During 1954 many UFO reports came from France, Italy, Australia and South America.  Reports also came from many areas which had not previously been known for UFO activity.  The Middle East and India with few previous reports seemed to participate in the 1954 worldwide flap.

See also 1954 reports regarding Col Frank Milani, Director Of Civil Defense for Baltimore after his appearance on a special WFBR UFO radio program.

Thursday, Jan. 7, 1954

Adelaide, South Australia, Advertiser

Reports On “Saucers” Jam Phones

     MELBOURNE. Jan. 6.

      Flying saucer reports today so blocked the telephone channels of the Civil Aviation Department's traffic control branch in Melbourne that the department had to ask the public for a "let-up."

      They followed an appeal by the department to forget their fear of ridicule and report unusual sights in the sky.

      In the past two days the reports were so numerous that the department had to qualify its appeal.

      It asked that all reports should be made in writing to its public relations section.

      The superintendent of air traffic control at Essendon (Mr. R M Seymour), said today "Airport traffic controllers are busy with matters of air safety.  They cannot handle as many reports as they received last night and today."

      An RAAF statesman said tonight the air force was "definitely interested" in flying saucer sightings.

      "We would be fools if we were not," he said.  "People are definitely seeing something, and we hope to find out what it is.

      "The RAAF has an open mind on saucers, and we have not rejected them as impossible, or accepted them as fact yet.  There is a high ranking opinion that saucers do exist, and you cannot shake it."

Monday, Jan. 25, 1954

Melbourne, Australia, The Argus

Will film solve “saucer” riddle?

      A short moving picture taken by a Department of Civil Aviation official in New Guinea may solve the flying-saucer mystery.

      The Federal Government has sent the film to U.S.A. for special processing.

      The film was taken with a telephoto lens at Port Moresby by Mr. T. C. Drury on August 23 last year, when he noticed "a cloud building up as though being formed by vapor trails."

      He said: “Suddenly an object appeared from one side of it and climbed very fast in a roughly northwesterly direction.”

      “It appeared to be some type of very high-speed aircraft, not a civil aircraft.”

      “In any case, from the extreme altitude of the object, it certainly could not have been a civil aircraft.”

Monday, Jan. 25, 1954

Perth, WA, West Australian


      SYDNEY, Sun.—The Federal Government has sent a film of a flying saucer-like object to America for special processing.

      This was announced tonight by the Minister for Air (Mr. McMahon).

      He said that American Government representatives in Australia had been asked to speed up the film's return. 

      Mr. McMahon added that a Civil Aviation Department officer in Port Moresby (Mr. T. C. Drury) had taken the film with a movie camera fitted with a telephoto lens last August. 

      Mr. Drury had reported that on Sunday, August 23, he noticed a cloud at a great height building up as though being formed by vapour trails.  He watched the cloud growing in intensity for several minutes and suddenly an object appeared from one side of it and climbed very fast in roughly a northeastern direction.

      It appeared slightly bigger than a pin head.

Vapour Trail

      “Whatever it was, it left a clearly defined vapour trail behind it until it finally disappeared with a rapid gain of altitude,” Mr. Drury reported.

      He said that it appeared to be some type of very high-speed aircraft.

      Air Traffic Control knew of no aircraft movements in that area.  “In any case,from the extreme altitude of the object, it certainly could not have been a civil aircraft,” Mr. Drury said.

      Mr. McMahon said that Mr. Drury's film had been initially processed in Melbourne.  Examination when projected showed a very small light coloured object moving across the sky.

      American processing might bring the object out in more detail.

Saturday, Feb. 13, 1954

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Press

U. S. Steps Up Sky Chase

Airline Pilots Sighting
5-10 ‘Saucers’ Nightly

Commercial Fliers Being Asked to Flash
Immediate Reports, Speed Up Interceptors

            By JIM G. LUCAS, Scripps-Howard Staff Writer

      WASHINGTON, Feb. 13—Commercial airline pilots report between five and 10 flying saucer sightings each night, it was learned today.

      Representatives of major airlines will meet Wednesday in Los Angeles with Military Air Transport Service (MATS) intelligence officers to discuss speeding up saucer-reporting procedures.

      The idea will be to “get the reports in the quickest possible way” so that the Air Force can send fast jet fighters to investigate.

      Heretofore, commercial pilots have landed and then reported to MATS through their companies.  By that time, the trail usually is cold.  Now, pilots are instructed to flash reports direct from the air to MATS intelligence Washington or to the nearest Air Force base.

      However, several “bugs” have been found in this plan.  Some pilots, for example, don't know how to contact MATS intelligence.  Others don't think it important enough.  That's one angle to be discussed at the Los Angeles meeting.

      Airline pilots are asked not to discuss their sightings publicly or give them to newspapers.

      Navy Capt. Bernard Baruch Jr., MATS intelligence officer, is in charge of the project.  Captain Baruch's headquarters are in New York, but MATS intelligence also maintains a large staff at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., near Washington.

      One well-informed source said that until recently the largest number of sightings were from the Southwest Pacific.  Saucer sightings have been particularly numerous around Australia, where the British maintain a guided missile range.

In North Atlantic

      Recently, however, there has been an increase in saucer sightings in the North Atlantic, this source said.

      Simultaneously, the number of oil slicks and submarine sightings in this area has increased.  However, some associate these sightings with the establishment of an Air Force B-36 base at Thule, Greenland.

      The same source said flying saucer sightings are "fairly common" throughout the non-Communist world.  They invariably are made at night.  Frequently several independent sightings of the same "saucer" are reported from different spots along a plane's route.

      Two reports made this week by commercial airline pilots were cited as typical.

Came and Went

      In the first, a Colonial Airlines pilot, en route to Washington from Richmond, said he saw a saucer descend from the stratosphere, approach his ship, hesitate for a moment and then reverse its course.  He said it appeared to re-enter the stratosphere.

      The pilot was described as a "man of mature judgment, a college graduate and an attorney as well as a pilot."

      In the second, two Northwest Airlines pilots en route from Seattle to Anchorage reported a strange object with several portholes which exuded a "blueish light" flew alongside their ship most of the journey, disappearing as they were about to land in Anchorage.

      The pilots tried several times to close the gap between their ship and the strange object, but could not.  They said the object was "definitely under someone's control."

      They were questioned for two days in Alaska before going on to Tokyo.

Friday, April 23, 1954

Lumberton, NC, Robesonian

Men Report Big Ball In Sky

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Six workmen, who had gathered late last night at a rural home near here to ride to work, told a reporter they watched a mysterious gleaming ball over the house for 20 minutes.  One of the men, Les Reatherford, said the ball once dived toward him, and that he had to duck to avoid being hit.

      "If I hadn't ducked it would have hit me sure," said Reatherford.

      The men, all employees of a Reynolds Metal Co., aluminum plant, described the white ball of light as about 10 feet in diameter.  They said it circled the house slowly, stopping for a moment at irregular intervals.

      One of the witnesses said the ball followed the men when they left in a station wagon.

      "We tried to put a spotlight on it," said one of the men, "but every time it would dodge the beam."

      Besides Reatherford, those who saw the object were Harley and Fred Skeets, Tom and Dayton Henderson, and John Vaughn.

March, 1954

Fort Worth, Texas, Cross Country NEWS  Vol. 9 No. 8

Flying Saucer Story Number 29,119,109

       (Special to XC News)

MIAMI, Fla.–Flying saucers are real, says Bill Nash, first officer for Pan American World Airways, and offers an explanation why Air Force investigators do not reveal all they know.

      "I am convinced the Air Force has collected hardware from outer space," he told the Greater Miami Aviation Association.  "If it were to reveal possession of these objects or parts of them, it would have to establish proof.

      "I do not believe the Air Force cares to make all its findings public so long as the United States is threatened by unfriendly powers."

      Nash has reported sighting unidentified objects while flying a DC4 from New York to Miami for overhaul.  Others in the plane confirmed his report.

      "From their maneuvers," he said, "there is no doubt in my mind these objects were controlled by intelligent beings."

      Nash described how craft in the formation oscillated over and under others.  He suggested this was caused when the leader would reduce speed and others moved to avoid collisions.

      The flier said lights from the craft were 20 times brighter than those of Norfolk and Newport News, Va., near where the sighting was made.  He said he and the crew saw six objects which later were joined by two more.

      "When you have seen them," he declared, "you realize they were not made on this planet."

      Nash suggested pilots of 'outer space' make no effort to contact this planet "because their civilization is too far advanced."

      "They must have found how to live in peace with each other or their science would have destroyed them,"he said.  "We are still so stupid we cannot solve simple problems without resort to war."

Saturday 27 March, 1954

Miami, Fla., Herald

Round and White

Pilot Sees ‘Object’;
Was It a F----- S-----?

The Marines landed in Flying Saucer territory Friday.

      Spotting of a "round, unidentified object, white in color not glowing," was reported by Capt. Dan C. Holland, 33, of 5196 E. Fifth st., Hialeah.

      Captain Holland said he saw the object while flying in a formation of Third Marine Wing jets east of Fort Lauderdale about 3:20 p.m., Thursday.  He called the attention of the other pilots to it and he said it sped off to the east at a high rate of speed and disappeared in about 15 seconds.

      None of the other pilots in the formation saw it.

      Capt. Holland, a decorated veteran of both World War II and Korea, said that until Thursday "I always thought anyone who said he saw a flying saucer ought to have his head examined."

      The Marine flier said a commercial airliner was in the vicinity at the time and may have observed the object.

      However, spokesmen for Eastern, Delta-C&S, National and Pan American World airways said none of their pilots had mentioned anything like that.

Sunday 4 April, 1954

Miami, Fla., Daily News


Five Citizens Back Marine On Sighting Flying Saucer


Miami Dally News Staff Writer Captain Holland

       Spotting a “flying saucer” is one thing.

       Making your friends believe it is quite another, a Marine flier — who “saw” the first one this young spring season — has discovered.

       But even though most of his buddies are skeptical, Capt. Robert Holland, 32, has received “fan mail” from five citizens who are certain the pilot’s eyes haven’t gone bad.

       Holland several days ago spotted a “strange object” about 25,000 feet up over the ocean east of Fort Lauderdale, and quickly reported it to his superior officers.

Expected Ribbing

       “I’d never have reported it if I didn’t believe there was something in the sky,” he explained, “because I knew I’d be in for a big ribbing.

       “Two pilots have told me that on another occasion they saw what they thought was a saucer but didn’t report it because of the razzing they knew would come.“

       Fortunately, Holland’s wife already believed in flying saucers before her husband did, so he didn’t have any trouble convincing her he’d seen the real thing.

