Ten Most Wanted Magazine Articles on UFOs from the 1950s

Here are ten important magazine articles nominated by Barry Greenwood and Jan Aldrich about UFOs which have yet to be recovered.  These articles could help to shed further light on UFO history, similar to the collection of significant pieces here at Project 1947.  We are looking for about 50 articles from the 1940s to 1980s and will update our Wanted lists for other decades soon.

Anyone who has access to these items or who can provide leads to them, please contact us at:

 — Barry Greenwood, or:

 — Jan Aldrich

Barry Greenwood's list:

Some of these are vaguely described with just a suggestion of UFO content.

Royal Air Force Flying Review (UK) - article, July, 1952.

Aeroplane (UK) - October 23, 1953

Outspan (S. Africa) - June 25, 1954, "I Saw A Flying Saucer," Ibbotson

Illustrated (weekly, UK) - February 26, 1955

Boeing News (in-house magazine) - 1957 issue, UFO report, Alaska

Aeronautica (Italy) - March, 1953

Jan Aldrich's list

Timberline, November or December 1953 (but could be January to July, 1954 (article about two Air Force veterans at Flagstaff, Arizona who saw a discoidal UFO at sunset.)

Egypt News (Issued by the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D. C.)
October or November 1954, but maybe September, 1954 (UFO at Ben Ebeib and summary of other reports)

Valor magazine, June 19, 1954.
(Greenwood said this is a right-wing occult magazine, but it might contain a lead)

Personality magazine, 1 January, 1954, Marais, D., "Are We Being Watched," (53:1401),
Bloemfontein, South Africa, pp. 26-28.

Other leads:

Does the UK government have an internal journal on Colony/Commonwealth affairs?  For these years – the 1950s – such publications might contain useful material.

The Australasian Post, articles before 1953

Any articles in Indonesian magazines in the 1950s which we are told did exist, but have not yet seen.

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