The Sign Historical Group
Government Folder Headings

Folder headings in the file holdings of Jan Aldrich

This inventory of government UFO material represents documents collected by over 40 individuals whose efforts span decades. This collection required tens of thousands of dollars and man-hours to assemble. The collection, contained in 24 "stor-all" boxes and one legal-sized four drawer filing cabinet, comprises well over 50 linear feet of papers concerned or related to government UFO investigations. The current inventory represents about 85 per cent of the complete holdings. Other material has yet to be categorized or filed, and some of this listed material will be further organized into additional separate files.

A separate annotated inventory of over 500 microfilms containing UFO or related material is currently under preparation. While these vast holdings are impressive in size, the material on microfilm, paper and other media, does not represent by any stretch of the imagination the sum total of government UFO documents. There has yet to be anything resembling a systematic search through the documents that are available to the public at various archives, and a great deal of government material is yet to be uncovered.

Utilizing references and leads in these current holdings, significant new material might be located, but not without considerable effort and expense -- and judging from past experiences -- only after some frustrating searches that result in dead ends.

When this collection is taken together with Barry Greenwood's impressive collection of government documents, these two nearly complementary holdings show the spectrum of government UFO interest over the last 50+ years. It should be noted that while there are significant overlaps in both collections, much of the material is exclusive to either Greenwood's or this collection.

The core of both collections is the material found and assembled by Robert Todd of Pennsylvania. His ceaseless efforts resulted in the release of huge amounts of documents by various government agencies. Over half of both collections originated with material originally found by Robert Todd. To date much of this material has seen only limited dissemination.

Barry Greenwood has assembled the inventory of his collection by categories based on material from originating agencies. While this represents an efficient method for locating material, this collection uses a general system composed of the different categories listed below. These listings will be refined into further subcategories at another time.

While it is accepted that some categorizations, such as "FOIA Requests" might appear unsatisfactory, it was considered a priority to make this inventory available as soon as possible.

As always, comments, criticism and corrections are welcome at:


(Several of these binders are not government-related)

    Aerographers, Atmospheric Physicists, Forecasters, Meteorologists and Weather Observers: UFO Observations (working)

    Accession Number Master List, Washington National Records Center, Record Groups 341, 342

    Accession Number Master List, St Louis National Personnel Records Center, Records 342

    Air Defense of Atomic Energy Installations, March 1946-December 1952

    Air Force Office of Scientific Research, University of Colorado, UFO Project Documents File

    Air Force Office of Special Investigation Dr. Carroll/other AF UFO material, 1947-48

    CIA Documents (CIA on line, Declass Index, Other Agencies)

    CIRVIS, JANAP 146, Docs 1948-1950

    CIRVIS, JANAP 146, Docs, 1950---

    Col. Albert B. Deyarmond, personal papers

    Connecticut UFO Reports (working)

    DIA Translations of F. Y. Zigel's, "Observations of UFOs in the USSR"

    Disc and unusually configuration aircraft (Working)

    Far East UFO Reports (workings)

    FUFOR Govt UFO Document files, 3 Vol.

    Fugo Balloons, Japanese Balloon Bombs (working)

    Ghost Rockets 1946

    Ghost Rockets 1947-1950

    Govt UFO Documents 1947

    Govt UFO Docs 1948

    Govt UFO Docs 1949 (working)

    Govt UFO Docs 1950 (working)

    Govt UFO Docs 1951 (working)

    Govt UFO Docs 1952 (working)

    Govt UFO Docs 1953 (working)

    Govt UFO Docs 1954 (working)

    HQ, AFIN-AFIS FOIA Case Files 1975-1976

    HQ, USAF Organizational Charts 1947-1984, AFP 210-5 (Ledger Size), (rt)

    History of the Deputy Director for Estimates 1 Jan-31 Dec 52,

    History of the Deputy Director for Targets 1 Jul-31 Dec 1952, Directorate of Intelligence, USAF

    Horten Brothers/Aircraft

    India, UFO Reports (working)

    JANAP 146 and 146A--146E (1948-1966)

    Alfred Loedding

    Middle East UFO Reports (working)

    NRAS Preliminary Inventories of Records Groups 330, Secretary of Defense, RG 334 Interservice Agencies, RG 218 Joint Chiefs of Staff

    NRAS Preliminary Inventories of Records Groups 339, Hqs., Army Air Forces, RG 18, Army Air Forces, RG 117 Chief of Arms, RG 392, Coast Artillery Districts and Defenses, RG 391, Army Mobile Units.

    NRAS Preliminary Inventories of Records Group 340, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force and Records Group 341, HQ, USAF

    Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, Organizational and Function Charts 1947-1989, AFP 210-6 (rt)

    Project Mogul

    Radar Reports

    Ruppelt Manuscript (2 binders)

    State Department Documents (working)

    USAF Press Releases on UFOs

    USAF Records Group 341, Entry 213, List of Decimal files 1948, 1951, NARA II

    USAF Records Group 341, Entry 213 List of Decimal files 1952, (Inventory of individual documents.)

    USAF Records Group 341, Entry 213 List of Decimal files 1953, NRAS, Suitland

    World War II (Foo-fighters, etc.) (working)


    AF-Series USAF Intelligence Report Index Cards (excerpts)(to 1961) (ja)

    AFHRA Card Catalog entries on "Balloons" (bh)

    K-Series USAF Intelligence Report Index Cards (excerpts) (ja)

    KK-Series USAF Intelligence Report Index Cards (excerpts) (ja)

    KO-Series USAF Intelligence Report Index Cards (excerpts) (ja)

    Top Secret USAF Intelligence Report Index Cards (excerpts) (ja)


(A complete inventory is in a separate document)

    XXth Bomber Command Tactical Mission Reports, 1945, 35mm, 6 rolls (ja)

    Air Force Histories and other Air Force files (UFO and non-UFO) mostly from AFHRA, about 100 rolls (ja/bg/bh/wl)

    Canadian Government UFO files T 1291, T1742-44, 16 mm 5 rolls (ja)

    Library of Congress "Unidentified" UFO Collection, UFO articles and book filmed by Lynn Cateo for her bibliography 35mm, 78 rolls (ja)

    Naval Intelligence index to intelligence reports prior to 1945 (partial), 35mm, 5 rolls (ja)

    Night Fighter Squadrons, Mission and Operations reports for World War II. 10 roll, 16 mm (ja)

    Project Blue Book 1952 (April to Sept) Newsclipping Service files, 35 mm, 32 rolls (bg)

    Project Blue Book Files microfilmed at Maxwell AFB 16 mm. 70 rolls (ww)

    Project Blue Book Files microfilmed at the National Archives 35 mm, 94 rolls

    Project Blue Book microfilms miscellaneous material, 35mm,. 3 rolls (bg)

    Project Blue Book radar screen microfilms at NARA, 35 mm, 9 rolls (bg)

    Project Sign microfilmed by AMC, partial (6 of 9 rolls), 35mm, 6 rolls

    Various papers of non-government individuals, organizations and publications (Leon Davidson's clipping scrap books, Aerial Phenomena Research Organization UFO reports pre-1947 to December 1956, NICAP/CSI Clipping files) about 30 rolls.


