1947 - Lost Files

1947 - 6 September - 2140Z - Persian Gulf - Google Map

USS Chipola (AO-63) at anchor at Hong Kong in 1962    

USS Chipola AO-63 at anchor at Hong Kong in 1962
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LTJG R. L Simmons
Ensign J. B. Farris
CM3 J. A. Wisnienski
Richard Carruthers, Jr., USS Chipola, AO-63


“Unidentified luminous phenomena” seen at 10 degs elevation at an estimated range of less than 5 miles.  Two groups of eight bluish oval-shaped objects moving at about 5 knots. They banked away from the ship and disappeared in about 8 seconds.
Carruthers: 8 objects made a climbing turn in echelon formation and passed from sight.

Source: Log of the USS Chipola
Letter from Carruthers to parents quoted in Astoria (OR) Astorian-Budget, 4 Nov 1947

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