NLT (No Later Than) 11 February 1955 Caribbean Sea. (no time known)

On February 11, 1955, Pan-American Airline Captain James King was piloting a plane bound for Venezuela.  Upon landing at Maiquetia Field, Captain King was interviewed by the press concerning a UFO experience he had some days previous.  He was flying on a Miami to New York route when all of a sudden, a pair of reddish-green UFOs passed close to King's plane, zooming by just under the wings.  Several passengers also saw the objects.  He held off saying anything about the incident until he had a chance to report it to the US Air Force.

          — April 15, 1955, APRO Bulletin, Page 9
          Source: London, England,  London Evening News – 12 February 1955

PROJECT 1947 Comment: This incident is not to be found in the Project Blue Book archives.

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