'Something Up There'

       “She really believed in them,“ Holland related.  “But I didn’t until I saw one.  It didn’t look like a saucer, but there certainly was something up there.“

       Holland, in drawing what he saw, described the “strange object“ as a round, silvery-white ball with a golden platform circling the lower half of it.

       “The thing was flying away from me, at double my speed.  I called to the other pilots in the formation, but it was gone before they could spot it,” he said.

Nothing Like It

       In his more than 2,800 flying hours, the captain, who won six battle stars and two Distinguished Flying Crosses in the Korean War, said he’d never seen anything like it.

       “I don’t have the slightest idea what it was. I’d sure like to know, though,” he said.

       “As soon as I hit the ground the ribbing began. Some of the fellows have kept it up, but after I reported it to Washington, most of the razzing stopped.

       “I’ll bet there are quite a few of them out here now that believe I saw one.“

Others Saw It

        Since the incident, five persons in the vicinity of Fort Lauderdale have written Holland saying they saw something in the air the same day.

       “An old lady of 68 wrote me,” the captain said.  “'People thought I was crazy’,” she related, “‘until they saw the story in the paper.  Now they believe me’.”

       A school teacher said that her students saw something, and an elderly man wrote the same thing, Holland added.

       “Maybe we’re not so crazy after all.“

May, 1954

PHILNEWS – The Phillips Petroleum Company employee magazine.

ARE “flying saucers” from outer space?  Phillips Production employees and their families living at South Cole Creek camp, 25 miles east of Casper, Wyoming, can't answer this question, but they do know that they recently observed eight of these “objects” for a period of at least 15 minutes.

    Marge Michaelis, wife of sub-foreman A. L. Michaelis, describes the incident like this:

    ‘My two sons and I had just returned from Sunday school.  It was 11:30 am. As we got out of the car, our neighbor, Bill Eden, called to us, ‘What do you see up there?’ he asked, pointing to the sky.

“Looking to the north, I immediately spotted several extremely shiny round objects.  They looked about the size of a dime and were rapidly moving toward us.  Someone shouted, ‘Saucers!’

“Everyone watched as they came closer.  They seemed to go over, under and around each other in free easy maneuvers, giving the impression of a bubbling motion.  The objects moved.  south, then west, back east and finally drifted to the north.  They appeared to follow an arc, dropping down as they went into the north, then rising and dropping again as they neared us.

"Suddenly, they formed a straight line and headed west at an incredible rate of speed.  From this formation, we could count eight definite objects about the size of golf balls, only flat.  The distance from the first to the last object seemed about 3½ feet.

“Bill and Wilma Eden, six children and myself watched the objects for several minutes.  We felt certain they were somehow controlled and must be saucers.  We did not see protrusions from their naturally round shape.  The objects did not leave a vapor trail.  No sound reached us.

“I ran into the house for my husband’s binoculars.  Through the glasses, the objects looked about the size of croquet balls.  Each one looked identical with the other.  Next, they drifted close to us, broke from the straight line pattern and began the bubbling motion once again.  They changed position so quickly that no one knew whether the first, last or middle ones moved first.

“For the third time we watched them move in a straight line, zooming and banking.  Someone screamed ‘They're landing!’  Then when they seemed about 75 feet off the ground, they broke formation and rapidly gained altitude.

“With that, I ran Into the house.  Someone had to know about these ‘things’”.  The operator gave me the Air Force detachment in Casper.  After several minutes delay, I heard a man answer ‘Air Defense, go ahead.’

“The airman was interested, polite and businesslike.  He took our names, approximate location and description of the objects.  On the following day, the commanding officer of the detachment called on us to obtain a more detailed report of what we had seen.  We referred to telephone poles, ridges and drilling rigs to more accurately determine approximate location of the objects.  The officer made notes during our conversation, and told us he was sending a report to Washington.  He was extremely serious about all details and told us it was one of the best reports he had received.

South Cole Creek, Wyoming, GOC, May, 1954

Three members of the South Cole Creek Ground Observer post observe and
spot aircraft. They are (left to right), Marge Michaelis, Doris Yelton, Marie Groth.

“Several days letter, another airman came out to discuss the possibilities of forming a Ground Observer Corps post at South Cole Creek camp.  All of us expressed an interest in organizing such a post if we could receive proper instruction and training.

“My husband and I attended an open house at the Air Force detachment later that month.  At that time, the commanding officer told us he had received an answer to his report.  Washington knows what they are, he said, ‘but they didn't tell me everything.’

“‘What do we call them, just saucers?’ I asked.

“He replied ‘We have no better name for them.’  He told us that on the same day we saw the objects, a group of pipe line employees working west of Casper had made an almost identical report.”

Since the organisation of the Ground Observer Corps at South Cole Creek camp, five Phillips families have volunteered as observers.  This group meets once a month to view training films, hear talks by Air Force personnel and discuss material in the Air Force manual.

Marge Michaelis is group supervisor.  Bill Hatfield is chief observer.  Wilma Eden is assistant chief observer.  Other observers are A. L. Michaelis, Bill Eden, Jean Hatfield, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Yelton, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Groth and Eddie Hatfield.

Bob Groth receiives GOC Silver Wings South Cole Creek, Wyoming 1954

Bob Groth (left), light truck driver at South Cole Creek, receives his silver
observer wings from Major Merlon S. Evans, Casper Air Force detachment.

To earn silver wings, observers must complete 36 hours formal training.  Credit hours are earned by attending monthly meetings and demonstrations, observing and reporting irregularities in aircraft flying over the camp and by participating in scheduled alerts.

Phillips families at South Cole Creek are to be commended for their work as ground observers and for the important part they are playing in our National Defense program.

May 2, 1954

The Ultimate Witness? Secretary of the Airforce, Harold E. Talbot

Contained in UFOs: A History, 1954 - January-May by historian Loren Gross, is the following item on page 61:

The Ultimate Witness?

Harold E. Talbot, Secretary of the Air Force, was in an airplane enroute to Palm Springs, California, the afternoon of March 24, 1954.  While passing over Fresno, California; Talbot, his aides, and the plane's aircrew, all saw a large metallic-looking object following the plane in a position about a 1,000 feet below and a like distance behind.  Talbot ordered his pilot to turn around, but when the plane banked, the UFO made a tight little orbit and streaked away at an incredible speed.  There is no record of this encounter in BLUE BOOK files and debate about its existence surfaced in mid-May 1954.

In an article published on May 14, 1954, retired USMC Major Donald E. Keyhoe claimed that Secretary of the Air Force Talbot had seen a "large silvery disk-shaped object" in the sky.  Talbot immediately denied Keyhoe's statement, saying "I have never seen a flying saucer."

While the authenticity of the claim is still open to question, we now know the probable source of the rumor: It was contained in a private letter to Donald Keyhoe from former head of Project Blue Book, Edward J. Ruppelt.

1911 Josie Ave.   
Long Beach, Calif. 
2 May 1954          

Dear Don,

Just a short note as I have promised to take the girls to a movie to night.  First of all I didn't mean to mislead you on what I said about referring to Dewey Fournet in my True story.  I believe that I told you that I wasn't going to mention him.  I really thought that it had been taken out but somehow it got back into the final draft.

Second, I rec'd a letter from a person whom I had had some correspondence with when I was on Blue Book.  He is a good source as far as I know. I'll give you the interesting part of the letter verbatum (sic) leaving out the names.

"Two friends of mine ____ and _____ had breakfast with Harold Talbot, Secretary of the Air Force, in Palm Springs about four weeks ago.  They said Mr. Talbot seemed pretty excited ( ____said badly shaken) over a flight into Palm Springs the previous morning.

     It seems that south of Fresno they picked up a UFO which held loose formation /with/ the Air Force plane for over an hour.  (About 1,000' below and 1,000' out)  It was Large, silvery, and disk-shaped.  With the Secretary was a technical advisor (my friends presumed it was Lindbergh.) who gave the Secretary a running account of the plausibility of its shape, why it probably couldn't land on the earth and other data.  Also in the plane were the crew and other aides.  After about an hour Mr Talbot was still not satisfied that he could exactly make out the shape so asked the pilot to swing over toward the UFO were upon (sic) it accelerated up and out of sight.  This was a daylight sighting under extemely (sic) favorable conditions."

Take it for what it is worth Don.  It seems to be kosher since the source claims to have known the two people who talked to Talbot.  Maybe you could get some info from the Pentagon.  Whatever you do, keep me out of it, please.  As long as I don't appear in the limelight too much I think I can pick up some good info occasionally.  I'd prefer not to have even Al Chop know that I am passing you this info.  My reasons are rather long and envolved (sic).

How did your talk in Cleveland come off?  I checked the papers out here but didn't see anything about it.

If this Talbot thing has any basis I would certainly like to hear about it.

As ever


Ed Ruppelt

Tuesday, 18 May, 1954

Dallas, Texas, Times Herald

Glowed Like a Light

4 Jet Pilots Report Race
With 'Saucers' Over Dallas

By Dick Johnson

The Times Herald Staff Writer

A Marine Air Reserve pilot told Monday how he and three other jet pilots lost a race over Dallas Friday with 16 objects they could only describe as flying saucers.

Charles Scarborough, reserve major and an attorney, said the objects he and three other flyers sighted “glowed like a light.”

“It was about noon Friday and I was flying at about 15,000 feet with Capt. Charles Stanton on one side and Maj. E. C. White and Capt. R. L. Jorgenson above us at 42,000 feet.

“We were going north toward Lake Dallas when I spotted the objects out to one side and above me.  I radioed Capt. Stanton about them, but he could not see them then.

“However, Capt. Jorgenson cut in to say he could see them below him. The four of us decided to bring our S9F7 Jets into a formation to ‘box in’ these objects.

US Navy Chance-Vought F7U Cutlass Jet

US Navy Chance-Vought F7U Cutlass Similar to Scarborough's Jet

“I peeled off and upward and toward them.  Major White and Capt. Jorgenson dropped down.  I lost the objects even as I was looking at them in the chase, but Maj. White said he was able to observe them speeding away.  He said they went very fast.”

The Dallas officer completed two weeks of reserve training at Hensley Field Saturday.

He and Capt. Jorgenson are Dallas residents, Maj. White is from Amarillo and the home town of Capt. Stanton was not known.

“We reported the incident to Col. Bill Crowe, detachment commander at the Naval Air Station,” Major Scarborough said.

He quoted Major White as saying “the objects flew at an unreasonable amount of speed.  Faster than I ever saw anything fly.”

Excerpt from a lecture given by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, US Marine Corps, Retired, under the auspices of The Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New York, December 9, 1955 at the St. Nicholas Arena Ballroom in New York City.

