Details and Memoranda Of Dr J. A. Hynek's Final USAF-sponsored UFO Investigation Contract

August 7, 1967      

Reference 130-7000

cc: Major Quintanilla - TDET/UF

Dr. J. Allen Hynek
Dearborn Observatory
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois 60204

Dear Dr. Hynek:

Attached is a fully executed copy of our Subcontract 130-7000 for your files.

I am extremely happy that we have arrived at a mutual understanding of the certain points which you raised earlier and am confident that you will be able to carry on this very important work with a feeling of total satisfaction.

Very truly yours,
John J. Sweeney

Project Manager


Subcontract Number: 130-7000


F. W. Dodge Company, A Division of McGraw-Hill, Inc., 330 West 42nd Street, New York, New York, 10036, (hereinafter referred to as McGraw-Hill) and

Dr. J. Allen Hynek
Dearborn Observatory
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois 60204

hereinafter referred to as the Evaluator, do hereby enter into this agreement on this 4 day of August, 1967.

In consideration of being reimbursed the amounts hereinafter set forth, the Evaluator agrees to perform the following services on the price basis, and in accordance with the terms and conditions stated below:

Article I.


To provide technical reports and support services as inputs to Blue Book pertaining to developments in unidentified aerial phenomena, for the purposes of:

To determine if unidentified aerial phenomena/objects constitute a threat to the security of the United States.

To determine if these phenomena/objects reveal any new, unique, or revolutionary scientific or technical information or techniques, particularly in the area of upper atmosphere physics and astro-physics.

To determine methods of exploiting the possible scientific or technical potential of these phenomena/objects.

To analyze and evaluate reports of unidentified aerial phenomena/ objects for the purpose of determining the cause.

Article II.


To support this objective, the work to be performed by the Evaluator shall include the following:

The Evaluator shall produce clear and concise reports in all cases which are submitted to him for evaluation and/or analysis.

The Evaluator shall indicate specifically those areas which give indication of being inroads to new scientific and/or technical areas.

The Evaluator shall recommend approaches for the exploitation of the possible scientific and/or technical potential of the program.

The Evaluator shall send a representative to any conference or panel upon the request of the Task Monitor.

The Evaluator shall carry out detailed investigation and/or analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena/objects cases which are determined by the Task Monitor as having particular significance.

Article III.


A.  Scope of Review

Shortly after the effective date of this agreement, a meeting shall be held, if necessary, between the Evaluator, the Task Monitor, and the scientific Coordinator the purpose of an item-for-item review of the agreement so that all concerned will have a clear understanding of the contractual and technical requirements.

B.  Reports - Format and Delivery

The technical reports required under this agreement are described in Article XII, B.

All reports shall be classified to the degree warranted to safeguard the information contained therein, except that no reports shall contain information higher than a Secret classification.

C.  Support Services

The Evaluator may be required to provide technical support services

to the Task Monitor on specific project activities during the performance period of the agreement.  Such services may bo required to be performed on an individual basis, or by the Evaluator participating as a panel group member.  Whenever technical support services are required, they will be accomplished at such dates and for such periods of time as are mutually agreeable to the Evaluator, the Task Monitor, and the Scientific Coordinator.

D.  Travel

The Evaluator may be required to perform some travel in connection with his performance of this agreement.  This may consist of trips within or outside the continental limits of the United States, for such time and on such dates as are mutually agreed upon by the Evaluator and the Scientific Coordinator.  No travel shall be undertaken without the prior written approval of the Scientific Coordinator.

Article IV.


Performance of the services required under this agreement will require a direct working relationship between the Evaluator and the Task Monitor, while the Scientific Coordinator shall direct the activities concerned with the Evaluator's performance.

The Scientific Coordinator will arrange and may attend all conferences and meetings between the Evaluator and the Task Monitor and shall issue written instructions, including confirmation of those given by telephone, relating to the Evaluator's work performance.

The Task Monitor will provide technical guidance to the Evaluator, including historical information related to the technical areas in which the USAF is interested, and shall describe any particular aspects to which he would like the Evaluator to give special attention.

Article V.


The period covered by this agreement is indicated in Article XII, C. No work may be performed after the date established herein.

Article XII.


