The Lost Bluebook Files - PROJECT 1947

Newspaper accounts and official Directorate of Intelligence Report Index Cards refer to numerous UFO incidents that were investigated over the years by military and government agencies.  However, in many cases none of these records can be located in the official Blue Book files.

For example:

DI Intel Report Index Cards - UFO Incident - Greenland - 1947

KO71017: limited FOIA inquiry revealed No Record, some content located in Air Defense Command publication "Air Intelligence Reports" stating sightings were not UFO related.  Does not appear in PBB records.

DI Intel Report Index Cards - UFO Incident - Japan - 1948

AF15341: limited FOIA resulting in response of No Record.  Not present in PBB files.

AF133920: limited FOIA, Inquiry ignored, not present in PBB files

DI Intel Report Index Cards - UFO Incident - Korea - 1952

AF 479149: Not found in PBB files.  ¬†Would be an interesting item to evaluate the details of these "jet exhaust patterns".

Many newspaper and official documents refer to the investigation of UFO sightings, but the results of these inquiries are missing from Blue Book.

This 1949 letter to 4th U.S. Air Force Intelligence from a witness to a UFO incident in Baja, California, was never found in the PBB files.  The 4th AF did inform AFOSI and 6th Army Intelligence, but apparently not Air Defense Command, the next required link in the chain of command.

This 1st Marine Division intelligence report from Korea for 1952 relates the tracking of an unidentified object at speeds of over 1000 mph, a capability far beyond any aircraft of the time. Not in PBB files.

On December 16, 1954, a UFO was widely observed in the skies over over Apple Valley, near Victorville, California. Newspaper and radio reports reflected the many witnesses alerting both the media and the local George Air Base to their sightings.  Callers to the Air Base were told jets had been scrambled to intercept the mystery object. A search for this incident in PBB files resulted in the same frustration as experienced by LA MIRROR-NEWS reporter, Paul V. Coates, who attempted to obtain official comment about the incident.

Many other detailed and credible UFO reports exist among public and official records but are absent from Project Blue Book. Project 1947 will present a collection of these "orphan" files in our folio collection of "Lost Files".

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