    Air Force Policy Letters for Commanders, 1975-1976 (bh)

    Air Force Research and Development Wright-Patterson AFB, Sarah Clark Collection, Records Group 342, Index (rt)

    FTD, Excerpts from "The Wing" (bh)

    San Francisco Examiner news stories on UFOs 1974-1978 (jc/kd)

    State Department: Space Fragments: Project Moondust 1965-1989 (rt)

    US Congress hearings and documents on the Ground Observers Corps, Congressional Information Service (ja)


    555th Infantry Parachute Regiment and Fugo Balloons - the History Channel

    Kenneth Arnold, Audio, radio interview, 1947

    Victor Bilek - Video, Sign Historical Group, Jan Aldrich, Michael Hall, and Tom Tulien

    Ted Bloecher - Video, Sign Historical Group, Jan Aldrich and Tom Tulien

    David Branch - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    CBS Armstrong Circle Theater 1958, Keyhoe, Audio

    Albert Chop - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien and Brad Sparks

    Dr. Leon Davidson - Video, Sign Historical Group, Jan Aldrich and Tom Tulien

    Ann Druffel - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Frederick C. Durant, III - Video, Sign Historical Group, Jan Aldrich, and Tom Tulien

    Marilyn Epperson - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Dewey Fournet - Audio, Arkansas UFO Conference

    Col. Robert Friend - Video, Sign Historical Group, Brad Sparks and Tom Tulien

    Richard Greenwell - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Barry Greenwood - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Dr. Dewayne Johnson - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    "Guy Kirkwood" - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Col. Wayne Mattson - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Professor Charles B. Moore - Video, Sign Historical Group, Wendy Connors, Jan Aldrich and Tom Tulien

    Dr. H. H. Nininger - Audio, Nau Cline Library Flagstaff Public Library Oral History Project 28-34

    James Ortyl - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    William Rhodes - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Roswell, the Roswell Report: Case Closed, Video, various USAF research programs using dummies

    Bradford Runyon, Minot B-52 Incident, Video, Sign Historical Group, Jan Aldrich and Tom Tulien

    Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt - Audio, 1952

    Dr. Frank Salisbury - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Robert Salas - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    "The Science and Politics of UFO Research," Video, The Science Museum of Minnesota, Nov. 5 & 6 1994

    Prof. Louis B. Sewell - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Brad Sparks - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Capt. Willis T. Sperry - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien

    Clas Svahn - Video, Sign Historical Group, Jan Aldrich and Tom Tulien

    John Timmerman - Video, Sign Historical Group, Jan Aldrich and Tom Tulien

    "U. F. O., Unidentified Flying Objects" Video, United Artists movie

    UFO History Conference, May 1999, Chicago, Audio

    "U. S. Invaded," Video, In Search of History, Fugo/Japanese Balloon Bombs cut

    USAF "AVROCAR," Video

    USAF "AVROCAR Hovering Test," Video

    Dr. George Valley - Audio, Wendy Connors

    Washington National Sightings (James Ritchie). Video

    Sheriff Clem Weir - Video, Levelland, TX November 1957, TV interview

    Ed Yost - Video, Sign Historical Group, Tom Tulien


These categories are provisional. I wish to further organize these files, but for now they have been arranged using the most likely category:

  00:             Inventories

  01-19:       UFO Reports

  20-29:       Related Phenomena

  30-39:       Rockets, Missiles and Unusual Aircraft

  40-49:       Intelligence Policies/Practices

  50-59:       Govt. Operations (History)

  60-69:       Personalities

  70-79:       Govt. Interest in UFOs/Policies/Files on UFOs

  80-89:       FOIA Requests

  90-99:       Resources

  100-109:   Commentary by Non-government sources on UFO policies and actions

  110-119:   Fortean Phenomena: Crop Circles, PSI, Mutes, and other government interest in unusual phenomena

  120-149:   Foreign Govt. Material


00:         Inventories

    Government File Folders Inventory, Jan Aldrich

    Microfilm Inventory, Project 1947

01-19:   UFO Reports

    1942 - Feb 25, Battle of Los Angeles (37th Arty Bde (AD) (bg)

    1943 - April, California, 6th Ferry Command pilots (ja)
    1943 - Sep, Stuttgart. Germany, Small discs (General Arnold's files) (ja)
    1943 - Oct, Schweinfurt, Germany, Small discs (ja, ar, ds, js)
    1943 - Eighth Air Force, Data on Unusual Objects and Missiles Encountered on Missions (Container 1:1) (ja)

    1944 - Aug 10, 468th Bomb Group History (whereabouts of Lt. Alvah Reida on August 10th.)

    1944 - Oct 18, Alfonsine, Small discs (ja)

    1945 - 6th Night Fighter Squadron 1945 (ja)
    1945 - 21st Bomber Command Mission Reports (extracts of fireball reports over and around Japan) (ja/rh)
    1945 - May, 462nd Bomb Group, Balls of fire reports (ja)
    1945 - May 2/3, B-24 observes UFO near Turk Island (ja)

    1947 - July 1, Chitose AB, Japan, unknown radar contact (ja)
    1947 - July 4, Emmet, Idaho, Smith/Stevens interviews (ja)
    1947 - late Aug, Holloman AFB, NM, Blue Book Case #84 (bh)
    1947 - 28 Aug, Fukuoka, Japan Radar Case (ja)
    1947 - Sep 16, Fukuoka, Japan Radar Case (ja)

    1948 - Jul 24, Chiles-Whitted, Eastern Airline Case (ja)
    1948 - Oct 3, Fargo, ND (ja)

    1949 - Aug, Las Cruces, NM, Dr. Clyde Tombaugh (ja)

    1950 - Feb 10, Kodiak, Alaska (ja)
    1950 - April 25, Dugway Proving Grounds, UT (rt)

    1951 - Feb 8, North Atlantic, ACUFOE, (Cdr Bethune) (ja)

    1951 - Oct Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, ACUFOE, (D. K. Slayton)
    1951 - Oct 2, Columbus, Ohio (ja)
    1951 - Lubbock Lights, Archives of the Southwest, Texas Technical University
    1951 - USAF File, Lubbock Lights

    1952 - April 5, Kadena AB, Okinawa, (Korean War Aircrew Debriefing Program), AF505394, NL (ja)
    1952 - July 2, Utah, Newhouse film analysis by US Naval Photographic Interpretation Center (BH)
    1952 - July 29 btn Frostberg and Grantsville, MD, CEI (jla)
    1952 - Aug 1 Bellefontain, Ohio, FO (ja)
    1952 - Dec 29, Vega, TX, NL (ja)
    1952 - Dec 28, Marysville, CA, NL (ja)

    1953 - Jan 26, Continental Divide (jem)
    1953 - May 1, Goose Bay Labrador ((ja)
    1953 - May 2, Goose Bay, Labrador (ja)
    1953 - May 14, Sea of Japan ((ja)
    1953 - Nov 23, Kinross AFB, MI (rt)
    1953 - Dec 10, White Sands, NM, sighting by tech., DD, (jla)

    1954 - July 2, Walesville, NY, USAF Report of Special Investigation of Major Aircraft Accident (USAF Operations files RG 341, En 345A (ja)

    1955 - April, Hanscom Field, MA (ja)

    1957 - Nov 5, Gulf of Mexico, USCG cutter Sabego, RV (ja)

    1958 - Feb 28, Pacific Ocean (USAF) (bh)

    1959 - Sep 24, Redmond, Oregon

    1960 - Grumman Tracking of Retrograde Satellite (ja)

    1965 - Dec 9, Kecksburg, PA (bh)

    1966 - Feb 2, Salisbury, SC (ja)
    1966 - Feb 6, Nederland, Texas (ja)
    1966 - Feb 12, Skowhagen, Maine (ja)
    1966 - Feb 13, Lubbock, Texas (ja)
    1966 - Feb 27, Hanna City, IL (ja)
    1966 - Aug 26, Minot AFB, ND (ja)

    1967 - March 5, Minot AFB, ND (tt)

    1968 - Oct 24, Minot AFB, ND (tt)
    1968 - May 20-22, Brazilian UFOs (rt)

    1970 - Spring, Loring AFB, ME (bh)

    1973 - September 8/9, Fort Stewart, GA Serious incident report (bh)
    1973 - Oct 18, Mansfield, Ohio
    1973 - Nov 6, Unidentified Submarine Object, Pascagoula, MS, US Navy Report

    1976 - Sep 19, Iranian UFO Incident (rt)

    1978 - May 13, Alamogordo, NM landing (rt)
    1978 - May 14, Jacksonville Naval Air Station (rt)
    1978 - Jun 11, Naval Weapons Station, Colts Point, NJ (rt)
    1978 - Jul 28, Coast Guard sighting (bh)
    1978 - Oct 1, Coast Guard sighting (bh)

    1980 - May 5, Maxwell AFB, Alabama (rt)
    1980 - December, RAF Bentwaters about 8 linear inches (bg, bh)

    1981 - Aug, Grissom AFB, Ind (bh)

    1995 - Jan 7, McMinnville, TN, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (ja)

    1997 - August 1, SwissAir, Near-Miss, NTSB report (ha)

    17thOSI District Green Fireball reports (ja)
    415th NFS Mission Reports, 1944-1945 (ja)
    415th NFS Daily Diary 1943-1946 (bg)
    415th NFS Report to 1st AF (Prov) 1945 (bg)
    4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron. UFO Reports 1954-1956, excerpts, 4 linear feet (ja)

