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       Vol. IV,  No. 3 - Nov - Dec, 1967 - Page 3

"Flying Cross" UFOs Over Britain

Objects reported as "flying crosses" - usually thought to be errors or optical illusions - have recently been sighted in increasing numbers, especially in the British Isles, where a flurry of UFO reports occurred in October.

One of the most detailed reports, which may explain other "flying cross" sightings, took place at South Dorset, on October 26.  It was about 11:30 a.m. when witness Angus Brooks observed a circular object with one long thin projection in front and three together at the rear.

The strange device flew near Brooks, he reported, then stopped.  As it hovered, two of the rear arms swung to the sides making a cross shape.

After hovering about 22 minutes, the UFO swung the two arms back to the rear and climbed rapidly into the sky.

This is one of six similar reports from England, forwarded by NICAP investigator Julian Hennessey of London, who is in process of forming an English subcommittee.

UK Map of 1967 Flap Locations

Other sightings during the October "flap" included these preliminary reports from Mr. Hennessey:
  • October 24, Burton-on-Trent; a black cigar-shaped UFO with a bulbous front and tapered rear;

  • October 25, Bebington, a fast-flying and unlighted object, torpedo-shaped and grayish white in color;

  • October 25, Derby, an oblong Silvery object reported by twelve Rolls Royce employees who saw it speeding across the sky;

  • October 25, an elliptical gold-colored object sighted at high altitude over Aberdeen, Scotland;

  • October 26, Skipton, a large round object with a blue glow, described as "the size of a double-decker bus;"

  • October 26, a car-pacing case near Upton and High Ercall;

  • October 26 or 27, at Bromborough, a round, silvery object which appeared almost to collide head-on with an airplane;
  • October 27, Winchester, a UFO chase by two RAF Lightning jet interceptors.
Detailed reports are expected later.  At last count, Mr. Hennessey was checking more than 50 other sightings, some in Scotland and Ireland, but most in north England or in the south coast area.