1947 - Lost Files

1947 - 8 July - 5:30 p.m. - HST Pearl Harbor, TH - Google Map

About 100 Navy personnel
Yeoman 2c Ted Purdue
Yeoman 1c Douglas Kacherle
Seaman 1c Donald Ferguson
Yeoman Morris Kzamme
Seaman Albert Delancey


Oblong (silvery colored like aluminum) object moving fast and slow very high up with (alternate bursts of speed) and in a (slow, zigzag flight path) going westward toward Honolulu.  Balloon flight at Weather Bureau at Honolulu at 4:35 p.m. went to the SW on prevailing winds.

Source: Bloecher Case #769

PROJECT 1947 Comment: Contemporary accounts in local newspapers said the Navy was investigating.  Capt. Ruppelt told the Honolulu Advertiser in 1952 that there was no such case in the USAF files.

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