    Aerial Phenomena at Holloman AFB (Microfilm Roll 31737) (bh)

    DOE UFO Records (bh)

    FBI Field Offices (rt)
    FBI Green Fireball Documents (bh)
    FBI UFO Records, Chicago, IL (bh)
    FBI UFO Records, Los Angeles, CA (bh)
    FBI UFO Records, Omaha, NE (bh)
    FBI UFO Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (bh)
    FBI UFO Records, Seattle, WA (bh)

    Foo-fighters - General file, newspaper and magazine articles, Jo Chamberlin's article, (Container 1:1) (ja)

    Foo-fighter correspondence contained in USAF, DI, Decimal Correspondence files 1947-1952 (ja)

    House Aeronautics Committee Cases (rt)

    LaPaz and the Green Fireballs, excerpts from Project Blue Book microfilm roll 88 (ja)

    OSI Files 1948-1949, Records Group 241, En 63A, (about 4 linear inches) (ja)

    Project Blue Book files selected cases 1947-49 (about 1 linear foot) (ja)

    Project Sign UFO Summary Sheets 1947-1948 partial from Project Sign microfilms (ja)

    USAF cases found at Wright-Patterson AFB after Project Blue Book case transferred 1972), entire file about 2 linear inches) (ja)

    US Navy, Hydrographic Office, Notice to Mariners, Celestial Objects, Electrical Phenomena and Meteor Reports (extracts) (bg)

20-29:   Related Phenomena, Aircraft Reports, & IFOs

    Hydrographic Office Observations 1983-1903 at Sea (excerpts) (ja)

    Weather Bureau Ocean Observations 1890-1903 (excerpts) (ja)

    1945 - Jan 24, Report of Unidentified Object at San Jose, Costa Rica, 6th Air Force, VENUS (ja)
    1945 - April 17, Saipan MEW, Radar Ghosts

    1946 -1949 Germany, Mystery Missiles, 7020th AF CUI, Germany

    1947 - July 5, Circleville, Ohio (bh)
    1947 - Dec 7, Soviet Aircraft Sighting Over Canada (ja)

    1948 - Feb 18, "Norton Stone" Meteorite (bh)
    1948 - Feb 22, Radar Jamming Over the Sea of Japan (ja)
    1948 - May 23, Unknown Six Engine Aircraft Sighting Over Saudi Arabia (ja)
    1948 - Jun 6, Unknown Aircraft Sighting, Greenland (ja)

    1949 - Jan 24 Analysis of Phenomenon at Bermuda, Decimal 0000, RG 342

    1950 - Dec 6, Alert, Northeast US (bh)

    1952 - April 17, ADC "Next Time the Real Thing" General Childlaw (bh)

    1967 - June 15, Investigation of Five Metallic Bodies Recovered After Space Flight, Battelle Memorial Institute (Moondust) (rt)

    1977 - Jan 12, Wakefield, NH, (Moondust case?) (bh)

    1978 - April 5, Bell Island, NFL, Canada, "Superbolt" (bg)
    1978 - May 6, Tarija, Bolivia, downed satellite, (Moondust) (bh)

30-39:   Balloons. Rockets, Missiles, and Unusual Aircraft

    34th Air Division (Defense) Air Intelligence Service Squadron, (excerpts) History 1952 - Feb 1953 (ja)

    Aeroplane, "The Biology of the Flying Saucer,"A. R. Wely in four parts with letter to the editor (ja)

    Air Technical Service Center, "Report on Japanese Fire Balloons," 2 May 1945 (ja)

    Army/Army Air Forces Intelligence, World War II (ja)

    ARVOCAR, Miscellaneous, US Army (bh)

    AVROCAR Flight Evaluation, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, Jan 62 (bh)

    AVRO Discs, 4 linear inches (jc)

    Balloons and Dirigibles, 1947, Decimal 452.4, Records Group 18, Entry 1, Box 660 (rt)

    Balloons, Decimal 452.4 Records Group 341, 1951-1953 (rt)

    Balloons, General (rt)

    Balloon Operations at Holloman AFB, NM, 1947-1958 excerpts (rt)

    Balloons--New York University (rt)

    Constant Level Balloons (Microfilm A1760) (rt)

    Constant Level Balloons, Tech Report 93.02, New York University (rt)

    "Development and Utilization of Constant Level Balloons," Murray, Sniedner and Smith, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, Dec 1950 (rt)

    DTIC, Aviation Review Translation of Selected Articles, Foreign Technology Division (bh)

    DTIC "Ten Years Development of the Flying Wing High Speed Fighter," by the Horten Brothers, 14 Apr 1943 (rt)

    FEAF Weekly Intelligence Roundup, "Soviet Rocket Engines," Number 97, 11 July 1952 (ja)

    "The Flying Wings of Northrop," by Leo J Kohn, excerpts (ja)

    FUGO, 1946 (ja)

    German Flying Saucers (General) (bh)

    German Flying Saucer Aircraft, USAFE, A-2, 16 Mar 1949, Air Report J-161, TS Control # 1-6782, (ja)

    German Flying Wing Designed by the Horten Brothers, No. F-SU 1110 ND

    German Guided Missiles (jc)

    Horten Brothers (rt)

    "Japan's World War II Balloon Bomb Attacks on North American,"by Robert C. Mikesh, Smithsonian Annals of Flight #9, 1973 (wc)

    Japanese Suicide Planes (ja)

    Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences, "The Jet Airplane Utilizing Boundary Layer Air for Propulsion," A. M. O. Smith and Howard E. Roberts, Douglas Aircraft Company, February 1947 (jc)

    "Man-Made Flying Saucers" USA Patent Covers by Roger D. Cook, 1999

    Marine Corps Gazette, "Flying Saucers...A Hard Look," Dec 1959 (ja)

    Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force Air Intelligence and Operations Bulletin, German Aircraft Developments, various issues (ja)

    Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force Air Intelligence and Operations Bulletin, German Barrage Balloons, April 1945

    Minute Man Missile Tracking information (tt)

    NASA Technical Note D-1432, Large Scale Wind-Tunnel Tests of a Circular Plan-Form Aircraft 1963 (jc)

    Preliminary Report of Rocket Parts Found in Sweden, 13 June 1944, (K67927), V-2 recovery report (ja)

    Raven Industries, A History of Raven Industries, 1956-1981, by J. J. Kaliszewski

    Raven Industries (James Winkler) Records from General Mills (rt)

    Rawin, Target, ML 306/AP (rt)

    T-2, Current Foreign Aeronautical Developments, ATI Report 102-13/3-100, June-August 1947 (wl)

    TID, AMC, "Remarks on the Triangular Wing in Supersonic Flow" by M. I. Gurevich, Technical Report F-TS-1214-IA (rd)

    Upper Air Research, 1946-1947, RG 342 (rt)

    USAAF, ACS/A-3, Operations, Daily Dairy, Bumble Bee Missile Sept 1946 (ja)

    USAAF, ACS/A-3, Operations, Daily Dairy, Petroleum Shortage, July 1947 (ja)

    USAAF, ACS/A-3, Operations, Daily Dairy, Weather Service Support for Guided Missiles, 1 July 1947 (ja)

    USAF Balloon Launching Squadrons (rt)

    USAF, DI, Intelligence Digest, Soviet Jet & Rocket Planes, Feb 1949, Vol 2, #2

    USAF Special Study Group (Review of Rudolf Lusar book on German Secret Weapons) 1957 (jc)

    US Army Requirement of a New Family of Air Vehicles (Dev Prog Rpt #4) Avro Aircraft Ltd.(jc)

    US Patent Office, Disc-shaped Aircraft (jc)

    USSTAF Air Intelligence Summary, "German Guided Missiles," various issues, 1945 (ja)

    USSTAF Exploitation Group 1945 (ja)

    War Department General Staff, Intelligence Division, Intelligence Digest selected articles 1946-1947 (rt)

    Western Defense Command, Japanese Balloon Bombs (ja)

    "The Wing" Selected articles by V. R. Horten, FTD (rt)

40-49:   Intelligence Policies/Practices/History

    7th Army Combined Arms Training Center, "Intelligence Estimate" (ja)
    7th Army Combined Arms Training Center, "Introduction to Combat Intelligence" (ja)

