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Editorial Notes

To assist online readability and navigation through Dr. McCarthy's original dissertation, hypertext enhancements were made in this web-based presentation that have met with Dr. McCarthy's full approval.

  • The table of contents is presented as a set of clickable links to every part of the dissertation, with convenient "BACK To" access points.

  • Not all the chapters in Dr. McCarthy's original work had sub-headings easily convertible to internal links. For example, in Chapter 3 "History of Events", we examined the text carefully for logical groupings in order to create clickable sub-headings.

  • Itemized lists have been made more prominent.

  • On page 5, we reorganized Table 1, ANNUAL UFO REPORTS 1947-1965, so it scrolls vertically on the screen rather than horizontally.

Researchers who have obtained access to the dissertation in previous years via the University of Hawaii library will have noticed gaps in the text beginning on page 170. Thanks to Dr. McCarthy's foresight in donating his original source materials to the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), The Sign Historical Group was able to obtain a complete draft of the dissertation for this online presentation. CUFOS is to be commended for preserving Dr. McCarthy's source materials—approximately eight 3" binders—and we thank Dr. McCarthy for ensuring this valuable resource will remain available to historians.

The scanning and OCR conversion of the paper copy of the dissertation was carried out by Jim Giglio of National Capital Area Skeptics (NCAS). Most of the HTML coding was performed by John Stepkowski of Sign Historical Group (SHG), the remainder by Jim Giglio. Proofreading the finished product was carried out by Candy Peterson, Tom Tulien, and John Stepkowski of SHG.

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