Air Force Investigation into multiple witness UFO sighting on 8 July, 1947, at Muroc Air Base in California.  (4th AF Files.)

Memo describing UFO encounter by civilian air crew over Bethel, Alaska, on August 4, 1947.  (4th AF Files.)

Mysterious Unidentified Supersonic Radar Targets, Japan, 1947.  Top Secret Item of Current Intelligence Interest, detailed reports of sightings, affidavits and technical analysis of "A-1: Completely reliable" radar sighting of unidentified aircraft.

Memorandum from Lt. Colonel Springer to Headquarters, Sixth Army, San Francisco, detailing 14 August, 1947 UFO sightings in Guam.  (4th AF Files.)

Letter from prospector, Fred M. Johnson to Headquarters, Fourth Air Force, reporting his "flying disc" sighting on the same day as the Kenneth Arnold Mt. Rainier event.  (4th AF Files.)

Lt. General Nathan Twining's 23 September, 1947 letter to Brig. General Schulgen outlining AMC's "Opinion Concerning 'Flying Discs'."  (National Archives at College Park.)

28 October, 1947 Memo from Brig. General George F. Schulgen, Air Intelligence Requirements Division, outlining "intelligence requirements in the field of Flying Saucer type aircraft."  (National Archives at College Park.)

Suspecting that "flying discs" could be Russian developments of advanced German World War II aircraft designs, Air Material Command (AMC) at Wright Field directed CIC-Europe to interview "German aircraft specialists and test pilots who might have some knowledge of similar aircraft."  Memo dated 10 November, 1947.  (Document via FOIA request to the US Army Intelligence Command (INSCOM).)

Following interviews with engineers involved with advanced German WW II aircraft designs, AMC operatives handcarrried orders to CIC-Europe directing them to track down the Horten brothers, builders of "flying wing" type aircraft.   This SECRET 16 December, 1947 report from U.S. Army Intelligence HQ, Berlin, details the interrogation of the Horten brothers and their responses to questions about "flying saucer"-type aircraft being based on their designs.  (Document via FOIA request to the US Army Intelligence Command (INSCOM).)

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