    7th Psyops Group, Psyops Intelligence Notes, #62, 3 Dec 1968 (wc)

    32nd Air Division History, 1952 - Feb, 1953 (Air Intelligence Service Squadron entry) (ja)

    66th Military Intelligence Group, Possible Intelligence Swindler, 1976, Germany (wl)

    6002nd Air Intelligence Service Group 1956-57 (History excerpts) (ja)

    7053rd Air Intelligence Service Squadron History Jul 49-Jun 51 (Extract) Mission Statement (ja)

    The A-2 Index: A List of Periodical and Non-Periodical Publications of Interest to A-2 Personnel, 1942-1945 (ja)

    AFIN Historical Reports (partial) July 1949-Dec 1950 (bh)

    Air Intelligence Memorandum #19, Foreign Materiel Requirements, 30 May 1952 (rt)

    Air Intelligence Review/Air Intelligence Training Bulletin, various articles on intelligence, 1949-1954, Continental Air Command (ja)

    AFR 55-3, AR 105-3, OPNAVINST 3430.18B, MCO 3430-3, Reporting Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, and Interference of Electromagnetic Systems, 13 Aug 1980 (ja)

    AMC Manual 20-1, Organizational Directive 20-200 Revised 15 Sep 1949 (Intelligence Department) (wc)

    AR 380-5, Information Security (ja)

    Army Air Forces Participation in Project Paperclip V. 1, 1946-Mar 1947, V. 2 to April 1948 (mh)

    ATIC History June-Dec 1951 Extracts (Container 1:1) (ja)
    ATIC History 1 Jan-30 Jun 1952 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jul-31 Dec 1952 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jan-30 Jun 1953 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jan-30 Jun 1955 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jul-31 Dec 1955 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jan-30 Jun 1956 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jul-31 Dec 1956 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jan-30 Jun 1957 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jul-31 Dec 1957 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jan-30 Jun 1958 (rt)
    ATIC History 1 Jul-31 Dec 1958 (rt)

    ATIC Navy Reports of submarine Contacts 1952 (SSG files) (jc)

    ATIC Officer Roster, Jan 1952 (vb)
    ATIC Officer Roster, April 1952 (vb)

    Beacon Hill Group (rt)

    Central Intelligence Group, Coordination of Intelligence on Atomic Bomb Explosions in Foreign Countries (rt)

    Eastern Air Command, Weekly Intel Summaries (Extracts) 1944-1945 Container (1:1) (ja)

    FBI, Mail Cover/Mail Intercept Operations (rt)

    Fifty Years of Foreign Technology, Draft, John ("Red") Honacker (vb)

    "The Future of American Secret Intelligence," by George S. Pettee, Amherst College (extracts from TID) (wc)

    "The Genesis of Air Force Office of Special Investigations" by Major Kurt Kunz (rt)

    History of Air Materiel Command Intelligence, T-2, Historical Study # 228, Part 2 Doris A Canham, Historian (vb)

    History of T-2 to June 1947 (mh)

    "Intelligence--A New Role for the Ground Observer Corps," 4602nd AISS, Aircraft Flash, April, 1953 (ja)

    "Intelligence" excerpts from the Third Report of the Commanding General of the Army Air Forces to the Secretary of War, dated 12 Nov 1945, by H. H. Arnold

    Intelligence Review, Misc. Articles, 1947-1949 (ja)

    Joint Intelligence Committee, Mapping and Photo Committee, (RG 341, Entry 213, Decimal 334.7) (rt)

    Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force Air Intelligence and Operations Bulletin, Flak Intelligence, various issues 1944-1945 (ja)

    National Air Intelligence Center (bh)

    Office of Aeronautical Intelligence, description from a report in the "Thirty-Second Annual Report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics," 1946 (wc)

    "Remarks of Dr, Karl T. Compton before the Military Establishment Military Function Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee," 31 Jan, 1949

    Russian Bomb (1947) RG 342, Decimal 471.62, (rt)

    Scientific Intelligence, 20 May 1951 (extract from TID) (wc)

    Special Access Programs (bh)

    T-2, Collection of Air Technical Intelligence Information of the Army Air Army, 1916-1947, Abstracts of Documents for Volume IX, 1946 and Volume X, 1947 (ja)

    T-2 future, Putt-McDonald correspondence 1946 (ja)

    T-2 History (Hist Study 228) Appendix, Vol 1. (Container 1:1) (mh)
    T-2 History to June 1947, 3 inches (mh)

    T-2 Officer Roster, 1946 (vb)

    T-2, "Organization of Research in Germany" US Naval Technical Mission in Europe, Oct 1945 (wc)

    TID report, Engineer's Visit to SAAB Aircraft Co., Sweden, 17 May 1948 (ja)

    TID, Minutes of Special Meeting 25 Jan, 1951, Battelle, Project Stork, Project White Stork (bj)

    USA, Establishment of the Directorate of Intelligence, 8 May 1947 (bh)

    USA Sensitive Records Information Agency (SRIA) (rt)

    USAF, Directorate of Intelligence Briefings, Records Group 314, Decimal 313.9, 1947-1948 (rt)

    USAF Joint Studies Publication, Aug-Oct 1947 (ja)

    USAF Special Weapons Group (rt)

    USSTAF, Intelligence, Weekly Intelligence Reports 1945, (mentions Lippisch and Horten Brothers) (ja)

50-59:   Govt Operations (History)

    509th Bomb Group Morning Reports 1947 (wl/rt)

    786th Radar Squadron, ADC, Historical Record, Oct to Dec 1968

    1009th Special Weapons Squadron (rt)

    Aeronautic Systems Center (mission and history) (wc)

    Aircraft Flash -- Ground Observer Corps magazine, various issues (ja)

    Air Defense Command History (partial 1952) (rt)

    Air Defense Command Regulations (bh)

    Air Force Manual 10-4, Vol II, 10 Jul 1979, AF Directory of Unclassified Addresses (rt)

    Air Force Manual 50-12, Ground Observer's Guide, 1 Nov 1951 (Container 1:1) (ja)

    Air Force Regulation 12-30, Air Force Freedom of Information Act Program (rt)

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60-69:   Personalities

    Dr. A. Francis Arcier (tt)

    Dr. David Atlas (rt)

    Dr. Charles Bates (rt)

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    General William Blanchard, personal records, (excerpts, flight records Jun-Jul.. 1947) (ja)

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    Chop-Ruppelt correspondence (rh)

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    LTC Phillip J. Corso, US Army Official Qual Rec (lb)

    LTG Lawrence C. Craigie bio/papers (ja)
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    Albert P. Crary (diary excerpts) (rt)

    Mrs. Mildred R. Crary (bh)

    Robert C. Crowe (rt)

    Dr. William Crozier, papers (jc)

    Dr. Louis DeGoes (rt)

    Dr. David H. DeVorkin (rt)

    Col. Albert B. Deyarmond, military records (wc)

    LTC Edward A. Doty, correspondence, interview (bh)

    Richard Doty, correspondence (rt)

    Col Marcellus Duffy (rt)

    Frederick C. Durant, III, Who's Who. (bio) (fd)

    Major Lawrenz H. Dyvad (rt)

    Josef Andreas Epp (mk)

    Brigadier General Arthur E. Exon (rt)

    Alexander Flax, USAF oral history excerpt (ja)

    Dr. Paul Fitts (ja)

    Dewey Fournet (ja, ah, gm, bh, gh)

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    James V. Forrestal, FBI file (bh)
    James V. Forrestal (rt)
    John F. Fuller (rt)

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    Lt. Col. George Garrett, Jr (rt)

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    Hynek Correspondence ((ja)
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    Hynek-Quintanilla correspondence (ja)

    Dr. Benton Jamison (rt)

    LTG William E. Kepner bio (bh)

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    Keyhoe--General Joe Kelly exchange, 1957 (ja)
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    Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, University of New Mexico file (ja/jem)

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    Dr. Anthony Mirachi (rt)

    Dr. Anthony Mirachi, Violation (Security) USAF DI, Decimal File 380.01 (UFOs) (rt/jem)

    General Robert M. Montague (rt)

    Professor Charles B. Moore, bio (cm)

    Major General Morris Nelson, bio (rt)

    CWO Irving Newton (rt)

    Dr. Hugh Odishaw (tt)