“Take the case of Major Scarborough, a Marine [Reserve} jet pilot.  On the afternoon of May 14, 1954, he was flying with another pilot at 15,000 feet near Dallas, Texas, when he saw a formation of 15 saucers above him.  He immediately radioed to the two other jets of his group at 42,000 feet.  The jets above dived, Scarborough and his companion climbed, trying to box in the saucers, but the object raced away from them and vanished.  Meanwhile the pilot's radio conversation was heard by a radio ham on the ground, who asked Scarborough for confirmation; the story appeared in the Dallas Herald.  The Pentagon at once issued orders for silence.  I asked the Navy about it; they said they had never heard of the sighting.  The Marine Corps wouldn't confirm it either.  I wrote to Scarborough himself: after a long time he wrote and apologized, and said that my letter had been misplaced.  Without adding any new details he did confirm the sighting.  However, most pilots refused to admit even that much.

“….Since 1953 not one unsolved saucer report has been released to the public, except the few that put into this report [Project Blue Book Special Report #14] as examples to try to convince you that there's nothing to it.  Just to test this, about every three months I call Captain Robert White, who is the official Air Force spokesman on flying saucers, and I always say, 'I am asking for the last six months' reports on flying saucers.  I would like to see either the teletypes or the written reports, or go to Wright Field.'  He says, 'I'll ask.' The next day he calls back, 'The request is denied.'”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

PROJECT 1947 Comment: Captain White and Keyhoe were friends and according to Keyhoe's notes he (Keyhoe) removed a reference in his manuscript of The Flying Saucer Conspiracy, then at the publisher, which said that White privately believed that UFOs were probably real, so as not to embarrass White.

June 22, 1954 Washington State IFF UFO Radar Case
Not Found in Project Blue Book Files

United States IR-3-54 [handwritten:] AP624937
Unidentified Flying Objects  
Northwest United States          D/I 25th Air Division (Defense)
[Date of Rpt] 23 June 1954          [Date of info] 22 June 1954
ODIN E. SORENSEN, CWO, USAF           See Summary
AFR 200-2 and SECRET Wire 25th/DTG 230730Z DE JWPDM 046B/Priority/ to ATIC

An unknown blip or target was picked up on TIMOTHY [ADC 759th AC&W Sq, Naselle AFS, Wash.] radar control scope in Georef LE 1604, estimated 200 knot speed, estimated altitude 15 angles [sic] [angels] [15,000 feet], originally at 0314Z and intermittently thereafter for a total of three (3) sightings by TIMOTHY within a ten (10) minutes period after which time blip or target remained off.  Upon first pickup, TIMOTHY relayed information to MERCURY ([ADC Air Defense] Direction Center) who took immediate action to vector two [F-86D] fighter interceptors, Pronto Blue #1 and #2, (who were on CAP [Combat Air Patrol], at 0400Z) off CAP to vicinity of blip or target.  Pronto Blue #2 obtained an airborne radar pickup lower left portion scope, approximately twenty-eight (28) miles from blip or target which separated into two “clear distinct” blips at 0435Z; altitude 25,000 feet.  Blue #2 attempted to close on 30 degree port heading in attempt to center blip, descending from 25,000 feet to 6,000 feet and to within estimated six (6) miles with speed increasing from .85 to .9 Mach.  Blip then slid off scope from 30 degree port to 60 degree port.  Blue #1 obtained an airborne radar pickup at 30 degrees at approximately 0436Z at 20,000 feet altitude.  Blue #1 held pickup for approximately twenty (20) seconds, or three sweeps of AI [airborne intercept] radar after which time blips or targets slid off scope from 30 degrees port to 60 degrees port.

Information for this report was received from Senior Controller, GCI Site, TIMOTHY; Senior Controller, [ADC] Direction Center, MERCURY; Senior Controller, Division Combat Center, LAST CHANCE; the two F-86D pilots; a 25th Air Division pilot who was flying locally in T-33 and who heard all ground-air transmissions between F-86D pilots and ground stations.


A.  (Pronto Blue #2) 2nd Lt [REDACTED], 317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1124C pilot; approximately 193 hours, of which over half has been in fighter-interceptor work; approximately 270 hours in fighter aircraft; for approximate total hours of 463.

B.  (Pronto Blue #1) 2nd Lt [REDACTED], 317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron; approximately 29 hours in F-86D aircraft; 80 hours (approximately) in fighter aircraft; 251 hours other type aircraft; for a total of 360 hours.  The F-86D pilots were interrogated singly by Major Eugene L. Zechmeister, Director Of Intelligence and CWO Odin B. Sorensen, Asst Director of Intelligence, within four (4) hours of incident.

Classification ------- changed to
[handwritten:] Unclas, [typed:] effective [hdwrtn:] 5 Apr 78
______under the authority of ACS/I
[page edge cutoff] by [hdwrtn:] AFIS/INS Ltr 5Apr78

D/I 25th Air Division (Defense) IR-3-54 2                 2
Reliability (cont'd)  

C.  At the time of [IFF] first mode return picked up by [ADC radar site] TIMOTHY, question arose as to the possibility of malfunction.  The site Tech Representative was on hand and monitored scope.  In his opinion, malfunction of radar was definitely ruled out.

D.  All weather stations, as well as Seattle AMIS [Aircraft Movements Information Service]; Navy; Coast Guard; 5 ADDC at Vancouver, B.C. Canada, were checked with negative results, ruling out possibility of weather balloons; boats or ships; or aircraft. One Navy P2V was found to be flying at time, but over one- hundred (100) miles from location of incident.  A slight 3 degree inversion at 5,000 feet was present at 1900, but would possibly affect only a limited area.

E.  The F-86D pilots were queried at great length in reference to the size and general appearance of blips presented on scopes.  Both pilots appeared to have a very clear and firm concept of the difference between the observed blips as opposed to seaborne blips and B-36, B-52 type blips previously encountered.

F.  All statements were obtained individually either in person or by telephone, ruling out possibility of subconscious innocent collusion.  Superficially, all statements appear to support one another and to coincide.


The blips or targets observed are tentatively evaluated as true airborne targets, similar in presentation size and general configuration (on ground-based and airborne equipment) to B-36, B-52 type aircraft with an estimated pullout speed of Mach One or better.



[Signed] [/s/]
Major USAF
Director of Intelligence

1. Pilot [REDACTED] Statement w/1 Incl; [Map] Overlay
2. Pilot [REDACTED] Statement
3. Pilot [REDACTED] Checklist for UFOB
4. Pilot [REDACTED] Checklist for UFOB
5. Sr Controller (Div) Statement (Capt [REDACTED])
6. Sr Controller (ADDC) Statement (Capt [REDACTED]) w/2 Incls; Violation Report and [Map] Plot
7. Sr Controller (GCI) Statement (Lt [REDACTED])
8. T-33 Pilot Statement (Maj [REDACTED])

Seattle FBI Documents Pertaining to June 22, 1954
Washington State IFF UFO Radar Case

PROJECT 1947 Comment: Despite official correspondence between the FBI, the US Air Force's Office of Special Investigations, and particulars of the incident being reported to ATIC, no details of this case were found in the Project Blue Book files.

TO:          SAC SEATTLE   DATE: 6/22/54
FROM:      SA  

At 11:10 PM this date Special Agent telephonically contacted this office to report that an identified [sic] flying object was picked up by the Radar station at Neah Bay between 1930 and 1945 this date.  The object was 38 to 40 miles S.W. of Neah Bay at an Altitude of 1500 to 2000 feet.  Two planes were "scrambled" from McChord Field to intercept and picked up a "blip" on the radar scopes in their planes.  The "blip" separated into two "blips" as they were watching.  They chased the "blips" for 8 to 12 minutes. The “blips" faded from the scopes presumably because of fast air speed.  The objects flew South then turned east when they faded.  None of the pilots sighted the objects visually.  The pilots were being interrogated by the intelligence officer at McChord.  Other Radar stations were being contacted to ascertain if any further sightings were made.  The 25th Air Division is submitting a report to the Air Technical Intelligence Center, Wright Patterson Field, Ohio.

  stated the report was received from the Intelligence Officer of the 25th Air Division.  The above information was furnished to   of CIC at 11:25PM this date.  Attempts to furnish information to DIO 13ND. were to no avail as no duty officer was available at DIO.



20D OSI 24-0   24 June 1954

Mr. R. D. Auerbach
Special Agent in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation
1015 Second Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Re: Unidentified Flying Objects

Dear Sir:

The following is quoted for your information from an Intelligence Summary, 25th Air Division to Air Technical Intelligence Center, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, concerning Unidentified Flying Objects, as reported to Special Agent SULLIVAN, your office, on 22 June 1954:



An unknown blip or target was picked up on TIMOTHY radar control scope in Georef LE 1604, estimated 200 knot speed, estimated altitude 15 angles, [sic] originally at 0314Z and intermittently thereafter for a total of three (3) sightings by TIMOTHY within a ten (10) minutes period after which time blip or target remained off.  Upon first pickup, TIMOTHY relayed information to MERCURY (Direction Center) who took immediate action to vector two fighter interceptors, Pronto Blue #1 and 2, (who were on CAP, at 0400Z) off CAP to vicinity of blip or target.  Pronto Blue #2 obtained an airborne radar pickup lower left portion scope, approximately twenty-eight (28) miles from blip or target which separated into two “clear distinct” blips at 0435Z; altitude 25,000 feet.  Blue #2 attempted to close on 30 degree port heading in attempt to center blip, descending from 25,000 feet to 6,000 feet and to within estimated six (6) miles with speed increasing from .85 to .9 Mach.  Blip then slid off scope from 30 degree port to 60 degree port.  Blue #1 obtained an airborne radar pickup at 30 degrees at approximately 0436Z at 20,000 feet altitude.  Blue #1 held pickup for approximately twenty (20) seconds, or three sweeps of AI radar after which time blips or targets slid off scope from 30 degrees port to 60 degrees port.

20D OSI 24-0
Re: Unidentified Flying Objects
24 June 1954

"Information for this report was received from Senior Controller, GCI Site, TIMOTHY; Senior Controller, Direction Center, MERCURY; Senior Controller, Division Combat Center, LAST CHANCE; the two F-86D pilots; a 25th Air Division pilot who was flying locally in T-33 and who heard all ground-air transmissions between F-86D pilots and ground stations.


A.  (Pronto Blue #2) 2nd Lt Edward E. McBride, 317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron:, 1124C pilot; approximately 145 hours, of which over half has been in fighter-interceptor work; approximately 270 hours in fighter aircraft; for approximate total hours of 463.

