturn Airway.

This observation was a missile firing from Vandenberg AFB, California. VFON Report # 642.

1969.04.29-05.03 Puerto Rico and vicinity.

Pyramid-shaped object seen for several days over Puerto Rico, photographed, detected on radar and observed from National Guard and other aircraft. Inquiry by the Weather Bureau for Dr. James McDonald found no agency that had released such a balloon. Suggestions were that it was a balloon released in the southern hemisphere that left that circulation pattern and moved north. (Or possibly an intelligence gathering balloon.)

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