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    Major William D. Pritcher (rt)

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    Edward Ruppelt, "Notebook" (mh)
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    Representation Steven Schiff (rt)

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    Lt. Gen. Arthur G Trudeau (lb)

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    Dr. George Valley (ja)

    General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, bio (rt)

    General John Vogt excerpt from oral history (ja)

    Congressman Curt Weldon--Project Mogul (rt)

    Mrs. Francis L. Whedon--Project Mogul (rt)

    General Ennis Whitehead personal papers excerpts (ja)

    Lieutenant General Donald N. Yates, bio (rt)

    Dr. Jerrold R. Zacherias, bio (ja)

70-79:   Govt Interest in UFOs/Policies/Files on ufos

    4th Air Force UFO files 319.1, 1947-1949 (ja/rt)
    4th Air Force UFO files 319.1 1950-1952 (ja)
    5th Air Force (UFOs in Alaska 1948) (ja)
    8th Air Force Data on Unusual Objects and Missiles Encountered on Missions, 1943 (ja)
    8th Air Force Headquarters, History July 1947, (excerpt Chronology) (rt)
    9th Aerospace Defense Division, Q Point, March 1967, "New Search for Saucers,"(ja)
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    34th Air Division (Defense) (1952 UFO excerpt) (ja)
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    39th Air Division History (Jul-Dec 1960 UFO excerpt) (ja)
    41stAir Division History (1960 UFO excerpt) (ja)
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    133rd Air Transport Wing History (1962 UFO excerpt) (ja)
    178th Fighter/Bomber Squadron 1946-1951 (Gorman incident) (ja)
    384th Bomb Group, "Popular History," "Nuts and Bolts Factory," The Schweinfurt raid, Oct 1943 (ja)
    415th Night Fighter Squadron 1943-1946 Historical Data (bound) (ja)
    500th Military Intelligence Group report on Soviet Cosmonaut Leonov on UFOs and other items 18 May 1970 (ja)
    1006th Air Intelligence Service Squadron History (UFO excerpts) (ja)
    4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron Histories (UFO Excerpts) (ja)
    5004th Air Intelligence Service Squadron Histories (UFO Excerpts 1956-1958) (ja)
    6004th Air Intelligence Service Squadron History Jan-Jun 1953 (UFO Excerpts) (ja)
    6016 Air Base Wing (Col Blakeslee's UFO sighting in Dec 1952 over Japan) (ja)

    Aeromedical Medical Lab. "Psychological Aspects of Unidentified Aerial Objects," Dr. Paul M Fitts (wl)

    Aerospace Historian "The Air Force and Flying Saucers" David R. Carlson, V. 22, #4, Winter 1974 (bg)

    Aerospace International, "UFOs and Utapao," Judith Dawson and Carole L. Klemm, Dec 1966

    Aircraft Accidents with UFOs allegedly involved (bh)

    Air Attaches' Reports on Ghost Rockets, 1948-1949 (ja)

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    Air Force Manual 55-11, Air Force Operations Report Manual, 20 May 1968

    Air Force Manual 10-206, Operational Reporting, 1 September 1995, (CIRVIS Report excerpt) (ja)

    Air Force Office of Scientific Research Contract with the University of Colorado (rt)

    Air Force Regulations on CIRVIS reports 1952 -1966 (rt)

    Air Intelligence Division Study 100-203-79, TS Control # 2-7341, "Flying Object Incident Over the US" (bh, ja)

    Air Intelligence Training Bulletin, "Flying Saucers," September, 1952 , Continental Air Command (ja)
    Air Intelligence Training Bulletin, "Flying Saucers, Fact or Fancy" , November 1952, Continental Air Command (ja)

    Air Intelligence Requirement Memo #4, 15 Feb 1949, Unconventional Aircraft (rt)

    Air Reservist, "Saucer Rates" Humor, Oct 1952

    AIR Study 100-203-79 related documents (rt)

    Albert P. Simpson Historical Research Center (rt)

    Alerts (ja)
    Alert--6 Dec, 1950 (ja)
    Alert--April, 1952 USAF DI TS documents (ja)

    AAF Adjutant General Decimal: File 000, Miscellaneous 1946-1947 (UFO Items Extracted) (ja)
    AAF Top Secret Message Files: Ghost Rocket messages (ja)

    ADC Attempt to recruit Mrs. Lorenzen for the Ground Observer Corps (ja)
    ADC Quarterly Deficiencies Report 23 July 1952, with corrective actions. (ja)

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    Army Air Force, Pacific Ocean Area, Japanese Suicide Planes (baka bombers), balls of fire, Joint Targeting of Baka Manufacturing Facilities, Intelligence reports: K 4045, KO 3663, KO 4318, April 1945

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    Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Intelligence, A-2, Daily Activity Reports 1947 (UFO excerpt) (ja)

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    ATIC History 1954 (UFO extract) (bh)
    ATIC photographs of area 1948-1959 (mh)

    Bentwaters: RAF Bentwaters, Fake Documents

    Bolender Memo background (rt)

    Bureau of Land Management, Roswell, NM Field Office, Environmental Assessment for Grazing Authorization, Allotment 63020, Section 3, EA-NM-060-99-003, (impact statement on grazing near alleged UFO crash zone) (wc)

    CAUS Cuban UFO Incident and the FBI Story, March 1967 (ja)
    CAUS, Foreign UFO Sighting Described in US Govt Files (bg)
    CIA, UFO Document Referrals, Other agencies documents in the CIA files. (rt)
    CIA, UFO Document Referral, DIA (rt)
    CIA files on UFO Document Referrals to other agencies (FOIA) (rt)

    Central Intelligence Group, "Flying Projectiles" Denmark/Sweden/USSR/Greece/Spain, 9 April 1947 (lg)

    Civilian Aeronautics Administration, "A Preliminary Study of Unidentified Targets Observed on Air Traffic Control Radars," Tech Dev. Rpt #180, Borden and Vickers, May 1953 (ja)

    Civilian Saucer Investigations-Los Angeles, minutes of meeting with Ruppelt (ms)

    Comments by the Air Force Consultant J. A. Hynek on Keyhoe's Article of Jan 1966 in True Magazine (ja)

    Congressional Inquiries to Various Government Agencies on Behalf of Constituents (1953 to present) about 5 inches (ms)

    Data, "The Camera is a Stupid Bird," Martin Caidin, Sep 1968

    Dayton, Ohio, Journal-Herald "Interview" on Project Saucer release 27 April 1949 (bg/mh)

    Department of Energy UFO documents (rt)

    Deputy Director for Collections and Dissemination, Top Secret History 1 Jan 52-30 Jun 52 (ja)

    DIA Intelligence Reports, UFOs, 1976-78 (bh)
    DIA Intel Reports, UFOs, 1976-79 (bh)

    Directorate of Intelligence files TS Control 2-3931 documents concerning AIR 203 (bh, ja)
    Directorate of Intelligence files, 413.44 Radar and Radar Equipment, 1947 (rt)

    "Documents Describing UFO/Helicopter Overflights of the U. S. A. F. Base in 1975," CUFOS/CAUS (rt)

    DOD, Memo for Correspondents, No. 235-M (rt)

    "Duel in December" Keyhoe and USAF pronouncements in newspapers in Dec 1949. (ja)

    Eastern Air Defense Force History July-December 1952 (rt)

    Evaluation of Lakenheath Reports, Memo for Record, J. A. Hynek, 17 Oct 1956 (ja)

    FAA, 7210.3B CHS 6, 1 April 1975 (ja)

    FBI Bulletins # 42 and #57, 1947 (ja)
    FBI Field Office UFO Records (bh)
    FBI Records on UFO, 1947 (bg)

    FBI Records Released by the US Army (bh)

    FBI, UFO Documents in FBI files referred to other agencies (rt)

    FBIS Foreign Press Note (1990) (rt)

    Government Accounting Office Roswell File (rt)

    Hearing by the House Committee on Armed Service, 94 Congress, UFOs 5 April 1966 (ja)

    Holloman AFB PIO UFO file (rt)

    INSCOM, CIC Europe UFO files. (wl, pg, bh)

    Investigation to Determine Possible Disciplinary Action in Hoax Photo Case, USAF, 1952 (ja)

    JANAP 146, HQ, DI, USAF Correspondence, Decimal 319.1 1948-1949 (ja)

