Wire to FEAF FROM CG FEAF, Tokyo, Japan - 250315Z June, 1952

Wire to FEAF

FROM CG FEAF, Tokyo, Japan 250315Z June 1952


Unidentified flying objects similar to unidentified flying objects have recently been reported.  The first sighting made at 061123I June 1952 at K-14 was a ground observation and the second sighting was made by a pilot of the 18th Fighter Bomber group at 230608I June 1952, over CV4359.  In the case of the first sighting, the object was described as having the appearance of a coin, dull silver in color, appeared to be spinning in a clockwise direction, and size was estimated as being seven times as long as it was thick.  The edges of this object were dark blue.  It was reported for shooting a course at an estimated speed of 300 knots, alternately revolving 360 degrees in seven seconds and then proceding on a spinning course for approximately 12 seconds.  The object approached K-14 from the north, paused momentarily, and then rose straight up for 10 seconds, the exact altitude unknown, and then disappeared into the sky.  A few seconds later this object was again observed by a second person at the same point of observation.  The unidentified object which was seen proceding at a rapid rate of speed from the south to the north at an approximate 45 degree angle, pausing and then returning in the same manner, each time passing in front of the sun and traveling an equal distance to each side of it.  The time required to progress in one direction was three seconds. The description of the second unidentified object was generally similar to that of the first with the exception of the color, (which was reported as black) and flight performance.  The object was observed at 12,000 ft. altitude descending rather irregularly at 6,000 ft., flew at that altitude for six or seven seconds, approached the observer within 1500 ft., and then disappeared into the clouds.  The size of the object was estimated to be 15 to 20 ft. in diameter.  The speed was estimated to be approximately 250 mph.
This Air Force, D/I Comment:  To date there has been no additional info obtained regarding these sightings.  Therefore, positive identification cannot be made at this time.  A continuous investigation is being conducted by Detachment 1, 6004th AIFF in order to arrive at some definite conclusion concerning this unusual type of sighting.

D/I FEAF Comment:  No logical explanation can be definitely given to these sightings.  The first sighting, with the object overhead, about noon, indicates the possibility of refracted light images of the sun through haze layers.  The second sighting could possibly be due to light reflections on the clouds, so the report does not indicate whether the clouds were above or below the observed aircraft.  Detachment No. 1, the 6004th AISF is attempting to assemble complete info on all such sightings.  Receipt of complete info would enable better evaluation.

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