Korea - 1st Marines Intelligence Summaries April, 1953

 The summaries of the Enemy, Friendly and Aviation Operations in KOREA

during the week of 16 April - 23 April 1953 are attached

On the night of 14 April a Navy P-2V on an ECM mission in the Sea of Japan at latitude 43-07N, longitude 135-40E was picked up and followed by an unidentified aircraft.  The P-2V continued on course 245 for approximately 170 miles with the unidentified aircraft staying approximately 12 miles astern.  At this second position the unidentified aircraft was joined by a minimum total of 10 aircraft.  The weather was CAVU, but the night was extremely dark.  The P-2V headed for home base and descended to 400 feet altitude.  The unidentified aircraft made at least 70 aggressive non-firing passes, mostly from astern, all passing underneath the P-2V at 400 feet.  At least 10 passes were made by 4 planes in formation, with runs from astern.  Radar emissions from one of the unidentified aircraft picked up by the P-2V indicate the possibility that one of the unidentified aircraft was using radar to position and control the other aircraft for their attacks.  No recognition features of the unidentified aircraft were observed other than an occasional jet glow.  This incident indicates an increased capability of Soviet interceptors.

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