Some UFO Notes
Loren E. Gross

Having completed a detailed survey of UFO material covering the years 1896 to 1963, I came across some English language newspaper clippings primarily from the 1970s and 1980s.  A day-by-day treatment of these decades will not be attempted.  Instead, I will select certain items that caught my eye and will make a few comments.
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Loren E. Gross
Fremont, CA




         Just like a movie script...

My Comment: The impression one gets reading UFO reports published in the newspapers is that the best UFO encounters take place while the witness is in an auto traveling a country road.  Likewise, a farm in the country is a likely place to have a UFO experience.  I say “likewise” since both have this in common:  UFOs seem to prefer out of the way locales.  It does not always work that way, but more often than not that is what happens.

Journalist Cathie Shaffer’s account of John Timmerman's feelings the night of a “UFO visit” to his farm is my favorite among the many on file:

“You’re settled in your most comfortable chair, luxuriating in the fact that, for once, you’re home alone.

“You forego the chance to watch any television show you want in favor of spending a couple of hours indulging in uninterrupted reading.

“You‘re unaware of the deepening darkness until the dog, napping across the room on the sofa, suddenly sits up and starts to whine.

“Startled, you look up from your book in time to see him jump off the couch and head toward the kitchen, still whining.  Then you notice that the radio in the kitchen, which had been pouring out country music, has become staticky.

“You lay your book down on the table by your chair, little prickles of uneasiness tingling your spine.

“It intensifies as you hear the pigs squealing out in the new confinement barn.  You know it’s no animal out there with them; the building‘s shut up tight.

“Trying to forget you’re all alone, you ease yourself out of the chair and slowly head for the kitchen.  As you pass the light switch, you flip it on.

“But it doesn’t flood the room with light as brilliant as it usually does.

“The dog‘s starting to run from room to room now, still whining, and the tingling along your spine is joined by a knot in your stomach.

“You’re afraid.

“But as you head toward the back door, you close your hand around the long flashlight always kept on the kitchen counter.  Switching it on, you force yourself to grasp the doorknob and turn it.

“You push the door open a little.  The air feels funny, like electricity might if it turned into wind.  It’s a calm night, yet tree limbs sway and bushes rustle.

“You close the door instead of pushing it open, head back for the living room, seeking the familiar comfort of your old plaid chairs and the child-scarred tables. You wish you had the courage to at least look out the window.




“Instead, you go to the phone, deciding to call the sheriff.  But then you hesitate.

“You wonder what he‘ll think when you tell him that you really haven‘t seen or heard a thing, but that the dog‘s whining, the pigs are squealing and the radio‘s full of static.

“Then, suddenly, you hear the silence.  The quietness is interrupted only by Loretta Lynn‘s plaintive wail about a cheating husband.

“It‘s over, you think gratefully.  Whatever was happening isn‘t happening anymore.

“But when you reach down to pat the dog, you realize your hand is shaking.

“Your heart is thudding and your pulse is racing.

“You know you should take that flashlight, walk out to the hog barn and make sure everything‘s all right.

“Gradually, the fear subsides.

“And, rather sheepishly you pick up your book again.”

* Archbold, Ohio. Farmland News. 20 November 1984.


My Comment: This report reminded me of the famous 1950 Farmington, New Mexico case:

In June 1973 a number of civilians and law enforcement officials viewed some strange objects veering, hovering, and making incredible turns in the night sky over St. Charles, Missouri:

Mrs. Gettings described some of the movements as a game of chicken.  Two lights would zoom toward each other on a collision course, then one would shoot up at a steep angle and the other down.

At other times one of the lights would hop over another one. 

* St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 14 June 1973.


My Comment: What impressed me when I saw this clipping was the location.  Why would anyone (UFO pilots?) want to visit such a Godforsaken place?  Our story reads:

“I don’t believe in little green men,” the camp supervisor at a copper mine, Mr. T. Murphy, said today.

But, Mr. Murphy and the miners are convinced, that something, perhaps from outer space, is watching them work.

The miners work the remote Thaduna open-cut mine, 500 miles northeast of Perth.

The nearest town is Meekatharra, 120 miles to the southeast.

Mr. Murphy said today that an oval-shaped “thing,” colored white and orange, hovered over the mine for two hours yesterday.




“It gave off a loud hissing noise,” Mr. Murphy said.

“It was first sighted by nightshift workers about 3:30 a.m.

“They woke their work-mates and we all watched it up there in the sky till about 5:30 a.m.

“Then it moved off slowly, passing over the north end of the cut to the south end.”

* Melbourne, Australia. Herald-Sun. 8 December 1970.


My Comment: This next case at Cholla Bay, Mexico, has some detail not often given in such accounts:

The UFO appeared to stop and hover about 200 to 300 feet above the water.  Then it turned on a searchlight from the bottom of the vehicle and illuminated a spot on the water which Formiller said appeared to be about ½ mile across.  The light extended almost to the shore.  Formiller was standing about five feet from water‘s edge.

The searchlight was located within a tube and as the light was raised or lowered the illumination was changed from a sharp spot to a wide flood light on the surface of the water.

At first he thought that it was a helicopter, but there was no sound.  After a few minutes a cloud was formed around the vehicle which did not appear to be caused by exhaust gases because there was no blowing of the cloud.

* Phoenix, Arizona. American paper. Name unavailable. 12 November 1970.


My Comment: A mysterious burnt circle and animal reactions:

...a circle of dead vegetation, the third discovered in central North Island [New Zealand] rural areas in a month, appeared overnight on a floating island at Puketutu nine miles south of Te Kuiti.

It is about 15 feet in diameter and rests on an island of lake weed in a large pond on Mr. Charles Blackmoore’s farm.

The area of blackened dead weed is two feet lower than other plants on the island.

It appears to have been burnt, pressed down, and spread outwards in a spiral pattern.

Five separate varieties of plants have been killed within the circle.

“Cows and dogs which formerly drank from the small lake now refuse to go near it,” Mr. Blackmoore said today.

“Four tame ducks which had lived there for ten months disappeared the day the circle appeared, and the lake‘s large frog population is also missing,“ he said.




Mr. Blackmoore has had a continuous headache since he discovered the circle and inhaled a peculiar smell in the area...

* Christchurch, New Zealand. The Christchurch Star. 16 October 1969.


My Comment: Physical evidence of UFOs is always important.  For example, strange circles of plant life, crushed or otherwise damaged, might have been caused by a UFO visit.  This next case involves a large 42-foot circle of tea-tree scrub on a farm 70 miles from Auckland, New Zealand.  A news report said:

The trees in the circle are bleached and dead with three ‘V’ shaped grooves of disturbed soil pointing to the center....every ounce of moisture in the trees had been vaporized instantaneously and the wood was bone-dry and brittle.

[A government scientist said] “Some kind of high frequency radiation had cooked the material from the inside out.  The energy has reduced pitch to black carbon without the outside showing signs of burning.

“I know of no earthly source of energy such as a meteorite or lightning which could have done this.  Some outside object seems to have landed on the spot and in taking off, emitted energy which cooked the plants.”

* Dublin, Ireland. Evening Herald. 30 October 1969.


My Comment: “Mother ship” sightings are another favorite of mine.  Here is one, it seems, from Hamilton, New Zealand, that took place on October 27, 1973:

[Alex Henderson] ...was looking into the sky while enjoying the sunshine and saw this “thing” hanging in the sky.

“It was still there, unmoving, when I came back with binoculars to have a closer was pretty high, about 30,000 feet, but still big and round and a dark green colour.

“Then it was covered by a dark cloud – but five minutes later we were still watching and it was still there, just hovering.

“Suddenly it disappeared.

“Later we were having a cup of tea and all these black things appeared out of the cloud.

“I thought they were birds but looking through the binoculars proved they certainly weren‘t birds.

“They were round dumpy things, about 40 and in tight formation [and then]...they disappeared toward Cambridge.”

* Auckland, New Zealand. Sunday News. 28 October 1973.



My Comment: Here is a “mystery circle” that affected the soil down to a depth of four feet!  Civilian investigators checked out an alleged UFO landing at a farm at Newington, Ontario, Canada:

“We saw a flattened and baked out circular area about 30 feet in diameter in the midst of hay [a standing crop] five feet high.

“The hay came away like sod, where that object had landed.  We dug down for four feet.  All life was dead – caterpillars, cocoons, worms were all burned.”

* Freeholder, Ontario, Canada. Cornwall Standard. 1 November 1973.


My Comment: Even though UFOs show little alarming behavior, witnesses often become greatly frightened.  Here’s one reaction that tops many others:

...a man and his wife saw a UFO on a highway near Annapolis [Missouri].  They got out of their truck and stood in the road watching it.  Suddenly it came toward them and the man got so scared he jumped into the truck, locked both doors and took off down the highway leaving his wife standing in the middle of the road.

* Ironton, Missouri. Ironton Mountain Echo. 5 April 1973.


My Comment: We have made a note of UFOs being the source of heat but here‘s one that mentions cold.  A man and his wife were driving on a road one evening near Queenstown, South Africa, in January 1973, when they encountered a massive UFO with portholes as “big as doors.” The husband also said something about “beings” observing them but I assume it was just a feeling he had:

After hovering above the road it picked up speed, but when about 90 meters from the road slowed down again.

“It glowed with an orange light and was emitting orange smoke.  I couldn‘t see the top because of the dark, but it was much bigger than a Boeing [passenger plane],” Mr. Sucknow said.

“The inside of the car became icy cold.  I was dumbstruck – it was as if the “beings” in the craft were watching the car [?].

*Queenstown, South Africa. Daily Representative. 16 January 1973.


My Comment: In April 1984 there occurred a “missing time” case outside Springfield, Missouri, that also involved damage to a truck:

“Several head of cattle graze on the property; there have been recent attempts at rustling.  The caretaker calls his wife on the citizens band radio in his truck.  She is at their home on the property.  A friend of hers is visiting.  The caretaker says he is going to check out this suspicious occurrence.



He drives toward the lights.  He comes to the end of a dirt road in front of a deep ravine, near the spot where he saw the lights.

That is all he remembers.

There is a 10 minute gap in the report.  No radio contact.  Nothing.  Except that, somehow, the caretaker finds himself on the other side of the normally impassable ravine.

He calls his wife for help.  “Where are you?” she asks.  “I don’t know,” he responds.

His truck won’t start, the lights won’t work, he feels disoriented.  When he finally returns to the house, his wife and her friend notice that his battery powered watch is running 12 minutes slow.  The next day, he will have to replace the alternator and the regulator in his truck.  Both have been burned out.

What is the caretaker’s opinion of what happened?  “He doesn’t have one,” Mrs. Becker says.  “He knows something unusual happened to him, but he’s not sure what.”

* St. Louis, Missouri. Globe Democrat. 19 June 1984.


My Comment: I don’t think it was a meteor.  When a fireball hit the sea off Lummi Island near Bellingham, Washington, July 27, 1984, it sent up a plume of water a 100 (feet) high.  A U.S. Coast Guard report had this to say about the splashdown, quoting the crew of a ship close by:

The crew of the fishing vessel said the object dropped straight down and just before it hit the water it did a ‘U’ and came back up, then went down...

* Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Saturday Oklahoman & Times. 28 July 1984.


My Comment: Blackouts are common events in UFO literature.  The next case is included because more than just a car was affected. (Nothing was mentioned about any other traffic).  The surrounding street lights cut out also.  It seems a semi-retired couple was driving on a freeway in Australia when a 40 second phenomenon struck:

They were heading toward Murray Bridge around 11 p.m. when, about 300 meters from the Hahndorf turn off, the car engine and lights ‘died’ without warning.  [Here things really get weird].  “I’ve never seen anything as black,” Mr. O’Malley said on Tuesday.  “There was not a star in the sky – I could not even see the steering wheel [!].  The only light was a circular glow in the sky, in the far distance.”

* Murray Bridge, Australia. Standard. 7 June 1984.




My Comment: It would be simple if one could write off the next case as “ball lightning.”

It, however, did not act like an unthinking natural thing.  The witnesses were three youngsters camped out in the backyard of a home in the town of Redwood Valley, California:

“It just appeared from thin air,” Debbie said.  She said the flying object came from the south and was traveling north.  The object then paused below the treetops in their neighbor’s yard “just like it had a mind of its own,” she said.

Debbie said the object was bigger than a beach ball.  She said the object was red on the outside and bluish-green on the inside – “like the color of fire.”

When the object paused, she said the middle stopped while the outside continued turning.

“The thing that scared me the most was when it paused,” Debbie said.  “She was crying and I thought I was going to faint,” Jessica said.

After the object paused, Debbie said it continued traveling on its path and then returned and made three circles above the yard.

The girls had seen enough.  They covered their heads with their sleeping bags, but Shawn continued to watch.

“Shawn said after the object had circled their yard, it began to get smaller and increase its speed until it disappeared in the southwest.

* Ukiah, California. Daily Journal. 20 June 1985.


My Comment: Photos don‘t reproduce well in this format, especially in the condition the ones we will discuss here are in, but the smoke trail the object was supposed to have made can be discerned to some extent.  The pictures were taken by reporter Ray Jamieson of a Melbourne, Australia, newspaper.  See below:

A triangular pattern in the sky.  “It was moving very, very fast, much faster than any aircraft I’ve ever seen,” said photographer Ray Jamiesen.

Like a rolling coin it did five to seven loop-the-loops in less than three seconds.

* Melbourne, Australia, AGE. 21 September 1972




My Comment: UFO likes boy.  Follows him for three days!  Maybe it was some kind of ghost?  A hoax?  For what it‘s worth, here is the story.  See clipping below:

Reporter hears story
about Richardson 'Star'

Mrs. Ollie Erwin of Richardson has been Billy‘s mother for 18 years.  She knows Billy pretty well.  She can probably remember when he tracked mud in the house, and brought many assorted and strange things home.

But Mrs. Erwin was not prepared for what she claims Billy brought home Sunday morning.  “It looks like a star but with a red haze,” she said. “Sunday morning it came up in the front (yard) and got real big like a basketball.  It follows Billy.”

Mrs. Erwin, her daughter, Billy and some of his friends all claim to have seen the strange object. Their descriptions differ somewhat but all agree: The object follows Billy.

It is predominantly white with glittering red lights visible as it gets closer.

A pleasant woman, decked in a robe, Mrs. Erwin answered the door late Wednesday night and told her story:  “Sunday morning the boys (Billy and friends) drove down to Sherman.  When they came back Billy was just scared to death.

“Sure I saw it,” Mrs. Erwin answered the obvious question.  “Up in the elements.  It stays in one spot for a while and then starts to move.”

Mrs. Erwin was just saying that the object has followed Billy for three nights and that one night she watched it dart after him, when Billy and friends rather recklessly arrived.

“They believe me now,” he panted.  Billy had just left a local park where the object, he said, had threatened to land.  “See it right there,” said Billy, pointing to the only light, other than the moon, in the sky.  “Over at the park, the thing got real close.”

One believer said that they left right away as it began to come closer.

Billy said that since the trip to Sherman, “It won't follow anybody else for some reason...Two nights ago I was coming home from my girlfriend‘s, and it started following me on the tollway.  I could see It out of the side mirrors.”

Appetites whetted, an unlikely entourage headed for the park.  The light gradually moved away and became smaller. However, two more lights appeared.

One light came closer.  Tints of red became clearer.  “I’m not running this time,” Billy said.  The light dropped lower and made no noise.  Soon it came close enough and all agreed it was a jet headed for Love Field.  Someone suggested a drive towards Plano might lure the now bashful UFO.

On the way to Plano, Billy explained that his life-style had changed drastically since he discovered his new companion.  “I even got a haircut to disguise myself,” he said.

It was close to 2 a.m.  The night had been marked by false alarms, but little unexplainable phenomena.  It was not long before UFO watching bored some of the watchers.

Obviously, it was time to go.

“We'll get a picture of it and send it to you,” Billy promised.


* Richardson, Texas. News. 26 September 1972.




My Comment: Vapor in the vicinity of a UFO can be of interest.  Check out this next incident that refers to a “gathering inward.”  The witness, driving into Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, in July 1972, spotted a “fast moving cloud.”   The section to ponder reads:

At the head of the luminous cloud was a distinct sphere, brighter than the cloud which surrounded it.  When the object had passed slightly to the east of the Falconbridge Road, the sphere became indistinct and the cloud gathered inward, disappearing completely.  “It happened in seconds,” said the mystified viewer.

* Renfrew, Ontario, Canada Mercury-Advance. 13 September 1972


My Comment: This experience would make anyone nervous.  In case you get the impression UFOs are timid, consider this report about a 18-year-old woman who spent two hours in a hotel corridor waiting for daylight because she was afraid to go back into her room.  It seems a UFO hovered in the area of the hotel for two hours.  The woman and two men watched the object from the hotel parking lot until four in the morning.  The woman, growing tired of viewing the object, left the parking lot for her room in the hotel.  Once she got to her room, she looked out the window to see if the object was still there.  She spotted the object and then something remarkable took place:

...a small craft left the large one, came into the yard and went from one window to the other...the small light made a whirring noise, was green and silver in color, and had a three-foot-long antenna protruding from its side.

* Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa Journal. 4 September 1969.


My Comment: More damage to plant life:

Wright did find some small oak trees near the spot where the boys said the object hovered for five seconds.  When he first saw the trees, the upper leaves were yellow and the lower leaves were splotched and curled.  When he came back five days later, all of the upper leaves had dropped off, leaving only the healthy lower leaves.

* Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Argus-Leader. 15 August 1976.


My Comment: Guards at the Washington State Penitentiary saw a mysterious revolving sphere in the southwest sky very early in the morning.  One guard said:

“The UFO...gave off some type of emission from underneath the object,” he said.

When the officer in seven tower saw this thing he thought it was a shooting star, but it was throwing the gas out of the bottom – sparks or something...

* Walla Walla, Washington. Union Bulletin. 30 January 1974.




My Comment: A loss of electrical power to cars and homes is a common result of the near approach of a UFO.  It seems that way when headlights go out, engines stop, and house appliances fail.  In the incident given below, somehow power may have increased in some manner.  For those who have the knowledge to understand such technical aspects, here is what information there is:

“It was sort of smokey looking with silver underneath,” observed Mrs. Long, who has seen the UFO twice – on December 15 and December 27.

“The first time it came from Berryville and came right over the house.  My girl, (Patti), she was drying her hair with an electrical comb and she screamed while I was out in the yard watching it.  The comb had shocked her and she threw it all the way in the hall.  The neighbor girl was with us and she screamed and the little dog got tore up [?].”

* Springdale, Arizona. News. 1 January 1978.


My Comment: The poor fellow in this news item may well have been crazy, but how will people act if they come to fully realize the possibility they may be lab animals for a morally indifferent race of space beings the U.S. government can’t protect them from.  In their panic, people may even lynch the nearest UFOlogist, not that it would make sense, but out of frustration and hysteria.  Stranger things have occurred during mob violence.

‘Watch Out For Invaders’

BREMEN. Germany (UPI)— A 41-year-old mechanic was so afraid of invaders from outer space he assembled a private arsenal of rifles, pistols and grenades and held target practice in his apartment at nights, police said Wednesday.

“Men from outer apace are standing outside.  They want to get all of us,” the man said when police came for him late Tuesday night, a police spokesman said.

The spokesman said police confiscated 30 loaded pistols, nine rifles, several grenades and large quantities of ammunition in the man's apartment.

* Los Angeles, California. Herald-Examiner. 5 October 1972.


My Comment: I thought I might just throw this in.  It‘s one of those small details that could confirm a witnesses‘ story.  “Headlights” on a UFO need not be round like those on a car:

Peter said that as he was returning to the house after doing the chores, he sighted the object and watched it proceed towards his farm house at a high rate of speed, then slowing up as it hovered over the oil road located about 150 yards from his house.

Peters said that the object had bright square headlights which were much brighter and much closer together than regular automobile headlights.

* Compton, California. Herald American. 15 January 1976.




My Comment: Apparently even crickets are affected:

Gliding toward her as she manned a watchtower at the town’s French and Hecht plant, the disc obscured a flashing red beacon light on a grain elevator.

Her radio and walkie-talkie stopped working, and cows and crickets in a nearby field stood silent.

A light-sensitive mercury vapor lamp about 100 yards away from the woman went dark.

A television in a nearby farm house went blank...

* Moline, Illinois. Daily Dispatch. 7 January 1978.


My Comment: Not all UFO encounters end leaving the witness with just bad memories.  Stan Gordon‘s PASU group told the news media:

“In October of ’83 for example, up by Altoona [Pennsylvania], a woman’s car was partly lifted off the ground and a high pitched sound has left her with hearing loss and low level radiation that has caused her to lose her hair.”

* Jeannette, Pennsylvania. Spirit. 12 September 1984.


My Comment: Not everyone studying the UFO problem believes cattle mutilations have a connection with the “visitors from elsewhere” theory.  I do however, but it’s a chore trying to determine what the mutilators are doing with the parts they remove.  Consider this account.  Was the mutilator interrupted and unable to finish the job, or was the tail all he needed?  The story:

A local farmer in Casscoe found one of his cows missing a tail one morning last week.  His first thought was, she got her tail caught on something and it was pulled off, but after having neighbors look at her, it was determined that the tail was cut off with some care and skill.

A clean cut was made about three inches up on her back, where the tail meets the backbone at the joint.  The tail was removed without tearing any tissue around it.

* Stuttgart, Arkansas. Daily Leader. 25 July 1989.


My Comment: A “position change” of a UFO is something I’ve noticed in some reports.  By that I mean a shift of a disc-shaped UFO from a horizontal position to vertical one.  The few examples I noted involved such a shift prior to a vertical climb.  From what we know, however, traveling with the thin edge forward to reduce air resistance isn’t necessary.  The atmosphere doesn’t seem to hinder the movements of a UFO.  Unless “they” have Star Trek type “gravity plating” it must be tough on the crew.




Even if “they” have perfected some method of keeping the crew in place, one wonders why at least no one gets dizzy looking out a porthole?  A woman in the Frankfort, Indiana, area told the press:

Mrs. Purdy said the craft hovered in the west for about an hour and often turned from a vertical position to a horizontal position.

* Connersville, Indiana. News-Examiner. 15 September 1981.


My Comment: Here is more evidence of some kind of electronic effect on human devices.  Different devices have different vulnerabilities.  I’m no expert so I’ll just give examples and let those best qualified figure it out:

Both of them watched it [the UFO] drift across the field until it was directly over their truck.  At that moment, the radar detector on the dashboard went off with a buzz.

* Boston, Massachusetts. Globe. 11 August 1980.


My Comment: “Crashed saucers.”  You may note no sensational tales of “crashed saucers” have been mentioned yet.  Such stories are quickly noticed and subject to scrutiny so there is no need to go over the material.  But here’s my two cents worth. 

The most famous case, Roswell, is weak because the “aliens,” as I understand it, never apparently sent out a rescue ship to save their craft and companions.  Surely they had the time and ability to find and retrieve the ship.  Would they not give such a rescue mission priority?  Why weren’t the skies of New Mexico that July filled with discs scanning the desert?  U.S. Air Force fighter craft in combat operate in pairs and maintain constant contact with their base.  Why didn’t the “aliens” do the same?  What were the “Roswell ship pilots” doing?  Joy riding?


My Comment: Radiation?  Maybe:

Bletchman said the man has told him that he was on the way to a meeting at around 7 p.m. when his car grew warm and was flooded with light.  The craft hovered above him at about 200 feet for about 30-40 seconds then became a glowing, flaming sphere and shot off to an arc into the distance....

An old scar on the man’s hand has become irritated since then and he has been feeling out of sorts, the effects of what the Manchester lawyer thinks may be the effects of radiation.

* Manchester, Connecticut Journal Inquirer. 4 December 1982.





