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Peterbourgh, New Hampshire Transcript, November 23, 1967

Cong. Wyman Sees Interest in UFO Hearings

Cong. Louis C. Wyman this week reported that Congress is showing "much interest" in a resolution he has entered to authorize the Committee on Science and Astronautics to investigate UFO's.

Said Cong. Wyman:

"Much interest has been shown in H. Res. 946, a bill which I introduced on Oct, 17, to authorize the Committee on Science and Astronautics to investigate UFO's. There have been nearly 11,000 reported sightings of UFO's, most of which have been explained in one way or another. But several hundred sightings have not been explained, leaving a serious questions in many minds as to just what there is in all this.

"Should it be established that some UFO's are extra-terrestrial, which seems impossible, it would have a profound effect on U. S. space policy. The same situation would prevail if UFO's were identified as terrestrial but foreign to the United States."

Faster Than X-15

"The speed and maneuverability described on radar contact by pilots observing UFO's indicates objects with capacities greatly in excess of anything presently reported including the X-15 at Edwards Air Force Base in California which had glided with jet thrust at a speed approaching 5000 miles per hour.

"The Soviet Union is reported to have set up a project to study UFO's following a series of sightings in the Soviet Union, consisting of a government commission with a staff of 18 and some 200 additional observers.

"The Canadian Air Force is taking an official interest and the USAF has an investigation underway at Boulder, Col. at the present time.

"H. Res. 946 calls for an investigation under oath in which the USAF would be but one witness. I continue to suspect that the USAF knows more about UFO's than it has let on to date. This will have to come out in the wash, but the wash' ought not to be more rumor and speculation. It ought to be the reported results of the record of an orderly Congressional investigation.

"The subject is too important to be left uninvestigated any longer."

College Gets Calls

Interest in "getting to the bottom" of the UFO situation has also prompted Franklin Pierce College at Rindge to list its switchborad number—899-3381—as a reporting center, through which information will be passed on to NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena).

Dr. Clifford Coles, Dean said, Tuesday that three calls—one from Nelson—and a "very interesting" letter from Salem, have been received this week, and reported to a NICAP official in Claremont.

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