    Joint Intelligence Committee & UFOs (USAF DI files) (bh)

    LaPaz and Green Fireballs, Project Blue Book Microfilm Roll #88 (bh)

    Library of Congress "Facts about Unidentified Flying Objects" May 5, 1966 (wl)

    Library of Congress Tracer Bulletin on UFOs, Sep 1991 (ja)

    Long Range Detection Program (LRDP) (bh)

    McDill Field, FL (UFO excerpt, 1947) (ja)

    Memo for the Chief of Staff, 3 Feb 49, Daily Activity Report, TS Control # 2-6178 (rt)

    Memo for the DCS/O 2 Feb 49, Top Secret Supplement, TS Control # 2-6169 (ja)

    MJ-12, approximately 3 linear feet (bh)

    Mount Washington Observatory News Bulletin, June 1967, "Take Me to Your Chief Observer" (ja)

    Mystery Satellites, clippings, back ground (ja, cf, rh)

    NAIC Request for ATIC histories (rt)

    National Military Establishment, Project Saucer news release (ja)

    National Academy of Sciences Review of the U. of Colorado Report on UFOs (ja)

    National Academy of Sciences, News Reports, "Academy Review Supports Finding of Colorado UFO Study, Feb 1969, Vol. XIX, #2 (rt)

    National Academy of Sciences, Review of the U of Colorado Report on UFOs (rt)

    National Military Command Center, (Aerial) Intercept Records, June 1977 to November 1979 (rt)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, CIRVIS instruction, 1975 (bh)

    National Security Agency, UFO Documents (rt)

    Naval Intelligence Command (rt)

    Naval Research Laboratory UFO Material (rt)

    Northeast Air Command (NEAC) Special Study 53-1, Analysis of Unidentified Vital Intelligence Sightings for the Year 1952 (ja)
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    Office of the Asst Sec of Defense, Public Relations, JANAP 146/CIRVIS (rt)

    Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, Kinross accident summary (rt)

    Office of Science and Technology (rt)

    Presidential libraries (rt)

    Project Grudge (Project XS 304) Description (ja)
    Project Grudge, Hynek submissions (unedited) (wc)
    Project Grudge Investigative Files 1949 (bg/wl)
    Project Grudge Report 1949 (ja)
    Project Grudge Report, Suggested Corrections, USAF HQ Intel (ja)

    Project Saucer Report 1947 (ja)

    Project Sign Investigative Files 333.5, 1948-9 (bg/wl)
    Project Sign Report 1949 (ja)

    Project Stork/Pentacle Memo (bh)

    Project Twinkle (ja/bh/wl)

    Project Twinkle (Report on Aerial Phenomena, Holloman AFB 21 Feb 50-31 Apr 51, Serial # EHO-15 (rt)

    Proposal for Application of Electronic Data Processing Techniques to Unusual Aerial Phenomena Data Organization and Development of an Inquiry System, Sep 1, 1966 - Aug 31, 1968, J. A. Hynek, July 1966 (ja)

    Robertson Panel, Letters and comments by panel members (ja)

    Roswell Incident - approximately 3 linear feet

    SAC, Request for Intelligence Information, Flying Saucers (Alleged Flying Saucer Inventors), 28 Aug 1954 (ja)

    Saturday Evening Post articles 1949 (ja/rt)

    Scientific Advisory Board, 3 Nov 1949 (Green Fire Balls) (wl/bh)
    Scientific Advisory Board, Project Blue Book 1966 (bh)
    Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Information UFO files 1948-Feb 1952 (ja)

    SSG Correspondence concerning its history and interest in UFOs (jc)

    State Department, CIA UFO documents originating with the State Dept. (rt)
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    "Unidentified Aerial Objects Received--Careful Analysis by Air Force Experts," Jan 1953, Aircraft Flash

    USA CIC December 1950 UFO "Alert" (bh)
    USA Intelligence Command, Counter Intelligence Command files (wl)

    USA Intelligence Reports 1947 (bg)
    USA Intelligence Reports 1948-1950 (bh)

    USA Intelligence Collection Memo #7, 21 January 1948, Unconventional Aircraft (rt)
    USA Intelligence Collection Memo #29, 3 Nov 50, Unconventional Aircraft (rt)

    USA Signal Garrison, Fort Monmouth Memo #30-13, 10 May 1957 Unconventional Aircraft (ja)

    USAAF Assistant Chief /Air Staff, Intelligence Daily Diary (1947 Excerpts) (ja)

    USAF "000 Flying Discs-Special Report 1947" RG 342 (Col Garrett analysis) (bh)
    USAF "000 Flying Discs-TSNAD 1947, RG 342 (bh)
    USAF "000 Flying Discs--Hamilton Field CA and Harmon Field, Newfoundland 1947" RG 342 (bh)
    USAF "000 Flying Discs--Progress Report 1948 (April) RG 342(bh)

    USAF, "Aids to Identifying Flying Objects," 15 June 1957 (ja)

    USAF Directorate of Administration, History, Project Blue Records, 1975 (rt)

    USAF DI Item 14, TT #1524 USAFE, Swedish Air Intel on Flying Saucers, TS Control # 2-5317
    USAF DI Joint Intelligence Committee Briefing on Unidentified Aerial Objects, TS Control #2-7051A (ja)
    USAF DI, Daily Intelligence Activity, July-December 1947 (extracts) (ja)
    USAF DI, Daily Intelligence Activity, 24 August 1948 Top Secret Supplement for the Executive, Air Intel Div on Rocket observed by the Swedish military Commander-in-Chief (ja)
    USAF Director of Intelligence Files Decimal Correspondence Files .009 Flying Discs 1948 (bg)
    USAF DI 000.9 Flying Discs "Flying Object Incidents over the US" secret correspondence (bh)
    USAF DI 000.9 Flying Discs Cross Reference sheets (rt)

    USAF DI, Decimal Corrs Files .009 Flying Discs 1949 (bg)
    USAF DI, Decimal Corrs Files .009 Flying Discs 1950 (bg)
    USAF DI, Decimal Corrs Files .009 Flying Discs 1951 (bg)
    USAF DI 000.9 Flying Discs in RG 339 1948, transferred to RG 18 USAF DI, Decimal Corrs Files, UFOs, 1952, (bg)
    USAF DI, Decimal Corrs Files, UFOs, 1953, (bg)

    USAF DI History 1 Jul.- 31 Dec 1952 - (excerpt on Stamford press conference) (ja)
    USAF DI "Possible New Source of Soviet Intelligence," 17 Aug 1948, TS Control # 2-8386 (ja)

    USAF Draft Collection Memorandum, background (rt)
    USAF Evaluation of NICAP's "UFO Evidence" (ja)

    USAF Intelligence Routing and Distribution sheets 1958-1961 summaries of identification of agencies concerned (ja)

    USAF - PIO documents, 1961-1962 (ja)

    USAF Project Sign/Project Grudge Investigative Files 1948-1949 about 1 linear foot (bg)

    USAF, the Inspector General. TIG Briefs "Flying Saucers Serious Business", etc., 4 each 1959 to 1966 (ja)

    USAF Special Studies Group, Review of Rudolf Lusar's information on "German Flying Saucers"(rt)

    USAF UFO Reporting Regulations (bh)

    US Air Forces, Europe, History Office, "Mystery Missiles" 1946-1949 (ja)

    US Coast Guard--UFOs

    US Naval Attache files: Ghost Rocket documents (ja)

    US Navy Intelligence files: Ghost Rocket documents (ja)

    US Navy, Office of Naval Research, Request to Dr. James McDonald to look at UFO reports in view of laser remote sensing technology (ja)

    US Navy Pamphlet, MERINT, Nov 1954 (rt)

    US Navy Space Surveillance Center (Naval Space Command) (Mission and some "unidentified orbiting objects") (1990) (bh)

    US Navy UFO Project (jem)

    White House, Office of Science and Technology, UFO investigations (rt)

80-89:   FOIA Requests

    101st Air Refueling Wing, Maine Air National Guard, no records 1947-1976 (rt)
    144th Fighter Interceptor Wing, California Air National Guard, no records (rt)
    377 CS/IMP. Kirkland AFB, Geophysical Effects on Propagation of Compression Waves (Anomalous Propagation, NYU W 28-099-AC-241, Columbia U W-28-099-AC-82) referred to DTIC