My Comment: UFOs have their pick.  Why take a piece of junk?  Our source states: anonymous Eltham man told of a colleague driving on the A20 near Farningham on July 16, 1978, who saw a cigar-shaped UFO swoop quickly down on a derelict car by the roadside, lift it into the air, suck it into an opening on its underside, and zoom off.

* Kent, England. Eltham Times. 9 December 1982.


My Comment: Three women sighted a mysterious thing “bigger than an aircraft” hovering nearby at a low altitude.  They provided a drawing.  While under observation, the small white light broke away and flew off.
* Windsor, Vermont. Chronicle. 7 February. 1985.


My Comment: This next case suggests the idea UFOs may carry, perhaps unintentionally, debris from one place to another.  Perhaps stones collect on the underside of the craft when taking off and then fall away during a landing:

According to Knell, at approximately 9 p.m., passengers passing the park on a Q-65 bus spotted several different colored lights hovering just above the ground near the lake.  The driver stopped the bus and all watched the lights for about 3-5 minutes, and then continued on their way.

When Knell looked into the reported sighting he found two 15-foot circular configurations in the area where the lights were seen.  The grass within the circles appeared to have been destroyed, with unusually jagged edged black pebbles found on top of the circles.

One circle received much more damage than the other.  Dr. William Fately of Kansas State University examined the most damaged circle’s dried soil and concluded that it had undergone an incredibly swift drying process which robbed it of all its moisture and nutrients.  As of Saturday, September 23, two soddings have failed to take root on the circle, which remains barren and sand-like, amidst a flourishing grassy meadow filled with weeping willow trees.

The lightweight black pebbles were examined by Ted Benitt, a New York state licensed gemologist and mineralogist.  He concluded that the pebbles were from a type of volcanic stone found mainly in Aruba.

A Knell-led examination of the park found the stones were in no other park location, not even a few feet from the circles.

* Farmingdale, New York. This Week. 30 September 1989.


My Comment: Discussions of the far-out crowd are way overdone in UFOlogy books.  Probably this short review of Doug Curran’s In Advance of the Landing is sufficient, at least for what I’m trying to do.  See the next two pages.

Some of the groups believe 'Jesus Christ
is the commander of a fleet of spaceships'

Close encounter with the saucer sects

The Globe and Mail

IT WAS A dream that aroused photographer Doug Curran from sleep one night, and in it he imagined the title of a book.  After seven years of driving around the United States and Canada with his camera, he was ready to write that book.

In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space sounds like an anthropological essay, but that isn’t what Curran came up with.  And for all the photo accounts of folk who build rocket idols in rural California or UFO landing pads in Texas, the Abbeville Press book is not a pop culture survey of cranks, misfits and eccentrics.

Instead, it is a respectful memoir of a series of close encounters Curran had with people for whom a flying saucer is “God wrapped in stainless steel.”

A roadside in rural Quebec pointed Curran to the work that would fill in that dream title; a man named Charlie LaBranche had a big model of a rocket mounted on metal poles outside his general store, and to Curran it looked like “a totem attempting to leap away from the gravity of the earth.”

Travelling when he could for one-to three-month bouts in his Renault 16, Curran financed the search that followed with carpentry work in Toronto, commercial photography assignments in Edmonton (where he now lives), and selling postcards of his pictures of the LaBranche rocket and other spacey “folk concepts” he was brushing up against.  He met the woman who would become his wife during a stopover in Albuquerque, N.M.

Asking questions at gas stations, cafes and local newspaper offices by day, sleeping in his car at night.  Curran clocked more that 35,000 kilometres in the first trip alone, making an intense survey of back roads in states like New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California.  In the “incredible country” that is the United States, he eventually found a network of saucer lovers.

“There's an incredible texture to life in the U.S. that goes beyond TV watching and four-wheel driving,” Curran says.  “Hindus know where they're going because they know where they've been.  Americans have no idea.  They're in a continual state of becoming.”

   Doug Curran (left);   Ruth Norman is the head of the Unarius Educational Foundation in El Cajon, Calif.

In El Cajon, Calif., he met the head of the Unarius Educational Foundation, a portly woman whose deceased husband is now working on Mars.  In St. Paul, Alberta, he heard Mother Teresa give an address from the local UFO landing pad, where “the tiny nun” stood bravely to receive a $975,000 donation from the space-minded citizens.  In Washington state, he watched members of New Age Foundation join hands in a “Druidic” ceremony to summon aliens, and in Bellaire, Mich., he visited the elaborate electronic station that a young man named John Shepherd had built in his granny’s home to keep 24-hour surveillance of extra-terrestrial visitations.

“I could talk about spirit with them, and I didn't mean the Holy Ghost,” Curran, 33, says.  “I could listen to them talk about spirit and not have to find the same meaning of it they did.”

On the road again, Curran now goes through the sometimes dispiriting rigors of a publicity tour for his book.  Ever wary of the journalist seeking “the 30-second hook,” Curran has a secret he knows will drain away his media sex appeal.  He couldn’t care less about UFOs.  If pressed, he will say that alien visitations are “possible but not likely.”  The insurmountable problem for Curran on this tour is to explain in 30 seconds that UFOs are beside the point.

The beliefs of the UFO devotees, Curran writes in his introduction, “reaffirmed the essential fact of human existence: the need for order and hope.”

The history of UFO sightings has a couple of remarkable concentrations.  In 1896-97, Curran notes, there were thousands of individual sightings over 20 U.S. states in what came to be known as The Great Airship Mystery.  In the forties and fifties, sightings again proliferated, this time with tales of contacts with aliens.  In one case, an alien called Earth “the home of sorrows,” and it isn’t hard to understand where that extraterrestrial was coming from.

“If it (the phenomenon of UFO sightings) is because of an actual occurrence, it’s wonderful,” Curran says.  “And if it’s because of a mass hallucination, it's also wonderful.”

In spiritual terms, apparently, the two possibilities add up to the same thing, the flying saucer representing what psychologist Cart Jung said was in other cultures a sun wheel or magic circle, or, in Curran’s paraphrasing, “an archetype of order, wholeness, deliverance and salvation.”

Among the saucer sects, Curran found a couple of other common denominators.  “Jesus Christ as a figure exists for all the flying saucer groups.  God as a figure does not, but the idea of a Universal Mind is common.  For some, Jesus Christ is the commander of a fleet of spaceships.  Christianity has always been the most adaptable of all the religions.  For these people what you need, you take and use.  What you don’t need you leave off.”

As important is the general love-hate relation with technology.  Fear of the atomic bomb is “overriding and pervasive” among the cultists, and reported alien messages often reprimand Earthlings for their irresponsible attitudes.  But the saucers, gods so symbolic of the age, “are seen as rooted in nature,” says Curran, who saw many a tin welded rocket in some beautiful patch of backwoods wilderness.  “It is nature and technology all at once.”

Not everyone in the book is likeable, and Curran’s text is written in the kind of “impartial” journalistic idiom that leaves it clear he is at times describing charlatans, anti-social types and people otherwise on the fringes.  Curran grew up as something of an outsider himself, his father an air force careerist who moved the family to a number of Quebec and Ontario towns before settling in “Loyalist, smug and oppressive“ Belleville, Ont.

But an air of sympathetic understanding wafts through even the inevitably ironic accounts of determined sky-looking pagans (who generally lack a sense of irony themselves).  “I genuinely care about them,” Curran says, “which is different than saying that I want them as my friends.”

He has been praised as a “way-shower” by one of the groups, and during his research he made friends with journalist Tom Wolfe, who received a Curran postcard from a friend and eventually wrote a supportive foreword to In Advance of the Landing.

Now Curran is getting ready for a book on tent revivalists in the southern United States.  He’s a little nervous about it.

“The evangelists are not as Christian as the UFO people,” Curran says, meaning the evangelists “are not so generous in letting you be the way you are.”  Curran has already bumped into a man who “heard the call of the Lord,” sold his business in Massachusetts and now tours with his wife, two children and circus-size tent in a two-ton truck.  In small towns they post handbills that read:  Revival Tonight.

Curran will do less road work this time, he says, noting that he was 25 when he first started the UFO book.  “I can't stand all those miles of Burger King strips through the U.S. again,” he says.

* Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Globe and Mail. 22 February 1986.





My Comment: The witness in this case was a 13-year-old boy who seems to be a good observer.  He was in his backyard when a brilliant red sphere, like a “giant beach ball,” suddenly “popped” into view above some trees about 60 feet away.  It was close enough for the youth to notice what looked like an antenna attached to the bottom.  After hovering about two minutes, the sphere rose up and entered a cloud.  Here’s where things get interesting:

“There was something strange about the cloud, too,” he said.

“It was just a nice breezy day, but the cloud the object dodged into resembled a thunderhead,” Nicholas said.

“The cloud was the only one of its kind in the sky,” he said.

Nicholas said the object, black inside the cloud, was visible for about 20 seconds before suddenly disappearing.

What happened next was just as surprising as the first appearance of the object, he said.

“The cloud just sort of folded up on itself,” Nicholas said.  “After five minutes, the cloud had completely disintegrated,” he said.

* Racine, Wisconsin. Journal-Times. 16 July 1987.


My Comment: Have people changed?  Are we better at dealing with such things?  I’ll leave that to experts in human behavior.  For record this took place in 1969:

Men from Mars, who terrified a million of more Americans radio 31 years ago, couldn’t raise an eyebrow in San Antonio, Texas, recently.

“The Orson Welles radio drama, War of the Worlds, was replayed by a local radio station on the 3Ist anniversary of its broadcast over a nationwide network on Halloween Eve, 1938.

Before the broadcast, San Antonio police were warned by the station they would be receiving telephone calls from frightened people calling about the landing of the Martians.

Nobody called police, but the station received some 300 requests for tape recordings of the program for their home libraries.

*Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Telegram. 21 November 1969.





My Comment: This story stands out because witnesses living on the shores of Boshkung Lake in Canada experienced almost nightly visits of UFOs for quite awhile.  Area residents agreed the objects gave off red, blue, and white lights.  Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Lunham claimed to have gotten the best look at them.  They assert the things were a dirty rusty brown or black color, and usually arrived at the lake early to mid-evening one or two at the time until as many as seven have competed a rendezvous.  Once at the lake they: “ an interest in nearby hydro lines and will hover over holes in the ice left after fish huts have been moved.  The Lunhams also saw them land on the ice but have never seen any sign of life around them.”
* Minden, Ontario, Canada Minden Progress. 21 February 1974.

Furthermore: People living around the lake complained their TV sets would not work when the objects were in the vicinity and the Lunhams said they had seen as many as nine antennas on each UFO.
* Ibid.

Finally, we will consider this:

“They have made no attempt to bother us or interfere with us,” explained Mrs. Lunham.  However, shortly after dinner a week ago the Lunhams saw a UFO arrive over the lake then turn toward their house.  About halfway across the lake it turned on a bright white light.  Although only on a second or two, the light lit up the Lunham dining room and melted the frost from the room’s windows.

“When I went to wipe up the water with a cloth the glass was so hot I couldn’t touch it,” said Mrs. Lunham, who pointed out that it was 20 degrees below zero outside at the time.

* Ibid.


My Comment: Here is another “circle” with a difference:

The 400-foot wide swatch of tall red pines collapsed to a height of 10 feet within a circle that...[a] Toronto hunter and his buddy found was pictured in yesterday’s Sun.

* Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sun. 16 January 1980.





My Comment: What is there to see in Greenland? A news report tells us:

...residents along Greenland’s west coast have been reporting seeing bright objects in the sky.

The observations range from a twin flying object to an oval vehicle with lighted portholes.  Teachers and students at a high school reported watching two objects scanning the sea, the fjords and the high school with strong search lights.

* Des Moines, Iowa. Register. 22 February 1980.


My Comment: A young woman in Iowa encountered a UFO while driving home at night.  Her car stalled out and she got out to try and push the vehicle.  At that point she lost 32 minutes, a period of time about which she remembers nothing.  She drove home and went to the bathroom and turned on the light.  She was shocked by what she saw in the mirror:

“My face and hands were pink—like the color of a healed scar.  And my face was blotchy.  Not raised, but pink, about the size of a thumbprint.”

She called her sister in Council Bluffs who had been at the party.  The sister urged the woman to call a doctor.

Her temperature was 102, she said, and her head was swimming.  “My stomach was upset.  I had diarrhea.  I was sweating.  If you have ever seen anyone in profound shock, it was me.  I thought I was marred for life.”

And another strange thing; the redness didn’t cover her chin and neck.  It was as if a line had been drawn from one ear lobe to the other, crossing under her nose, she said.

She had pulled her coat up around her neck when she got out of the car.  Only the exposed parts of her hands and face were red.

“The woman said she decided to lie down and wait until morning to wake her husband and call the doctor.  She couldn’t sleep.

By 4 a.m., she said, the redness and blotches began to fade. They were gone by 4:20 a.m.

* Omaha, Nebraska Morning World-Herald. 14 February 1980.


My Comment: There have been a number of drawings of “alien” faces.  For the most part, the artist can’t resist adding features that were not reported like a large nose and ears.  The best I’ve seen is one done by a supposed abductee who claimed to have an artistic background.

* Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sun. (day and month not known) 1987.





My Comment: I never thought of this idea.  Testing Gravity?  Here is the story and suggestion of a former county commissioner in Washington State:

A few weeks back, while Polly was visiting relations and I was home alone, I turned off the living room lights and took a look out the window to see what sort of a day we would have next morning.  Instead of stars, I saw a large yellow light descending to the (Columbia) river.

It was about the size of a small auto like a Volkswagen Beetle, and it was descending quite slowly.  About 100 feet above the river, it raised a few feet and then descended a few feet more, and did this over and over until touching the water.

“It appeared to be testing the gravity pull to see if it could raise again as it neared the water.  Finally, alter touching the water, it rose in a zigzag.

* Vancouver, Washington. Columbian. 11 November 1982.


My Comment: This report certainly doesn’t mention a “traditional UFO.”   It was said to be immense (big as a building) and hovering 1,000 feet above ground near Mount Kisco, New York.  Another thing noted by the witnesses was a huge swarm of fireflies in the field over which the “thing” hovered.  The firefly activity was “out of season.”  It was suggested the odd behavior of the insects was caused by a fluctuation of temperature.

Above is an artist’s sketch based on the descriptions of the object sighted last week in the skies above Mount Kisco.  Eyewitnesses said that the object was ““immense,” roughly the size of the Northern Westchester Hospital Center, and made up of at least two modules, one large and one small, attached by a thin limb.  The main body was textured by pyramidal indentations; lights were patterned in lines along the main hull, and clustered in the front, on the smaller module.

* Mount Kisco, New York. Patent Trader. 1987.





My Comment: “Mother Ship” and “Angel Hair.”  Our source states:

When he looked up toward the sun, he saw what appeared to be a giant object.  From this, small disc-shaped UFOs came out and shot off in different directions in groups of three.

Even more unusual, while this was going on some kind of wispy material like cobwebs came floating down.

“This stuff was coming down continuously,” Hummer said.  “It was like a giant spider web hatching or like something might have exploded or burned.  I went after some of it but it was like you wasn’t touching anything.  It just disappeared.”

* Battle Creek, Michigan. Enquirer & News. 28 December 1981.


My Comment: Members of the Malby family, residents of Guadalajara, Mexico, were on the beach watching a mysterious intense white light maneuver low over the water for about five minutes.  It didn’t seem to be that close but the experience had some unpleasant after effects which varied depending upon different factors.  Several days later burns appeared on their bodies:

Magi, who remained in the car when the object appeared, was not burned.  Neither were Ray or Diana, who were the last out of the cabin, and who observed the light for the shortest period of time.  Chelos’s shoulders, hands, and face, were burned.  On one of her shoulders could be seen the outline of Andres’ hand.  He had rested his hand there, with his arms about her shoulder, and experienced severe burns on the back of his hand.  Andres’ face and legs were singed with small dots and splotches.  The burns blistered and then itched.  They became more severe with time and were still plainly evident three weeks later.

The Malbys visited three different doctors, hoping to obtain a definite analysis of the burns.  All of the opinions offered, including that by their family doctor, Luis Casillas, were unanimous, but inconclusive:  The burns were definitely not sunburn, but of an unknown origin.

* Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Colony Reporter. 30 January 1982.


My Comment: Daryl Browne worked at horse ranch at Stirling, a town about 25 miles or so from Adelaide, Australia.  On the grounds near the ranch house stood a 120 year old cypress tree.  Tyson told the press:

“It was about 9:45 on Thursday night,” Daryl said.  “I was lying on a bed in one of the second storey rooms watching television with the children when the two dogs outside started to howl in a quite eerie fashion.  It was a sound I had never heard from before.

“Less than a minute later there was a tremendous crashing noise and I thought a tree had fallen on the house.  This seemed rather strange as there was no wind that night.  I raced to the window and looked out but could see nothing in the darkness.”




“Accompanied by the kids and with torch [flashlight] in hand, I went downstairs to see what had happened.  As soon as I opened the door the dogs raced inside and sat down shivering and shaking.  One of the dogs is a huge Great Dane that is not easily intimidated.”

Daryl continued:  “I went around to one side of the house but could find no sign of damage.  As I was coming back, however, loud creaking and cracking noises were plainly audible from the cypress pine that stands close to one side of the house.”

“I sent the kids inside and then went over to investigate with the torch.”   Daryl shone his torch up into the huge tree and was more than a little surprised at what he saw.

There, about 30 meters above the ground, was a large, long yellow object caught in the tree.

“I reckon it was about 8 meters in length,” Daryl said, “and it was not making any noise nor did it appear to be moving though the branches were creaking under its weight.

“I raced inside and immediately phoned the police and though I wasn’t really terrified, I decided to play it safe and stay there until they arrived.  However, when the police phoned back to say they couldn’t find the place, I went up to the front gate to show them the way down.”

When the police arrived they immediately played spotlights on to the tree but to Daryl’s surprise the yellow object had vanished.

“All that remained was a scene of destruction.  After searching for about an hour without success the police left leaving Daryl wondering just what he had seen...

“Tests with a Geiger counter revealed no abnormal radiation but an infra-red detector showed that the tree was exuding large amounts of infra-red heat compared with the surrounding area... a very large branch over a meter in circumference had been smashed and had probably caused the majority of the damage.  The branch was completely healthy and, as there had been no wind that night, it seemed unlikely that it could have broken of its own accord.

There were a few other interesting occurrences that seemed to add to the mystery.  All of the horses’ manure in the stable the following morning was an unusual black color – it is always golden brown.  One of the rugs on a horse in the paddock had been unbuckled and placed by the gate by someone or something.

Another interesting feature is that amateur radio operators in the Adelaide area reported a blackout of transmissions on that particular night.




It seemed remarkably similar to an incident at Meadows in June, 1966, when 25 branches high in a pine tree were smashed for no apparent reason.

* Stirling, South Australia. Australasian Post. 27 March 1980.


My Comment: One of most disturbing aspects of the UFO phenomena is the assertions by people that they are not in control.  For example:

Three teen-aged Maximo girls, joyriding after a dance in Louisville, saw a light descending from the sky on Paris Road NE near Elms Inn.

The driver said when she turned onto Route 62, “something” forced her hands from the steering wheel, but the car continued on, passing several cars on two occasions, before pulling back into the right-hand lane.  Finally, in Canton, the car turned into the Perkins Pancake House parking lot.

* Canton, Ohio. The Repository. 8 March 1982.


My Comment: Here’s another “circle” (“elliptical.”) with a difference.  A corn farmer named Leland Freymiller was astonished when he found an elliptical patch of corn, 18 feet by 5 feet wide, twisted and broken.  The patch was in a remote section of his land reached only by tractor.  He also noticed two round impressions in the soil he couldn’t explain.  He ruled out weather or vandals. Soon something really strange happened.




Freymiller began calling others in to have a look.  The stalks that were mutilated appeared to be deteriorating within a few weeks in a manner that would normally take months.  Stranger yet, leaves of the standing corn around the patch began to turn red.

“I’ve never seen red leaves on corn before,” says Leland.  “They always turn brown.”   All of the rest of the corn in the big field is bright green.

* Boscobel, Wisconsin. Dial. 11 September 1980.


My Comment: A UFO “prepares to land” and then appears to “change its mind.”  According to a press account, three young children were playing in their backyard when a pancake-shaped object approached from the cover of a nearby tree.  The thing hovered over them, causing the frightened kids to flee indoors.  Since [it seems] no one in this case was subject to “missing time or paralysis,” it could be the incident was an aborted abduction.  The mother, a Mrs. Parker, looked outside.  She told a reporter:

“It looked like it was coming down in the backyard,” she said.  At this point Michael and Timothy said the object extended ’rods like it was going to land.’  They also insisted it had a door which opened and “flashed blue lights“ as if it were taking photographs.

When the object began to move away, blinking red and white lights rimming its edge,“ it just disappeared,” said Mrs. Parker.  “A few minutes later, I saw it again, but it was over there, she said pointing to the southwest.”

* Talladega-Sylacauga, Alabama. Daily Home. 31 March 1976.


My Comment: There is some debate on how UFOs leave the area.  Most of the time they just “fly away” like an ordinary aircraft, no argument with that, but often a witness will say the UFO would abruptly vanish, like flipping off a light switch.  Some UFOlogists suggest extreme speed as the answer.  Others feel UFOs suddenly enter another dimension of time and space.  A third possibility may be that UFOs can “screen” their presence totally, or in one direction or another, an ability that would enable them to operate in a crowded neighborhood.  For example, a UFO may be in your front yard but your neighbor across the street could not see anything unusual.  Note this account by a Mrs. Hallmark who viewed a UFO that was close to her:

But the manner in which it vanished was the most puzzling part of the incident, according to the observer.  The object began to disappear from one end, until it was entirely gone.  “It was like it was being covered up by something,” she said.

* Talladega-Sylacauga, Alabama. Daily Home. 31 March 1976.





My Comment: Maybe there are some areas where UFOs have rest stops or repair stations?  If so, perhaps the wilderness near Toppenish, Washington, was just such a place, at least for a time.  (See clipping)

It’s been a relatively quiet year
for UFO sightings

Craig Trolanello
From the
Lower Valley

WHITE SWAN – It was once considered a hotbed of the unexplained.

For years, a remote, roadless 2,000 square mile area of rugged hills and deep canyons located near Toppenish Ridge east of White Swan served as a natural setting for the mysterious.  During the early 1970s blinding lights were reported zigzagging across the sky almost nightly.  There were even reports of encounters of the third kind.

In 1973, it was termed one of the busiest spots in the world for the number of UFO reports.  It attracted such noted investigators as Dr. J. Allen Hyneck, (sic) a former consultant to the Air Force’s UFO study known as Project Blue Book.

But in the mid-1970s the numbers of sightings began dropping.  This year, less than a handful of sightings have been reported.

“Why it was such a hotbed and why sightings have decreased we don't know.  But we do know they have decreased world-wide,” said Toppenish resident Bill Vogel.

“They were so common in the early 1970s I got tired of taking pictures of them,” Vogel said.

Before retiring in 1981 as staff fire control officer for the Yakima Indian Nation, Vogel supervised the fire spotters who manned the isolated watch towers in the area.  Vogel says he and nearly all his fire spotters saw strange objects or lights during throughout the 1970s and into the early 1980s.

“They (fire spotters) had seen things that looked like rockets coming out of canyons,” Vogel recalls.

Vogel began collecting reports on the dozens of sightings in about 1972.  His notebook containing interviews and various news clippings now fill a 3½-inch-thick binder.  “I’m not one who sees a UFO behind every tree.  I’ve never let it really bug me, or let it become a fetish, it’s more a hobby.  I never came up with a conclusion other than it is something that the U.S. government isn’t doing,” he said. Vogel has also collected dozens of photographs, some taken by him, others by fire spotters.

None of the photographs show a classic “flying saucer” or disk-shaped appearance.  Most simply resemble a burned out white, orange or reddish speck or series of specks against a black background.

