Jan L. Aldrich   Several articles written by
Jan L. Aldrich,    founder and coordinator of PROJECT 1947

Read Jan's article Project 1947: An inquiry into the beginning of the UFO era from the Summer 1996 issue of the International UFO Reporter (IUR ).

Other articles available: PROJECT 1947: Filling In The Gaps from the April 1996, MUFON JOURNAL

PROJECT 1947: A Progress Report from UFO Magazine

UFOlogy's most often-quoted World War II "foo fighter" encounter occurred during an allied bombing raid over Schweinfurt, Germany, in October of 1943. British researcher Andy Roberts has now located official documentation that confirms the "flying disks" sighting and offers new information as to its possible origins in Schweinfurt - A Mystery Solved?

The Midland Fireball: Dow Chemical's Early Involvement with UFOs, a fascinating article by Joel Carpenter about Dow's investigations into the remains of a "flying disc" in July of 1947.

In Foo Fighters: The Story So Far, Andy Roberts examines the history of the "foo fighter" phenomenon.

WW II Document Research: In search of "Foo-Fighters".   Andy Roberts investigates the often-quoted World War II "foo fighter" encounter during an allied bombing raid over Schweinfurt, Germany, in October of 1943.

Jo Chamberlin's American Legion Magazine article, The Foo Fighter Mystery. Published in December, 1945, this was the most extensive article about "foo fighters" at the time.

While flying reconnaissance missions over the Rhine Valley in 1944, USAAF pilot Joe Thompson experienced a "foo fighter" sighting. In this 1966 article Joe Thompson and the Foo-Fighters, Mr Thompson recalls his sighting and those of fellow pilots.

Marquis Child's 1946 column Washington Calling describing reports of unidentified "flying bombs," that were the precursor to the "ghost rocket" phenomenon.

With reports of the "ghost rockets" increasing, even U.S. Army journals began to speculate on their possible origins. In Russian Secret Weapons, Colonel C. H. Lonzo, U.S. Army (Retired) considers whether these reports were propaganda, or Russian secret weapons testing.

Robert Wood of Aviation News ponders reports of sightings and censorship about the 1946 "ghost rocket" wave in his editorial Russian Hail.

Two articles from famous Brazilian researcher, Dr Olavo T. Fontes.

Dr Fontes explores the reasons why The Air Force Is Just As Puzzled As We Are About The Saucers.  

A review of the 1966 Brazilian UFO flap in UFO Report From Brazil

Selected UFO Events From 1947 at the archives.

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