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Excerpt from Project Blue Book Status Report #6, 30 April 1952,
Air Technical Intelligence Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio



A.   Briefing of the "Civilian Saucer Investigations"

On the evening of 2 April 1952, a civilian group who are interested in the investigation of reports of unidentified aerial objects was briefed on all of the unclassified aspects of the project. This group consists of employees of the North American Aircraft, Inc., Aerophysics Laboratory, and several non-technical persons. The organization is not, however, officially affiliated with the aircraft company. The majority of this groups are qualified engineers and are working on missile developments.

The purpose of the briefing was to familiarize this group with the past history and present operations of the project. It is believed that these people will possibly receive reports of unidentified aerial objects from civilian sources that might not be reported to the Air Force. They are also in contact with other civilian groups in the United States that are collecting similar reports.

Although this group is financially unable to conduct any large-scale investigations, liaison has been established so that the Air Force will be advised of any outstanding reports they receive.

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