Sometimes the intensity of the lights were too great to look at, let alone clearly photograph, said Dorothea Strum, a Yakima resident and 23-year veteran fire spotter.

Generally, the lights appeared only long enough to catch the eye before disappearing, Strum said.  Sometimes there were reports of unexplained flashes of light from deep inside canyons, yet no fires were reported.  Other times the lights would dart around ridge tops at high speeds, shift directions, break up and later reunite, she said.

“Airplanes can't makes turns like that.  I can tell what are car lights and what aren’t car lights,” Strum said.

Occasionally, the lights would hover for longer periods of time, once for almost a half hour, Strum said.

Strum said lights usually didn't frighten her.  But there was one notable exception.  It took place several years ago when she was manning the Sophia Lookout atop Toppenish Ridge.  Awakened in the middle of the night, Strum said she saw a cloud-like object outside her tower.  It had an intense brightness that appeared to emanate from behind the object.

“It lit up the whole tower.  I could see the pencils on my desk.  I was real uneasy during the 20 minutes to half hour I watched it,” she said.  During that time the intensity of the light would brighten and diminish, but Strum said she never determined the direct cause of the light.

“Every time it began to brighten, I kept thinking now I was going to see it,” she said.  Eventually, the light simply faded away, she said.

Vogel, whose job took him to the remote isolated regions of the reservation, said more than once he was swept by an overpowering sense of uneasiness.  “A few times I'd get a feeling I had no business being where I was.  It was just like walking into a dark room and you have a feeling that someone else is in the room,” he said.

Vogel said when those feelings struck, he would leave the area.  Inevitably a fire spotter would report a sighting in the area he had just left, he said.

Vogel said several fire spotters said they, too, had experienced similar feelings.

Only the frequency of sightings made the area unique, he said.  “There is nothing on the reservation that hasn’t been reported in other places,” he said.

Like other places, there have been reports of encounters with strange beings.  Vogel shared a copy of one report under the condition the witness not be identified.

A Toppenish area man reported that on Dec. 16, 1976, while driving west along Pumphouse Road, he passed three panicked cattle headed in the opposite direction.  A short time later his headlights fell on three figures standing in a depression next to the roadway.

According to the report, one of the figures moved to the center of the road.  It was described as seven feet tall with a “very long face and a long pointy nose.  His skin was very white as if covered by flour.  The upper lip appeared to be pulled back in a permanent snarl and fine teeth were visible.  The impression was that the individual did not have or had a very small lower lip.

(The person) drove around the individual in the road and headed home as fast as he could drive,” according to the report.

While driving away, his vehicle was bathed in a bright light by an airborne object following the truck.  The light diminished by the time he reached home, the reported stated. (sic)

A report on the incident concluded the witness did not appear to be making up the story and he did not want any publicity.

“In short, this is one of those cases where no assignment of belief or disbelief should or can be made.  It is reasonable to expect that something very strange did happen to (him).  Maybe time will add some more understanding to the case.”

* Yakima, Washington. Herald Republic. 25 November 1984.





My Comment: Can cows and dogs be wrong. (See clipping)

Some doubt UFO visit,
but cows believe

Don Bishoff

Of the Register-Guard

“I know what I seen,” said Ernie Pacheco.  “I don’t care what anybody thinks.

“Whatever it was, I don’t know.  I just hope it don’t come back.”

What Pacheco says he saw was a huge, rectangular-shaped Unidentified Flying Object, hovering early Sunday morning over the Benton County dairy farm where he works.

Pacheco, 45, who came to the farm about a year ago, was nervous as he talked about the experience Tuesday afternoon.  He chain-smoked cigarettes as he sat at the kitchen table of the home he, his wife and three of their children occupy on the Horning Dairy farm, 3 ½ miles north of Monroe on Highway 99W.

“I have no idea what it was,” Ernie said, “no idea at all.  It was just strange, that’s all – and scary.  I guess most people wouldn’t be scared, but I was.”

It all started about midnight Saturday, Ernie said, when the family’s dogs started barking and the 146 Holstein dairy cattle started “stampedin’ around” in the loafing shed – a slope-roofed building about 75 yards from the house.  Ernie went out to check, found nothing, and returned to the house for a cup of coffee before starting his pre-dawn milking routine.

“My guess is that whatever it was, the cow’s seen it,” he said.  And the dogs were raising all kinds of heck – they were all shook up.”

After his coffee, Ernie went back out to herd the cows into the milking parlor.  “They were in an uproar,” he said.  “I can usually bring 146 cows into the wash stalls without using a push gate, but I had to use it that night.

“About 3:30, I guess it was, all the lights went out in the parlor.  When I opened the door, I seen this big high thing ... I would say about three stories high.

“It looked like a hotel more than anything.  It looked like it had three layers of windows, like compartments.

“Why, it hoo-vered like this (Ernie moved his hand up and down over the table).  I couldn’t see nothin’ inside – I couldn’t see anybody walkin’ in there.  It was lit up really bright.”

Ernie was a little vague on dimensions – when you're watching a UFO over your barn in the middle of the night, it’s difficult to concentrate on measurements – but he guessed that the rectangular object was perhaps 60 to 65 feet long and hovering not very high above the loafing shed.

“It was about 10 minutes that it lasted,” he said.  “I just stood there gazing – I was goin’ to run to the house, but I was too scared to move, to be honest.  I’m the nervous type anyhow....

“Then the damn thing just raised up in the air.  When it raised, that sonofagun started slow and then all of a sudden, she went....

“As soon as that thing raised, the barn lights came on.  But the lights in the holding pen wouldn’t come on.  And when Cliff came the next day, he had to reset the (circuit) breakers.”

Ernie described the object as dark – but “more like an aluminum color.”

“And there was no motor a-tall on it.  It was quiet too.  When it took off to raise, there was no wind or dust or nothin’, and the higher it went, the faster it went.”

As the object went up and eventually disappeared, Ernie said, the driver of a tractor-trailer rig coming down Highway 59 saw it, stopped, and pulled into the farm’s driveway.  “He was from Yakima, Wash., but I didn’t get his name,” Ernie said.  “He just couldn’t believe it.”



Ernie said he went back to milking the cows then, but it took him about two hours longer than usual because the animals were so spooked.  And milk production that morning was down 350 pounds from the normal 7,000 pounds, he said.

“We’re treatin’ nine cows for bruised udders they got stampedin’ around,” he said.  “One cow had a bad leg anyhow, and they must of knocked her down.  She’ll be off the line for a week.”

Ernie's wife and sons were asleep when all this happened and heard nothing – although Ernie said his wife heard the earlier commotion with the dogs and cows.  Neither the farm’s herder nor his wife, who live in a nearby trailer, heard anything.

And several nearby neighbors said they neither heard nor saw anything unusual that night.  “Course, most people aren’t up at 3:30 in the morning,“ said one.

The truck driver Ernie mentioned didn’t report the incident, and Oregon State Police say they had no other reports besides Ernie’s.

There are a few inconsistencies in Ernie’s story.  His estimate of a 3:30 a.m. arrival is apparently off because state police said he called them to report it at 2:35 a.m.  He also told police that the craft made a noise like an airplane, while now saying it was silent.  And he didn’t mention the truck driver to police.

Ernie has been known to take a drink.  But he swears he wasn’t drinking that night.  His employer, George Horning, says he has no reason to doubt Ernie’s story of the sighting.

And Ernie himself says he’s sure of what he saw.  I’d take a lie detector test – you betcha,” he said.

At the Monroe Cafe down the road, cook Mary Lou Lancaster said there’s been considerable conversation about Ernie’s sighting.

“No one really says they believe it,” she said.  “Yet they don’t say he’s a damn liar, either.”

* Eugene, Oregon. Register-Guard. 21 April 1976.


My Comment: Another detail noted.  I can’t say every UFO has this feature:

The object, described as 15 feet high with yellow lights running horizontally across it, has been spotted in fields and roads and in the air by “several upstanding citizens” according to the report, between 11 p.m. and midnight.

A spotlight on top of the object is shined on approaching vehicles, according to the witnesses.

* Marshfield, Wisconsin. News-Herald. 28 April 1976.


My Comment: UFOs appear to have power to lift or twist an auto.  That’s an impressive feat, especially considering the small size of the UFO reported in this next case.  The witness asserted the object was the size of a tractor-trailer tire:

“It [the UFO] was right above the car going around and around,” said Edward Deutsch, 47.

“When I got to the top of the mountain it lit up the whole car and before I knew what happened the car was turned around and I was headed back home...the car’s body was extremely hot afterwards...”

* Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Southwest Times Record. 18 October 1973.





My Comment: What the newspaper is trying to tell us is not very clear.  I assume something quite odd took place:

Deutsch also told of meeting a deer hunter who saw the unidentified flying object hover over when two deer walking across the road were projected backward [?].

The guy said quickly, “I’m not going hunting today,” Deutsch said.

* Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Times-Leader 18 October 1973.


My Comment: The Herb Schirmer abduction story is quite well known.  It is featured in the Condon study and in Budd Hopkins’ writings, but the drawings Schirmer made in 1974 under hypnosis apparently are not as widely publicized to my knowledge.

They are so detailed I’m not sure if they add to, or subtract from, the man’s credibility.  Another thing that bothers me is that Schirmer claims the aliens were from a “galaxy next to ours,” a mind blowing assertion to anyone who is remotely familiar to the distances involved, but a common mistake by uneducated persons who often confuse “galaxy” with “solar system.”  I might add to that, the problem of accepting the suggestion there are no aliens in our own galaxy that might visit the Earth.  Our galaxy is HUGE.  Perhaps it is due to a misunderstanding but I’ve come across this “galaxy difficulty” before.  (See Schirmer’s drawings on pages 27 and 28)


My Comment: Vapor again.  Three deputies observed a UFO in the morning sky.  According to a press account:

“Brumfield said the object would disappear in a vapor which appeared as a cloud would look on a dark night.”

“But it was definitely not a cloud,” he added.

The vapor was just large enough for the object to disappear in, Brumfield stated, and then the vapor itself would even disappear for a short period of time. 

* Bogalusa, Louisiana Daily News. 16 October 1973.


My Comment: Even parakeets react:

“It couldn’t have been anything else [but a UFO].  It hovered above Grossmont Hospital, not doing much, just staying still.  It was pulsating with its lights flicking off and on.  Lights seemed to be dimming all around the hospital – streetlights and parking lights.  It was almost as if it was draining energy from those lights,” she said.... “It was completely white and had an outline like a saucer... My parakeets were going crazy.  They were screeching at the top of their lungs. Dogs were barking everywhere.”

* San Diego, California Union. 9 September 1977.




Click Here to See Larger Schirmer Drawing.




Click Here to See Larger Schirmer Drawing.




My Comment: This next incident touches on two issues that interest me.  First is my suspicion that infra-red film might produce better results than conventional film.  In this case, perhaps, that was the concern of the ’UFO pilots.”  Secondly, that “UFO pilots” may be aware of what a witness is doing and thinking “at a distance.”  Abductees assert the aliens can “read minds,” and if that is true, what is the range of this remarkable ability?  Is it three feet?  Thirty feet?  A mile?  In more than one case, people have expressed an odd feeling of “being watched,” sometime when a UFO is the area and sometimes when no UFO is visible. This account is from England:

Bridgette Chivers today revealed that her camera, filled with infra-red film, mysteriously jammed as she was about to photograph a flying saucer landing on Cradle Hill, Warminster.

“The shutter jammed as I was about to take a picture of the craft,” she said.  “The infra-red film would have enabled me to take clear pictures in the dark.”

“Funnily enough the camera works perfectly now, I don’t know what happened to it.”

* Trowbridge, England. Bath & Wilts Chronicle. 30 August 1977.


My Comment: A series of accounts are given here since they are from an unusual location: the Philippines.  Not many UFO reports come from this Asian country.  It seems more than one report came from a certain area and the reason may be explained by the fact they all took place in the vicinity of the Philippine Communications Satellite ground station.  (See clipping on page 30)


My Comment: The other day I watched a TV program that tried hard to prove UFOs were secret American or Russian aircraft developed over the years.  This ridiculous idea is easily dismissed by the documented fact that what was reported in the 1940s is the same thing being reported today.  At no time, either then, most assuredly, or now, has there been a man-made device that can do what UFOs can do.  Here is an account that is a familiar one over the years:

“We stopped the patrol car and got out.  The object moved as a pendulum on a clock, then it would travel at a fast rate of speed in a northerly direction.  Then back and forth. After each spurt of speed.  It would stop and move as a pendulum again.”

* New Orleans, Louisiana. Daily Record. 17 October 1973.


My Comment: As indicated in the classic Florida Scoutmaster case in the 1950s which was discussed in Edward Ruppelt’s book, UFOs can produce heat:

Last week in Surry County a barn reportedly burned down as a result of a UFO that created an unexplained heat discharge.

In Georgia a UFO was reported to have touched down and a large amount of steam was released and just as quickly flew off.

“Immediately a state chemist was at the scene and recorded the temperature of the ground where the object landed at 212 degrees.

* Greensboro, North Carolina. Carolina Peacemaker. 3 November 1973.




Witnesses Report
On UFOs In Manila

MANILA (UPI) – Three Filipino farmers and a construction engineer have submitted eyewitness reports on what might be the first sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) – and their mysterious passengers – in the Philippines.

At least two retired Filipino military officials. Col. Aderito de Leon (Air Force) and Col. Rufino C. Santiago (Army Corps), who were among the first to learn of the sightings, said they were inclined to believe them.

But U.S. Air Force Col. Alfred K. Patterson, air attache of the American Embassy in Manila, said he was skeptical about the reports after making an initial inquiry.

The reported sightings took place on four occasions in the past eight months – at 4 a.m., 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. last November 1 and at 10.30 p.m. on June 10.  They all occurred within the vicinity of the Philippine Communications Satellite (Philcomsat) ground station, tucked inside a valley in Rizal Province 32 air miles east of Manila.

De Leon, former manager of the station, wrote a detailed report on last November’s sightings based on interviews he and Santiago, assistant station manager, made with the three farmers.

The farmers’ separate accounts were more or less identical about seeing a white low slung saucer-shaped vehicle landing and taking off near where they were and of two passengers inside.  One of them gave a more closeup description of the passengers as being Caucasian looking with one about six feet tall, and wearing white flying suits without identification and glasslike or plastic-like headgears.

The latest sighting made last month was reported by engineer Leonardo de Luna, 25, assistant project superintendant at a development site near the station.  Recounting his experience to United Press International, De Luna said he saw a big yellowish “ball of fire” flashing in the sky, followed by a hovering, blinking red light for about 15 seconds.

De Leon sent his report on the November sightings to Sgt. Lonnie Zamora of the local police department in Socorro, New Mexico.  De Leon said Zamora’s account about a UFO, published in last September’s issue of Pageant, “closely resembles what we have experienced here.”

De Leon made his report available to UPI, he said, “in the Interest of science.”  It quoted separate accounts of the three farmers who made the sightings within a span of hours in the some area about three miles due south of the communications station.

Col. Patterson, 48, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, visited the station recently after learning of the incidents from another embassy official who had been there earlier.

Asked by UPI about his impressions on the stories, Patterson said:

“As you know we (the U.S. Air Force) have an interest in this type of thing, apart from satisfying my own curiosity.”   But he was openly skeptical on whether the sightings were actually on (sic) UFO’s after reading de Leon’s report and hearing de Luna’s own account.

He was more doubtful about what De Luna saw and said it was “probably a plane flying over the area.”   On De Leon’s report, he said he had no ready explanations about the detailed sightings and added “we just don’t have enough information to make a decision or an investigation.”

Patterson said the U.S. Air Force had conducted numerous investigations on reported UFO sightings in the United States and that the official findings were that “there ain't no such thing.”   He acknowledged this was the first such report brought to his attention in the Philippines.


* Mainichi, Japan. The Mainichi Daily News. 13 July 1969.





My Comment: I can’t prove this next case is UFO-related but it would seem sections of ice over 10 feet across would have to be quite thick and thus quite heavy if they were in one piece.  This is also the only report I know of that mentions cut ice “stacked up.”  The story:

During the winter of 1967 in Sweden, over a frozen lake area, several perfectly circular holes, ten to twelve feet in diameter, were made and the cut out chunks of ice were stacked up beside them.  Military authorities could not give an explanation. 

* Bordertown, Australia. Bordertown Chronicle. 24 January 1974.


My Comment: What would Budd Hopkins say about this case?  Red glow around the head.  Mysteriously transported from a crib to the backyard.  (See clipping below)

UFO Malady?

Man Sends for Exorcist

A Garden Grove woman and her child, hospitalized under mysterious circumstances, were reported in good condition today as the father called upon an exorcist to release the pair from their “strange maladies.”

A spokesman for Fountain Valley Community Hospital said Brian Scott maintained a vigil there early Saturday morning to await the exorcist who was summoned at the suggestion of one of Scott’s physicians.

His wife remained hospitalized “under light restraints” after she was brought in late Friday suffering from an undefined seizure that Scott told hospital personnel was brought on by “a UFO experience.”

The child, a two-year-old girl, had been brought to the hospital the day before suffering from symptoms of acute appendicitis.  She was resting comfortably and in no danger today.

Scott summoned paramedics to his home Thursday night after he claimed the child was found in the back yard with a strange red halo surrounding her head.

He was unable to explain how the child got from her crib to the yard.  The presence of the red light and her complaints of stomach pains led him to call the paramedics.

A spokesman for the Garden Grove Police Department said paramedics were summoned to the Scott house a week ago under similar circumstances.

The police spokesman said Scott contacted the department once in 1975 to report that he and his family had been kidnapped and held captive for several days.

The officer said the complaint was noted and filed without further investigation.  He said no police reports had been made in the more recent incidents.

Scott told the hospital spokesman that he has been plagued by such events since he was 16 years old. 

* Costa Mesa, California. Daily Pilot 14 February 1976.





My Comment: Civilians have often phoned a nearby airbase to claim UFOs were in the area only to have the military insist they have “nothing on radar.”  And how many times have civilians claimed to have attempted to take pictures of UFOs only to have the negatives show no images?  In either case the military often suggests people are suffering from delusions.  Well, in 1976 a UFO as big as a Boeing 707 hovered over the east end of Duke Field for two hours.  Let’s see how the military made out.  (See clipping below)

Blue-Green UFO Sighted

News-Journal Bureau

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE – This mammoth Air Force installation sighted its first unidentified flying object Saturday, an object that officials say didn’t show up either in more than 40 photographs or on Air Force radar screens.

The UFO hovered over the east end of Duke Field for almost two hours, officials said, giving off a bluish-green color and trailing a light vapor exhaust.

A military policeman was the first to report sighting the object while making his rounds about 4:35 a.m.  It was visible until the first light, about 7 a.m., according to Lt Steve Phalen of the Eglin Information Office.

An Air Force policeman said the object appeared to be the size of a C-130 cargo plane or a Boeing 707, the base said.  About a half-dozen people reportedly saw the object.

Phalen said base radar operators tried to track it “but nothing ever visualized on our screens.”

The base called the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office and the Federal Aeronautics Administration in Crestview, but neither reported any sightings.  Weather conditions at the time were hazy, Phalen said.

Phalen said, a “normal photographic gear” was used in the futile picture-taking.

* Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola Journal. 2 February 1976.


My Comment: This next report is a one-of-kind account in regards to a detail we will note for the record:

The most amazing account perhaps was told by Norman Hearn.  Wednesday at 9:10 p.m. Norman was driving his ’65 Ford pick-up by the golf course when his truck started shaking, the lights went out, radio went off and the motor stopped.

“A 12 foot tall saucer-shaped object came over my truck and hovered in front of me for a while,” said Norman.

He saw a gold medallion with writing [?] on the UFO.  Then he reports that it flew over the lake and took off.

* Lewisville, Texas. Leader. 7 November 1973.


My Comment: Here’s some indication UFOs follow landmarks:

Polo police officer Robert Hoak saw the object to the north over Mount Morris.  He said the object appeared to project its orange glow in a beam toward the ground, and moved west with occasional stops.

“It seemed to follow the (Burlington Northern) railroad tracks,” Hoak said. 

* Rockford, Illinois. Register-Star. 4 November 1973.





My Comment: Another case where there seems a UFO has an effect on electrical systems:

Two deputy sheriffs, called to a home on the Pacific Beach yesterday, said they found a burglar alarm ringing in tune with the lights on an unidentified flying object hovering over the ocean.

Deputies Gary Talesfore and Blair Foster reported they witnessed the UFO lights while the burglar alarm on a food freezer rang in synchronization with the lights.

“The UFO disappeared shortly, and the burglar alarm stopped ringing, the deputies said. 

* Seattle, Washington. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 7 December 1973.


My Comment: Another “mist” case:

[Policeman] Gleason said that the object seemed to sit in one place [in the sky] and not move.  He said the objects [there were two] also appeared to have a cloudy mist on their bottom. 

* Charleston, South Carolina. Evening Post. 26 September 1973.


My Comment: It’s my understanding that a television set and a telephone are on two different circuits:

Mrs. Bob Sigler of North Biloxi said something flew over her home, causing television and telephone interference.  She said the passage lit up her home like a floodlight. 

* Camden, Arkansas. Camden News. 16 October 1973.


My Comment: It’s difficult to tell what forces are manifested during a UFO’s presence.  Magnetic fields?  Telepathic waves?  Distortions in space-time?  Is there a clue in this account?  The report reads:

A Payne County couple says a large, flashing humming object hovered within 250 feet of their auto on a rural road near Manford early Tuesday and gave them a seven-minute side show they’re not likely to forget.

“It really gave us a weird feeling of being in a different place,” Mrs. Hatchett said.  “It was like there was nothing you could do to defend yourself.”  

* Fort Smith, Arkansas. Southwest Times. 19 October 1973.





My Comment: Interesting sketch by police. (See below)

* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Evening Bulletin. 13 November 1973.


My Comment: To my knowledge, the mention of a “shield” is a unique claim:

“The base was round, about the size of an average round dinette table.  The size is very hard to determine.  It was rounded at the bottom and had a higher domed top with sufficient height that it appeared a man could sit in it comfortably...For a minute or two it was perfectly still.  Then very slowly it started to rotate and [a] sort of ribbed shield [?] came into sight, extending about 10 inches from the side of the circular object up and slanting inward toward the translucent dome.  I took it to be a bumper or something of that nature.”  

* St. Joseph, Missouri. St. Joseph Gazette. 9 October 1973.





My Comment: This next case has me puzzled.  Maybe someone else can figure it out:

Stanley Brumfield of Magnolia said last Wednesday he saw about 6 p.m. – while it was still daylight – “a round object like a ball colored like shiny new aluminum foil” about a mile off.

“I watched for a while and then the damned thing opened up, and something came out like it had on a parachute-like thing.

“It was the size of a small person, about three feet long, about one and a half feet wide.  It was rectangular and a drab or dark color – not shiny,” Brumfield, an employee of the state highway department, said.

“I flagged down a passing neighbor to watch the thing with me.  In a few minutes the darned thing opened up and the parachute-like thing went back in.

“It went higher then and disappeared in the clouds.  It never made any noises. 

* Jackson, Mississippi. Clarion-Ledger. 18 October 1973.


My Comment: I’ve read where UFOs have supposed to have “landed on the roof of a car,” but how they could work a door handle at a distance is mystery unless we are lacking some data.  Also, if “they” didn’t want to abduct poor Mr. Brown [at 68 he was probably too old], why not leave him be after the first incident?  Our story:

Henry Brown, 68, of 419 East Sixth Street, an employee of Burger House West, came to The American today to tell of two strange incidents which he said occurred last week.

Brown said that has he arrived at Burger House West to go work about 4 a.m. Tuesday, he felt a weight as though something had landed on top of his car, and all four doors came open; that he felt cool air and then the doors closed, and the weight seemed to lift off his car.

