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Jan L. Aldrich

Several articles written by Jan L. Aldrich, founder and coordinator of PROJECT 1947:

Read Jan's article Project 1947: An inquiry into the beginning of the UFO era from the Summer 1996 issue of the International UFO Reporter (IUR ).

Other articles available: PROJECT 1947: Filling In The Gaps from the April 1996, MUFON JOURNAL

PROJECT 1947: A Progress Report from UFO Magazine

UFOlogy's most often-quoted World War II "foo fighter" encounter occurred during an allied bombing raid over Schweinfurt, Germany, in October of 1943. British researcher Andy Roberts has now located official documentation that confirms the "flying disks" sighting and offers new information as to its possible origins in Schweinfurt - A Mystery Solved?

The Midland Fireball: Dow Chemical's Early Involvement with UFOs, a fascinating article by Joel Carpenter about Dow's investigations into the remains of a "flying disc" in July of 1947.

In Foo Fighters: The Story So Far, Andy Roberts examines the history of the "foo fighter" phenomenon.

WW II Document Research: In search of "Foo-Fighters".   Andy Roberts investigates the often-quoted World War II "foo fighter" encounter during an allied bombing raid over Schweinfurt, Germany, in October of 1943.

Jo Chamberlin's American Legion Magazine article, The Foo Fighter Mystery. Published in December, 1945, this was the most extensive article about "foo fighters" at the time.

While flying reconnaissance missions over the Rhine Valley in 1944, USAAF pilot Joe Thompson experienced a "foo fighter" sighting. In this 1966 article Joe Thompson and the Foo-Fighters, Mr Thompson recalls his sighting and those of fellow pilots.

Marquis Child's 1946 column Washington Calling describing reports of unidentified "flying bombs," that were the precursor to the "ghost rocket" phenomenon.

With reports of the "ghost rockets" increasing, even U.S. Army journals began to speculate on their possible origins. In Russian Secret Weapons, Colonel C. H. Lonzo, U.S. Army (Retired) considers whether these reports were propaganda, or Russian secret weapons testing.

Robert Wood of Aviation News ponders reports of sightings and censorship about the 1946 "ghost rocket" wave in his editorial Russian Hail.

Four articles from famous Brazilian researcher, Dr Olavo T. Fontes.

Dr Fontes explores the reasons why The Air Force Is Just As Puzzled As We Are About The Saucers.  

During the last three weeks of October, 1954, Brazil experienced an unprecedented wave of “flying saucer” sightings, culminating in two UFOs being seen by over 100 witnesses overflying Gravatai Air Force Base.  Dr Fontes details the events of the encounters and reports eyewitness accounts in his article in “The Brazilian Flying Saucer Review”.

After the UFO sightings over Gravatai Air Force Base, which were witnessed by many military and service personnel, the Brazilian Air Force (F.A.B.) held a press conference announcing that “the Flying Saucers Are Real”.

A review of the 1966 Brazilian UFO flap in UFO Report From Brazil

Top 10 Most Wanted UFO Articles

The search for important UFO resources continues. Researchers Barry Greenwood and Jan Aldrich have nominated their Top 10 Most Wanted UFO Articles.  Please visit this page to see whether you can help in uncovering new and important information.

Collection of Historically Important Magazine Articles About UFOs:

American Legion Magazine Dec, 1945The American Legion Magazine, December, 1945
"The Foo Fighter Mystery"

December, 1945 American Legion Magazine article, "The Foo Fighter Mystery," by Lt. Col. Jo Chamberlin, aide to Commanding General "Hap" Arnold, USAAF, during WW II.

Saturday Evening Post 30 April, 1949 Saturday Evening Post April 30, 1949
"What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers"

Part One of a two-part Saturday Evening Post article by Sidney Shalett.

Saturday Evening Post May 7, 1949 Saturday Evening Post May 7, 1949
"What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers"

Part Two of a two-part Saturday Evening Post article by Sidney Shalett.

TRUE Magazine January, 1950 TRUE Magazine January, 1950
"The Flying Saucers Are Real"

Ground-breaking January 1950 TRUE Magazine article by Major Donald E. Keyhoe which made headlines around the world.

TRUE Magazine, March, 1950 TRUE Magazine March, 1950
"How Scientists Tracked a Flying Saucer"

Guided missile expert and US Navy Captain Robert B. McLaughlin details "flying saucer" sightings by himself and other scientists at White Sands Missile Range in 1949, the first official confirmation that "UFOs" were being seen over secret government installations.

Flying 1950 Flying Magazine July, 1950

July, 1950 Flying article by Curtis Fuller on famous pilot UFO sightings.  Contains details of sightings that include Kenneth Arnold, Chiles-Whitted, and E.J. Smith.

TRUE Magazine August, 1950 TRUE Magazine August, 1950

Following his headline-making January, 1950 TRUE Magazine story, "The Flying Saucers Are Real," Major Donald E. Keyhoe “adds to the record of responsible Saucer sightings” with the Adickes-Manning Indiana UFO encounter, and other sightings involving veteran pilots.

FLYING Magazine, June, 1951 Cosmopolitan Magazine January, 1951
"The Disgraceful Flying Saucer Hoax"

The infamous Bob Considine article - authored with the assistance of the US Air Force - in which the columnist declares the UFO phenomenon to be a "disgraceful hoax" perpetrated by "true believers," "gagsters," and "screwballs," and a waste of taxpayers' money to investigate.