    Air Defense Command records on UFOs, no records (rt)

    Air Force Cambridge Research Center (disposition of records unknown) (rt)

    Air Force Historical Research Agency (ja)
    Air Force Historical Research Agency, Keyword "intelligence" results (rt)
    Air Force Historical Research Agency, General Vogt Oral History (ja)

    Air Force Systems Command, Holloman AFB May 1971, no record (rt)

    Air Intelligence Agency, Roswell Records, no records (rt)

    Alleged Near Miss, Los Angeles, 9 May 1977, various agencies, no records (rt)

    Cannon AFB, NM, 21 June 1976 (rt)

    Central Intelligence Agency (wl/ja/bh )
    CIA, Beacon Hill Group. Pending (ja)
    CIA Daily Selected Intelligence Reports and Briefs (SIRAB) completed (rt)
    CIA, Discrepancies in the Durant Report, complete, (rt)
    CIA, Observations by General Jung and subsequent recovery attempts by Swedish Armed Forces 1948, pending (ja)
    CIA, UFO reports in OSI files, (rt)

    Cuban UFO Incident 5 inches (bh)

    Definitions of "Slow Walker" and "Fast Walker" various agencies, denied in full (rt)

    Dept of the Army Collection Memo #200-72B-1, Unconventional Aircraft, 6 Aug 1957 (non responsive), Defense Intelligence Agency (bh)

    Dept of Energy (Atomic Energy Commission) (rt)

    DIA, Belgium UFO flap 1989-1990 (rt)
    DIA Iran 28 Jan 1978 (rt)
    DIA Intel Reports, 1976-78, partial (rt)
    DIA Manuals (non-responsive) (rt)
    DIA Operation Pegasus (cannot identify) (wl)
    DIA Peru UFO incidents, partial answered, (rt)

    DOD, Directorate for Freedom of Information and Security Review, "Unidentified Celestial Objects Detected during 23 Jun 1997, National Missile Defense Test" (Aviation Week article)
    DOD, Directorate for Freedom of Information and Security Review, Missing
    DOD UFO Files, denied (rt)

    DTIC (wl, bh)
    DTIC, Unidentified Objects During Missile Firing, transferred to USA Missile Command (ja)

    Edwards Air Force Base, CA, no records (ja)

    "Estimate of the Situation" file, various agencies no records (rt)

    FAA Charlotte, NC 27 Dec 1977

    FBI files and FOIA History (rt)

    Federal Communications Commission, KGFL, 1947, Licence renewal, (rt)

    Fort Stewart, Georgia, 8 Sep 1973, FOIAs to various agencies, completed (rt)

    Iranian Incident FOIA Case File, "78 DFOI-707: DFOISR, SASD (PA) 20 Nov 78 FOI Req. Completed (bh)

    Kessler AFB involvement in Pascagoula MS case, FOIAs (rt)

    Kirkland AFB, 1980 (rt)

    Mansfield, Ohio, 18 Oct 1973, FOIAs to various agencies completed (rt)

    Miscellaneous FOIAs (rt)

    NAIC, Moondust cases canceled (rt)

    NARA, FOIA Requests, various (rt)
    NARA, Procedure for public availability of the Project Blue Book files (rt)
    NARA, Technical Instruction TI 2185, Records Lost (rt)
    NARA, USAF Directorate of Intelligence documents on Joint Intelligence Committee Briefing (rt)
    NARA, USAF Documents about, to, and from the CIA (completed) (bh)
    NARA USAF Intelligence Reports KO Series, 3 July 2000, complete (ja)
    NARA USAF Intelligence Reports KK Series, 3 July 2000, complete (ja)
    NARA USAF Intelligence Reports AF Series pending (ja)
    NARA, USAF UFO Records 1947-1948 (rt)

    NASA, Kennedy Space Center, explanations of KMI 8610.4b (rt)

    NASA "Observations of Anomalous Atmospheric Phenomena in the USSR, Statistical Analysis (rt)

    NASA, UFO files, no records, 1976 (rt)

    NASA UFO Information Sheets 76-6, 78-1 (rt)

    NPRC, Flying Discs, Sign, Grudge 1947-1950, (destroyed in 1973 fire) (rt)

    NPRC/NAIC Project Sign/Grudge Investigative Files, FOIA request completed (rt)

    NORAD, Alleged Alert 1997 March 13, (nr/referral to other agencies) (rt)

    "NORAD & FOIAs" comments (jpp/bs)

    NORAD Unknown Track Report (NUTR) System Database (partial denial) (rt)

    NORAD/US Space Command Freedom of Information Requests various (rt)

    "Now You See It, Now You Don't" in Cockpit magazine and MIJI Quarterly (rt)

    NSA Lawsuit, etc. (rt)

    Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense-- CIRVIS no records (bh)
    Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense--M-12 completed (ja)
    Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Public Affairs, No UFO files in the offices of Atomic Energy, or Installations and Logistics (rt)

    Office of Emergency Preparedness (bh)

    Pacific Air Forces, Project Pinball, partial answer (wl)

    Strategic Air Command records shipping documents completed (bh)

    Strategic Air Command UFO file, 1976, no records (bh)

    Truman Presidential Library, Gen Landry's log, no records (rt)

    UFOs in Washington state, various agencies, no records (rt)

    US Army Intelligence records 1950-1952 (rt)

    US Army Signal Corps information on rawin targets (no records) (rt)

    USAF - Directorate of Administration, Meanings of abbreviations and acronyms in UFO document (rt)

    USAF - FOIA Requests 1999-2000, various (rt)

    US Air Force, (Inquiries and FOIA Request about JANAP 146/CIRVIS Reports) (rt)

    US Air Force, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Special Studies Group (rt)

    USAF - Intelligence Reports, request of sample of reports (rt)

    USAF - Termination of Project Blue Book various requests (rt)

    USAF/Canadian Defense Liaison Staff, MJ-12 (contains material on Bolender Staff Summary Sheet) (rt)

    US Coast Guard BOL near Lumis Island, 27 Jul 84

    US Marine Corps (1978) (bg)

    US Navy (Inquiries and FOIA Requests):-

      - Aviation Safety Coordinator, CNO (1976) (bh)

      - Chief of Naval Operations (1976-1991) (av/bg/bh)

      - Fleet Air Intelligence Support Center, Jacksonville, FL (1976) (bh)

      - Fleet Air Intelligence Support Center, Western Pacific (1978) (bh)

      - Naval History Center (1976) (bh)

      - Naval Intelligence Command (1975-80) (bg/bh)

      - Naval Intelligence Support Center (1976) (bh)

      - Naval Photographic Center (1975) (bh)

      - Naval Space Surveillance System (1976) (gh)

      - Naval submarine Base, Bangor (1998) no records (ja)

      - Office of Information (1975) (bh)

      - Office of Naval Research (1975-76) (bh)

      - Office of Naval Research, Chicago (1975) (bh)

      - Office of Naval Research (Jessup/Varo Edition/Philadelphia Experiment) (1975-1988) (bh/tw)

      - Office of Naval Research (T. Townsend Brown) (1985)

      - USS Nimitz (1984) (lf)

    USA Intelligence Collection Memorandum #200-72B-1, 6 Aug 1957, "Unconventional Aircraft (failed FOIA) (bh)

    US Army Intelligence Command, "Flying Saucer File--Horten Brothers etc. 1947-1950" (rt, pg, wl)

    US Army Materiel Command, Radar targets, (no records) (rt)

    USAAF/USAF Intelligence communication with CIG/CIA 1946-1948 RG 341, Entry 213 complete (bh/ja)

    USAF AFCIN UFO Conferences/Advisory Panel Meetings (ja)

    USAF Air Staff Summary Sheet, "Bolender memo" 1978 denied (rt)

    USAF Intelligence Agency, Special Estimates, no records (rt)

    USAF Research and Development, UFO files, no record, appealed, denied, appealed, 3 inches (rt)

    USAF Special Study Group (partial release) (rt)

    US Air Forces, Europe, unknown rockets in Germany 1946-1949 completed (ja)

    US Coast Guard, no records (rt)

    Washington National Record Center, Air Force Intelligence Records 1953 - 1969, (must visit center to obtain shipping records which may contain leads to this material.) (rt)