A.  Technical Area:

Unidentifiied aerial phenomena (Blue Book)

B.  Technical Reports

Narrative style letter reports shall be prepared on each evaluation or analysis effort that is requested of the Evaluator.  These reports shall be submitted as soon as possible following the requests.

Reports summarizing the results of technical support activities and/or travel to research facilities, symposia, etc., shall be provided when requested.  Such reports shall be of the informal, narrative type, commensurate with standard letter reports.

All reports shall be classified to the degree warranted to safeguard the information contained therein, except that no reports shall contain information higher than a Secret classification.

C.  Period of Performance:   July 1, 1967 through June 30, 1968  

D.  Total Manhours:  750  

E.  Direct Labor Rate:  $10.00 per hour  

F. Maximum Evaluation Costs:   $7500. 00  

G.  Authority for Agreement: The services contemplated under this agreement are for use under Prime Contract Number

H.  Retention of Material: All material, classified or unclassified, released to and/or generated by the Evaluator for use on Subcontract Number  130-6000   shall be transferred to this agreement.


DURING THE PERIOD 1 Jul 63 - 30 Jun 68

  Yearly Services Yearly Expenses
FY-64 $ 5,190.00 $
FY-65    4,617.50    2,119.05
FY-66    5,475.00    3,238.43
FY-67    5,000.00    3,309.04
FY-68    3,040.00    1,416.42
Total    $23,322.50 $10,082.94

Telephone calls made during the month of November, 1967, by J. Allen Hynek:

Nov 3: Dayton, Called Lt. Marano to discuss my next visit, reproduction of cases. Also discussed the case of 26 February 1966 at Bartell, New Hampshire; 28 December 1953 case in Marysville, California; 9 March 1966 case in Brazil, Indiana.

Nov 5: Los Alamos, called Mr.Clyde Blakely with respect to his case of April 26, 1967, in support of Mr. Sullivan's sighting of same date.

Ft. Wayne, called Mr. David Roth relative to his sighting of July 22, 1966 and obtained a one-half hour tape.

Nov 6: White Plains, called Mr. Donovan with reference to the Newfield, New York case.

Lt. Marano called collect with reference to the Newfield - Ithaca case. He had received a call with reference to it, and he wanted information about the case.

Nov 9: Dayton, called from Newfield where I had gone unofficially to inquire about it since I had been speaking in Auburn, New York the previous evening just 30 miles away. I called Dayton for information purposes only as the case is not official.

Nov 10: Oconto, Wisconsin, 7 calls concerning a pilot who said he saw an object below him. Calls were made to police officers who reported the definite presence of an object and several citizens. I felt this was important enough to send Mr. Beckman and Mr. Powers up there even though the case had not yet been officially reported. I contributed $20 toward gasoline and travel expenses. Case turned out to be unequivocally Venus, fully confirmed by Bill Powers at the site. NOTE: Have we received any official reports on this case from the Oconto-Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin region, nights of November 8-14? The reason so many calls were made to Oconto was to try to solve the case before sending somebody up. This was impossible from phone calls alone.

Nov 11: Oconto (see above). Littleton, Colorado, called to speak with Herb Roth, United Airlines, who had asked whether Blue Book might assist in keeping the Volunteer Flight Officer's Network (VFON) alive. I told him that I would attend a meeting in Denver, unofficially, and at my own expense (this I did on December 13).

Nov 13: Dayton, called regarding the results from Oconto.

Nov 18: Ithaca, Wm. Donovan called collect from Ithaca to Evanston stating that sightings were still going on and telling me of Dr. Lancaster's presentation to him of the Saw-Whit owl audio tape. Dr. Lancaster is the ornithologist from Cornell who had analysed the beep-beep from the state of Washington. Dr. Lancaster took a considerable interest in the Newfield phenomena. On the strength of his feeling that something was going on, I recommended, when asked, that the Condon Committee send an investigator. They did.


Nov 20: Vero Beach, Florida, called relative to a report reaching me that an investigator purporting to be from the Air Force had confiscated some photographs. Got nowhere in this investigation.

Nov 20: San Bernardino, California, called Colonel Friend in response to an earlier call from him when I was not at home. Colonel Friend asked about Blue Book and had a number of comments concerning my recent article.

