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    Main Guardroom,
          Royal Air Force Station,

                       4th September, 1954

     [handwritten] 4/Sep/54

Subject:- Viewing of Strange Aerial Objects


I have the honour to submit for your information the following report:-

(a)    At WINTHORPE on the 4.9.54, at 0008 hours I was in company with Cpl. Thompson, R. Royal Air Force Police on camp patrol.

(b)   We had left the P.B.X. section and were returning to the MAIN GUARDROOM when Cpl. Thompson, R. said "Look a shooting star."  At this point we were approx. 400 yards from P. B. X.

(c)   I looked up and saw an object which appeared to break in two and fall down slantways to my right hand side.

(d)   We stopped our bicycles and started to watch the objects.

(e)   I then saw the objects go back up again and were some distance apart from each other.

(f)   I started to pay attention to one of the objects and it started to go dim and almost immediately it came a vivid bright light for a second or two and, then go dim again.

(g)   While this was going on it was going up and down and started to come in our direction, it then stopped, went in the opposite direction went again a vivid bright light dropped down in a split second the object went dim and appeared to hover about at some distance from the other object and still staying dim both objects proceeded to go in the direction as to where we were looking at them until they were out of sight.

(h)   These objects could not have been aircraft as I don't think an aircraft could carry a light as vivid and clear as these objects gave and could not drop as fast, and turn in so short a space.

(j)   (sic) All this took place in a matter of 3 - 4 minutes and the objects stayed quite some distance from us.


I have the honour to be,


Your obedient Servant

Signed.  E ROBERTS Cpl.

Royal Air Force Police.


  Officer Commanding,
        R. A. F. Winthorpe,
            Nr. Newark,

1.     Object appeared to be a ball of light like a star but was not, repeat not, a STAR.

2.     Objects proceeded out of sight in a south-westerly direction.

3.     Could turn very fast in a short space and also drop and rise.

4.     No aircraft could give a light as bright as they give (crystal clear)



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