B.  (Pronto Blue #1) 2nd Lt Hilson L. Sewell, 317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron; approximately 29 hours F-86D aircraft; 80 hours (approximately) in fighter aircraft; 251 hours other type aircraft; for a total of 300 hours.  The F-86D pilots were interrogated singly by Major Eugene L. Zechmeister, Director of Intelligence and CWO Odin E. Soronsen, Asst Director of Intelligence, within four (4) hours of incident.

C.  At the time of first mode return picked up by TIMOTHY, question arose as to possibility of malfunction.  The site Tech Representative was on hand and monitored scope.  In his opinion, malfunction of radar was definitely ruled out.

D.  All weather stations, as well as Seattle AMIS; Navy; Coast Guard; 5 ADDC at Vancouver, B. C. Canada, were checked with negative results, ruling out possibility of weather balloons; boats or ships; or aircraft.  One Navy P2V was found to be flying at time, but over one-hundred (100) miles from location of incident.  A slight 3 degree inversion at 5,000 feet was present at 1900, but would possibly affect only a limited area.

E.  The F-86D pilots were queried at great length in reference to the size and general appearance of blips presented on scopes.  Both pilots appeared to have a very clear and firm concept of the differences between the observed blips as opposed to seaborne blips and B-36, B-52 type blips previously encountered.

F.  All statements were obtained individually either in person or by telephone, ruling out possibility of subconscious innocent collusion.  Superficially, all statements appear to support one another and to coincide.


20D OSI 24-0
Re: Unidentified Flying Objects
24 June 1954


The blips or targets observed are tentatively evaluated as true airborne targets, similar in presentation size and general configuration (on ground-based and airborne equipment) to B-35, B-52 type aircraft with an estimated pullout speed of Mach One or better."

At the present time the Director of Intelligence does not expect any further information concerning this incident.  In the event there are further developments, your office will be immediately advised.

Spencer W. Raynor
Colonel, USAF
District Commander

cc: Dir OSI


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Friday, July 2, 1954

(Newspaper Not Known)

Biggest One Changes Shape

7 Weird Objects Trail
Airliner Off Labrador

LONDON, July 1 AP— American and British air force intelligence officers today studied reports that seven weird flying black objects followed a British airliner for 80 miles last night near Goose Bay, Labrador.

BOAC Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

BOAC Boeing 377 Stratocruiser as flown by Capt. Howard

Capt. James Howard, pilot of a British Overseas Airways Corp. airliner bound from New York to London, said the objects vanished when an American fighter plane came up to investigate.  Howard, 33, from Bristol, is one of Britain's most experienced Atlantic captains.

The story of what he and his crew and some of the passengers reportedly saw 19,000 feet over the Atlantic, is told in these extracts from Howard's log book:

“At 0105 GMT on June 30 about 150 nautical miles southwest of Goose Bay, height 19,000 feet, flying in clear weather above a layer of low cloud, noticed on our port beam a number of dark objects at approximately the same altitude as our aircraft.  I drew the attention of the first officer to them.  He said he had just noticed them also.

Look Like Flak Bursts

“I jokingly said they reminded me of flak bursts.  He agreed.  It then became apparent that they were moving along on a track roughly parallel to ours and keeping station with us.”

Goose approach, in reply to a query, told the first officer there were no aircraft in the area.  It was 0107 GMT. The log continued:

“During this time the shape of the large object changed slightly, also the position of the smaller ones relative to the big one. Some moved ahead, some behind.  The first officer then told Goose Bay what we were watching and they said they would send a fighter to investigate.

"The shape of the large one continually changed, but its position relative to us did not.  It was always about 90 degrees to port. The distance from us appeared not less than five miles, possibly very much more.

6 'Dots' Accompany It

“During this time both engineers, both navigators, the radio officer, the two stewards and the stewardess watched it and all of us agreed on its shape.

“A number of small objects accompanying it, usually six, were visible. All were agreed they never saw anything like it before.  At about 0120 GMT the fighter reported that he was approaching us. The objects immediately began to grow indistinct until one only was visible.  This grew smaller and finally vanished at 0123 GMT, still at the same bearing from us.

“All who watched the objects are sure the large one, at any rate, was no sort of winged aircraft.  The small ones were just dots.  They left no vapor trails, no lights were seen, just black silhouettes.”

See the November, 1954 FATE Magazine article “BOAC's Flying Jellyfish”.

Thursday, July 22, 1954

Austin, MN  Austin Daily Herald


Glenn Hovland Photographs 'Flying Saucers'

Glenn Hovland and PlaneSkyhook As Tracked by Hovland

Hovland and his plane (left) were tracking balloons like the one shown
taking off at the right when the "flying saucers" were spotted.

Glenn Hovland, Austin Airport manager, not only has seen flying saucers — he has photographed them.

Hovland and a St. Paul man, Verne Baumgartner, an electronics engineer for Winzer Research, saw six of the aerial objects over eastern Texas last Jan. 29 while tracking a research balloon east of Palestine in eastern Texas.

Part of what was discovered that day is reported in Time magazine of July 19. The story which heads the science section tells all about “reversed matter,” but says nothing of the flying saucers.

But that day the “saucers” were photographed simultaneously from the balloon floating above them at 100,000 feet and by Hovland in his tracking plane below.

2 Angles Clinch Point

“I guess that proves they were there because you can't photograph a mirage from two different angles at the same time,” Hovland said.

Until he sighted the “saucers” the day had been a routine one for Hovland who has been tracking these research balloons since September, 1952.

This time, Hovland was working directly with Dr. Marcel Schein, University of Chicago physicist, and David Williams, 18, also of the University of Chicago, who will receive his degree as a nuclear physicist next year.

Hovland and Baumgartner were following about 20 miles behind the balloon and at a lower altitude than the 20 miles the balloon ascends.

Their job was to give the direction and speed of travel of the balloon; to warn aircraft of its position; and to observe whether any accidents should befall the balloon or any of its contents.

“We had just eaten dinner and I was sitting there watching this old balloon,” Hovland said. “I saw them first and I nudged Baumgartner and I said, ‘What do you see up there?’”

Companion Startled

To which Baumgartner replied, “‘My - - - What's going on?'"

“I saw two objects,” Hovland said.  “He saw four so I looked back again Then there were six.”

Hovland described them as silvery objects with a sort of “fluorescent glow ” They were in a “trail formation" and just as perfectly spaced as “dots marked off by a ruler.”

Hovland Picture Tuscaloosa UFOs

Tuscaloosa UFOs. Image slightly enhanced to remove scratches and dust spots.

They were nearly stationary and were hovering below the balloon between Hovland's plane and the balloon.

They hovered for about a minute and a half while Hovland observed them and took pictures with his movie camera.

“Then they went up — boom, like an explosion,” he said. “But they went one at a time and they all followed the same path.”

He couldn't estimate their speed.

1,000 Miles an Hour

“It's hard to say,” he said, “but going out of sight like that I would say a good 1,000 miles an hour.  They went out of sight in a matter of seconds.  That's vertically.  They took right off.”

When he got back to the airbase he was met by air police who confiscated his film and sent it to Washington for development and review.

Later he received a 22-page printed questionnaire in which he was asked to describe what he saw in great detail.  These are sent to all persons who report aerial phenomena and are marked “secret and confidential.”

Later he was shown the pictures, which indicated the saucers were about 20 feet wide.  And they appeared to be transparent because the contour of the ground shows through in the pictures taken from the balloon.

Appeared Silver in Color

Actually, the objects appeared to be silvery from below but apparently were a darker, metallic color from the top.  At least, that's what the pictures indicated, Hovland said.

And although they moved at “terrific” speed, he could see no visible means of locomotion.  There was no visible smoke, exhaust, light “or anything,” he added.

As reported in Time, the other discovery that day was “news to make even a sensation-jaded physicist draw a sharp breath.”

A pack of photographic plates had been attached to the balloon to be exposed to the powerful primary cosmic rays that bombard the top of the atmosphere.

While studying the plates later, Dr Schein found a peculiar ray track — a bundle of slim Vs — running through the pack.  These were made by pairs of negative and positive electrons and there was no trace of larger charged particles (protons) present.

Hit With Terrific Energy

Dr Schein’s conclusion was that “something” had hit the film pack with the unheard-of energy of 10 million billion electron-volts — about 50 million times the energy of a splitting uranium atom.

That “something.” Dr. Schein thought, probably was an elusive particle called an anti-proton, which theoretical physicists have suspected but never observed.

He believes this negative proton struck an ordinary proton in the aluminum wrapping of the film pack and annihilated not only itself but the early matter in its target as well, turning the mass into energy.  The track was made by gamma rays as they streaked away from the site of the collision.

Where do anti-protons come from?  One speculation is that remote stars may be made up entirely of “reversed matter” whose atoms have negative anti-protons as their nuclei and positrons (positive electrons) revolving around them.  There would be no way to tell because the reversed matter would send out the same light as ordinary matter.  And it would behave itself normally as long as it stayed at home.

Hovland Sees Connection

When he lets his imagination run, Hovland can connect the anti protons and the “saucers.”

He thinks it may have been one of the “saucers” which hit the film pack. In that case, the “saucer” would have been a small particle which appeared to be something else because it is so powerful.

“Who can say you couldn't see something with as much power as that seems to have?” he asked.

In any event, he believes in “flying saucers.”

“I know there is something because if pilots see it — both airline and airforce — and can't describe it as an airplane, then what is it?”

“Anyway, I saw it myself,” he said.

Friday, September 10, 1954

Portland, Oregon,  The Oregonian

Report Due on 'Saucers'

– BY Robert S. Allen

WASHINGTON—The air force is getting ready to take the wraps off of some of its "flying saucer" secrets.  The disclosures will be intriguing, but not earth-shaking.  They will debunk a number of UFO (unidentified flying object) reports that made sensational headlines and gave rise to widespread tales about interplanetary visitations.

Most significant revelation will be about the types of guided and other missiles the air force is developing.

One of them was the cause of the scary "ball of fire” story.

This tale, which swept around the country, was first related by a touring family that unknowingly camped inside an air force testing range.  According to the fairly accurate account of these folks, the terrifying device flashed a few hundred feet over their heads at an incalculable speed, with a deafening roar and exuding long eerie flames.

Later, other less factual accounts were even more hair-raising.

All the reports were pooh-poohed by the air force.

In the forthcoming disclosures, it will be admitted these "sightings” had substance, although greatly exaggerated.  However, it will be evident from the information the air force makes public that it was easy for untrained and astonished observers to arrive at their imaginative accounts.

This particular device is a guided missile capable of speeds exceeding 3000 miles an hour.  It has been spotted hundreds of times.

