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        Vol. IV,  No. 5 - March- April, 1968 - Page 3

European Subcommittee Formed

NICAP's first European Subcommittee has been formed in London by member Julian J. A. Hennessey, who has conducted important investigations for NICAP.

European Unit No. 1 members include Captain F. E. C. Underhill, an airline pilot with over 25 years flying experience.  (Captain Underhill sighted a cone-shaped UFO over the Pyrenees on Sept. 10, 1967, as it passed beneath his plane at high speed); a physics/chemistry professor at the Free University of Bruxells, in Belgium; B. A. A. Smye-Rumsby, Director of the Smye-Rumsby Engineering Co., Ltd., who was involved in secret uses of radar applications during World War II, and R. H. B. Winder, a research engineer who is also a consultant to the Flying Saucer Review and Vice President of the British UFO Research Association.