For over three hours in late 1968, numerous ground witnesses observed an unconventional aerial object maneuvering over the [Minuteman] ICBM missile fields surrounding Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota.  During this time, an unidentified object paced a B-52 and was recorded on radar.  Later, the crew of the B-52 overflew and observed a large glowing object on or near the ground.

Portions of this incident were dramatized in the ABC News Special television documentary Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs: Seeing is Believing.

During the past five years that we have been investigating the events at Minot AFB, we have located and interviewed over fifteen principal witnesses and amassed hundreds of pages of supporting documentation.  This has allowed us to fairly accurately reconstruct the events and provided insights into the official investigations.  Only recently have we completed our research, and a comprehensive historical report is now online at: http://minotb52ufo.com/

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