Two other devices are actually shaped like saucers.  They, too, have been numerously reported in various parts of the country, in some instances by commercial and other pilots.

The army and navy are also very active in the guided missile field.  Some scientists credit the navy with leading the other two services in these developments.


Close Encounter at 25,000 Feet: Government Cover up

by Paul C. Cerny

[Ed. note: There are today so may straws in the wind concerning alleged government cover up of genuine UFO cases that, taken together, they would make quite a haystack.  Yet, no definitive proof has been forthcoming, proof that would withstand a severe Congressional investigation, for example.  The following story, released by the widow of one of the principal witnesses after an enforced silence of many years, would, if true (and Mr. Cerny holds it is true, based on his private interviews with the narrator), constitute such proof.  We present it here for the record through the kindness of Mr. Cerny.  In 1954, the date of this event, I was quite active with Project Blue Book and 1 do not recollect ever seeing this report in Dayton.  If it had come into Blue Book, it would have stood out like the proverbial sore thumb and it certainly would not have escaped my attention.  So here may be additional evidence of Government cover-up.]

TIME: 4:30 PM
DURATION: Over one hour
WITNESSES: Crews of 3 B-47 bombers
PLACE: 25,000 feet over Texas vicinity of Dallas

During a radio call-in talk show, in which MUFON astronomy consultant Tom Gates and I participated, we were rewarded with an unusual and highly significant story from the widow of a former Air Force major, a pilot and navigator on B-47 and B-52 jet bombers.  She stated that after many years of remaining silent as requested, she felt that the public had the right to know about her deceased husband's, and his companion's, exceptional UFO encounter.

I arranged for several personal interviews which revealed an astounding story of high altitude, extremely close UFO encounter.  Her detailed recall of the events of many years ago, as told to her by her husband shortly after the event, was impressive, as was her obvious intelligence.  I almost felt that I was listening to her husband retelling the story himself.

Strategic Air Command Shield Her husband at the time was Maj. Robert J. Waste (she has since remarried) #73028, classified as a 1037, basically a navigator of a specialized elite crew.  He was a Wing Officer with the Strategic Air Command (SAC).  He lost his life in the crash of a B-52 bomber on Memorial Day, 1955, which also cost the lives of the entire crew. The UFO encounter had occured (sic) eight months earlier.

On Sept. 3, 1954, Major Waste had gone out with his squadron on routine bombing exercises.  They were competing for accuracy by dropping "bombs" of sacks of flour.  Each B-47 carried a crew of three – a pilot, co-pilot, and navigator-bombardier.  Major Waste was acting in the latter capacity, riding in the nose portion of the aircraft.

They had been over various mid-western States and were now returning home to Barksdale A.F.B., Shreveport, La.  At about 4:30 P.M., on this relatively clear day, they were in the general area of Dallas, Tex., when they received a radio communication from Carswell A.F.B., near Fort Worth, asking them to investigate and be on the lookout in their immediate vicinity for reported UFOs.  They were cruising at 25,000 feet.

They were suddenly startled to discover a strange craft pacing their plane only 100 feet overhead.  The alien machine was a beautifully stream-lined, missile-shaped device slightly larger and longer than their own B-47 fuselage.  It was dull metallic in color and had two rows of oval-shaped port holes along each of its sides, about a third of the way up from the bottom.  An orange exhaust flame emanated from the rear of the aerial intruder, as well as from what appeared to be smaller control exhaust ports slightly ahead of the main thrust unit.  The bottom of the craft seemed to be lighted or glowing.  This description of the appearance and performance of the craft resembles that of the famous Chiles-Whitted DC-3 airliner case of July 23, 1948, near Montgomery, Ala.

The immediate concern of the crew was the frightening possibility of a mid-air collision.  After pacing the B-47 overhead for a short time, it suddenly shot ahead and then zoomed almost straight up at incredible speed, disappearing momentarily from view.  As per their radio instructions, they tried to climb after it at full throttle, but almost stalled the B-47 in the attempt.  Nothing we had would come anywhere near the its performance capabilities.

The sleek UFO then came back down to within about 300 feet of the jet bomber and began circling the aircraft. It circled overhead and underneath at fantastic speeds, so fast that they could hardly see it.  The object stayed with them, pacing overhead and underneath, doing all sorts of maneuvering around the B-47 for well over an hour.

RB-47E Similar to Plane Major Waste Was Flying

RB-47E Bomber similar to Major Waste's aircraft

During this time Major Waste had made his way back through the inside passageway to the pilot's area where he and the co-pilot shot photos of the missile-like intruder with their personal cameras.  Many of their pictures were taken when it was close overhead, displaying considerable detail.  Major Waste had a new Nikon sequencing camera with a telephoto lens.  An expert photography buff, he shot 32 frames of 35mm color film of the craft during the encounter.

The maneuvering capability was incredible.  The object would cut in front of the plane, at one time doing a perfect figure eight, as if showing off.  Once it slowed down in front of them, and they started into its exhaust flame.  When they were sure they would collide, it pulled away and maneuvered around the aircraft.

Their radio instructions from the ground were to pursue and, if possible, force the UFO down.  Major Waste remarked, "No way were we going to be able to force that thing down!"  The crew's opinion was that this unusual craft did not come from anywhere on this planet, due to its appearance and maneuvering capability.

The two planes behind were watching and listening to the air-to-ground communications between Major Waste's plane and the air base.  When the action started, they did move up for a closer look, but kept at a safe distance.  All immediate action was centered around the lead aircraft.

As if content with the time spent "showing up" the inferior B-47, the sleek craft once again shot upward into the sky and disappeared, not returning again.

All the B-47s on this training mission landed safely at Barksdale A.F.B. and the crews were released after debriefing and sent home, except for the crew of Major Waste's plane and the two other accompanying aircraft.  The wives and family members of these three planes were all anxiously awaiting their arrival and release from duty at the base, but were told to go back home without them, that they would be detained for some time.  The crews are specifically instructed not to discuss military matters or incidents while on duty with anyone, even their wives.

The three involved B-47 crews were confined to the A.F.B. for almost three days for special debriefing as the result of their encounter with the unknown craft.  All the film the crews took of the UFO was confiscated.  The luggage bags and other personal effects thoroughly searched for any possible additional film. The planes were carefully searched as well.  Family members calling the base, inquiring why the three crews were being detained and why they could not come home, were told they could not discuss the reasons.  No information at all was available.  Major Waste finally came home on the third day at about 9 p.m. to a very upset wife and her son, whose birthday he missed because of the detainment.

Mrs. Waste prodded her husband, promising not to tell anyone the reason for his detainment, and she kept that promise all these years until now.  He finally agreed to tell her in the strictest confidence about the unusual encounter, and told her never to tell anyone about it.  Since that time, she has remained in touch with the other two crew member's families and three other retired officers acquainted with the incident.  She was good enough to phone these retired officers for me to ask for verification and permission to use their names or let me talk to them.  All flatly refused and one even denied any knowledge of the event.  The others did verify to her that the encounter took place but refused to discuss it, even with her.

It is incredible the "strangle hold" our government agencies have over military personnel, threatening reprisal to silence them about their involvement in a world-wide phenomenon which, in most cases, does not involve classified military information.

In the case at hand, we apparently have an answer to James Oberg's question stated in his article in TRUE 1981. Outer Space and Paranormal World Quarterly, "Where are the UFO photographs?"  Perhaps Captain James Oberg's influence with the Pentagon is sufficient to obtain the release of the Major Waste photographs, or at least to disclose where they are filed?

PROJECT 1947 Comment: The Editor's Note in the introduction to this case is by Dr. J. Allen Hynek.  As in the case of the Navy Skyraider Squadron incident, the above report exists with no official documentation.  A number of other reports are also in this category.

One of the best known examples involved the USAF UFO spokesman, Col. William T. Colemen – Public Relations Officer covering, among other things, UFOs from 1961-1962.

Col. Colemen reported his UFO sighting of 1954 or 1955, but after he became Air Force UFO spokesman, he could not locate his report in the Project Blue Book files.  It was not listed as a "missing case," but completely absent like the report above, from the Blue Book records.

We have references to several serial numbered USAF intelligence reports on UFOS – i.e., Intelligence reports sent to USAF HQ and recorded in the logs of USAF intelligence files – which apparently are also not in the Project Blue Book files.

When Capt. Edward Ruppelt became Project Blue Book chief, he searched intelligence files in the Pentagon to locate UFO reports not passed on to Project Grudge/Blue Book.  He did everything in his power to make sure that all such reports were funneled to Project Blue Book for evaluation.  Even so, a few UFO reports from the 1947-1952 period that were not in the Project Blue Book files have been recovered in other USAF activities' files.  It has been harder to locate such reports made after 1952.

There continues to exist a large body of reports made by former US military personnel during the Project Blue Book era that do not exist in the project's files.

Sunday 19 September , 1954

Portland, Oregon  The Oregonian

Reporter Witnesses Mysterious Flying

Cigar Boom Along Over Rome


International News Service Staff Writer

ROME (INS)—I saw with the naked eye a mysterious flying “cigar” which flew over Rome Friday night and which clearly registered for 39 minutes on radar sets in the area.

What attracted my attention was the strange sound the object emitted as it passed overhead.  Previous reports of flying saucers have described them as emitting no sound.

The sound from this object was not the usual whine of a jet or the droning of an ordinary plane.

Rather it was like approaching thunder but with a staccato effect, a series of explosions that grew louder as the object got closer.

This was followed by dead silence as the “thing” stopped, or appeared to, at a height of about 5000 to 6000 feet.

Suddenly it shot upward and left an exhaust trail of milky white smoke.  It went straight up vertically into the sky.  The air was perfectly still, and the smoke remained in a vertical trail.

There is some disagreement about the exact shape of the object.

The observatory at Ciampino initially described it as a “flying cigar” with a big antenna amidships.

The defense department pictured it as a “clipped cone” with a smaller surface on the bottom.  Or as two semi-circular disks, one bigger than the other, with the bigger one on top.

To me it seemed more like an inverted sawed-off cone.  It was difficult to determine how fast it was going.

Mid-Air Parking Weird

Frankly I thought in seeing it that it must be some Italian or allied experimental machine or perhaps a British craft in view of reports of Britain’s progress in new type of aircraft.

Air force officials said they do not know whether Italy is experimenting with such a type of plane.

Popular opinion is that the weird object may have come from the communist east, but the communist and left-wing press in Italy ignored the story.

Radar Alert Ordered

The Italian defense ministry meanwhile ordered the country's radar stations to be on the alert for signs of the object.

The radar station at Rome that picked up the “cigar”, or “cone” on its screens said it registered for 39 minutes.