Nov 23: W. Roxbury, Montreal, Canada. Called in response to a previous call from Mr. Blaker, Montreal lawyer, who wanted to send the witness and original negatives in the July 3, 1967, case to Chicago to talk with me. Arrangements were made and Mr. Warren Smith from Calgary came to Chicago on December 3 with the original negatives, camera and maps. Mr. Blaker from Montreal also flew down and spent the day with me.

Nov 26: Wellington, Texas. Called Carroll Watts relative to his sightings of April 1 and 12, 1967. Obtained a 40-minute taped recording.

Nov 26: Montreal, Canada. Called to make final arrangements for visit of Mr. Warren Smith to Chicago.

Nov 27: Dayton. Called Lt. Marano twice. Do not recollect exact nature of calls. Perhaps he will remember.

Nov 27: Evanston from Ithaca: Mr. Donovan called relative to sightings in that area.

Telephone calls charged to Dr. Hynek's home phone, April, 1968:

4/11 So. Fork, Pa.   $8.85
4/23 Slidell, La.   10.40
4/30 PawPaw     1.30
  Total        $20.55
  10% tax          2.06
  TOTAL        $22.61


April 11, So. Fork, Pa. This was the call to Mr. Gallardy regarding his unidentified observation.  I have a complete tape on this but the gist of the matter is that the observation must be still classified as unidentified.

April 23: Slidell, La. Called Mr. Martin regarding his sighting of 8 December 1957 which he only recently reported.  I called him in particular to attempt to find relationships between his “car buzzing” sighting and others more recently reported.  He reported EMF effects, stopping of motor and things returning to normal after UFO's had passed.  His wife and child were witnesses.  I talked with both Mr. and Mrs. Martin and judging from conversation alone I can find nothing suspect in his account.  Sighting remains unidentified.

April 30, PawPaw, Ill. The report of the Breeze sighting was sent to Chanute Field who, however, sent it to me for forwarding to Project Blue Book.  I expected they would send it directly to Blue Book.  In any event, it appears that for the most part at least that the people were observing airplanes.  This was determined by Dr. Wray and Mr. O'Callaghan going down personally armed with cameras and tape recorder but all to no avail.  All they saw were airplanes which some of the witnesses identified as UFOs they had seen.  The original sighting, however, of a cigar-shaped object does not fit in too well with an airplane explanation.  But in view of the fact that the witnesses did later identify assured airplanes as UFOs throws the whole matter out of court as far as I am concerned.  It took two automobile trips to Mendota, Illinois, and a great deal of time and energy to come to this conclusion.  Dr. Wray and Mr. O'Callaghan made the two trips at my request.

Telephone calls charged to Dr. Hynek's credit card, May, 1968

5/1 Coldspring, NY   $3.35  
5/1 Pawpaw, Ill     1.10  
5/8 Bartlett, N.H.   4.90
5/9 Huntsville, Ala    11.45
5/15 Fairborn, Ohio   2.55  
5/22 Dayton, Ohio     4.10
5/28 St. Augustine, Fla.     5.10

    $32.45 Total $32.45
Tax    3.25


Reasons for above telephone calls:

Coldspring, NY: Called Mrs. David Quinn to arrange for personal interview regarding her sighting made at Coldspring, New York.

Pawpaw, Ill: Called Mr. and Mrs. Breeze at Pawpaw to arrange for visit by Dr. Wray and Mr. O'Callaghan regarding sighting which they had reported to me by phone a few days earlier.

Bartlett, N. H: Called Mr. and Mrs. Trecarten and taped the interview.  The summary of taped transcription has been submitted to you.

Huntsville, Ala: Called Mr. Funk regarding his sighting of 26 August 1966.  Summary of taped interview will be forwarded to you.

Fairborn, O: Called Mr. Sweeney at his request regarding forthcoming visit.

Dayton, O: Called Project Blue Book and talked with Lt. Murano (sic) regarding the return of some cases which had been inadvertantly included in my briefcase.  The cases in question were promptly returned.

St. Augustine, Fla: Called Captain Frost regarding an old case (1945) in which a large “plasma ball” was observed just 30 feet from his ship by the majority of the ship's crew.  Ship's log was submitted to the Smithsonian Institute along with various affidavits.  Summary of this taped interview will be forwarded to you.

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