When he opened his door to get out, Brown said he saw an object shaped like a squash moving off in the air toward the south.  It looked like a large light, with a blue ring, a yellow ring and a gold ring around it, he said.

Then about 3:45 a.m. Thursday, as he was driving to work out West Fourth Street, Brown said that as he approached Hutchinson Avenue, everything got dark, the lights on his car went out, his motor stopped and his steering wheel would not turn.  After a few seconds, he said everything resumed normal operation and he continued to work without seeing anything. 

* Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Hattiesburg American. 23 October 1973.





My Comment: Another radar case:

[Patrolman] Montgomery told the Daily Times-News Friday that sometime between 11:30 p.m. and midnight Wednesday, he noticed the dial on his patrol car’s radar unit acting “kind of funny.”

“The needle was jumping and the machine went haywire,” Montgomery recalls.

Montgomery said he got out of the car to check the radar unit.  It was then that he noticed a ’bright large light in the sky.”

* Burlington, North Carolina. Times-News. 27 October 1973.


My Comment: Even though it’s apparent UFOs can monitor radio broadcasts, the question then is how well do “they” understand.  If we can believe abductees the answer is plenty, but the next case may just demonstrate a reaction to activity on the police frequency:

[Police chief] Shelton said the thing will remain stationary until an investigating officer radios another car about it.  It then begins to move away – “every time we transmit it moves.”

* Seattle, Washington. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 18 July 1972.


My Comment: The “chute” in this next case may just be a ladder with handrails.  That’s my best guess:

The object had a silvery appearance, like brushed chrome.  It was seamless, without noticeable joints or rivets.  From its bottom, a short chute or ladder pointed at a 45-degree angle toward the ground.

* Everett, Washington. Everett Herald. 14 January 1977.


My Comment: This “ray” may just be an impression but it should be investigated:

Mrs. Miettinen said the large UFO spotted by her, her husband and daughter Tuesday night, was later joined by three smaller objects which appeared to be of the same composition.  She said some sort of ray comes from the UFO that when looked at, keeps you from moving. 

* Athol, Maine. News. 5 January 1977.


My Comment: One indication that some UFO maneuvers may be a form of “play” rather then having a serious purpose is the next case:

Lichtenwainer lives on Deer Creek Trail off Coleman Creek Road, Phoenix, happily above the fog.

The object was pale gray, without lights, and cavorted porpoise fashion in and out of the top layer of fog, according to Lichtenwainer who called his grown children to confirm his sighting.

* Medford, Oregon. Mail Tribune. 17 December 1976.





My Comment: Here is another indication UFOs emit some kind of “energy field.”   A press report tells us:

...about 1 a.m. the power went off and [Bill] Pecha, who had been watching Channel 12 television, stepped outside and saw “this huge glowing thing hovering over our house.  It looked to me like it was 150 feet across and 10 to 18 feet in height, shooting out beams of bluish light.  It looked like an inverted cup and saucer with an outer rim spinning counter-clockwise.

At the time Pecha reported also “When I got outside I felt funny.  Seemed like all the hair on my body was being pulled up.”

* Colusa, California. Sun-Herald. 13 January 1977.


My Comment: Why UFOs follow cars is a puzzle.  If “they” were going to kidnap people, why not go ahead a do it.  Usually when a driver approaches the city limits or his home, the UFO breaks off the chase, although its not much of a chase.  It becomes apparent rather quickly that the UFO has no trouble keeping up with a car even at 100+ miles per hour.  Maybe the “UFO pilots” were just having fun, but its no fun to people in the car:

Being tracked by a moving light, Mrs. Strand reports, is an unnerving experience.  “I was scared, really frightened.  I thought the thing might pick us up.  I tried to control myself for my daughter’s sake.  She was crying all the way home.  She wanted to know what it was.”

* Minneapolis, Minnesota Star. 16 February 1977.


My Comment: I would have liked to ask the witness in this next case, a Mrs. Ronick, if the UFO made its moves before she did.  Even slightly before, as if it was reading her mind:

“It seemed to know where we were going,” she said.  “It did everything when we did it.”

Mrs. Ronick and her friend went to the home of other friends who also saw the object hovering over the house.

“It wasn’t high up.  It was just above the trees,” she said.

Mrs. Ronick said, “I really believe it was following me and I did not want to lead it home to my children.  I broke out in a sweat.”

* Palm Beach, Florida. Times. 1 February 1977.





My Comment: Here’s another device affected by a UFO:

The next morning, the pets and animals around the trailer park again began acting strangely, prompting Bill [Buerger] to go outside and take another look.

“When I looked up, a silver disc was swooping down into the valley, like an airplane on a strafing run,” Bill said.

“It flew past at an incredible speed and I ran inside for my Geiger counter.  The Geiger counter indicated a higher level of radiation, but while I was taking the reading, the thing came back and made another pass, this time coming down within 100 feet of the ground.

“I hit the dirt and I don’t know whether it was the fall or the UFO, but my Geiger counter went crazy and hasn’t worked since,”

* Bothell, Washington. Northshore Citizen. 19 January 1977.


My Comment: How well do “they” understand?  A group of men were conducting a search for a missing hunter in the Bear Creek area south of the town of Wanblee.  For two hours a UFO remained stationary in the sky, rotating and giving off red, blue, and green light, while the search went on for a missing Rapid City businessman.  The search party was using citizen band radio to coordinate their efforts.  One member of the search party, Gary Florentz, was quoted in the press report which stated:

The search party had split into two groups and were on opposite ridges of a wash area about a half-mile to a mile wide.

“I was standing beside my pickup, watching the light [UFO] through binoculars when the other group radioed that they had found him.  At that very instant the light accelerated directly away and in about three seconds was out of sight,” Florentz said.

He believes a UFO may have been monitoring their CB traffic while the search was being conducted.

Florentz estimates the object was about one-and-a-half to two miles from his location and, based purely on a guess, figures it was about 100 feet across in size...

[Another search party member said] “It had to be monitoring.”  One of the vehicles in the search was coming from town and as soon as he called his base station it began following him....

* Rapid City, South Dakota. Journal 5 January 1977.


My Comment: A woman was driving on an isolated road when some strange lights appeared and paced her car for a mile while staying directly overhead.  Nothing was in the report suggesting missing time but the woman did claim some after-effects she blamed on the encounter.  The woman said she:

...experienced an irregular menstrual cycle for some time after her experience and severe burning in her eyes the next day...

* St. Paul, Minnesota. Dispatch. 20 December 1976.





My Comment: Being in a boat didn’t keep two fishermen from having trouble with a UFO.  It seems a couple Louisiana fellows were minding their own business when a 50 root sphere came into view:

They were traveling at trolling speed down Dyke Canal for less than two miles when suddenly it appeared.  It moved over the boat and just hovered, bathing the men in a warm brilliant light.  Then everything stopped.

“The motor was kicking, but we weren’t moving ahead,” said [Robert] Melerine.  It was then that both he and [Edwin] Menesses also realized that although the two could speak, neither of them could move.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” one was reported to have shouted, but according to Menesses, they couldn’t.

“The gravity [?] forces were too strong,” said Menesses.

Melerine then got the idea to shoot at it with the rifle in his hand.  “No, don’t shoot it,” said Menesses, thinking it might be government property.

Then the UFO left them, and as it did so, the boat started off with a jolt, throwing the men back.  “This is the unusual part about this case,” said Dr. [Ted] Peters.  “In several incidents involving hovering UFOs, engines will shut off.  This time the motor continued but the boat didn’t move.”

Menesses then noted that Melerine’s hair literally “stood out like wire” after the event.

The two began to move full-throttle southeast...A couple of nights after the experience, said Dr. Peters, both men developed chills and high fever.

* New Orleans, Louisiana. News. 9 February 1977.


My Comment: Here is another “car following” case.  A Mr. M.E. Suttles claims he was followed for 20 miles.  He stopped, turned, and backed up.  Nothing he did could shake the UFO.  The only effect was, that when he stopped, the glowing thing moved towards him until it was about 500 yards away.  The entire time the “glow” stayed about 300 feet in the air.  Here is the best part of his story:

At one point, Suttles said, the glow started to elongate and a smaller, red light came out of one end of the white glow.  “It looked like something ignited,” Suttles said.  “A big fire and sparks flew out.”

* Greenville, South Carolina. Piedmont. 6 January 1977.





My Comment: There seem to be more cases of “spikes” (“antennas”?) than I imagined before beginning this look at the 70s and 80s material.  Perhaps someone should collect the data in regards to how long, how many, location of the UFO, and what kind of UFO has them.  Here is one report:

Mrs. Hall said that the UFO had spikes sticking out of it.

There were a couple sticking out each side and it seemed there could have been some up top but I could not see them.

* Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Courier. 29 January 1977.


My Comment: This is a reminder that not all UFO car chases are harmless:

As they were driving back to town in the middle of the night, the hunters noticed that a large bright object was flying above their car.  At this point, the men panicked and jumped out of the vehicle.  According to their testimony, the lights of the car went out as the object hovered above the vehicle.

The two men suffered from minor burns to the hands and the paint on the car top was blistered. 

* Val-d’Or, Que., Canada. The Star. 15 March 1972


My Comment: This next incident doesn’t happen often.  The UFO was said to have hit something.  By “Hydro line” I assume the Canadians mean “hydroelectric” company power line:

...a housewife of Macamie... watched a UFO coming toward her house in the middle of the night.  The woman reported that the object changed from pale to bright red as it collided with a Hydro line near the house.

Mr. Fergusson investigated the case and reported that a Hydro line had in fact been damaged that night.  It was repaired the next day, but Hydro officials were at a loss to explain how the line had been damaged.

* Val-d’Or, Que., Canada. The Star. 15 March 1972.





My Comment: If this next case is about a soil sample, it would seem “they” overdid things.  I got a kick out of the “Martian Worm” remark:

...a dairy farmer, Mr. Shields of Otorohanga, and his share-milker, Mr. Singh, discovered a mysterious hole which appeared overnight on the farm.

The hole was in a muddy area inaccessible to tractors or drilling apparatus.

“Police called to investigate could give no further information.  A team investigating UFOs took measurements and samples.

Their report said that the hole had not been seen by Mr. Shields on the Friday night, September 3.  No footprints appeared within three feet of the hole and there was no crawler or tractor marks present.  The farm dogs had not barked during the night nor did the owner hear anything, although the homestead was only 100-120 feet away.

The hole itself was unusual; it measured nine inches in diameter, was fifteen feet deep [!] and had very smooth sides all the way down.

None of the soil appeared around or near the hole – it had completely and cleanly been removed.  The hole diameter had now shrunk to 8 inches.  The moisture content of the ground in the area showed a figure of about 45 per cent.

The conclusion of the investigating team was that mud formed by heating soil to about 600 degrees centigrade was left as a residue at the bottom of the hole.  Slight darkening of the sides of the hole was probably due to a similar, but less extreme effect.  Also this effect seemed to have been fairly strongly localized (Enhanced by good insulating properties of the soil).

From the description of the hole, a cylinder of 400-500 pounds had been removed (conservative estimate) possibly using a fast rotating device which did not compress the soil at all.

“Was it caused by a UFO taking a sample, or “Martian Worm?”

* Tauranga, New Zealand. Bay of Plenty Times. 1 April 1972.


My Comment: UFOs are not always disc-shaped.  Some are ball-like, oval-shaped, tube-shaped, V-shaped, and so on.  In this particular case the UFO was quite the opposite of a saucer-shaped ship:

Sheriff’s deputies admit they are baffled by the mysterious flying box that zipped around the friendly sky over Weaverville Saturday night.

The unidentified flying object was reported at about 8 p.m. by Bill Isaacson, 80, who spotted it when he went outside to quell a noisy catfight in his yard.

He called the Trinity County sheriff’s office and deputy Gordon Kelly responded.

Kelly observed the UFO along with deputy Douglas Hodges and California Highway Patrol Officer Frank Wilkerson.

Isaacson, who got the first and best look at the object, described it as “square, with bright lights on the comers.”

Kelly said the lights seemed to brighten and dim periodically.  It seemed to hover at about 2,000 feet altitude before departing at a “very rapid rate,” Kelly said.

Isaacson said the UFO disappeared toward Oregon Mountain.

* Citation footnote missing.





My Comment: Usually the UFO is long gone when other witnesses arrive.  Not in this case:

George Airmen
Sight a Bright
Orange Object

GEORGE AFB – Two airmen verified each other’s report yesterday of seeing a “bright orange object” about 1 a.m. that seemed to be 35 feet in diameter as it sank behind a building southwest of their security-police beat at this base.

The airmen, Gary Corley and Randolph Wegeman, said the UFO (unidentified flying object)sighting apparently went unobserved by anyone else.  They reported it to the air police, and to the Victorville Sheriff's Office and Adelanto Police Department.

No evidence was found of the object having landed, it was reported by the base information office.


UFO’s Return – Swooping and Swishing...

Because so many OTHER people, saw this strange “thing” late Saturday night and early Sunday June 18, this small mention of it in The Sun puzzles me greatly.

Our party of three stopped at the scene of a minor accident around 11:30 p.m., Sunday, to find approximately 30 other people far more interested in watching this strange, circular, “whatever-it-was” moving quickly about in the sky above us, changing from bluish-white in color, at higher altitude, then to a weird orange-yellow as it came down into the smog-filled lower atmosphere.

One man in this mixed group of spectators told us that he had been told several times, by Air Force personnel, that the “thing” he had seen before was a highly-secret “craft” and he should not talk it over with others who have also seen it.  Three U.S. airmen, in uniform, who claimed to be from Air Base in Nevada, (on official leave, we supposed) said they would surely know about such craft, even though they might be under orders to remain silent about it, but they were as mystified as the rest of us.

The thing that sickens me about this entire deal is the harm I saw in what it had done to one family on the preceding Saturday night.  (The family of four whose pickup camper and trailer had run off of the dirt road where the 30 or more of us were assembled.)  I talked with the two almost-hysterical girls, one 5, the other 11, and learned that the “thing” had hovered around their family’s rather isolated campsite the night before for more than three hours, hurting their ears with its strange whirring sound each time it ascended from “almost on top of us” as “a big round orange-colored thing” which became, a second later, “just a big bright-blue dot high in the sky.”

The still-frightened girls told me their story between the several “dips” this “craft” made over us while several strong men moved boulders and pushed the camper and trailer out of the ditch.  Each time the “thing” seemed to move in on us, as though exploring the various automobile lights and flashlights trained on the repair job, the two little girls would cover their ears and throw themselves at their mother’s feet sobbing, while I tried to assure both the mother and the girls that there was bound to be a logical explanation – somewhere.  (I will admit that at times, when I also heard a faint whirring sound when “it” came in near us, I too, was shaken.  I had always – until then – believed “UFO’s” to be in the same classification as the ghosts of haunted houses.)  At no time Sunday night or Monday morning however did this “thing” produce any louder noise for us than a vacuum cleaner might.

While talking with the father of the two little girls, I learned that he had told his family’s story to a deputy sheriff Sunday afternoon, only to be told that he and the rest of his family were imagining things.  The deputy had also given him erroneous directions for getting back to Barstow, but this may have been merely a usual error in communicating, plus the excited state of mind of the girls’ father at the time he talked with the deputy, who also advised this man to forget his UFO.

Because I believed, at that time, that we would be hearing and reading about this “thing” upon our return to the civilized part of the world, I did not obtain the name and home address of the family of four, (who believed themselves to be the target of this “thing.”)  After they left us, in their slightly-crippled camper and trailer, I next talked with a lady from Inglewood, giving her my card and obtaining her husband’s card in exchange.  (It seems that our party and hers were the only ones who obtained pictures of the “thing,“ although I do not know yet whether any of us obtained what we hoped and tried for: none of us had Polaroid cameras with us.)

Before our party arrived on the scene, the party from Inglewood told us, the thing had “swooped in” over the dirt road ahead of the pickup and trailer, causing the nine-year-old girl to grab her father and cause him to drive off the road.  They had doubted this family’s story – until the “thing” returned with another rather loud “swoop” over them.

The Inglewood lady (whom I promised to contact Friday, if we do not obtain logical explanations before then) told me she had obtained a story similar to mine from the two little girls and their mother, while her husband and his brother were trying to get the camper truck and trailer back on the roadway.  I also learned, from this intelligent career woman, that the younger of the two girls had been quite ill, physically, since the first appearance of this “thing” over their campsite Saturday, although she had heretofore always been a healthy child.

What is the real story behind all this?  More than a dozen of us stood around asking ourselves this question early Monday morning, long after this “thing” finally returned to its hiding place southwest of us.  Some claimed to have seen “it” before, but were still reluctant to talk about it.  When “it” had apparently retired for the night, one by one, the other cars and campers left, and so did we.

If you people know the whole story on this “weird thing,” why do you tease your readers with small, meaningless stories like this?  Is your short piece this morning part of some Nixon-dictated strategy to “cover up” some unofficial joy-riding of Air Force pilots?  Why must we taxpayers help some inconsiderate idiots frighten two innocent young girls out of their right minds.



* San Bernardino, California Sun. (exact date unknown) 1972.





My Comment: I guess I should include this.  It’s the same as many others yet different.  It’s different in small ways: triangular windows instead of square or round, head melting into the body instead of a neck (a suit of some sort?), the “ship” spinning one way and then another when shifting position.  The lack of frost could have been due to the heating of the ground to some depth. (See clipping below and on pages 44-45.)

Youth Sees Alien
Object over Lake View

LAKE VIEW – It was a cold crystal clear night.  But there was something out of the ordinary in the sky.  The only witnesses were a man and his young son standing on the front porch of their home.

An Incredibly fast object sped across a wooded area located in front of their home.  The man shrugged it off and went into his warm home.  His 12-year-old son remained outside.

Then it happened.  But what the young boy saw that night he was unable to describe until the following morning.  Whatever he saw at this town located near the North Carolina border made him hysterical.

His father can still vividly recall his young son screaming, “Don't let it get me.”

Richard Britt and his son Richie don’t claim to know what it was they saw that night on Oct. 28 but they’re sure they saw something – especially Richie.

Their incident becomes one more fascinating story to add to the vast number of UFO stories.  In Richie’s alleged UFO encounter it was not the UFO itself that scared him but the thing inside it.

Before Richie had his encounter with the strange object he and his father had just got home that night from a ball game and meeting.  When they got to their front porch they saw what Britt described as a “light” speed across the woods in front of their home.  It was about 10:30 p.m. and before he went into the house Britt said he saw the object again.

Britt said that whatever he saw it was not an airplane or meteor.  For two reasons, he said it was too close to the trees and was moving parallel to the earth.

Britt said he went into the house because the night air was so cold.  Standing alone on the porch, Richie said he saw the object again.  He said he noticed green, red and light blue lights emitting from the object.

As the object moved in one direction it revolved in a counter clockwise direction and when it moved in another direction it would revolve in a clockwise fashion, according to Richie.

As he watched it he said it suddenly turned and flew down toward him and stopped near his front porch.  The colored lights stopped and the object gave off a white light, he said.  It made no sound, he said, as it hovered near him.

He said the object was the color of aluminum and smooth.  In length it was about the size of a large automobile.  Along the lower portion of the craft, if that is what it may be called, was a series of triangular windows.  One large triangular window was situated on the upper portion, according to the young witness.

“Whatever it was, was in that middle one looking at me,” Richie said.

The thing in the window, Richie said, was pale white.  It had smooth skin which did not wrinkle even when the thing moved its arms, which ended in claw-like hands.  On the face were two dark eyes and nothing more.  The head appeared to melt into the slim body without any evidence of a neck, according to Richie.







Richie said as he gazed at the thing he began to back away, became scared and started screaming.  When his father heard the screaming he rushed out on the porch to see what was happening.  Not seeing anything and unable to obtain an answer he took his hysterical son into the house.

“He was real hysterical almost out of his mind,” Britt recalled.  “He kept saying it was horrible, don't let it get me,” Britt said.

He said his son began shaking all over almost as if he were in a trance and so a doctor was called to the house.

When the doctor arrived he took Richie to his office late that night and gave him an injection to calm him.  “It was the next morning before he could tell the story,” Britt said.

“A lot of people said if it hadn’t have happened to Richie I wouldn’t have believed it,” Richie’s mother stated.  Richie admitted he has never been that scared in all his life.

The elder Britt said he didn’t mind the fact that his son may have seen a UFO it was just how it affected his son that was so bad.

Richie maintained that it wasn’t the object that scared him.  “It was the creature itself.”

Dr. James Twombley was the doctor who treated Richie that night.  “He was hysterical,” Dr. Twombley said.  The doctor said he didn’t know whether or not the boy had seen anything.

He said he saw Richie earlier that same day at a gas station and he appeared perfectly fine.  He noted that when he examined him that night, “his emotions were uncontrollable,” but what happened we’ll never know.

Lake View Police Officer Kermit Page who said he responded to a call at the Britt home said, “The boy was hysterical, but what he saw I don't know.”

Page said he briefly looked the area over and didn't see anything or hear anything.

The following day Richie’s pastor, the Rev. John Wilkinson went to the home and talked with Richie.  He said he asked Richie to tell him what happened and “I heard him out.”

Although what happened could have been a hallucination or a reality, to Richie it was all a reality, the Rev. Mr. Wilkinson said.  The incident does not appear to have any radical or permanent affect on the boy, the pastor said.

He said he questioned Richie at length and although he searched the area including the woods in front of the home there was no physical evidence of anything unordinary to be found.

Neither was Richie trying to gain attention, the Rev. Mr Wilkinson said.

The only physical abnormality that might link to the incident was noticed by Britt the following morning.  On this morning a heavy frost had fallen on the ground and Britt had gone outside to start his wife’s auto when he noticed the spot where his son had seen the object hovering.

In an area of about 15 x 20 feet there was no frost on the grass although the grass was set with dew.  Elsewhere the frost was almost white as snow, he recalled.

Also that same night his dog began howling, something he hasn‘t done since, Britt recalled.  Britt said he didn’t bother to go outside and look around.

Like most other UFO reports, the tangible evidence was gone, but there is still a story to tell.

Asked if seeing the strange thing has affected him in any way, Richie replied, “It doesn’t bother me that much, but I do look up.”

* Florence, South Carolina. Morning News. 14 November 1976.


My Comment: Anytime UFOs affect their surroundings it‘s worth noting.  Offhand, I don’t recall a TV antenna being affected:

It was approximately 1:30 a.m. several weeks ago that Mrs. Leonard Twidt, who was not asleep, heard the TV antenna on her home at Lake Helen Mobile Villa shake violently.  She also observed very bright lights shining through the drawn windows shades of her bedroom.

Rushing outside, Mrs. Twidt observed a huge round object in the sky above the villa, fringed with flashing colored lights, slowly traveling at tree-top height toward the south.

* Altamont, Springs, Florida. Mobile Home & Trailer News. 7 May 1977.




My Comment: Here is yet indication that some sort of energy field emitted by a UFO affects people, animals, and things:

[Patricia] Vietch reports that one relative from Germany Valley was picking alfalfa for her rabbits one night last October, and while doing this, saw a huge object as big as a house fly over her.  It had jagged edges [?] and went past her very quickly.

She ran back to her truck and told her husband about the incident...

“A strange thing happened when the couple arrived home.  They placed the alfalfa in the rabbits‘ cages, but the rabbits did not eat the alfalfa. In fact, they would not even go near the alfalfa.

* Orbisonia, Pennsylvania. The Valley Log. 14 January 1981.


My Comment: It’s interesting to speculate about the make up of UFOs as machines.  We have plenty of descriptions of the exterior but what about the interior?  Where is the “gas tank” located?  The tank must be big, one would think, if as a machine it traveled all the way from a nearby star, or even the Earth’s Moon, and what about the engine?  It must be super-powerful yet it seems to take up little room in reported craft.