Defense officials said the first “flying saucer” reports came from the town of Pitigliano in the mercury mining area 150 miles north of Rome last Tuesday.

One report was sent in by a local post office official, Luigi Becherini, who described it as a flying vessel with strange flight characteristics.

His account was corroborated by friends and other witnesses in the area.

Tuesday 21 September, 1954

Long Beach, Calif.,  PRESS-TELEGRAM


Ball of Fire Seen
Skipping on Ocean

A ball of fire that moved in and out of the water without being extinguished was reported seen Monday by the master of a Honduras freighter 45 miles west of Ensenada.

Coast Guard radiomen here intercepted a message from the 7,194-ton freighter Aliki P., which stopped at San Pedro Sunday for fuel oil en route from Vancouver to London.

“Observed ball of fire moving in and out of water without being extinguished," the message said.  "Trailing white smoke.  Moving in erratic course, finally disappeared."

The vessel is manned by a Greek crew.

Sunday 3 October, 1954


800 Biharis See Flying Saucer


Calcutta, October 2:   A flying saucer was reported to have been seen recently by about 800 people living in three adjoining villages in Manbhum Bihar.

      Mr. Ijapada Chatterjee, 60-year-old manager of a mica mine, "Kadori", owned by a Calcutta business man, Mr. S. N. Gnose, told The Times of India News Service here today that he was sitting in the verandah of his house on the afternoon of September 15, when he saw a disc-like object descending about 500 yards away.

     Villagers came out from their huts to see the strange sight. Shaped like a saucer, it came down to a height of about 500 feet above the earth making a sound like the whirring of motor-car engine. It hovered for a few minutes; then, suddenly, the two sides seemed to get inflated. This was followed by what looked like smoke billowing from the two ends. Immediately the object soared upwards at an incredible speed.


     Mr. Chatterjee said that the object was about 12 feet in diameter and dull grey in colour. At the centre of the side visible to him was a black patch that resembled an aperture. "As it soared upward, there was a tremendous gust of wind which caused doors and windows to rattle," he said.

     Later, the people from the adjoining villages of Borsi and Managalda also said that they had seen the same object.

     A local holy man interpreted the UFO as "something from heaven." The mine also produced beryllium for the Atomic Energy Commission.

Tuesday, October 5, 1954

Paris, France, Le Monde

asks Mr. Jean Nocher to the State secretary for the air

Mr. Jean Nocher, deputy of the Loire, asked, in a written question, to Mr. Diomède Catroux “whether his predecessors at the secretariat of the air had taken care, as one did in the United States and in the U.S.S.R. long ago, to open an investigation into the presence in our atmosphere of unidentified flying objects”.

In the affirmative, the deputy of the Loire asks that the publishable results of these investigations are shown.

In the contrary assumption, Mr. Jean Nocher wishes that one constitutes a scientific commission to study the reported phenomena to “separate the truth from the errors or possible mystifications”.

[Translation by Patrick Gross.]

Tuesday, October 12, 1954

Paris, France, France-Soir

"A Luminous Machine Observed in
Cameroon by Credible Witnesses"

YAOUNDE (Cameroon), Oct. 12 ("France-soir" news brief).— An enormous illuminated disk was observed Sunday in Yaoundé by a group of trustworty people: Colonel Cauvin, director of the health and prophylaxis services of Cameroon; Dr. Menn, chief medical officer of the hospital; MM. Dumont, Director of the Security Services; Poileux, Councillor of the Territorial Assembly; Moreau, administrator and deputy mayor of Youndé.  It was the dog of the house who, by barking, attracted the occupants.  Under the disc hung a sort of oscillating cylinder.  The machine, after a few seconds, disappeared quickly towards the east.

Friday, October 15, 1954

Paris, France, Le Rouergue Républicain

The Mystery of the Flying Saucers

A luminous disc
two jet aircraft
who had hunted it

AVIGNON, October 15th. - Early in the afternoon of Friday, at 1:30 p.m., the population of Fontaine de Vaucluse was in turmoil.

Indeed, a “white disc” was hovering slowly over the small city and one could clearly distinguish it with good binoculars.  This white disc was surmounted by a spherical protrusion of the same color.

The lower circular border intermittently bears two powerful lights, varying from white to purplish, passing through the red.

The air base at Caritat (Vaucluse), alerted, immediately directed two jet planes which soon made their appearance, and after two turns on Fontaine de Vaucluse, took altitude and dove on the “disc”.

The radio on board the planes, which was in communication with the base, announced that the craft was in sight, that it was being hunted, but that it escaped because its speed was higher than theirs.

From Vaucluse, one could see clearly the disc skyrocketing, pursued by the two jets.

CALAIS. - A baker boy from Calais said he had seen, at 3:40 a.m., at the place called "Saint Pierre Halte", on the road to Saint-Omer a yellow and shiny craft land on the railway tracks.  According to the baker, the curiously shaped object was two meters in height and four meters in diameter.

NIMES. - Two people saw last night, as they were returning home, a few kilometers north of Nîmes, a greenish glow in a field.  They approached and found the presence of a craft in all aspects identical to a rugby ball and seeming to rest on crutches.  The strange device suddenly rose into the air, emitting a faint noise and gradually taking on an orange hue.

[Translation by Patrick Gross.]

Saturday, October 16, 1954

Paris, France, L'Est Républicain


Visible from the ground, a white disc
disappears in front of two jet planes

Paris. — One could expect one moment on Thursday afternoon that one of these mysterious objects which furrow the sky of France and Navarre was going to give up its secret.  Alas!  It was not so, and the claims of the ones and others are so contradictory that one does not know any more who speaks seriously and who is joking.

Around 01:30 p.m., Thursday, the residents of Fountaine-de-Vaucluse were in agitation because of the maneuvers of a white disc slowly hovering above the city, and which was clearly distinguished with the binocular.

This white disc was surmounted by a segment of a sphere of the same color, and the lower circular edge carried, intermittently, two powerful fires, variable from the white to the purplish, passing by the red color.

Then, who is to be believed?

The air base of Caritat (Vaucluse) was alerted at once and two jet fighters took off.  A few moments later, they veered above Fountaine-de-Vaucluse.

It is here that testimonies do not agree any more: the residents stated “the two planes took altitude immediately and dove right on the disc which was still visible.  But they could not reach it, for their speed was lower than the speed of the disc.  Soon, planes and disc disappeared at the horizon.”

This report is the topic of an official statement of the secretary of State to the Air who states: “the two pilots of the Orange [Orange-Caritat] air base who flew over Fontaine-de-Vaucluse at various altitudes on October 14 in the afternoon did not observe any unknown machine during their search.

“The two pilots are experienced officers and their report is bulletproof.”

Then, who is to be believed?

[Translation by Patrick Gross.]

Wednesday, January 19, 1955

Paris, France, Le Provençal

“Pursuit of the 'flying saucers' is authorized”

Paris (A.F.P.).— Mr. Jean Nocher, representative of the Loire (no affiliation), has just received the response from Secretary of State for the Air to a written question that he had asked him last October, in connection with the investigations carried out “about the presence of unidentified objects in our atmosphere.”

The Secretary of State indicates that “almost all the reported observations – when they were sincere and sufficiently precise – received a natural explanation.”

However, it was prescribed to the squadrons of the Air Force, adds the answer, “to establish an objective and detailed report each time an unidentified heavenly object is directly reported to them, to forward this report to the scientific office of the army staff where officers were especially appointed to follow the matter.”

The Secretary of State specifies that “the pursuit of these “apparatuses" although it did not give any result when it was tried until now, is authorized every time when it does not involve any risk of accident.”

“In any event, the answer concludes, it does not seem necessary to exaggerate the documentary importance of testimonies whose number and good faith are not enough to equate them to objectively controlled scientific observations.”

[Translation by Patrick Gross -]

PROJECT 1947 Comment: Very few military cases from the French military forces have been made public.  Despite many ground eyewitnesses, the extensively reported 1954 UFO jet chase was officially repudiated.  Note that it took several months for the Air Minister to answer the deputy's questions about the October, 1954 wave of UFO sightings.

Friday, October 22, 1954

Montluçon, France, Centre-Matin

"Close Approach in North Africa"

Wednesday morning, around 3 hours, Mr. Gaston Blanquère, resident in Oran, was returning with passengers on board his car.  A little after the village of Jean-Mermoz, the attention of the motorists was attracted by a sharp gleam coming from the south and which grew bigger quickly.

A luminous disc crossed the road above them, descended a few hundreds meters further and appeared to contact the ground.

The machine had the size of a small car.  It was composed of a higher cupola from which came out a yellow gleam.  The lower part of the disc let escape a bluish luminous sheaf.  Kinds of very powerful headlights swept the plain.

Ten minutes later, the luminosity dimmed and the machine, taking height, moved away quickly and without noise.

The police chief of the Sig, during his investigation, had these statements confirmed by a fellah of a nearby douar.

July 22, 1958

Marysville, OH, Journal Tribune

"Object" Still Unexplained
Ex-Chief Recalls 1954 Sighting At School

The mystery of a flying object which pupils and two teachers at Jerome School saw in the sky back in Oct. 22, 1954 has never been solved, says Robert C. White who was at that time, chief of the Air Force's "flying saucer division."

     The teachers, Mrs. George Dittmar, of Marysville, and the late Rodney Warrick, of Raymond, and their pupils saw what they described as a "cigar-shaped silver object travelling at a terrific speed, that wafted a blanket of angel hair for at least three miles."

     Within a minute after the substance was touched, it would disappear, leaving a green stain on the fingers of whoever touched it.  This stain did no apparent harm and could be washed off. Warrick said at the time, “I have never seen anything like it or heard of anything like it. It was the most unusual sight I ever saw."

     White, who is winding up a two-year tour as public information officer at this giant U. S. Air Force base 18 miles southeast of Casablanca, will shortly head for a top Pentagon assignment in Defense Department information work.

     Bob White, as he has become known to scores of U. S. and foreign newsmen who have been his guests in this land of mint tea, camels, and palm trees, will be no stranger to Washington.

     From 1953 to 1956, when flying saucers first sailed into the news, White worked in the Pentagon as de facto chief of the "flying saucer division" of the Air Force’s central information services.

     This was no hush-hush, top secret research project, as it sounds. It was, however, a job which called for top-level diplomatic skill and the judgment of a King Solomon.  Bob had to painstakingly investigate all reports of flying saucers or “unidentified object” sightings.

Heard Bizarre Tales

     An occasional writer of fiction himself, Bob encountered some saucer stories which, in his words, [missing text].

     The one saucer scare which he never could clear up, Bob says, was the one at Jerome school.