FLYING Magazine, June, 1951 FLYING Magazine June, 1951
"Airline Captain Reports: Another Saucer Mystery"

Mid-Continent Airlines pilot Lawrence W. Vinther details his multi-witness aerial encounter with a large cigar-shaped object, as the Office of Naval Research reassures America that most "flying saucers" are simply Skyhook balloons.

Fate Magazine Cover Aug-Sep 1951 FATE Magazine Aug-Sep, 1951
"The Strange Mystery of the FOO FIGHTERS"

Drawing heavily from Jo Chamberlin's 1945 American Legion article, "The Foo Fighter Mystery", British author Harold T. Wilkins expanded upon Chamberlin's work and introduced the readers of FATE Magazine to "the Strange Mystery of the Foo Fighters."

Life Cover April 7, 1952 LIFE Magazine April 7, 1952
"Have We Visitors From Space?"

LIFE Magazine, widely considered the most important magazine ever published in the U.S., asks the question: "Have We Visitors From Space?" and concludes: "There is a case for interplanetary saucers."

Look Cover June 19, 1952Look Magazine June 19, 1952
"The Truth About Flying Saucers"

By Donald H. Menzel, in which he outlines his reasons for believing that "UFO" sightings can be explained using science.

Look cover July 1 1952 Look Magazine July 1, 1952
"Hunt For The Flying Saucer"

"Hunt For The Flying Saucer" by J. Robert Moskin, details the U.S. Air Force's "secret scientific search" to determine what the "saucers" might be.

The Outspan January 1, 1954 The Outspan January 1, 1954
"Are We Being Watched?"

"Are We Being Watched?" By David Marais, documents several high confidence South African "flying saucer" incidents and the existence of an official “Flying Saucer File”.

PIC Magazine Cover June 1954 PIC Magazine June, 1954
"I Proved Flying Saucers Are Real"

"I Proved Flying Saucers Are Real" By Ralph C. Mayher, relating his experiences with the U.S. Air Force after filming a UFO on July 29, 1952.

Fate Magazine November 1954 FATE Magazine November, 1954
"BOAC's Flying Jellyfish"

"BOAC's Flying Jellyfish" By John Carnell, detailing the UFO observation made by the crew and passengers of a BOAC Boeing Stratocruiser over Labrador, Newfoundland on June 29, 1954.

Naval History Cover - October 2004 Naval History Magazine October, 2004
"Cosmic Curiosity"

"Cosmic Curiosity" by Commander Edward P. Stafford, USN. Ret., detailing the August, 1952 "UFO" sighting by Lieut. John Callahan over Greenland while tracking a Skyhook balloon

People Today September 10, 1952 People Today September 10, 1952
"The Flying Saucers Are Real"

The Editors of "People Today" magazine conclude that the "Saucers" are real – the product of Top Secret research by Russian and American scientists.

True Magazine October, 1952 TRUE Magazine October, 1952
"We Flew Above Flying Saucers"

October, 1952 TRUE Magazine article by Pan American Airways pilots William B. Nash and William H. Fortenberry detailing their July 14, 1952 multi-UFO sighting over Chesapeake Bay.

Coronet Magazine Cover Nov, 1952 Coronet Magazine November, 1952
"Flying Saucers: Myth or Menace?"

Lawrence Elliot examines the prevailing theories about the origins of the "flying saucers".

TRUE Magazine May 1954 TRUE Magazine May, 1954
"What Our Air Force Found Out About Flying Saucers"

Former head of Project Bluebook, Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt's article for TRUE Magazine

TRUE Magazine, January 1966 TRUE Magazine January, 1966
“I Know the Secret of the Flying Saucers”

Major Donald E. Keyhoe speculates on the “secret” of how Flying Saucers fly, and how antigravity propulsion could explain many reported UFO maneuvers.

Washtngton Washington D.C. Sunday Star August 7, 1966
“Flying Saucers Again: Do You Believe in Them?”

Former USAF Intelligence Officer, Lt Col. Charles Cooke, challenges official denialism and argues his case for the reality of the UFO phenomenon.

Dr James E. Mcdonald UFOs – An International Scientific Problem

Dr James E. McDonald's paper presented at the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute Astronautics Symposium, Montreal, Canada, March 12, 1968

the Lookout Feb-March 1974 The Lookout February-March, 1974
“The Night I Believed”

Radio operator Billy B. Waldeck relates the November 22, 1952, Gulf of Mexico UFO sighting by the crew of the liquid petroleum gas tanker ship, S.S. Natalie O. Warren.

International UFO Reporter Vol 33, Number 1 International UFO Reporter (IUR) Vol. 33, No. 1
“Intelligent Motions”

Michael Sword's IUR article detailing Major Dewey Fournet's evaluation of some classic UFO sightings demonstrating their “Intelligent Motions.”

UHR Issue 14 U.F.O. Historical Revue No. 14
“Air Force Vietnam-era UFO Reports Surface”

Barry Greenwood, co-author of 1984's Clear Intent and veteran UFO document researcher, uncovers significant new Vietnam-era UFO reports that never made it to Project Blue Book.

    Selected UFO Events From 1947 at the archives.

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