Trap doors reported on the underside may not be for landing gear or for maintenance access.  Here is a mention of some “doors,” but since they were not opened, we have no clue to their purpose:

He described it as being about 35 feet in diameter, blue-green in color and flying about 25 feet above the ground.  The object then moved toward the spot where he was standing, coming down near the tops of the trees.

As it came closer, he observed a circle of colored lights on the center bottom about five feet in diameter.  On either side of the circle was what he thought looked like a trap door.

After about 20 minutes it flew away.

* Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The Free Press. 18 January 1981.


My Comment: This claimed effect on TV reception is unique as best as I can recall:

Ruby Campa said her dogs, Charley, Trixie and Tiny, went wild.

The image on her color television set turned green.  Mrs. Campa, 37, who lives in the rural Howard’s Creek area just west of Lincolnton, and her daughter, Frances, 16, ran outside to see what was going on.

Overhead was a flying object, gliding at about treetop level.  It was star-shaped with lots of points coming out of it, gliding until it got way over in the sky...

* Charlotte, North Carolina. Observer. 9 March 1981.





My Comment: There has been considerable speculation about the possible connection between UFOs and cattle mutilations.  Here is a story that might help concerning “Big Mama.” (See clipping on this page and page 48).

Do UFOs Fly In Colorado?


A baby UFO and its “Big Mama”, a soundless, illusive flying object, have become the focal points in Logan County for a devoted audience of night time viewers.

Those monitoring the strange objects since their appearance in northeastern Colorado in late November include the Logan County Sheriff’s Department, which views them as a new dimension of its investigation into cattle mutilations.

The unexplainable deaths and confirmed mutilation of 72 cattle in the county since August prompted Sheriff Harry L. “Tex” Graves to pursue every possible lead that may result in uncovering those responsible for the senseless slaughter.

Reports of strange lights over Logan county began coming into Graves’ office toward the end of November, about the time he found peculiar “pot marks” he attributed to “possibly an unknown type of aircraft” near the scenes of mutilations.

“These were the same type of tracks found by lawmen last September near the site of an animal mutilation in New Mexico,” he said.

Big Mama, which can change shape and color, has been observed by numerous residents of the county, according to reports in the sheriff’s office.  Those who have frequently observed her include Undersheriff Jerry Wolever, chief deputy Tom Bohannan, deputies Bo Stone and Gary Cure; Bill Jackson, news reporter for the Stirling Journal-Advocate; and Jake Gronseth, news director for Radio Station KGEK in Sterling.  All agree they've seen the following:

Big Mama can be likened to a pencil eraser and her little one to the size of a pin head in comparison.  You can be looking at the stars and five minutes later Big Mama will be there.  If she’s close or low in the sky you can see one large white light underneath with red and green lights on either side of it.  At a distance the lights flash white, turn green, then red, like one revolving colored light.  For the most part, she just hovers.

Suddenly a stream of light bounces from beneath the large craft and the baby UFO with a single brilliant light comes from Big Mama and starts to move off slowly.  As though it has kicked in an after burner, it then moves out of sight rapidly.  Mama just sits there for a time, then either disappears or turns out her lights.

None of the viewers have heard either craft make a sound and no one has reported seeing the little craft go back in the big one or even rejoin it.

Graves, who exchanges information with law enforcement officials in 20 other states where cattle mutilations have occurred during past years, recently received information concerning Big Mama and her baby from Capt. Keith Wolverton of the Cascade County Sheriff’s Department in Great Falls, Mont.  Wolverton also has conducted an intensive investigation into all leads concerning cattle mutilation.

“He watched Big Mama on radar, just hanging there at 21,000 feet, and in 3.5 seconds she had moved to 44,000 feet,” Graves said.  “We know of no chopper in the United States that has this much speed.  The fastest one is the Cheyenne, which has a top speed of 290 miles an hour.”

The lights of Big Mama are brilliant and hover in the sky from half an hour to an hour.

“If you look lower in the sky you can sometimes see from two to five of them,” he said.  “Suddenly, they’ll all join in a group and disappear.”

According to Jackson:  “The undersheriff and I watched Big Mama one night when she was really bright.  The light went to a pinpoint, then got larger and brighter.  After awhile she wasn’t there.  She either turned off her lights or moved out.”

Jackson and Undersheriff Jerry Wolever, who is accumulating hours toward his private pilot’s license, have taken a number of night flights after spotting Big Mama in the sky in an effort to get closer to her.




We flew up to 10,000 feet and she was further away from us than when we started,” Wolever said.  “We can never get close to her because she plays games.  She always paces us, just so far away, or disappears altogether.“

In an effort to bring her into closer range, they used infrared binoculars and star scopes.

“One night when she was considerably closer than usual we were on the ground and looked at her through a 60 power zoom telescope,” Wolever said.  “We could see her change shape and color.  At first she was a round shape, then we lost her for 15 minutes.  When she appeared again she was a rectangular shape like a pear or a tear drop.  The color of the entire thing turned from white to a red, then to green and back to white again.”

The first instance of unexplainable “pot marks” noted by Graves near two mutilated cattle were five feet apart, forming a triangular pattern.  They were seven inches across and 2½ inches deep and looked as though made by a round bottom plate.  There was no prop wash and no burn marks that might come from a conventional aircraft.

In the second occurrence of the marks they were too numerous to determine a pattern since they were found north, east and west of the animal’s body, spreading out to an area as far as 50 feet from it.

The sheriff returned two days later and discovered a new set of similar tracks that hadn’t been there when he first investigated the mutilation.  These were three circular shaped indentations in the ground which formed a triangle with the sides of the triangle about 13 inches apart.

In all instances of the peculiar tracks, he said, reports of strange lights in the sky had been reported the night before the mutilated animals were discovered.

Another unexplainable circumstance in conjunction with an earlier mutilation, the sheriff said, involved strange skid marks that looked as though somebody had dragged a bag of feed over the grass approximately 50 feet from the animal.

One of the more mysterious incidents reported to the sheriff involved three cattle mutilations during the first week of August in the same feed lot seven miles southwest of Sterling.

On successive nights three animals died and were disfigured with no clues left behind.  Two of the ranch’s cowhands decided they’d stake out the feedlot for the next two nights, sitting on the grain elevator.

The second night about 4 a.m. the feedlot was well lit and there was plenty of lighting when they saw three “human-like figures” go over the feedlot fence, they told the sheriff later, adding that the figures didn’t move like humans;  they seemed to glide.  They called the sheriff’s office and within six minutes two cars of officers were there, but the “figures” were nowhere to be found, although there were no cars in the area they could have escaped in.

So far, no cattle mutilations have been reported in Logan County this year, according to the sheriff who finds that the incidences slacken off during colder weather.

“On the other hand, there could be mutilated animals lying out there,” he said.  “Maybe their owners just haven't found them yet.”


* Colorado Springs, Colorado. Gazette Telegraph. 24 April 1977.





My Comment: Bald chickens and black pictures? This is certainly one the books:

Doug [Fields] tried to take pictures as it hovered out back over their chicken coop.  Using Instamatic and Polaroid cameras, with and without flash, he took several shots.  But none turned out.  The film in both were completely black.  This including pictures previously taken on the film in the Instamatic!

Another unusual incident happened four days later.  All the hens in his chicken coop went bald! 

* Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Cannon Falls Beacon. 6 May 1976.


My Comment: Another example of “UFO control.”  The craft:

“... followed them all the way.  [Bruce] Chinberg said he floored the gas pedal but even going down hill could only get the truck up to 60 miles an hour.  “I said to Rick [Bakker], the thing’s got control of the truck.”

* Susanvilie, California. Lassen Advocate. 10 December 1975.


My Comment: The “control” story given above has more to it.  The UFO “let go” of Bruce and Rick but kept following them.  The UFO then did something odd:

[Bruce and Rick]... stopped at an all-night cafe.  It hovered overhead.  They convinced one customer to take a look.  Through the binoculars the craft was taking on another shape.  Its bottom opened up, extending petals toward the earth and a cord-like pole with a silver oblong object extending from it.  It spun at angles, flipped on its side and upside down.

* Ibid.


My Comment: Finally, perhaps, I should add this:

It was 5:30 am, they [Bruce and Rick] gazed through the binoculars at the ship that had followed them and in the fading morning light spotted one and then another of the... [objects], 20 in all, flying in formation.  They traced the flight pattern on a piece of paper as the eerie objects disappeared in the distance.

* Ibid.


My Comment: An energy field emitted by a UFO may not be constant:

“...I saw this thing which had green and red and orange lights and a convex bottom.  It was less than a mile from me hovering over an island in the lake and I know it didn’t make a sound because I rolled down the window of my car.

“But the thing that scared the hell out of me,” continues [George] Yeaton, “was when a bright light came from under the object and fully lit up the island in the lake for about 15 seconds.  When that happened my car radio went completely dead and didn’t come back on until the beam went out.”

* Portland, Maine. Telegram. 30 November 1975.





My Comment: Here is a report about an odor and a taste.  A guess would be the power lines were being heated by an energy beam from the UFO:

They all reported the craft to be about 50 yards in circumference and approximately a ‘story and a half high.  They reported a strong beam of light shining from the underneath and on the power lines.

A strange odor permeated the area and the witnesses said they had a definite metallic taste in the mouth.

An attempt to call law enforcement agencies to report the amazing spectacle was futile because their CB radios had gone dead.

* Palatka, Florida. Daily News. 17 December 1975.


My Comment: The witness saw puffs of smoke:

...he said the object let out a puff of smoke and started moving off in a southwest direction, then let out a second puff of smoke and shot upward out of sight.

* Goldsboro, North Carolina. Goldsboro News-Argus. 14 December 1975.


My Comment: Maybe “they” were picking up his radio transmissions:

A man with a portable two-way radio said he was following the object on the ground when suddenly “a door opened and a bright white beam of light shone down,” illuminating the man’s head and radio.  “I ran,” the man told police.

* Youngstown, Ohio. Vindicator. 27 October 1975.


My Comment: More possible “energy field” data:

[Douglas] Griffiths was listening to his VHF monitors, which he does as a hobby in his home, when he started hearing a lot of static.  He looked outside to the east and saw “three quivering” bright lights “playing tag” with one another.

“I’d say they were about three miles away,” Griffith said.  The static on his monitors disappeared as soon as the UFOs went away.

* Albany, New York. Knickerbocker News-Union. 14 August 1973.





My Comment: Two UFOs or one?  Being erased?  Here the odd report:

The thing was dark but a deeper dark than the night and it had lights around it – they were yellow and created a haze rather than a beam, rather like disco lights.

He described the outline of the craft as resembling two 50p pieces one above the other and connected by inward curving panels.

As it hovered it appeared to be reverberating.  The word he used to describe the effect was “purring,” but there was no audible sound coming from it.

* Maidstone, England. Kent Evening Post. 27 January 1981.


My Comment: Below is another unusual illustration, this time of a “fish-like object” reported near Morgan Run, Pennsylvania.

Click Here to See Larger Drawing.

* Clearfield, Pennsylvania. Progress. 4 April 1977.





My Comment: If this report is real, I assume “they” don’t take kindly to being chewed on.  The dog apparently paid a price and perhaps “they” eventually got what they wanted, a couple of cows.  Still it doesn’t make sense to run around with just a “dress” on.  Hoax?  Maybe.  (See the clipping below)

Has Anyone Here Seen “Little Foot”?

Editor’s Note:  It is obvious from the following letter that a resident of the Westfield community recently had quite an experience.

His description of a chain of events that happened on his farm recently made for some interesting reading.  We are publishing the letter in its entirety, and would be interested to hear if anyone else has seen what we here at the News office have dubbed, “Little Foot”.

Dear Editor:

Before you tear my letter up, please take a few minutes to read it.  I live in Westfield.  I live on a country road almost deserted from people.  There are only about three other homes where I live, but they aren’t too close to mine.  I own a small farm.  You may think I’m crazy, stupid, or just telling you a fib, but what I’m about to tell you actually happened.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to milk my cows as usual.  I was a little later this particular night.  It was almost dark outside.  I have a hunting hound which always goes with me to milk my cows.

I noticed that he had began barking, and carrying on as if he was about to chase a rabbit, or something.  Then he took off running, and sniffing the ground.  I had just about finished my milking, so I followed him just to see what he was after.  He went to the top of a hill next to my farm, which is a wooded area.

It was pretty hard to see where he had gone, because it was completely dark.  But I did have a small flashlight with me. Then I noticed he was fighting with something.  I was 30 feet, or maybe a little more away from him.  At first, I thought he was fighting with another animal.  But when I saw what he had almost chewed up, I was so scared that I almost froze.  I don’t know what this was.  I don't know whether it was a person, animal, or what.  It had no hair on its head, or body.  It was only about 5 feet tall.  It had pink skin, a very large head, and small frog like hands and feet.  It had two large eyes, and no nose or mouth.

The best I could tell it was wearing a dress or robe.  I looked at it for only a few seconds.  It seemed to still be alive.  But where my hound had chewed on him I saw no blood at all.  My dog had mangled both his legs and one of his arms.  I think it was his right arm.  After I examined it for a few seconds, I ran back to my home as fast as I could, locked my doors, got in my car, and headed for Mount Airy.  I spent the night at a motel right behind the diner burger.  I can’t remember the name of the motel right off.

I haven’t told any one about this.  You’re the only ones I’ve told this story to.  If I told anyone what I had seen that night they would think I was joking, or had a nut loose in my head.  The reason I am telling this is that maybe someone else has seen what I've seen if I showed you what it looked like.

I don't own a camera so I sketched out a rough drawing of what this thing looked like.
When I went back home the next day I found my dog dead, and two of my cows were missing.  And the thing my dog had fought with was gone.

I wont give you my name as of yet, but if anyone else has also seen something of this nature and informs you at the News about it, I will also come out in the open and let you use my name if you want it.  Below is a rough drawing of what I saw about 2 weeks ago. I have never believed in aliens, or monsters, but I don't know what it was that I saw.


* Mount Airy, North Carolina. News. 20 February 1981.





My Comment: So far I’ve mentioned a TV screen turning green when a UFO is in the area.  Here is another case that is a bit different:

She said that she had stayed up to watch a late television show in her home on State Road 39 near the Shopping Center, and noted that the television reception was unusual.  Part of the screen would show color, and the other half would be black and white.

* Lebanon, Indiana. The Lebanon Reporter. 1 August 1972.


My Comment: Another indication UFOs listen to, and perhaps understand, radio transmissions:

Chief [M. R.] Shelton – who has chalked up several sightings on his own – says the light generally hovers about 300 to 500 feet above the ground, and appears to be four or five miles away.  He adds that the light usually remains stationary until a radio report is given to his dispatcher – at which time the object “moves off in a straight line, either north-south, or east-west.”

* Scott City, Kansas. Scott City News-Chronicle. 20 July 1972.


My Comment: Who says the Battelle Memorial Institute in Ohio is not interested in UFOs?  This article does not indicate the institute is interested in UFOs, only that Mr. Nicholson seems to be.

A newspaper story about UFO activity in the area of Dighton, Kansas, mentioned this:

Also in town was W. B. Nicholson, an associate of Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio.  Nicholson, using his vacation time, arrived in Dighton Wednesday, but reported having found “no real valuable data” on UFOs here during his 3½ day stay.

The Ohioan works with lasers in the institute energy beam physics laboratory and says his primary interest in UFOs is their propulsion systems.

* Garden City, Kansas. Garden City Telegram. 22 July 1972.


My Comment: Here’s something that caught Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s eye:

The family said they were putting their picnic gear into the station wagon when they heard a low frequency sound and they spotted a strange-looking ship hovering over the area, he said.

“Here was this large disc-shaped object gliding toward them,” Hynek said.

Hynek said the family described a blue halo of haze that surrounded the object.

The object transmitted a similar haze to the family until “their bodies began to glow,” he said.

“That’s the part I want to find out about.“

* Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Morning Advocate. 7 March 1981.





My Comment: What’s the electrical difference between regular house lights and “security” lights:

...electric power abruptly went off within a quarter-mile radius of the [Thomas] Willard home.  All the homes in the area have bright outside security lights, which went off in unison.  After a few seconds some of the power used in the homes went back on, but not the outside lights.  Then the Willards saw two white lights and a red light in a cluster, about the “size of a panel truck,” hovering 100 to 200 feet above the Texarkana cable TV tower which is nearby in the neighborhood....after three minutes or so, the security lights came back on...

* Texarkana, Arkansas. Weekly News. 24 March 1981.


My Comment: What do you see when you peer down a smokestack?  It seems a huge boomerang-shaped UFO did just that:

The UFO has been spotted at least three times above the giant Phelps-Dodge Smelter Plant smokestacks...

“I [Joe Nevarez] saw this huge thing flying over us and told the driver, ‘Stop...Everyone look!’”

He described the UFO as “V”-shaped with lights all around it.  There was one real bright light, a kind of searchlight.”

Nevarez said the UFO stopped above the smelter and shined the giant light into the smokestacks. 

* Phoenix, Arizona. Gazette. 13 March 1981.


My Comment: It’s not clear what these “balls” were.  Perhaps they were some type of remote control missile on standby:

“I woke my brother Damian, and when we got back to the window it [the UFO] turned on its side and the underneath went a kind of “fire orange” and two objects shaped like tennis balls came away from it and stayed at its tail.

“It then swooped and dipped over the playing field before vanishing over a church spire.”

* Durham, England. Advertiser. 25 October 1984.





My Comment: Regular car headlights are known to recover when they are “put out” by a UFO.  In this next case there was a different result.  Perhaps the lights involved here are different in some way, or, and this just a guess, the UFO was startled and reacted more firmly than usual.  The witnesses were driving on a dark country road during a foggy night when they spotted a UFO about 200 feet in the air.  The car was using fog lights to see ahead.  As the witnesses’ car approached the UFO, a hole in the road jolted loose one of the fog lights on the car, sending its beam upward directly at the UFO.  The UFO immediately took off at a steep angle.  The driver, Mark Parislla, claims that none of his fog lights have worked since that encounter.

* West Warwick, Rhode Island. Pawtuxet Valley Times. 6 November 1984.


My Comment: Another “mystery circle.”  Note details about the condition of the grass:

Mr. Baldwin saw from a distance what he thought was cattle herded together.  On closer inspection he found it to be an almost completely circular patch of bare earth.

All the surface grass had disappeared and so he looked to see if it was grass grub.  But it wasn’t because the bare patch was too large (15-17 paces across) and it was too symmetrical, forming almost a perfect circle on undulating land....

[Len Baldwin said] “...the patch is peculiar, the edges are not burnt, but they are sort of frizzled.

“Everything is dead on the top, but the grass roots are alive.”

It was not grass grub that had caused the patch and it was not caused by [live]stock.  In fact, says Mr. [Dave, a neighbor] Hammond, sheep did not walk on the circle for some time.

* Putaruru, New Zealand. Putaruru Press. 17 March 1972.


My Comment: There were a lot of UFO reports coming out of the forest country near Toppenish, Washington, in the 1970s.  What attracted the UFOs to that area isn’t apparent, since there is “nothing there worth anyone’s attention,” but the UFOs did feel it necessary to check on what human activity there was.  The prime human presence was fire lookouts:

...a new lookout was being built on the western end of Toppenish Ridge, within view of, but 10 to 15 miles from, three lookouts.  Each noticed, without telling the others, two or three orange-colored balls approach the new lookout site after construction crews had left toward evening.

After dropping to just above the ground and circling, as if to inspect progress, the balls moved off across the hills and disappeared.

A year ago, fairly late one summer evening, one of the lookouts observed a bright white light about 10 miles to the south.  When she stepped outside the cabin, she could tell that the light was not on the ground and yet was below the ridge tops.

As she watched, an orange-colored object approached from the direction of the white light, passed between her and the cabin at about waist height and circled the cabin, then continued back towards the bright light.  She described the object as “a glowing, fluorescent orange, about the size of a basketball and made no sound.”

* Toppenish, Washington. The Review. 22 December 1971.





My Comment: Do UFOs abduct dogs?  It might happen all the time but that doesn’t mean there is always a witness around to see it:

“It appeared to be heading straight for the car so I slammed on the brakes.  It seemed to be vaguely triangular shaped with rapidly rotating and pulsating lights of different colors.  It was completely silent as I rolled down the window to see if I could hear anything.

Just at that moment a dog from a nearby yard came barking into the street at the thing in the sky.  Suddenly an orangish-yellow beam shot down and the dog disappeared.

* Charlotte, North Carolina. The Charlotte News. 11 February 1972.


My Comment: If UFO stories are true, I assume they would have odd details now and again:

“When Johnnie [Beer – yes that’s his real name] turned north at Riverside School, the object circled and traveled in front of him,” she [Mrs. Wayne Beer] said.  “As he turned west to the farm the light turned again and followed him into the farmyard where it hovered over the corral.

“Johnnie said he ran into the house and closed the doors and drapes but when we arrived home about a half hour later, we didn’t see anything,” Mrs. Beer said.

“But the next morning, the bottom two wires of the corral looked like they had been cut and twisted up in a pile in the corral, and several of our milk cows have burn spots on their backs.”

Mrs. Beer said in the burn spots the hair was singed to the skin, ranging from the size of a person’s fist to larger circles.

* Larned, Kansas. Larned Daily Tiller & Toiler. 10 February 1972.


My Comment: It’s a puzzle when some people report “jet-like” exhausts being emitted by UFOs, especially by tube-shaped UFOs.  Most reported UFOs operate quite well without such a crude propulsion system.  This next report was made by service station owner James Kuhlman and Patrolman James Preiss of the Rochester police force:

Kuhlman described the UFO [which was a mere 100 feet above him] as bigger than a wrecker truck with a “kind of white dome shell on top.”

He said it seemed to be powered by what looked like several small afterburners flaming from the bottom.

* Rochester, Minnesota. Post-Bulletin. 20 February 1974.


My Comment: The “kidnapping” of water is a little noticed phenomenon but it has good credentials:

“Flashing blue lights were observed in Mount Magnet, West Australia, last year.  The following day 59,089 litres of water were missing from a tank on an outback property.

The plug was still in place and there was no sign of leakage or any tracks to suggest anyone had been near the tank.

* Sale, Victoria, Australia. Gippsland Times. 17 November 1980.


My Comment: Another “energy field” case:

On July 15, a Mint Hill family was amazed when their patio lights flashed off and on simultaneously with a hovering, oval-shaped UFO which later circled the housing development.

* Hickory, North Carolina. Daily Record. 10 January 1981.


My Comment: This UFO was hard to ignore:

...a circular or disc-shaped object hovered over her [Geraldine Shields] residence between 9 and 9:30 p.m. Friday.

She said the object was above 25 to 30 feet in diameter with a low crown, made a high-pitched sound and had red, yellow and white lights.

The sound woke up a baby in the house, she said, and she had to cover the baby’s ears because of the noise.

She told deputies the object appeared three times and at one point pictures fell from the wall and the house vibrated.

* Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Daily Journal. 13 December 1980.


My Comment: Two curious things about some circles.  It concerns growth and color:

[Mr. Donald]...Printy and his wife Peggy found a large circular impression on their lawn.  The circular impression was a perfect circle about 10 feet in diameter and was surrounded by a four-inch wide border which Printy claims overnight sprouted grass about two inches higher than the surrounding grass.

The next morning, Printy said, the couple found a second circular impression with the same dimensions as the first one.  This time, however, there was no border, but the grass within the impression had a bluish tint.

* Quincy, Illinois. Herald-Whig. 27 July 1980.





My Comment: Tales of UFOs playing peek-a-boo with people driving cars is not unique.  In case there is nothing to hide behind other than water:

A man driving along the beach in front of Long Beach and Seaview spotted a round, glowing globe of light late last year as it hovered above the surf.  It was evening, and as the man drove, the object would follow the vehicle parallel over the surf.