     But White is convinced that there never was a single saucer which was not either a hoax, the figment of imagination or which could not be rationally explained.

     "Its just a matter of getting enough information promptly," he says.

Began Writing in Brazil

     He began his Air Force career during the war in 1941 as an enlisted man and won his pilot's wings in 1944.  While serving in Brazil he began to write.  Several of his short stories have appeared in national magazines since.

     Trying out postwar civilian life, Bob found his taste for unusual places and situations leading him from a schoolteacher's job in Toledo, Ohio to four months of writing at Nogales, New Mexico - which he compares with Morocco in the fantastic beauty of its arid, landscape - and finally to a year on an Indian reservation at Pueblo Pintado, N. M.

     At Pueblo Pintado, Bob was a teacher, counselor and all-around sage to the small community.

     Back in the Air Force, he went to Madrid, Spain for a short tour of duty after completing the saucer assignment at the Pentagon.

     Bob met and married his wife Alice, of Livermore, Calif., in 1946.  The Whites have a daughter, Monica, 4, a blue-eyed blond adopted in Germany, whom they hope to take back with them at the end of June.

More 1954 Reports from India and Australia can be found online here:

and here:

Monday, 11 October, 1954

Cherry Valley, New York State, USA

October 11, 1954: At 4 P. M., ‘I saw soundless object of grey metallic color, about 300 feet up moving horizontally, disc-shaped, speed not fast, about thirty feet in diameter with not tail or wings.  I was wondering at the air-resistance it must meet, when it suddenly made a very sharp turn, and rolled upwards vertically, at an angle of thirty degrees to the horizontal.  It rolled like a wheel, unit entered thick clouds.  Visible for thirty seconds.  Seen over Cherry Valley, N. Y. State.  I am an engineer, used to working with finely graduated instruments.  Am member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.’
(Letter to the author, from Major Abraham B. Cox, Cherry Valley, N. Y.)

    — Wilkins, Harold T., Flying Saucers Uncensored, The Citadel Press, 1955, page 233.

Letter to Richard Hall of NICAP, from witness, Major Abraham B. Cox

Cherry Valley, N. Y--December 28, 1955

Mr. Richard Hall,
721 Burdette Street,
New Orleand,(sic)

Dear Mr. Hall;—

I must ask your endulgence (sic) in that I have not attempted to answer your letter of the 17th.  for almost ten days. I have the family "Old Homestead," which is not so very old, but some of us have lived here in the past some 150 years, and l am almost 83 years old, so perhaps you will make allowances.  I am wondering where you got my name in connection with Flying Saucers.  (I am a Member of the A.S.M.E, and also of the S.A.E., and have done considerable work towards the developement of a Steam Turbine and also Gas Producer and some other "Chemical engineering), such as Gas Analysis, which the Chemists, as you undoubtedly know scornfully designate as "Engineers' Chemistry."  But Ihave had quite an experience in experimental work and (the only degree I have as a Yale B.A, dating back to the year 1895..)  I think perhaps that the best l can do is to relate exacly what I saw. at the moment I do not think that the date October 11th. 1954 is quite correct.  I have kept a Diary for many years and under that date I do not find any entry of what I want to tell.  I think it was in October, and feel quite sure of that but at any rate (what l am going to say I remember well, because the happening was very strongly impressed on my mind, particularly because I knew at the time little or nothing about Flying Saucers, other then (sic) the name ...) which has always seemed to me a sort of "misnomer," but in fact is as good as anything, though the initials "UFO" seem somewhat more correct.

The Month was October, as I recall, and (the time was about 4 P.M and the sky was more or less covered with streaks or layers of clouds, with blue sky between, so that the rays of the sun came through almost horizontally, the time being not far from sunset in the Valley.  I was walking in a NE Direction, and having been an Airplane "spotter" for a long time, I have formed the habit of looking at the sky, quite naturally.

I happened to be looking at the West in the direction of my Farm buildings, perhaps a half-mile distant and saw something which at first glance was about over my farm buildings.  It was quite low, and did not not seem to be more than a few hundred feet above the earth.  I thought that at first it was a large airplane, not moving very swiftly and perhaps only a few hundred feet above the ground, let us say 300 feet.  It did notseem more than that.  It was moving horizontally in a direction parallel to my own direction.  Then I noticed that it seemed to make no noise, and then I could not see any wings or tail or fuselage generally.  It seemed to be a large disc or lens-shaped object, and in comparison with the objects below I estimated it to be perhaps 30 or 35 feet in diameter[.]  I wanted to call to somebody else to "look," but I saw nobody within hearing distance, and I did not want to take my eyes from the object.  It was moving like a wheel sliding sidewise and not rotating and in perspective presented an elliptical appearance such as any circcular object would when viewed from an angle.  The degree of elipticity verying(sic) as it came up and then passed me.

Mr. Richard Hall.

I must have seen it for 20 seconds or a little more.  Then it got ahead of me and it present(e)d the appearance of a circular disc, perhaps five or six feet thick.  The color was grey, and I think perhaps a little darker on the rim or edge, not much but enough to make the edge sharply defined. Suddenly it stopped and seemed to be going in a direction more or less at right angles to its first motion but still in an uptight direction.  There was nothlng on it to indicate whether it was rotating, though it seemed to be doing so somewhat — it seemed, but I did not nor do it think it was rotating at all.  This sudded (sic) stop interested me as an engineer, because any sudden retardtdation (sic) on or accellearation (sic) requires in so large an object the application of a very considerable force, and seemed a much shorter turn and a more rapid turn that any airplane I had ever seen could be capable of.

It then began to ascend in a direction of perhaps at right angles to its first direction and at an upward angle of perhaps 30 or 35 degrees from the horizontal, or the direction it moved when I first saw it, when moving horizontally.  There were some fleecy clouds above it, and it entered them and was lost to sight for perhaps a second or so, to emerge into vision again above this first layer of clouds.  Its direction had not changed, and shortly after it entered some more layers of cloud, which were thicker, and was lost to view.  I remember distinctly how its "image" grew fainter as it entered the clouds.  It did not suddenly disappear, but was lost to view like an object which enters a fog does.  I then saw it no more.  I think that the whole elapsed time of observation when I first saw it was perhaps 30 seconds. I was very sorry nobody else was present....

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that what I saw was a flying Saucer.  Later I was told that some of the Observers at the Observation Post watching for passing airplanes, or "spotting" them, did seen (sic) earlier in the day "something queer" above the Observation Post or in its vicinity.  Possibly the 'UFO had been cruising around for sometime before I saw it.  If so it must have carefully "reconnoitered" the immediate region.  This part of New York State is quite hilly — all hills and valleys.  Most New York State Valleys run generally in a northerly and southerly direction such as the Hudson River Valley, Lakes George Champlain, and the "finger lakes".  The Mohawk Valley runs roughly speaking East and West and there are others like it in that respect, like parts of the Susquehanna tributaries.

I did not see any marks on the UFO.  Whether it rotated at all I could not discover.  It moved in an upright direction or "Broadside" to its direction of motion.  I have never seen anything similar since, though l am constantly looking.

This description will fill out what your questionnaire require(d) though I possibly cannot answer all the questions.  I will attempt to do so, and give as good a description as possible.  Though near sunset, the light was very good perhaps better than in very bright sunlight

I enclose stamp, and will be pleased to hear from you.

Yours very truly:--

Sketch Of Cherry Valley UFO Sighting, October, 1954, As Drawn by Major Cox

Cherry Valley UFO Sighting Sketch Made By Major Abraham B. Cox

Project 1947 comment: The Wilkins book was published in 1955.  Richard Hall may have read this entry and asked Major Cox for further information in December 1955.  Perhaps by that time Major Cox did not recall the exact date of the sighting as stated by Wilkins.  However, there may be newspaper clippings which mention this sighting and the observation by the Ground Observer Corps about the same time.  We are currently looking for such a possible news stories.

The European — and especially the French flap — was well on its way by October, 1954, but there were still incidents occurring across the USA.  Hall used Major Cox's Cherry Valley incident letter in his book The UFO Evidence.

Sunday, 24 October, 1954

Gravatai Air Force Base, Porto Alegre, Brazil

(Now known as Base Aérea de Canoas)

PROJECT 10073 Summary Card of Gravatai AFB UFO Sighting, Oct 24, 1954

Illustration of Gloster Meteor In Brazilian Air Force Livery
Illustration of Brazilian AF Gloster Meteor jet in FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira) livery

 ATIC 212753 IR-39-55 From: AIRA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Source:  a FAB major who has been close to FAB's investigation of flying saucer sighting stated that he has for a long time believed in the existence of these objects.  (He is reputed to have 7,000 flying hours and is considered by the reported to be highly intelligent, keenly observant, and quite normal.)

He personally pursued one in a Glouster [Gloster] Meteor last fall in Porto Alegre (he did not find it after he became airborne, although he had seen it from the ground prior to takeoff and ground observers stated he passed near it when driving (sp) from 45,000' through a hole in a cloud formation).  He also was in charge at Gravatai Air Base (Porto Alegre) several days later when 150 FAB personnel were reported to have seen two of these objects.

During this latter sighting, he placed a group of FAB airmen on one side of a hangar, another group on the opposite side, out of each others' sight and hearing.  He than travelled between the two groups, asking then what they saw.  All reports were similar.  He then placed observers in a triangular arrangement around the field, about a mile on each side of the triangle.  These observers wrote down what they had seen, as it occurred, and their reports jibed.  All observers reported an object hovering at estimated altitude varying from 30,000 to 45,000 feet.  After remaining fairly stationary in one spot (although appearing to be undulating), it suddenly sped across approximately 80° of arc and resumed its hovering in that location.  When it again sped across a similar arc, the major clocked it by chronograph as covering the 80° in ten seconds.  He later estimated the object's speed at roughly 8,000 mph (assuming an altitude of 45,000').  The object was then joined by a similar one, they hovered a few minutes, then disappeared at a great rate of speed.

Source reported that the object appeared to be surrounded by a white glow which increased in size when it moved, (i.e. this halo-like ring was small when hovering, larger when traveling).

Source stated that FAB records show sightings as far back as the early 1800s.  One, written by a farmer in Mato Grosso in 1876, describes a landing by one of these objects.  He described it as being about 90 feet in diameter, of metal construction, and containing a turret that rose out of the top of the disk and which was retracted for high speed travel.

FAB records also reported to contain numerous sightings by Brazilian airline pilots, some of whom claim to have been very close to these objects (within several hundred feet in some cases).  These reports confirm the Mato Grosso farmer's description as to size and construction.

