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   East Lambrook Farm,
         South Petherton,
                2nd August, 1954


Dear Sir,

I am writing to tell you of a strange object which my friends and I saw on the 25th July.  I am a boarder at Wells Cathedral School in Somerset, and it was here that we all saw this strange phenomenon.  The time was approximately 3.48 p.m. and school had just finished.  As we were going up to tea I happened to look up in the sky and cought (sic) sight of this "thing".  I at once drew the attention of all those around me, about eight in number, and this is what we saw:-

A circular object was coming across the sky from the South East.  It was going fast and seem (sic) to have a habit of dipping up and down.  Suddenly it did a very small circle and then carried on in the same direction as before.  All at once it shot backwards without turning.  It then slowed down considerably, moving about the sky in all directions.  After a short while, about a minute it stopped and appeared to be hovering.  It then disappeared when some cloud covered it.  It all lasted about four minutes.  We then went in, feeling very excited, to a hurried tea and where (sic) out again within five minutes.  Looking up we saw a large patch of blue sky and from the South East, approaching at a very high speed, was what appeared to be the same object as before.  It flew about the sky for roughly three minutes and then slowed down and finally stopped and hovered high above us.  It then started to move slowly, and became hidden by clouds.  This was the last we saw of it.

This object was very high and could not have been an aircraft or weather balloon, for the following reasons:-

  1. An aircraft could not hover.

  2. It was circular in shape.

  3. It could not be coming from one direction and then suddenly reverse without turning.

  4. There were no vapour trails and we heard no noise.

  5. A balloon would not travel at such speed.

  6. No aircraft could turn in such a small circle.

  I would like to emphasize that this is all quite true and absolutely genuine and no schoolboy prank.

COLIN W.F. SCOTT.         



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