When the man sped up, the object would speed up to keep even.  When the man turned his lights toward the object, it seemed to quickly sink into the ocean.  When lights were turned off, it would slowly emerge from the ocean to its original hovering height.

* Long Beach, Washington. Chinook Observer. 31 July 1980


My Comment: Numerous stories tell of animals, mostly dogs, apparently reacting to a sound beyond the range of the human ear.  In the next case, perhaps the sound made by the UFO shifted into a frequency audible to people:

...reports were received from people within a two-mile radius of hearing a very strange, high-pitched sound along the line where the object was moving – a sound they never heard before.

People described severe headaches they had from it, animal disturbances and at least one other person reported a very bright light at the same time at the Latrobe Sewage Plant.

* Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Tribune-Democrat. 6 September 1983.


My Comment: The French UFO group GEPAN investigated a report of a UFO hitting the ground and then immediately taking to the air again.  The area of impact was closely examined:

Plant life had mysteriously changed in character.  Although it was summer it was as if autumn had arrived overnight.

Analyses carried out at four separate laboratories produced startling results.  Chlorophyll and other substances in the plants had been reduced by between 30 and 50 percent.

But that was not all.

The scientists report added that an analysis of soil samples indicated that an object of extremely heavy weight had scraped along the ground leaving evidence of both thermic and mechanical effect and a residue of what was possibly combustion.

* London, England. Sunday Express. 24 July 1983





My Comment: More detail reported:

He was specific about the color.  He said it appeared to be a metallic, purplish-gray.  He was sure the bottom side of the object was metal, of an exceptional smoothness.  He saw no seams, although he said there was what appeared to be a metal pipe protruding from the underside.

* Easley, South Carolina. Progress. 17 September 1980.


My Comment: There are various sightings of “antennas” on UFOs.  I say that because long wire-like attachments serve such a function on an auto, so one just assumes a similar purpose on the UFO.  Other than that reason, who knows what such a thing could be.  Another puzzle is why put a light on it?  Check this out:

“It,” the women claimed, was a disc-shaped object topped with a dome that was surrounded by apparent port holes.  Rising from the dome was an antenna-type structure with a light on its tip.

* Costa Mesa, California. Daily Pilot. 30 September 1980.


My Comment: These witnesses were unnerved by their experience.  They saw some strange lights outside after being alerted by chickens, ducks, and dogs, all of which put up a terrific fuss.  The birds were dashing about colliding with the walls of their pens.  The following morning they felt uneasy about the previous evening:

Gail [Reed] appeared to be still in shock Monday afternoon.

One of the other strange things is that we never go to bed without locking our doors and when my husband went to check around, the front door was unlocked.  And all that noise the ducks, the chickens and the dogs made, well, it was unreal.

Another thing that is weird is that my husband would wake up like a bolt had struck him, so quickly, the same time I did.  But the strange thing is that later on we were talking about it and found we were both dreaming at the time we woke up, and dreaming the same thing – that a man, only it was some different sort of man, was standing over us.

“I cannot believe all this.”

* Enid, Oklahoma. Morning News. 9 September 1980.





My Comment: This witness had an unusual take on what attracted the UFO.  Off hand, I can’t say sounds play any role in the actions of UFOs.  The witness, a Mike Jonas, was followed by a UFO for three miles.  He was driving a small, three-wheeler Honda motorbike and one assumes the machine made a loud, distinctive roar:

He described it [the UFO] as about 12 feet across a perfect flat edge on the bottom, shaped like an inverted soup bowl about 3 feet or more high at its highest part.  He estimated it to be the size of a car.  A bright white light was centered in a foot-high section across the bottom that shown red hot...

Mike said he believes it was drawn by the sound of the three-wheeler.  “I didn’t have the feeling it was spying.  It didn’t have anything to do with me after I stopped.”

* Red Wing, Minnesota. Republican Eagle. 13 June 1983.


My Comment: A diamond-shaped UFO was reported in the Bay Area where I live some time ago.  This unusual shape has been sighted before, in the next case by a deputy sheriff in Texas.  (See drawing)

* New York, New York. News World. 12 March 1983.


My Comment: Perhaps TVs can act as UFO detectors:

“The two drivers said their car lights flickered and the engine nearly stalled,” [Charles] Wilhelm said.  The landowner told Wilhelm his television set’s vertical hold began to roll and the house lights flickered.

* Cincinnati, Ohio. Post. 21 April 1983.





My Comment: Repeated reports of UFO activity in Bennett County, South Dakota, prompted comments by area ranchers, especially about the local telephone network.  What I find most interesting is the apparent time gap between the UFO’s appearance and the onset of the noise on the line.  Was the time gap considerable?  A Mrs. Charlene Grass was quoted as saying:

“It is weird, but every time it [the UFO] shows up, my phone and Sheila’s [Merchen] phone gets a noise on it,” she said.  (The Merchen family ranches nearby.)  “There is the noise on the phone, and then it shows up that night.”

She said the lights have been spotted most frequently between 8:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m.

* Rapid City, South Dakota. Journal. 8 March 1984.


My Comment: Here is more from Bennett County.  Since there were sightings so often, the local folks drove around trying to get a good look at the UFO, but according to the rancher named Merchen, you might not be successful:

“I don’t really recommend that anybody go out there on a sightseeing tour,” he said.  “There is a history that when there are a lot of cars in the area, it doesn’t show up; just when there is one vehicle.”

* Ibid.


My Comment: Encounters on the road with UFOs are usually smooth operations with the witnesses at times having little memory of what transpired.  Cars restart without problems and the driver and passengers suffer no after effects.  This next case suggests an “inexperienced UFO pilot,” a malfunction of some sort, or maybe the UFO just made an unplanned close approach to the car:

A woman in her 60s driving at night on Route 220 near Bellwood reports seeing a large, silver object rise out of a field, emitting a loud, high-pitched sound.  It passes over her car.  The headlights go on and off, and the motor stalls.

She reports the two wheels on the right side of her car are lifted off the ground for several seconds, tilting the vehicle.  It is let down, then partially lifted again.  It takes her 25 to 30 minutes to restart the motor and leave the scene.

There was no damage to the vehicle, but the woman described by [Stan] Gordon as a “very stable” person, says since the incident she has lost hearing in one ear, suffers from a spinal injury and has had constant headaches.

* Bedford, Pennsylvania. Gazette. 25 January 1984.





My Comment: This case has to be one of most spectacular incidents reported in the 1970s.  While most people would consider it a far-out ghost story, there are those who take it seriously.  Ask Budd Hopkins:

What happened on Friday?

Unidentified objects
and a strange face

A man at Greenhill claimed on Friday night that he had been sucked or drawn through a window pane in the kitchen of his home.

The man, aged 34, fell seven feet to the ground outside his home, but was unhurt except for minor cuts on one hand and arm.

The man, terrified, has told his wife he saw a strange, small saucer-shaped face at the window and that he was drawn out through the glass by some unknown force.

His wife, aged 26, says she heard glass breaking in the kitchen sometime after 10 p.m. and thought her husband had broken crockery and glassware drying on the sink.

She ran outside and saw his legs and hips disappearing, horizontally through the top half of the bottom window.

The Incident came a few hours after a number of Kempsey people reported sighting a strange, bright light in the West Kempsey sky between 6.10 pm. and 6.30 p.m.

The man, whose name is not being published to protect him from unwanted publicity, is an Aboriginal who vows he will not again live in the house.

He is now in Sydney and wants his wife to go there with him.

She says she cannot because of the children.  She would prefer not to stay in the house, but there is nowhere else for her to live.

“I am scared”

She said yesterday:  “I don't like it.  I sleep with the blankets over my head.  I guess I am scared too.”

The woman said her husband had been drinking early In the evening and, although affected by liquor, was not drunk.

She said:  “We came home from the neighbours at about 10 o’clock after watching television.

“My husband went to bed and was playing with the baby.  He got up and went into the kitchen to have a drink of water.  He didn’t turn on the light, but he said afterwards he tipped his head back and saw this little face pressed up against the window.  It had no hair and it looked like a small saucer.  It had features but he did not describe them.

He doesn't remember much about going through the window.  He said he was sucked out by some force.

He fell out at the bottom of the steps on his back.

“I ran outside.  I thought he would be stunned, but he wasn't.  He wasn’t even winded.

"He jumped up and ran like hell down to the gravel (a stockpile near the Greenhill houses).

“I ran after him and he was crying and shaking.  I thought he had the horrors, and told him so.

“I went to go back to the house and he asked me not to leave him there, he was so frightened.”

The women said she had gone to the hospital with her husband where a stitch was inserted in a cut in a finger of his right hand.  She had to leave him there to go home to her children.

She believes her husband may have become truculent because police were called and, later, they took him to the lock-up where he spent the night.

“I am not mad”

His wife said he had told her several times:  “You think I’m mad.  I’m not.  I saw something.”

She said:  “I know he saw something.  He’s not superstitious.  He doesn’t believe in ghosts or men from space.  He does now.”

An “Argus” reporter went to the home yesterday and came away puzzled by the bizarre incident.





The man, about 5ft 3in. tall and weighing about 8 ½ stone, was standing at a sink about 18 inches wide.

His wife insists that he was in a horizontal position going through the window, and that he was not “struggling or thrashing about at all – just going through like that, straight out.”

The pane of glass he went 'through is 4ft 6in from the ground.  His leap, which shattered the glass but did not break the frame, would be impossible from a standing position.  He went through a glass pane 32 inches wide and 10 inches deep, touched nothing on the sink in front of him and tumbled 7ft 2in. to the bottom of the back steps.

He was not hurt in the fall and had no soreness that night or the next day.

He did not put the light on in the kitchen and no light was being reflected from the bedroom next door.

Strip Lighting

The street lighting outside is strip lighting.  The moon that night was in the first quarter.  There was also a light cover of cloud.

The man repeatedly told his wife of his terror, yet could not run from the object of his fear.  He went to it.

He had a clear recollection of the Incident that night but his wife said the next day he thought he had put a fist through a neighbour’s window and wanted to go and mend it.

Strange light

At about 6.10 p.m. on Friday, Mrs. Ina Murray, of Gabriel Avenue, her son David, daughter Rowan and nephew Ric Cooke, saw a bright light, reddish in colour with purple overtones, in the northwestern sky.

It was travelling low and its brightness fluctuated like a twinkling star.

Mrs. Murray said her son watched the light through binoculars and saw a smoke tail behind it.

They then saw the light descend “a controlled and deliberate descent” somewhere near the hospital.

It then disappeared.

At first they believed the light to be coming from a helicopter landing, but discarded this because the light was too bright and too big.

At about the same time, Mr. Arnold Nelson, of Taylor Street, saw a reddish light over the Macleay river.  He was on the verandah farewelling his sister-in-law, Mrs. Cyril Adamson.  They watched the light descend slowly into the Macleay river between the West Kempsey reservoir and the hospital.

Smoke trail

Mr. Nelson said the light was very low and appeared to be about 4ft. in diameter.  He saw a smoke trail following the descent.

Mrs. A. Andrews, who lives opposite, said that at about 6:15 p.m. she was driving over the Bloomfield Street bridge with her husband when she saw, in the south-western sky, two heavy black clouds.  Between them hung a bright light “a beautiful red light like a setting sun.”

Mrs. Andrews remarked on the phenomenon and called her husband’s attention to the sunset.

She said:  “He was a bit terse and informed me the sun sank in the west, not the south.”

Mrs. Richard Blight and her children, who live in Ronald Wixted Avenue, also saw the light, but thought it was a flare or an aeroplane coming in to land.

They watched it for about 15 seconds before it disappeared.

No night flying

Inquiries yesterday indicated that there was no night flying in the area.

No civil defence exercises were taking place.

Those who saw the light were unanimous that it was brilliant, beautiful – and strange.


* Kempsey, Australia. The Macleay Argus. ? April 1971.


My Comment: Can UFOs be timid?  This case suggests that UFOs may not always have complete control over the immediate vicinity as some reports seem to indicate:

“I saw it when I was 12,” she recalls.  “My mother, who had gone outside to fill the rubbish bin, suddenly urged me to hurry outside.”

“Above us in the sky was a brightly-lit object, shaped like a huge cigar, hovering over the park at the end of our street.

“Several times it moved lower, as if about to land on the grass.

“But on every occasion, a car would roar around the corner – causing the UFO to dart back upward.

“After 20 minutes of trying to park itself, it streaked off.”

* Sydney, Australia. Pix-People. 12 December 1983.





My Comment: It seems some kind of mental communication exists at times between witnesses and UFOs, however this next case just mentions “feelings.”  It states:

Peter McEachern described his sighting of a UFO over Tyler Lake a year ago as exciting.

“I was drawn out of the house by a very strange feeling that something was going on.  I looked toward the Lake and there it was, a round ball of light hanging low and motionless over the lake.”

Nancy Lawson of West Cornwall was with him.  “We watched for about 15 minutes and then it suddenly took off.  “It gave me a really funny feeling.”  Later she talked with six of McEachern’s neighbors who had also seen the object.  All of them said they’d experienced strange sensations in their stomachs which they attributed to vibrations from the object.

* Lakeville, Connecticut. Journal. 12 January 1984.


My Comment: UFOs can be popular:

The station’s news director, Bill Haney, told viewers they could follow the reporter to the site the next night.  Haney was expecting only a handful of people to show up; instead more than 1,000 cars gathered near the station’s headquarters.  After following the reporter to the site, they spotted nothing.

* Biloxi, Mississippi. The Sun. 12 October 1981.


My Comment: I’ve never seen a UFO.  I guess I live in the wrong country.  Investigator Bob Pratt tells us (I heard similar claims from other sources) that:

Many of them [UFO reports] come from Brazil, which is such a hotbed of UFO activity “they had to cancel night classes for two months in one area,” said Pratt, who has been to Brazil six times.

“If you went outside and turned on a light, a UFO would appear.”

* West Palm Beach, Florida. The Post. 20 October 1981.


My Comment: A witness is hit with a beam.  Was it an attack or something else?  Our story says:

“As I reached for the back door a lime green beam came down on the back of my hand.  I couldn’t move.  I was more amazed than anything.  Then the beam went back into the ship and I could move. It was as if someone had stopped a film and then started it again...”

A mark had appeared on Denise’s [Bishop] hand where she says the beam of light struck her.  Her mother told her to wash off congealed matter which had formed there.

* Plymouth, England. Western Evening Herald. ? October 1981.





My Comment: There are many cases that tell of UFOs pacing automobiles.  The next account tells of a “blocked” road:

[Deputy Sheriff Harold]. ..Hendsbee said he waited a few minutes, then tried to drive over the hill, located in Starks about 11 miles southwest of Madison.

“It advanced toward us, then stopped in midair.  I then backed up 30-40 yards and then stopped,” Hendsbee said.

He said he tried three times to pass.

“The second I started to go ahead the object came up again, shining the light right in my windshield.  It was bright enough so I couldn’t see in front of me,” Hendsbee said.

“We had the feeling it didn’t want us to go up there,” Mrs. [Helen] Hendsbee said.

Hendsbee said that after 20 minutes he turned around and drove home along Route 148.

* Portland, Maine. Maine Telegram. 1 December 1981.


My Comment: If people knew more about the UFO problem, they would, I’m sure, take it more seriously.  Consider the following:

Two men on an offshore oil platform said an unidentified flying object, making whining sounds and flashing several colored lights, hovered within 100 feet of them and knocked out electrical power on the rig in the Gulf of Mexico Wednesday.

When the vehicle finally sped away and the power was restored, the crewmen put in an emergency radio alarm for a boat to take them off...

The UFO report from Chevron Oil Co. platform, standing on stilt-like legs 60 miles south of Crowley, was the first [of many UFO reports from the Gulf Coast that day] from offshore.

Homer Lackey, transportation foreman at the Chevron base at Morgan City, said he sent the crewboat to stand by the platform after receiving the near panic radio call.

He said the UFO, or whatever it was, left without incident, and after several hours the crewboat returned.

Lackey said Jack Columbo, one of the platform crewmen, reported that the oblong vehicle hovered above the rig at about 1,000 feet before descending to within 100 feet.

* Baton Rouge, Louisiana. State-Times. 19 October 1973.


My Comment: “Lines” are actually another object:

...on focusing a powerful pair of glasses on it he was astonished to see that it was in reality a “dirty white” disc with strange zigzag white lines moving about and below it.

His daughter also saw the object and later the zigzag lines appeared to be caused by a much smaller disc moving quickly and erratically in relation to the larger one, this one varied in color, green, red and white.

* South Avon, England. Mercury. 29 August 1980.


My Comment: Here is another “near abduction,” if we can call it that:

“While driving home from the shop at about 10 p.m. I [Pat Hartley] glimpsed a bright light moving toward me at great speed.

“Imagining it was a car, I pulled over to let it pass.

“But then, what seemed to be a gigantic hand grasped my car and shook it up and down.

“When the shaking stopped at last, and I got over my severe fit of trembling, I discovered that my car engine had stopped and the lights had gone out.

“I desperately looked around for some explanation for this extraordinary experience.

“But the road was dark and unlit, and the incident to this day remains a complete mystery.”

* (City unknown) Australia. Sun Mail. 22 June 1980.


My Comment: This next case involves three objects:

It was a clear, moonlit night at 9:45 p.m.  He [Leslie Frost] said he saw above the field two huge “absolutely square” structures showing a pattern of red and white lights themselves as big as cars.  There was hardly any noise, which he found unnerving.

According to Mrs. [Margaret] Frost, “I saw them come across, like formation flying but too slow for planes and they couldn’t have been helicopters.”  And Anthony [Frost] added, “There was one big square one and a smaller one, with all these red and white lights.”   They never landed, he said, but as one flew over his head “it was just like a big manta ray casting its shadow.”

Then it stopped and “a terrific flash” was followed by a small triangular craft emerging from it and that circled for about ten minutes and finally hovered above his head, flew off in the path of the other two and “they suddenly vanished as though they went into a curtain.”

* Norwich, England. Eastern Evening News. 28 August 1980.





My Comment: Besides the people, the dog really got upset:

It started moving towards the field opposite us and I saw two red beams going round, illuminating the whole area.  It moved over us and beamed down a green light.  There were lots of lights flashing and we heard a very high pitch beeping noise.

Janet went on: “Although we couldn’t actually see it we could tell what shape it was from the position of the lights and it looked like a space craft.

“It was absolutely massive. We were terrified, my friend couldn’t speak and her dog was shivering and shaking and trying to bite her hand.  We just ran to a nearby farm and phoned the police.”

* Ormskirk, England. Advertiser. 18 September 1980.


My Comment: This one is absolutely unique:

Alan Wagner, a toll-taker on the Norbert F. Beckey Bridge in Muscatine, was getting ready to feed wild rabbits early one morning in July when he noticed something strange.

The rabbits, who usually ran away when humans came around, were stretched out flat on the cement pavement.

That’s when he noticed a strange object hovering over the treetops on the Illinois side on the Mississippi River.

Wagner is one of three persons who reported seeing unidentified flying objects in Muscatine on three consecutive nights in July.

* Des Moines, Iowa. Register. 8 August 1981.


My Comment: “Straight up” often seems to be an escape route for UFOs:

Clark [Stones], his wife Greta and visitor Stan Watson are all convinced they saw a small flying saucer on their farm in remote Arkengarthdale.

The shiny silver disc, about two feet across and six inches deep, was hovering alongside a fence on the farm.

Greta said: “The men had just come from the cow byre and at first Clark thought it was a fertilizer sack.

“But it seemed to be looking for a way through, going back and forward about five feet each way.

“It was a bit like the frisbees children play with, but very shiny.”

The men called Greta and approached the object—Stan got within 20 feet of it.

“Suddenly it just lifted up in the air as if it sensed Stan getting nearer,” said Greta.

“It was as if it was being pulled.  It went very smoothly at about 5 mph until it disappeared into the clouds.

“There was no noise, no smoke, nothing.  It was all really weird.”

* Darlington, England. Northern Echo. 30 May 1981.





My Comment: I never heard of this detail before.  What was the figure “8”?  According to our source:

“When we opened the car window and the object came closer to the car, it was something we had never seen before.  There was no noise and it was quite apparent this was a controllable flying object.”

Both Mrs. [Ken] Thew and her eldest daughter were intrigued by what seemed like the shape of “...a figure eight” which seemed to be outside the object.

In movement, a fan-like tail of golden-red color appear to follow it, but the “tail” was not visible when it was stationary.

* Timaru, New Zealand. Herald. 31 July 1981.


My Comment: I don’t know what “hexagon panels” could be:

Two flying instructors have claimed separately to have seen a nine-inch UFO near Blackbushe airport, Hampshire.  It looked like a flattened blob of mercury with “little hexagonal panels about an inch across,” said Mr. Laurie Adlington, 35, chief instructor at the Three Counties Aeroclub, near Yately.

He was able to fly within a few feet of it on Monday, and said it appeared to be rotating and in two halves “with a slit, like a joining line, in the middle.  Two short aerials were at the top, near the dividing line.  I don’t think it was out of this world.”

The next day, a similar object was seen at approximately the same time in the afternoon by Mr. Simon Spence, 21, also a Three Counties flying instructor.  He said it flew towards Farnborough at from 800 to 1,000 feet traveling at approximately 150 miles per hour.

* London, England. Daily Telegraph. 31 August 1979.





My Comment: Here’s another mention of an injury, apparently from a “missing time” incident:

...she was driving home from work that night when she saw bright lights coming at her from the sky at approximately 3:15 a.m. when she was stopped for a traffic signal at the center of Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Plummer Street.

She said she was so frightened she jumped the red light and sped home.  The only problem she discovered was that she arrived home a half-hour later than normal, and cannot remember anything about that half-hour.

She said that the next day she felt slightly nauseated and began breaking out in water blisters, as from burns, on her legs.

* Canoga Park, California. Chronicle. 16 August 1979.


My Comment: Doors, or hatches, have been reported before, but in this case the opening in the bottom of a large soup-bowl-shaped UFO was a definite color.  Maybe I got it wrong and it was just the case of colored light lighting up a rectangle-shaped hole.  You be the judge:

The technician said the object didn’t have any windows, but on the bottom was a large red rectangle, which looked larger than a door.  “It was the color of a shining candy apple,” she said.

* Charlotte, North Carolina. Observer. 12 May 1980.


My Comment: Reports indicate UFOs can act on objects at a distance, using some sort of energy field or a directional energy beam.  One of the characteristics that interest me is the range of such a powerful tool.  This next case indicates the range may be considerable:

“I don’t know what it was.  I’ve never believed in UFOs before, but I know what I saw,” Mrs. [Julia] Pickrel said.  “It was too high, too big and too bright to be a regular light.”

The couple had eyed the light glowing in the sky for miles before they rode below it.  Mrs. Pickrel said from the ground it looked about the same size as a wash tub, but it was several miles high in the air.

“There was a beam of light making a spot of light about as long as a fourth of a city block and as wide as our car,” she said.

“When the beam of light was on the car, the lights [of the car] went on and off about seven or eight times.  It was just someone was turning them on and off. Then we drove out into the darkness, and the lights never flickered again,” she said.

* Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi. Daily Herald. 14 May 1980.





My Comment: Sticks or antennas?  The story:

Because of the brightness of the object, the best she could tell of the shape was that it looked like a Piper Cub without wings.  Protruding from the bottom of the craft were at least three antenna-looking sticks, slightly at an angle, pointing toward the ground.

* New Castle, Kentucky. Henry Co. Local. 20 March 1980.


My Comment: What sets this next story apart is the persistence of UFO activity over a period of years.  I might add I see no reason UFOs would haunt the area.  (See clipping below)


Australian Town Has Its Own UFO

From Australian Illustrated Features

BRISBANE, Australia – What appears to be the world’s most persistent unidentified flying object has been terrorizing a small town in Australia for 10 years – and no one in authority will take any notice of it.