90-99:   Resources

    AFTAC R&B Case Files, Records Shipping Document (bh)

    Alerts, Air Raids, Decimal files for, USA/USAF (bh)

    Association of Former OSI USAF Special Agents, Membership List 1983-84 (bg)

    Air Force Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Offices for Major Commands and Agencies (rt)

    Air Force History Research Agency, Computer Indices, inquiries (ja, rd)

    Air Force History Research Agency, Document Indices for Microfilm Rolls (ja, rt)

    Air Force History Research Agency, Guide to Personal Papers (ja)

    Air Force History Research Agency, Reference (ja)

    "Basic Law and Authorizes of the National Archives and Records Administration" (rt)

    Bibliography of AAF & USAF Records at Alexandria Records Center (rt)

    Cambridge Field Station to the AF Geophysics Laboratory, Chronology (bh)

    DARPA Security and FOIA Guide (rt)

    Decimal File Numbers (bh)

    DOD Records Group 330, Entry 346, Research and Development Board, DOD, Shipment List (bh)

    DTIC, ATI 16744, File Cards on German Drawings of Horten IX (RT)

    Freedom of Information Act Update and Revisions (rt)

    Geophysical Directorate, Phillips Laboratory (bh)

    Index of USAF Intelligence Reports Index Cards (ja)

    Kennedy Presidential Library, National Security Files Finding Aid (rt)

    Locations of U. S. APOs 1941-1984 (rd)

    NARA Records, General (rt)
    NARA Records Group 18, Army Air Forces Finding Aid, Mar 1997(ja)
    NARA Records Group 330, Secretary of Defense (rt)
    NARA Records Group 341, USAF HQ Air Staff Finding Aid, May 1997(ja)
    NARA Record Group 342 (rt)
    NARA Records Group 342, Flying Disc Records (rt)
    NARA Shipping List AMC Decimal Correspondence 1944-1950 (rt)

    NARS, Suitland, Records Groups 340-341 (rt)

    NARS, Record Group 342 (rt)

    National Personnel Records Center, (NPRC) Shipping Records for RG 341 (rt)

    National Records Center, Air Force Technical Applications Center records inventory (rt)

    National Security Council, Freedom of Information Policies (rt)

    NPRC Shipping document AMC (RA-(714)-53) to St. Louis Mo (rt)
    NPRC Shipping document Wright Field to St Louis, Mo. (rt.)

    Preliminary Inventory of Records of the HQ USAF, NARA, NM 15, by J. Bowen, O. K. Liebman, J. T. Midkiff and M. J. Mino, 1963 (Container 1:1) (ja)

    Project Blue Book Index, Maxwell microfilms partial (dw)

    Scientific Advisory Board (bh)

    Series Description Report, Records Groups 341, 342, St Louis rha (rt)

    Stealth Aircraft (bh)

    Truman Presidential Library, White House Central Files (rt)

    Under Secretary for Acquisition and Technology, Document List in response to "Slow Walker"

    USA Intelligence Decimals, RG 319 (rt)

    USA Updates: Message Address Directory (bg)

    USN Historical Center (ja)

    USAF, Aids to Identification of Flying Objects (ja)

    USAF, Air Intelligence Agency, Shipping Records, Accession Number 341-67A4875, Intelligence Reports, 1953 (rt)

    USAF Aircraft Photographs (bg)

    USAF Base Listings (bg)

    USAF DI Intel Report Distribution Systems (ja)
    USAF DI RG 341: Data Reference Branch: Intelligence Report Index Card Index 1934-1962 (ja/wl)
    USAF DI RG 341: Data Reference Branch: Selected Intelligence Report Index Cards. 1946-1959 (ja)
    USAF DI RG 341, Entry 263, Deputy Director for Collection and Dissemination: Index of Intelligence Reports, 1942 - 1953 (rt)
    USAF DI RG 341, Various References (ja)

    USAF, HQ FOIA Log, requests (rt)

    USAF, HQ FOIA Log (1996-1997) (rt)

    USAF Retired Top Secret AFIN Records (bh)

    US Government Printing Office, publication list (rt)

    Washington National Records Center Accession number Master List (rt)

100-109:   Commentary by Non-government Sources on Government UFO Policies and Actions

    "The Air Force and the Saucers: Part Two--Captain Ruppelt's Book and the Secret Agency," Dr. Leon Davidson

    "Ghost Rocket over Sweden" by Dr. Gerald Aalders (al)

    "High Tech Espionage, by Ernest Volkman (ja)

    "How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomena," Victor Marchetti, Second Look, May 1979 (rt)

    "On the Problem with UFO Hypotheses," by Dr. J. Allan Hynek, Thesis/Antithesis

    Project Henry worksheets, J. Allen Hynek (ja)

    "Project Sign and the Estimate" (draft) by Michael Swords. (ms)

    Review of Project Blue Book case files (worksheets), J. Allen Hynek (ja)

    "Response to Air Force Roswell Report" Stan Friedman, FUFOR (rt)

    "U. F. O." 1956 movie "documentary" analysis (ms)

    "UFO's, An Air Force Dilemma," LTC Hector Quintanilla, Jr. USAF, Ret, manuscript (er)

    UFOs and the U. S. Government," Don Berliner, FUFOR (ja)

    "Unidentified Flying Objects" Zigel, Soviet Life, Feb 1968 (rt)

    "Unusual Aerial Phenomena," J. A. Hynek, Journal of the American Optical Society, Vol 43, #4, Apr 1953 (rt)

    "What the U. S. Government Knows about Unidentified Flying Objects," by Peter Gersten, Frontiers of Science, May-June 1981

110-119:   Fortean Phenomena

    Central Intelligence Agency, Aerial Explosions, 30 Dec 1977 (bh)

    Death Beam, Nikola Tesla (rt)

120-149:   Foreign Governments Materials/Investigations

    Argentina: Comments on the Naval and Air Force UFO investigations (rg/rh)

    Australia: Items from official files about 2 inches (bc)

    Canada: Alberta Industry and Commerce, Transportation Research and Development Committee, Radical Aircraft Design Proposal (Flying Saucer) (ja)
    Canada: Canadian Forces Sentinel, "UFOs: Figments, Fact, or Fiction," Dr. J. C. Arnell, Jun 1966 (ja)
    Canada: Department of National Defense, Scope of UFO Investigation (ja)
    Canada: Project Second Story (cr)
    Canada: RCAF Rpt on Augusta Cove 3 Jul. 1947, (first use of the phrase "unidentified flying object") (ja)

    Canada: RCAF Station Beaverbank, NS, Narrative Report 1 Dec 59 to 31 May 1960 (National Archives of Canada) (aw)

    France: Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), L' Etudes des Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non-Identifies (jjv, dw)
    France: CNES, Service d'Espertise des Phenomenes de Rentrees Atmospheriques (jjv, dw)
    France: CNES, GEPAN, Note d'Information, #1-#2 (jjv, dw)
    France: CNES, GEPAN, Note Technique #1-18 (jjv, dw)

    Italy: Foreign Ministry: Attache's Dispatches on Ghost Rockets (er)

    Japan: Japan Information Service, The Consulate General of Japan (ja)

    Korea: Response to inquiries (jh, gl)

    Lebanon: Response to inquiry (jl)

    Malaysia: Response to inquiries (jh, jl)

    Mexico: Response to inquiries (dk, jl)

    Netherlands: Response to inquiries (dk, jl)

    New Zealand, UFO files in the Auckland branch of the National Archives (mb)

    Responses for Foreign Embassies/Governments to the Condon Committee, Laval, Menzel, NICAP, the State Department (ja)

    South Africa: Response to inquiries (jl)

    Sweden: Explanation of government interest to the Condon Committee (ja)
    Sweden: Swedish Defense Archives: Overflights 1944, in Swedish and English (al)
    Sweden: Swedish Defense Archives: Overflights 1945, in Swedish and English (al)
    Sweden: Swedish Attache reports of Ghost Rocket sightings in other countries, translated by Anders Liljegren (al)

    UK: 1966 June 8, Cheshire, Police observation (ja)
    UK: Ministry of Defense to Robert Low (ja)
    UK: Questions to the Government in the House of Lords 1998 (ja)
    UK: Various Ghost Rocket Documents, Public Records Office FO 371/56988 and FO 188/537 (dc)

    USSR on UFOs (rh)

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