Two FAB lieutenants were reported to have sighted one on the ground in the interior of Brazil.  They reportedly flew down to take a look at it, whereupon it took off, crossed a river and landed again.  The two officers are said to have continued their approach but the object again took off and disappeared at the usual high rate of speed.

Source, as well as the FAB officer in charge of flying saucer "investigations" is convinced that sightings reported by reliable observers are thoroughly credible.  He is also certain that there have been sufficient sightings over a sufficient period of time to corroborate the description of the object given above.  What neither he nor FAB official investigators know is what to do with the information.  At this writing it is merely being read and filed.  Evaluation of the information is not possible both because of the relative vagueness of it and because it is not within the capabilities of FAB technicians.

Source also stated that FAB has on file various photographs of these objects.  An effort will be made to obtain examples for forwarding.


This reporter has maintained a skeptical attitude toward "flying saucers" up to this time.  Despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of the reported sightings in Brazil are from unqualified observers and crackpots and are therefore completely unreliable, there is an underlying base of sound. reports from qualified observers which makes it difficult to doubt the existence of these objects.  This reporter is no longer skeptical.  But an evaluation of what they are and where they come from is beyond his capabilities.

Download as .pdf Document

Saturday, November 20, 1954

The Times of Swaziland


The South African Air Force has issued a statement requesting the public to report any strange and unaccountable object seen in the air either to the nearest Air Force unit or direct to the Air Chief of Staff, Defence Headquarters, Pretoria, as soon as possible.

“Research on a world scale is at present being conducted, and because South Africa is situated so far south, observation in this area is regarded as of extreme importance.

“To make it easier for the public, the Air Force will send a questionnaire to any person who has seen in inexplicable object in the air.”

Sunday, November 21, 1954

Letter of 11/23/58 from Dr. Olavo T. Fontes to A.D. Mebane of NICAP

Case 59, Rio De Janiero, Brazil, Nov. 22, 1954) Saucer events happening in South America are not carried by our newswires, so we got this one from Harold Fulton in New Zealand who got it from the Daily Sketch in England.  "The pilot of a Brazilian airliner reported a fleet of 19 saucer-shaped objects, that flew at tremendous speed, less than 300 ft. from his plane.  His passengers panicked.  Members of the crew had to act 'most violently' to overcome their fears. . . . " CRIFO 3-55 p.8

So much for tin, You wanted information about an incident involving a Brazilian airliner and a formation of UFOs. The case is not fictitious, it really happened.

The date was November 21, 1954. The “Douglas” PP-ANM from the “National Airlines” was flying from Belo Horizonte. state of Minas Cerais, toward Rio de Janeiro. Good visibility. Blue sky above the airliner and some clouds below. The plane was at 9000 feet, flying over the Paraiba Valley near the town of Paraiba do Sul, when the copilot saw the UFOs.

The time was 11:30 a.m. Commander Armando Braulino (copilot), Commander Pedro Luiz Teixeira (pilot), Mr. Vicente B. Marques (steward) and Jose E. Caldeira (radio-operator) were the chief witnesses.

The UFO formation came from the northeast flying at 7.200 feet, passed just below the airliner at high speed, and disappeared toward the southwest apparently in the direction of a town called Rezende.

The plane was moving on a N—S direction and the UFO formation crossed just under it. The objects did not rotate, seemed to be of aluminum (or a similar metal) and — under the sunlight — showed a bright polished surface. They were shaped like disks with a kind of cupola (or dome) on top. They might be compared (in shape) to a soldier helmet with a large rim around the convex part. There was a larger one at the center of the X formation — “the squadron chief” — and the others were grouped around it at close distance. The whole formation was about 120 feet in diameter and each object measured approximately 15 feet (in diameter). There was a strange bluish glow around each UFO and around the whole formation —— this phenomenon (according to the copilot) might be a result of the high velocity of the objects, plus reflection of sunlight(?).

The UFOs showed no propellers, jet-tubes, wings, tail or protruding fins. They were unlike anything known — true alien craft. Their trajectory was regular. Some passengers came to the airliner windows still in time to watch the fleet of 15 disk-shaped objects, but others come too late and saw nothing. The sighting lasted about 40 or 50 seconds.

It was said that the passengers panicked, but the pilot [talking to the press) dismissed this version as false. He explained that only a few passengers might have seen the UFOs — the scene was too rapid. Those few were, of course, scared — but not the others, the majority. There was no need to act violently to control their panic (he said), because there was no hysteria. On the other side, the passengers refused to comment on the question. Maybe they did not want to confess their fear, maybe the pilot was telling the truth. I don’t know. Anyway, the case is excellent. The sighting was immediately reported by radio and there was also a written report — requested by Colonel Adil de Oliveira.

Fontes letter of 11/23/58 to AD Mebane.

Thursday, 16 December, 1954

Vol. I, No. 8. p.4 - The Flying Saucer Review

Apple Valley, California

ON DECEMBER 16, 1954, I was dubiously fortunate to have observed a "UFO" (Unidentified Flying Object) in the skies over Apple Valley, near Victorville, California.

I feel that I have had enough experience with flying, radar navigation and observing to qualify for reporting the following incident with near accuracy. I am certain that the phenomena was of a tangible nature with dimensions that were real, though unbelievably so.

The object was cigar shaped, of extremely bright silvery material. It remained stationary at an altitude of approximately 25,000 feet, almost directly above the Apple Valley Inn, from about six o'clock P.M. of the 16th until almost noon of the following day. That night the object appeared as a reddish-orange glow, but when the sun came up in the morning, the object became silvery. It was easily visible with the naked eye. I observed it in the morning with a pair of 7 X 50 binoculars and was able to make out quite a bit of the detail. This object must have been about two and a half times as long as a B-29. There were two windows or ports at one end near the bottom. It seemed seperated (sic) through the length with a single row of bolts or small holes. Please note the below diagram:

Hart T. Goodman Apple Valley Ca. UFO, Dec 16, 1954

THERE WERE APPROXIMATELY fifty people who observed the same thing that I did; among them were two deputy sheriffs from Victorville, a medical doctor, the manager of the Apple Valley Inn and most of its employees, and at least twenty guests at the Inn.

The authorities were repeatedly called at George Airbase, which is just four miles from Victorville. The only answer that could be obtained at the time was that they had planes (jets) in the area and were investigating. They assured any callers that it was not a weather balloon or similar object but beyond that they would say nothing. The following day they denied the whole incident and denied that any inquiries had even been made by all these people.

IN THE EARLY MORNING there were Jets all over the place. One Vapor Trail was visible flying directly over the object at about 35,000 feet. The Jet wasn't visible with the naked eye but could be seen with binoculars. The pilot of that Jet couldn't have avoided seeing the object.

One of the guests of the Inn took some pictures of the object which, I later learned, were taken from him by the authorities.

On Friday the 17th, I returned to Los Angeles and gave a full account of the experience to Mr. Paul Coates of the MIRROR-NEWS. He immediately began to check my story and verified everything that I had told him.

— Hart. T. Goodman,        
Culver City, California.

(EDITOR'S NOTE — All those wishing additional information on this amazing sighting are urged to obtain a copy of Paul Coates column appearing in the December 21st, 1954 edition of the Los Angeles MIRROR-NEWS.)

Tuesday, 21 December, 1954

Los Angeles, Ca., Mirror-News

Paul V. Coates 1953
      Paul V. Coates

      Confidential File

My book entitled, “Be a Reporter in Ten Easy Lessons—And Earn Up to $20 a Week Working at Home In Your Spare Time,” will be out as soon as we can figure a way to shorten the title.

In the meanwhile, I’d like to give you a preview of Chapter One.

It’s called “How to Check a Flying Saucer Story.”

And pay attention, because without this information you might just as well turn in your battered felt hat.

Yesterday I checked a flying saucer story.  It's simple, really. Just a matter of routine.

It came to me first in a call from a man named Hart T. Goodman, of 4838 Jasmine Ave., Culver City.

He had just returned from a trip to Apple Valley.

“There’s something in the sky up there,” he told me.  “The whole town has seen it.  I can’t figure out why the papers haven’t written anything about it.”

Then he described what the whole town was seeing — “an oblong object with two dark spots on it.  During the night it gave off an orange glow.  In the morning there was no discernible glow.”

Goodman, a former radar operator on a B-29, estimated the object’s altitude at about 25,000 feet.

When he hung up, I called Apple Valley.  I spoke with the manager of the inn there.  He had seen the object.  Dozens of people he knew had seen it, and had anxiously called George Air Base, asking what it was.

I spoke to the Sheriff's office in Victorville.  They knew about it.

I talked with Charles Cowling, manager of KAVR in Apple Valley.  His station had been besieged with calls.

“George Air Base told us,” he said, “that they didn’t know what the object was.

“They admitted,” he added, “that they had sent planes up to investigate.”

“Did yon see it yourself?” I asked.  “Yes,” Cowling replied.

And he described the same thing Goodman had reported.

Then I called George Air Base.  It's an experience I'll long remember.

I spoke first with the telephone operator who was on duty the two nights the unidentified object was sighted.  At least a dozen people in Apple Valley had told me they phoned George Air Base on those nights.

But, oddly, the operator didn't remember.  “We didn't get any calls,” she assured me.  “I don’t know anything about a flying saucer. It’s the first I've heard.”

Then she added:

“I better connect you with the Base Duty officer.”

She put me on.  “We have no information about any unidentified object,” he told me, quickly.  “You'd better talk with the Base Public Information Officer.”

Later I talked with the Base Information Office.

A noncom admitted they had been informed about the object, and had investigated it.

“What were the results?” I asked.

“You'd better talk to the Base Intelligence Officer,” he said.  “Perhaps he can tell you something.”

The Base Intelligence Officer couldn't.

“We write off 75% of these sightings.  Most of them are certain types of sonic balloons.”

“Is that what this was?” I asked.

“Very frequently it’s only a balloon,” he answered.

“Was it a balloon this time, Captain?” I tried again.

“You’ll have to talk to the Base Weather Station about that,” he said.

The Base Weather Station had no information that a test balloon was aloft in the area

“What about the interceptor planes that went up to investigate?”  I wanted to know.  “What did they report?”

“You'll have to speak with Maj. Arasmith,” I was told.

I talked to Maj. Arasmith.  He didn't know anything about an unidentified object.  He didn’t know anything about planes going up to investigate.

“Perhaps you can get a statement tom the Base Public Information Officer,” the Major suggested.

That was where I started, so I hung up.

As a result, I still don’t know if there’s a flying saucer in the sky over Apple Valley.

But, at least there's one consolation.  It’s quite evident that a [spy will never] pick up any information from our Air Force.

Let him try, and he'll wind up with a nervous breakdown.

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