The residents of St. George, Queensland in Australia’s arid outback have complained to the Queensland Parliament, the police, the air force, civil defense authorities and even the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, but still the unexplained sightings occur almost as regularly as clockwork.

Over the years, the people of St George have shot at their UFO, thrown stones at it, cursed it and hidden from it, but nothing, it seems, will make it go away.  Some of than finally have become used to it.

The sightings in St. George – a farming town of about 1,000 people, 350 miles west of Brisbane – were first reported 10 years ago when strange glowing objects began appearing in the sky, chasing people and affecting the electrical systems of cars.

Since then, the local newspaper editor and many of the town’s leading citizens claim to have seen the UFO and St. George has registered more unexplained airborne sightings than all the rest of Australia.

The most recent incident, and one of the strangest, involved three youths – Murray Beardmore, 19, Tony Wilson, 18, and William Strofield, 19 – who were driving at night on a farm owned by Beardmore’s father.

“We suddenly became aware of a bright orange shape which descended quickly and hovered a few meters from our car,” Beardmore said.

Frightened, the three headed for home, but “the thing followed along and every now and then it swooped down in front of the car so we had to brake to avoid it,” he said.

“The thing was still following us and as we opened the last gate to get into the home paddock, I grabbed a rifle and took a shot at it.  It spun around very quickly and took off at great speed to the west.”

John Beardmore, Murray’s father and a former town-alderman, said he rushed outside after hearing the shot.

“I saw this orange ball receding in the west and I got in the car and chased after it.  The boys didn’t want to come with me; I had to talk them into it.

“We lost sight of the light several miles from the house but picked it up again later in the east. It disappeared altogether about 11 p.m.”

A number of other St. George residents say their cars have been pursued at about tree-top level by glowing orange objects.

Max Pringle, editor of the district newspaper, the Balonne Beacon, said he was driving home from work with his wife when, on the edge of town, he noticed an orange-red glow following his car.

“I saw the thing several times during the following few weeks, once through binoculars,” he said.

“Through the glasses it seems to be covered with red and green blotches.”

But Pringle’s most chilling experience with the UFO came one morning about two years ago when a young couple burst into his office shaking, gibbering and ashen-faced.

“They said they had been sleeping in their van outside town when they woke and couldn’t open their eyes.  When they did finally force them open, they said, the area around the vehicle was illuminated with a painfully bright white light, coming from above.

“These kids were absolutely terrified,” Pringle said.  “They had been to the police station and the sergeant understandably enough, had searched their van for drugs.  He found none.”





Pringle said the couple told him that their van had coughed and spluttered badly when they tried to drive into town after the incident.  Finally it had given out altogether and they had waved down a passing truck, which towed them to a service station.  But when the mechanic, a friend of Max Pringle, checked the van over he had found nothing wrong.

The couple went on their way and Pringle thought he had heard the last of the matter.

A couple of weeks later the truck driver who helped the couple told me he had been having real headaches with his truck ever since he had towed them into town.

He thought it was electrical trouble but three separate experts had checked the wiring and found nothing wrong.  He was stumped – and he firmly believes the UFO is to blame.


* Los Angeles, California. Times. 22 November 1979.


My Comment: This is a well-known case but I thought the information regarding the vegetation bears repeating.  Why aren’t more such tests conducted:

...preliminary results of infrared photographs taken later in the area indicate a 2½ mile path from where [Val] Johnson says he first spotted the object to the point of impact.

Laboratory experts said it appeared that chlorophyll in the vegetation was stimulated as if by a super-bright light.

* St. Paul, Minnesota. Pioneer Press. 14 October 1979.


My Comment: There seems to be considerable mention of “sparks” being cast off by UFOs in different accounts.  How they are generated is unknown:

There was a gap in the clouds and we saw a round ball shape with holes in the side. It looked like a golf ball and there were sparks coming from the holes...

* Halifax, England. Evening Courier. 15 October 1979.


My Comment: Is the object a ladder?  According to our source:

...once when an object hovered over a swamp beside the road earlier this year.  He said on this occasion a hatch opened and what appeared like a child’s slide protruded from the object. 

* Manchester, New Hampshire. Leader. 17 October 1979.


My Comment: UFOs may consider “energy” beams to be weapons:

After ten minutes of unsuccessful coaxing to leave, it was too late; the disc returned.  The mysterious silent object hovered again, this time even closer.

“Clutching on to the others, I pleaded for everyone to get in the truck.  My friend began flashing the truck spot light on the disc.

“The beam hit the disc; it jumped sideways away from the light.”

* Edmonds, Washington. Quagmire. ? March 1977.





My Comment: The vast majority of reports say UFOs are smooth-surfaced.  What the witness means in this case isn’t completely clear:

[Wayne] Dahling said he used field glasses to get a better look at the object and said it was circular in shape and honeycombed in texture.

* Marysville, California. Appeal-Democrat. 7 March 1977.


My Comment: More details:

The ship was surrounded by lights which were located in circular ports about 2-3 feet deep, [Wayne] Gerard describes.  There was one area, the shape of an inverted C, that had no lights, and there was a blue light located in the center on top of the ship.

* Lebanon, Oregon. Express. 13 December 1973.


My Comment: In this case it’s obvious the sound was bothering the dog:

When she got out of bed she heard a penetrating sound like a “huge swarm of bees” (which continued throughout the observation) and when she opened the door, her dog ran and hid under her bed with his paws covering its ears.  Before closing the door Mrs. [Harold] Eggers saw a circular UFO with a dome on its top and having around 12 square windows hovering about 50 feet off the ground about 90 feet away from her home.

* Lumberton, North Carolina. The Robesonian. 4 December 1973.


My Comment: This is another report that suggests UFOs emit an energy field that can affect electric current.  Unfortunately no distance to the UFO was given which would indicate the power involved.  At La Selva Beach, California, flashing lights were reported over the ocean:

...she was awakened by a burglar alarm sounding.  The alarm, deputies said, was connected to a freezer in the basement of the house, and the rhythm of lights flashing over the water “beat to the same rhythm” as that of the freezer.

* Santa Cruz, California. Sentinel. 6 December 1973.





My Comment: The witness in this case may have caught a UFO in the act of taking water out of a river:

[Patrick] Thrush pulled his car off the road onto an embankment, and as he started to turn his car around, he said, the high beams from his car showed a silvery reflecting object hovering about 20 feet over the water.  A tube extended from the object into the water...the tube, which had been at an angle, straightened up and began retracting into the hovering object.

* St. Petersburg, Florida. St. Petersburg Times. 17 December 1973.


My Comment: I wish the witness could have provided better detail:

Mr. [Glenn] Thoreen described the objects as similar to a shallow bowl and said there was some protruding object on the “saucers” which could be similar to a scanning device and seemed to move back and forth.  In fact, one of the objects seemed to have two of these protruding appendages similar to the lens on a camera.

* Fosston, Minnesota. The Thirteen Towns. 16 October 1975.


My Comment: A watch does not have to be electric:

It was a shaken John Struble who got the cement truck under way again after the object was gone, who noticed moments later that his watch apparently had been stopped too.  Mrs. Struble said the watch had kept perfect time prior to the sighting, and was five minutes slow afterwards — approximately the duration of the UFO appearance.  The watch was non-electric.

* Kalispell, Montana. Daily Inter Lake. 22 October 1975.


My Comment: This object hovered above some campers so they got a good look at it:

He said the UFO looked like two bowls with their rims together and another dome on top.  At the bottom of the object were three holes equidistant apart.  There were no lights, observers felt no heat or air...

* Kissimmee, Florida. Osceola Sun. 7 December 1976.


My Comment: Reports of small red objects give the impression they operate as reconnaissance devices.  This next case merely indicates, however, that a red object was being carried by another UFO:

“It [the UFO] was swinging and appeared to be wobbling at the same time.

“Then a most amazing thing happened.

“A bright red object came out of the side of the silver one.

“The two were then side by side...

“Suddenly, the red object shot upwards and out of sight at enormous speed.

“That left the silver one.

“Then it disappeared in the same way as the red one.”

* Melbourne, Australia. Herald-Sun. 18 October 1977.





My Comment: Here are some more “antennas” or “spikes.”  Our source states:

“I could not tell exactly how big it was, even through binoculars, but we watched it hovering for some time before it slowly receded toward Queensbury.

“At first I thought it had something round the middle, but when we looked with the binoculars we could see at least seven large spikes radiating from the center.

“Then, to my complete surprise, we saw a smaller version move away from it, shortly followed by another one.  They moved off toward the Richard Dunn Centre, and we lost track of them.”

* Bradford, England. Telegraph & Argus. 14 November 1981.


My Comment: Time travel is no doubt the most fantastic claim associated with UFOs.  Here is one account:

Salesman Alan Cave claims he became a time traveler the day he spotted a strange orange cloud.

For as he drove under the mysterious object in the sky, Alan says his milometer, his watch and a digital pen all moved... BACKWARDS.

Yesterday he told of his close encounter on the A46 between Bath and Stroud.

“It was exactly 11 o’clock when I glanced at my watch and it said eight o’clock.  My digital pen said nine.

“Both were right when I set out.

“Then the speedo started going back – it was weird.  It lost 300 miles, though a mechanic had since told me it’s impossible.”

Alan, 45, of Dorchester Road, Tauton, Somerset, doesn’t believe in flying saucers.

“But something very odd occurred in those few seconds – and I wouldn’t like it to happen again.”

* London, England. Daily Star. 3 November 1981.





My Comment: Hard to say what these “shots” were meant to be.  No damage was reported:

“Perhaps the single most bizarre description of the light’s activity came from Ann French, 23, who witnessed an episode similar to the one described above except for one important detail.  The light did something during this episode that has not been repeated since.  According to French, the light “shot down” 10 beams of bright red light to the ground one right after another.  Each beam lasted no more than a second.

* Fayetteville, Arkansas. Northwest Arkansas Times. 7 February 1988.


My Comment: This UFO did more than just take the water.  An elderly woman on a farm heard a strange sound so she looked out the window.  She saw a UFO:

...hovering above the farm pond.  Soon, the ship flew away and the pond was gone.  No fish, no water, and no vegetation was left.  The bottom of the pond was dry and cracked.

* Brandenburg, Kentucky. Pioneer. 23 February 1988.


My Comment: I wish the witness had described just how the animals were being picked up:

There he was, he said, on the night of December 20th, at 3:45 a.m. driving down I-84.  He was 65 miles east of Ogden when he saw this startling object off to the side of the highway.

“There was a rectangular shape, it was low toward the ground and I saw it picking up deer,” he said.

“I know,” he agreed.  “If someone told me this I would think they was crazy too.”  “But yes,” he said, “that’s what he saw.”

“It had to be about...shoot!  I’m trying to figure out the size.  It was about as wide as a big house and I just seen it picking up deer.  It was unbelievable.”

* Ogden, Utah. Standard-Examiner. 17 February 1988.


My Comment: Charles Fort would love this item.  Maybe it has nothing to do with UFOs but it does ask the question: what is going on upstairs anyway?  (See clipping)



POLICE were mystified yesterday over the discovery of a human finger which fell from the sky with a thump on to a car roof in West Berlin.  So far, no explanation has emerged.


* London, England. Sunday Express. 9 March 1986.


My Comment: This certainly rates as a small-time abduction:

An unidentified flying object has snatched two chickens from a farm in Chions, Italy – according to two eye-witnesses.  They say the flying saucer zapped the hens with a blue light beam before carrying them off.  There have been 20 UFO incidents in the area since August 1st.

* London, England. Daily Express. 21 August 1987.





My Comment: I’m not sure how reliable John Pinkney is, but here’s an amazing story.  (See “The Pinkney Report” below)

Mark, 13,
fights off alien

A PERTH schoolboy claims that ugly alien beings tried to drag him from a tent on the front lawn of his parents’ home.

While Mark Davies, 13, of Midland, had his brush with the unknown, Mr and Mrs Sidney Bell who live only two streets away, were alarmed by a huge green and white cone, hovering over their garden.

The strange encounters came at the peak of a 12-hour UFO scare in January.

The flying saucer flap involved dozens of Perth families whose digital clocks stopped and car engines, refrigerators and ovens failed.

A police van cruising near the scene had a radio blackout.  The patrolmen, Constables Tim Moffit and Mark Fleskens, later reported that an eerie white light had appeared inside the van, behind the driver’s seat.

For Mark Davies, the ordeal began about an hour after he had bedded down for the night in a makeshift tent on the front lawn of his parents’ house.

“Mark’s still in shock,” his mother Eileen told me.  “After that first night, when he rushed into the house screaming, he’s clammed up completely and refuses to discuss it further.

“It was a hot, sticky night.  Mark had asked if he could sleep outside, so we rigged up a rough tent for him with old sheets and steel posts.

“Soon after midnight, he burst into the bedroom, screaming.  He told me and my husband, Malcolm, that horribly ugly beings with guns, had been trying to tear off his blankets and drag him from bed.

“At that moment we knew nothing of the UFOs appearing right then in the district – we naturally assumed Mark had been having nightmares.  But it was impossible to calm him down.

“First I tried putting him in his own bedroom, but he screamed so much I finally brought him into bed with me.

“l noticed the clock radio had stopped.  Next morning I discovered that the fridge had shut off, too.

“At about 1 a.m. Mark seemed to be getting worse.  He was shaking so violently and so much saliva was running from his mouth.  I finally presumed something on the lawn had bitten him.

“We look Mark to a doctor, who told us it was probably a touch of the sun.  But when he examined Mark, he was puzzled by a large red scratch on his stomach.

When the doctor asked how he’d come by that, Mark replied that it was where the creature had clawed him during their struggle.

“We accepted the doctor's sunstroke theory until the next day when the radio news was full of reports of strange lights over our suburb.

“We then started questioning Mark more seriously about what had happened – but he totally refused to communicate.

“He burst into tears, saying the creatures would take his 12-year-old brother Kevin if he said any more.”

That same night of the alleged kidnap attempt, police were called to the house of artist Sidney Bell, two streets behind the Davies’ house.

“I woke to see two forks of light coming out of the sky,” he said.

“Then, in the middle, there appeared a huge green, white and blue light, about 30 metres high and tapered to a point at the top.

“The thing was sitting on the ground, on a base about 6 metres wide.  An Alsatian over the road began moaning, as though it had been hit by a car.”

Constable Moffit, 23, was assigned to investigate – and he, too, saw the cone of light.  Travelling north along the Roe Highway, he shouted to his offsider Constable Fleskens, 21, that he had spotted the extraordinary object hovering above Midland.

“A bright flash of white light then appeared inside the van,” Const. Fleskens said.

I understand that, after the flash, the police van’s radio failed – severing their contact with the Perth communications centre.

Theirs wasn’t the only equipment breakdown on Perth’s night of the UFOs.

Mark Heelas, director of WA’s UFO Investigation Centre, told me:  “Many people in the suburb say their digital clocks (even those with battery backup) went off during the sighting.

“The remarkable thing was that all the clocks came back on several minutes later, showing the correct time, instead of flashing 12.”

One woman told Heelas she religiously unplugs her microwave oven every night in case there's a power surge.  During the sightings, the unplugged oven switched itself on.

“The UFO seems to have emitted some kind of force,” Heelas said. “During the time it was seen, a fence was pushed over and two trees were bent to a 45-degree angle.”

Mark Davies is not the first witness to describe an attempted abduction by clawed creatures.

During the 1970s, two fishermen in Pascagoula, Mississippi claimed that beings with talons had wafted them aboard a hovering flying saucer.  Hypnotists and lie detector experts were unable to shake the men's story.


* Sydney, Australia. Pix-People. 19 March 1984.





My Comment: This is a car chase that stands out.  Having a small light (like a big alien eye) pace the car right outside the window would get on anybody’s nerves.  Another thing that would brother me, if I had been a passenger, was the driver not looking where she going since something else was doing the driving!  Finally, how can one drive and drive and not get any closer to where you’re going?  (See clipping below)


Four women sight strange
light that follows their car


None of the four women is completely certain what it was that they saw outside their car near Springfield more than a week ago.  But all of them are certain that the bright light that followed the car for several miles toward Lebanon and then merged with another brighter light high in the night sky was not an airplane or a helicopter.  And they say they’ll never forget it – that they’ll be telling their grandchildren about the night they saw a UFO.

Wanda Mathis, Anita Adams, Bertha Porter and Margaret Riley, all of Lebanon, have taken considerable ribbing from their friends and neighbors since they reported to Lebanon Police the strange light that followed them after they left the St. Rose bingo on May 11.  But the women remain adamant that their story is no hoax.  They say they’re too old to make up such a story.  And police officials report that the fear on the women’s faces when they reported the incident about 10 p.m. that night did, indeed, seem completely genuine.

“They were shaking and carrying on – something really scared them,” said police dispatcher Betty Washington.  “I don’t know what they saw, but they believed they saw something!”

What happened to the four women returning from a church bingo?  The strange occurrences began just beyond the red light on KY 55 in Springfield.

“We was just riding along, talking about the full moon and how there’d probably be lots of babies born that night,” says 35-year-old Anita Adams, who was driving the car.  “And then this little light, about the size of a cup, came out of nowhere and appeared beside my window.  And I said, “Ya’ll look.  That little light’s following us.”

The car continued up the hill beyond the Springfield crossroads, the women say, and the light stayed right beside Anita Adams’ window.  It was a soft, glowing light like a lightning bug, they say, and it seemed to mesmerize them as they looked at it.

“My sister was driving the car yet she wasn't driving the car,” says 36-year-old Wanda Mathis.  “We were all just looking at that light.  And so was Nita...but the car stayed on the road even though she wasn’t looking where she was driving.”

Adams says she remembers the feeling of hypnotism from the light, too, and the sensation that some other force had control of the vehicle.

“I know one thing...we were driving and driving but we weren’t getting any closer to Lebanon than we were when we started out,” Adams explains.

Suddenly the little light began to move down toward the ground, Adams says, while it continued in its course beside the car.  She watched it dip close to the roadside, then rise and cross the windshield to the other side of the vehicle.

“When it came over to the right side of the car, we saw this big shiny thing in the sky,” says Margaret Riley.  “It was like it was just hanging there up in the sky on the right of the car.  It was no star!  There’s never been a star that big and bright!”

The four women report that the little light rose in the sky at that point and “joined up” with the bigger light above the car so that “you could see the little light hooked on to the bigger one.”  Then the two lights together descended in what appeared to be a collision course with the car.

“My sister screamed ’Nita move, it’s coming after us!’ and I put my foot on the gas and that’s the first time I had control of the car again.  And I went all over the road; first to the left then back to the right but whatever had us let us go then.”

The bright light passed them by, but Wanda Mathis looked back through the rear window after it passed and saw “a shadow under it shaped like a mushroom.”

So frightened they were shaking and crying, the women agreed that they ought to report what they saw to the police.

Three of them went into the station as soon as they got to Lebanon and told the dispatcher about the lights.  The fourth, Bertha Porter, waited in the car for her friends to return.

Now that they’ve had some time to think about it, do they know what it might have been that they saw outside their car on a moonlight Monday night more than a week ago?

“I know one thing,” Bertha Porter says with conviction.  “It wasn’t a helicopter and it wasn’t an airplane.  There was no sound at all.  The windows were open and we didn’t hear anything – not a thing?  It was no airplane!”

The Lebanon-Springfield Airport was contacted Monday and a check of the records reveal that no aircraft of any kind – helicopter or airplane – landed or took off from the airport between 9 pm. and 10 pm. on May 11.


* Lebanon, Kentucky. Enterprise. 20 May 1987.





My Comment: It’s always fun to read about an aviation expert who finally sees a UFO:

Aviation expert Peter Halliday was left speechless by the sight he never thought he would see – a UFO.

Peter and wife Polly screeched their car to a halt as they returned home from a shopping trip last Friday in Baring Road, High Wycombe, and watched a disc-shaped craft speed across the clear blue sky.

“I looked straight at my watch and checked the time, it was 11:42 a.m.  We were so flabbergasted we didn’t even notice the car behind us flashing its lights for us to move out of the way,” said Peter.

The 59-year-old plane spotter’s home in Gayhurst Road, High Wycombe, is littered with aircraft memorabilia and RAF certificates of merit – proof that he is well qualified to judge what is or isn’t a UFO.

“I know what I saw was no aircraft or weather balloon or a satellite or any of the other standard excuses that the authorities use.  It was definitely a UFO.

“There was no way of telling what size it was because there was nothing to compare it against.  But if it’s the size of a jumbo jet for example it was travelling at least three times as fast.  That would make it travelling at around 1500 miles an hour.

“We tracked it for 15 or 20 seconds.  I was just amazed because I never thought I’d see one.  I’m not saying it was a flying saucer or a visitation from another planet.  It was just an unidentified flying object,” he said.

* Bucks, England. Free Press. 29 December 1989.


My Comment: The Jackie Gleason UFOnaut story is a sensational one.  Offhand, Larry Bryant is the only person I know that really tried to confirm it.  (See clipping below)

‘To the moon!’:
What Gleason saw

Editor, The Journal:

Not too many of us realize the historic (and ironic) coincidence in the passing on June 24 of one of America's legendary entertainers.

When he was making history with his charm, wit and comic insight, Jackie Gleason also was making intellectual history, albeit behind the scenes.

He was known to have possessed an extensive library on the controversy about unidentified flying objects.  He even subscribed for some UFO-oriented periodicals – including “Just Cause,” the quarterly newsletter of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy.

But Gleason’s ultimate place in history might evolve posthumously – from an event revealed several years ago by his second wife.

She chose to set down details of it in her unpublished memoirs, some of which she shared with a nationally circulated tabloid.

According to her account, Gleason had come home one night in 1973 visibly disturbed and eager to unburden himself.  What he had seen earlier in the day, he told her, not only confirmed his position that the UFO problem merits serious attention; It also confirmed that our government has been concealing the reality that some UFOs are somebody else’s spacecraft.

Gleason, as his wife’s story goes, had just returned from a visit to Homestead Air Force Base, Fla., where, as was prearranged by his friend former President Richard M. Nixon, he was treated to a tour of a secret repository of the recovered remains of several UFOnauts.

Armed with that sketchy account, I sent a freedom-of-information request to Homestead to gain access to all official records pertaining to the repository and to Gleason’s visit.  Word came back, of course, that there are no such records – and that the base historian has no record of any visit there by Gleason.

While waiting for a response to the FOIA request, I sent a draft affidavit to Gleason, asking that he execute it as part of the body of evidence being gathered in a forthcoming FOIA lawsuit to compel the government’s release of all records about UFO crash-retrievals.

Though I never heard from Gleason, I did learn that he had been approached by a third party in the film industry.  At this confrontation, Gleason chose neither to confirm nor deny the story, saying that he’d prefer not to discuss it at all.





The way I see it, Gleason easily could have set the record straight in a reply to my proposal or in an explanation to the inquisitive film-industry representative.  If the story was a fabrication or misinterpretation on the part of his wife, he now had every opportunity to say so.  That he chose not to merely deepens the mystery.

To resolve the issue from another angle, I sent one of my “UFO-coverup whistleblower” advertisements to the Homestead AFB base newspaper.  The ad solicited the testimony/evidence of anyone who could shed more light on Gleason’s story.

But Homestead’s public affairs officer denounced the ad and prohibited its publication.  That censorship figured in the recent lawsuit of Bryant vs. Weinberger, et al., which, on April 15, resulted in a consent judgment barring the military from further interfering with my ad submissions.

Because of that interference, the public has incurred a setback in resolving the Gleason story – for had he seen another published reference to the case, he might possibly have declared, “All right, enough!  Here’s the lowdown on what did, and did not, happen.”

Gleason's death on June 24 denied him not just the chance to clarify his role in the Ultimate Secret – but also the chance to take part in the 40th anniversary of the modern era of unidentified flying objects.

Washington, D.C. Office
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy


* Alexandria, Virginia. Journal. 9 July 1987.


My Comment: Constructing “UFO landing sites” is a total waste of time and money.  If accounts told by people who have been abducted have any validity, the “UFO pilots” hardly need any help:

Aliens have ignored earlier landing sites

By Dave Matheny/Staff Writer

UFO landing strips have not fared well.  At least four sites have been declared open for visitation by extraterrestrials, received fanfare from the media, and then were left waiting at the interplanetary altar.

One of the more ambitious was erected in 1976 in Lake City. Pa., on a 100-acre site on the shores of Lake Erie.  Many UFOs had been reported near Lake City.  According to Don Tome, former town police chief, it was on a mound 200 feet in diameter, was encircled by red, white and blue lights (the site was an official part of the Bicentennial celebrations) with a strobe light in the center and “a communications tower and a big fiberglass saucer next to it.”  From time to time, over the next two years, people gathered there to watch and wait he said.  It’s still there, although “people have lost interest.  We used it as a helicopter pad for lake rescue.”  It still exists, he said, in the sense that the pad and the saucer are there, but it’s ignored.

Another was put up three years earlier on a 67-acre mountaintop near El Cajon, Calif., 35 miles east of San Diego, by Ruth Norman, who also bet a London bookmaker, Ladbrokes & Co. Ltd., that at least one spaceship would arrive there by Sept 30, 1977.  According to Charles Spaegel, reached by telephone at Norman’s El Cajon home, Ladbrokes originally gave 500-to-1 odds, but as bets of $6,000 from Norman and about $4,000 from others came in, the bookmakers reduced the odds to 50-to-1.

They could have given any odds.  All $10,000 went into Ladbrokes’ coffers, but the publicity was worth it for Norman, Spaegel said.  About all that was done for site preparation was to put up a sign that said “Welcome Space Brothers,” although the site was attended, if irregularly.  That site, too, is still there, he said.

In 1978, on a 14-acre site at the foot of Mt. Rainier in Washington, “Spaceport Earth” was created.  The Rev. Harold R. Price, of Tacoma, was one of the proponents.  For several years he and his followers held three-day gatherings there on June 24th, the anniversary of what many historians consider the first modern UFO sighting.  That’s the day in 1947 when a pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine objects, later dubbed flying saucers, while flying in the vicinity of Mt Rainier, right in the neighborhood of what would become Spaceport Earth.

But “nothing appeared that we could see,” Price said last week in a telephone interview.  Although, during one campout to watch for UFOs, he said, he heard from a grandson that a flat saucer-shaped cloud had appeared on the far side of the mountain and stayed there for more than a day.  He was not dismayed when this reporter told him that such unmoving flat clouds are so common near mountains that pilots call them “lennies,” because of their lenslike, or disklike, shapes.  “This one was different.  This one had a UFO inside it,” Price said.

Spaceport Earth is now abandoned.  Its 20-foot tower, surmounted by a brass disk, has been vandalized.

Information is sketchy, but Project Starlight International, near Austin, Texas, was apparently begun in 1975 and appears to have been the most ambitious of them all.  According to Sue Taylor, an editor with the Austin American-Statesman who checked that newspaper’s files, the site had a perimeter of lights, radar, synchronized cameras and even a gravimeter, an instrument for measuring minute changes in gravitational fields.  The project was reportedly the brainchild of Austin millionaire Ray Stanford, who could not be reached for comment

At the time it was begun, according to Phillip Klass, an editor with Aviation Week magazine and the country’s leading UFO skeptic, Stanford and Klass had a conversation:  “I remember him saying to me that if they didn’t get evidence in the first three years, ‘it will make a skeptic out of me.’  I said, ‘If you do get evidence, it will make a believer out of me.’  I don’t know what became of it,” Klass said recently.  The last newspaper clipping about the site was from 1981 and quoted Stanford as saying that enough data had been gathered so that the project “could now break the code.”  But, according to Mutual UFO Network, a Texas-based organization of UFO believers, the site is now abandoned.


* Minneapolis, Minnesota. Star-Tribune. 27 February 1988.






My Comment: As I mentioned before, I like “Mother Ship” cases so I will include one more.  (See clipping)

Mothership and scouts seen in Canada

Conduct search from farm ‘base’

The growing season in Canada is short, and farmers often work around the clock.  It is not unusual to see people working in the fields very late at night.

Thus, it was normal for Jim Shirtliffe to be seeding a field on his farm 5 miles southeast of Elie, Manitoba, shortly before midnight one night in May 1975.  What wasn’t normal was what he saw.

“We were seeding with a disker, going around the field,” said Shirtliffe, a tall, angular man who was 35 at that time.

“My two youngest brothers, Ladimir, who works for the Farm Credit Corp, in Winnipeg, and Verne, a geology student at the University of Manitoba, were helping me that night.  So was a hired hand, Harry Wipf, and my parents.

“We were going around and around the field seeding and one time we turned the corner and saw this enormous light over by the microwave tower.  This is a telephone company tower maybe a mile west of the field.

“After about five minutes we saw four smaller lights come out of it and sort of take up positions above and below the mothership.  They all glowed white.

“The two above sat quite a ways above the mother ship.  They seemed to be guards while the two below were the explorers.

The mother ship was the brighter of them all and the biggest.  We couldn’t tell how much bigger.  It was an enormous light.

“We couldn't tell the shape of any of them, and you couldn’t look at the big one too long because it would hurt your eyes.

“One little one came down so low below the top of the tower that the trees blocked my view.  I don’t know if it landed or not, but in a very little time it came right back up and went sailing off west toward Portage La Prairie.  The other one went east toward Winnipeg.

“But they didn’t go in a straight line.  They went through the air in a wavy motion, very smooth and very regular.  Just very small waves.

“Neither one was gone very long.  The one that went east looked like it went all the way to Winnipeg, which is about 20 miles away.  But I’m not sure it went that far.

“It took only two or three minutes to go there and then it came back in the same way, in a wavy motion.

“The one that went to Portage also went in a wavy motion.  We couldn’t see how far it went but it was back soon, too, still going in that up and down pattern.

“I didn’t know what to think.  I was just interested, I guess.  The fellow who worked for me, he wouldn’t get out of the tractor.  He just stayed in the cabin and watched from there.

“We watched this whole thing for about three-quarters of an hour, and then the mothership and the little ones all flew off toward the west.  They moved away quite fast.

“We weren’t sleepy after that, that’s for sure.

“This happened three nights in a row, and each time the little ones came out of the mother ship and one went off to Winnipeg and one to Portage while the other two stood guard.

“We never saw them after that.”

© Bob Pratt 1981

Any questions or comments about UFOs?
Just write to: The World of UFOs, in care
of this newspaper.


* New York, New York. News World. 3 April 1982.


My Comment: Many UFO reports mention jet-like exhausts.  – why UFOs need jets for anything beats me – sparks being thrown off, and high heat in landing-areas.  This next case is a rare one in that there is a reference to “fireballs.”  And I do not mean just one “fireball.”   (See clipping)

UFO Sighting
Reported In
This Area

Globe News Editor

What the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Wash., called bonafide Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted by Frank Derr in the sky southeast of his Route 2 home last night.  Derr lives northwest of Atchison

Derr told The Globe he saw three to four circular stationary objects “about the size of a large pumpkin” that cast off smaller balls of fire of varying sizes.  The ejected balls left spots of dead grass in his yard, Derr said.

Robert Gribble of the National UFO Reporting Center, told of the sighting, said there was no natural phenomena he had ever heard of that would explain the objects.

“Right now,” he said, “what you have is strictly unidentified flying objects.”

Gribble's first remark was that it was “obviously a patrol of some kind.”  He retracted it a little later, saying he would have to talk to Derr before be could say anything definite.

The Reporting Service staff member did say he had heard of similar sightings in which objects in the sky ejected smaller objects that came to the ground.

On questioning, Gribble said these previous sightings have not been explained.

Derr said the sighting lasted a long time – from about 10 p.m. until 1 a.m.

He said the objects, three all the time and four at the very end, were “in a straight line but miles apart” and were in the direction of Kansas City.

The color he defined as red in a shade that might be mixed with orange.  They appeared and reappeared, Derr said, and “not every time, but about every two or three times they appeared they would cast off these balls of fire.”

Derr said the smaller balls fell to the ground “just like there were magnets there to pull them down.”

This morning, Derr found a round ring in his front yard where he saw one of the larger of the ejected balls land.  “It was about a foot across,” he said, “and the blue grass there was dead.”

Derr swore the grass there yesterday was as green as the rest of his yard.  He found several smaller places where there were other spots of dead grass – “it looked like a hard frost hit it,” he said.

The larger cast off ball of fire was described by Derr as larger than a golf ball but smaller than a hardball.  “It kind of bounced around when I saw it fall,” he said, “until it died down.”  A matter of seconds, he said.

Derr said the smaller balls were not tinged with orange like the ones in the sky but bright red — “they looked hot like hot metal.”  There was no noise that he heard but Derr said he did not venture outside.  “It was weird,” he said, “like somebody shooting at me.”

One of the three stationary objects ejected a large number of smaller balls about “the size of a marble,” Derr said.  “There must have been about a hundred of them.”

Derr said he watched them out of the window for hours – until about 1 a.m.

“They stayed in the same place” and he thought the appearance and reappearance probably was due to last night’s cloudy sky.

About 1 a.m., Derr said “they just kind of faded out to white – and they seemed to be farther away.”  He said they were still there when he went to bed but were fading.

The National Weather Service in Topeka was the first to put the UFO label on the sighting.  Eric Schmishe of the staff said he did not know of any meteorological phenomena that would act like that.  He said balls of lightning are not that color but are white – possibly with an orange tinge but that, he said, is rare, and it is never red.  He added that no lightning would last that length of time.

Gribble said he would talk to Derr and that he would contact The Globe when some sort of determination of what the sightings might be is made.


* Atchison, Kansas. Daily Globe. 27 March 1985.





My Comment: Bob Pratt was not a “UFOlogist” in the usual sense but he made a big contribution to an understanding of the problem.  His experience demonstrates that if a person looks at the evidence close enough, and long enough, he will be convinced the subject is nothing to laugh at.  (See clipping)

Alien   Obsession

He Once Scoffed at Them, but Now Bob Pratt Is a Believer in UFOs

‘I have become, quite by chance, the world’s most active UFO investigator.  I averaged 50,000 miles a year, and one year I traveled 80,000.  It was my job and it was my hobby.’ – Bob Pratt

By Tom Duffy
       Post Staff Writer

UFOs have taken control of Bob Pratt's life. He can’t escape the grasp of their immense power. He has never seen one, doesn’t think he ever will.  But he believes there’s something out there.

He’s no kooky zealot, caterwauling on a street corner about little green men from Mars who want to enslave us.

First of all, the little men inside have only rarely been described as green.  Secondly, they probably aren’t from Mars, but from Earth.  Thirdly, there’s no evidence they want to enslave us.

Finally, there’s the man himself.  Bob Pratt is a reasonable, calm, objective 55-year-old man who to all appearances is sane.  He enjoys tennis, classical music and watching football on television in his suburban Lake Worth townhouse.  He is married and has a grown son living in England.  He has been a journalist for nearly 30 years, holding a variety of jobs at a variety of newspapers.

And, Pratt says, one of his pet peeves when he was managing editor of a Virginia newspaper, was stories about UFOs.  “I was sort of incensed every time,” he says.  “I felt I was much too intelligent to believe something like that.”

Then he went to work for the National Enquirer, the Lantana-based weekly tabloid that has brought UFO reports into homes all over North America.  At one time, the Enquirer was so enamored of UFO stories the mock headline “Spaceman Ate My Dog!” became a symbol for the paper’s philosophy.

That was Bob Pratt’s heyday.  He traveled all over the world tracking down UFO reports for the Enquirer.  But his time on the beat had an inauspicious beginning.  One fateful day in May 1975, an editor who was pro-UFO (some liked the stories, some didn’t) dropped 10 files about sightings on his desk.

“He told me to pick two and investigate them,” Pratt says.  “I really didn’t want to do it, but I picked the two and went to Superior. Wis., for the first assignment.  There had been a number of alleged UFO sightings in that area.

“I felt if you asked enough questions, you could figure out what these people really saw.  I met with a UFO investigator and together we interviewed 60 or 70 people in that area.  I asked every question I could ask and I came away impressed.  These people were solid, reliable citizens, not publicity seekers, and they were believable.

“I came to the conclusion that there was something there.  Since that time I’ve talked to, say, 1,200 people.  I became permanently assigned to UFOs by the Enquirer, and I traveled all over the world, to the Philippines, to South America, investigating UFO reports.  I have become, quite by chance, the world’s most active UFO investigator.  I averaged 50,000 miles a year, and one year I traveled 80,000.  It was my job and it was my hobby.”

But, like all good things, it came to an end.  UFO stories fell out of vogue at the Enquirer (there always was an anti-UFO faction there, anyway).  And, one day, the inevitable ax fell on Bob Pratt.

But, by that time, Bob Pratt was a 99.9 percent believer in the reality of UFOs, and an ardent gatherer of UFO reports.  So he has set about trying to find some way to “stay in the business.”

He has two ventures to progress.  One is a book, as yet untitled, that will summarize some of the more interesting cases he investigated and “some of my adventures in gathering them.”

The other is a weekly column, The World of UFOs, which is offered to newspapers across the country.  These are short columns, each of which involves one UFO incident.  Unfortunately for Pratt, he is finding that too many editors had the same attitude toward UFO stories he used to have.

“I sent out a mailing of 700,” he says ruefully.  “I’ve only heard from 20 or 25, and only one ran the three sample columns I sent.  If it doesn’t get any better, I’ll have to get a job, I guess.”

While a true believer in the existence of UFOs, Pratt doesn’t have any theories on where they come from, what they want or who they are.  He feels fairly confident of what they’re not.

“I see no evidence that they’re extraterrestrial,” he says.  “If they were from some planet billions of miles away, why would they come here, to one little planet?  That just doesn't make sense.

“There are a lot of theories as to what they are.  Some say they come from inside our minds, that they’re a psychological phenomenon.  Some say they come from the past, some say the future; time travel.  Some say they’re an after-death phenomenon, that UFOs are where we go when we die.

“Others say they come from inside the earth, and there’s some evidence of that.  Many people see them coming out of the water, that’s a very common report.  Maybe they’re based there.  Maybe they’re based in space.  Others have seen them rise up until they become a pinpoint of light, indistinguishable from the stars.

“One woman I talked to in Alabama said she saw a large, cylindrical object flying through the air and it just disappeared like someone was taking bites out of it, like the hamburger in the commercial.”

If Pratt has no trouble believing people who saw UFOs, he has a lot of trouble believing the government’s UFO policy, which is to ignore reports.  It finished its investigation in 1969 saying that no evidence had been found to indicate the UFO phenomenon posed a threat to human life.

“I’m not convinced they’re covering anything up, except the fact that they don’t know much about it,” Pratt says.  “But it’s funny.  I investigated one report of six UFOs that were tracked, by military radar, back and forth across Lake Huron.  This went on for some time.  The military said it didn’t know what they were.  I asked one of the military men why they didn’t send planes up to intercept these UFOs.  He said they didn’t provide a threat to national security.”

“If he didn't know what they were, how did he know they weren’t a threat to national security?”

You can believe in UFOs and nobody will question your sanity.  You can make reasonable statements – “I think there’s a real good chance that UFOs are real; surely we’re not alone in the universe” – and you won’t lose your job or your friends or your credibility.

But heaven forbid you should actually see an Unidentified Flying Object and then tell people what you saw.  Then you’re a certifiable crazy.

But if you do see a ball of fire rising into the air, or a glowing triangle the size of football field moving slowly across the sky, or a flying machine as big as Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium, tell Bob Pratt.  He'll listen to you – and believe.


* West Palm Beach. The Post. 20 October 1981.





My Comment: A UFO and a triangular “satellite” object?  See below:

“We were heading back into Georgetown and I saw something out the window again,” Susan continued.  “I didn’t want to say anything to Ron but then he said, ‘Mom, did you see that?’

This time they got a good long look at the object.  Susan drew a picture, describing it as having two glowing saucer-shaped halves.

The object appeared to release another smaller light from its “undercarriage” or tail-end, Susan said.  When they arrived home, they noticed a triangular-shaped red object (the object released before?) circle above the yard and then disappeared.

* Georgetown, Canada. Herald 5 May 1982.


My Comment: Here’s a drawing of a “flying cigar” that resembles many others, but the “windows” in this case seem small and the tiny lights along the top and bottom edge are an unusual feature, it seems to me.

Drawing of the craft sighted by Barry E. Taft over Los Angeles on the night of April 19, 1981.  The cigar-shaped object made no sound as it moved slowly over a West Los Angeles parking lot.

* New York, New York. News World. 12 December 1981.


My Comment: UFO researcher Donald Johnson of Washington State shared some his findings in 1987:

Researchers of the effect believe that some kind of high intensity fluctuating magnetic field interferes with the cars’ electrical systems, causing them to fail.

By studying records of such incidents, Johnson has found a statistical correlation between distance, duration, and size of the object, and the intensity of the effect on the automobile.

“For example,” he said, “if the UFO came within 500 feet of the car, stayed for over 30 seconds, then the car would likely come to a complete stop.”

* Kirtland, Washington. Courier Review. 15 April 1987.





My Comment: Reading through my clippings I almost missed this one.  Here is a mutilation case that apparently mentions no wounds!  It states:

At that time, two dead cows were found in the Sejita area.  The carcasses were intact but did not have any blood at all, he said.  No traces of blood were found at the scene.

The bodies of the dead animals were not mutilated, he said, and there were no wounds on the bodies whatsoever.

“The heifers were complete,” he said.

“There were no bullet holes.  No nothing.  Yet, they had no blood,” [Adolio] Briones said.

* Corpus Christi, Texas. Caller. 31 January 1985.


My Comment: Last but not least, we have a young man who claims a UFO with flashing lights blocked his way while traveling south on South Carolina Highway 18 the evening of January 19, 1973.  The youth thought at first he had encountered the scene of an accident, but as he drew near he could see a domed ship in the road supported by three struts.  The ship was surrounded by at least a dozen “men” who seemed to show no concern about the fact they might be in danger from traffic.  Perhaps the “men” and the ship were protected by a “force field?”  The story in the newspaper said:

The men did nothing but stand in their position near the object.  Those who were facing in another direction away from the witness slowly turned their heads and looked at the approaching car but showed no particular interest in it.

An unusual fact about the men, one which the witness was reluctant to mention, was that they appeared to waver, much as an object appears to do when viewed through the heat radiating from a heater.  As the youth said, “they sort of wiggled like a worm.”

* Gaffney, South Carolina. The Gaffney Ledger. 26 January 1973.

~ # ~



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Menstrual, cycle (irregular), p.39.
Mercury vapor lamps, p.11.
Metallic taste in mouth. p.50.
Microwave oven, effect on. p. 76.
“Missing time?” p.69.
“Mothership.” p. 19.
Mount Kisco, New York. p. 18.
Murphy, T. p.2.


National Enquirer, p.81.
Nauseated, p.69.
“Near abduction.” p.66
Newington, Ontario, Canada, p. 5.
Nicholson, W.B. p.53.
Nixon, President Richard, p. 78.
Norman, Ruth. pp. 14,79.


Ocean, UFO hiding in the. p.58.
Offshore oil platform, p.65.
O’Malley, Mr.? p.6.
Orange smoke, p.5.
Otorohanga, Canada, p.40.


Pacheco, Ernie, p.24.
Page, Kermit. p.45.
Parakeets, effect on. p.26.
Patio lights, effect on. p.57.
Patterson, Col. Alfred, p.30.
Patti, Long. p. 10.
Pendulum, moved as a. p.29
Perth, Australia, p.2.
Phalen, Lt. Steve, p.32.
Philippine Communications
    Satellite Ground Station, p.29.
Phone line, effect on. p.61.
Pickrel, Julia, p.69.
Pictures (blacked out), p.48.
Pinkney, John. p.76.
Pipe, protruding from UFO. p. 59.
“Play,” UFO at. p.36.
Photographs of UFOs. p.32.
Pond drained, p.75.
Porter, Bertha, p.77.
“Pot marks.” p.47.
Pratt, Bob. pp.64,80-81.
Preiss, James, p.56.
Price, Rev. Harold, p.79.
Printy, Donald, p.57.
Propulsion system of UFOs. p. 53.
Puketutu, New Zealand, p.3.


Queenstown, South Africa, p.5.


Rabbits, effect on. pp.46,67.
Radar detector, effect on. p. 12.
Radio, effect on. pp.6,20,38,50,
Radio. UFO monitoring? P.36.
Radar, UFOs on. p.32.
“Ray” projected by UFO. p.36.
Rectangular UFO. p.75.
“Red scratch.” p.76.
Redwood Valley, California, p. 7.
Reed, Gail. p.59.
Ruppelt, Edward, p.29.
Russia, p.29.


San Antonio, Texas. p:15.
Santiago, Col. Rufino. p.30.
Satellite UFOs, pp.9,13,19,36,47
“Scanning device?” p.73.
Scar on hand effected, p. 12.
Schirmer, Herb, pp.26-28.
Scott, Brian, p.31.
Skin effected, pp. 17,19.
Security lights, effect on. p. 54.
Shaffer, Cathie, p. 1.
“Shield.” p.34.
Shirtliffe, Jim. p.80.
Shirtliffe, Ladimir. P.80.
Shirtliffe, Verne, p.80.
Sounds, strange, pp. 11,42,50-51,
Sparks, p.71.
Spence. Simon. p.68.
Spinal injury, p.61.
Spotlight on a UFO. p.25.
Springfield, Missouri, p.5.
Square UFO. pp.41,66.
Smokestack, UFO interest in.
    p. 54.
Stanford, Ray. p. 79.
Starlight, Project, p.79.
St. Charles, Missouri, p.2.
St. George, Australia, p.70.
Stone, Bob. p.47.
Stones, Clark, p.67.
Stones, Greta p.67.
Stirling, Australia, p. 19.
Streetlight, effect on. p.6.
Strofield, William, p.70.
Strum, Dorothea, p.23.
Sucked through window, p.62.
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, p. 9.
Suttles, M.E. p.39.
Sweden, p.31.


Talesfore, Gary. p.33.
Taylor, Sue. p. 79.
Temperature of a 102. p.17.
Testing gravity? p. 18
Thoreen, Glenn, p.73.
Thrush, Patrick, p.73.
Time UFOs appear? p.61.
Time loss. p.6.
Time travel? p.74.
Timmerman, John. p.1.
Tome, Don. p.79.
Toppenish Ridge, p.55.
Toppenish, Washington, p.23.
Triangular flight pattern, p. 7.
Triangular-shaped UFO. p.67.
Triangular windows, pp.43-44.
Truck, loss of control, p.49.
Tube, pp.3,73.
TV, effect on. pp. 11,16,46,
    53, 60.
TV antenna, p.45.
Twombley, Dr. James, p.45.


“U,” flew a. p.6.
Unarius Foundation, p. 14.
Unlocked door. p.59.


Vietch, Patricia, p.46.


Wagner, Alan. p.67.
Walkie-talkie, effect on. p. 11.
Wanblee, Washington, p.38.
Warm air. p. 12.
War of the Worlds, p. 15.
Washington State Penitentiary. p.9.
Water, UFOs taking, p. 57.
Water blisters caused by a UFO. p.69.
Watch, effect on. p.73.
Watson, Stan. p.67.
“Weird feeling.” p.33.
Welles, Orson, p. 15.
Wilkerson, Frank. p.41.
Wilkinson, Rev. John. p.45.
Wilhelm, Charles, p.60.
Wilson, Tony. p. 70.
Wipf, Harry, p.80.
Wolever, Jerry, p.47.
Wolverton, Keith, p.47.
Worms, p.5.




Zig-zag “lines.”p.66.

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