Routing slip from Gen Nathan F. Twining , Air Materiel Command (AMC) to Gen. Brentnall, T-3, Engineering, accompanying summaries of flying saucer sightings as reported by Richard Rankin, Kenneth Arnold, and Idaho Forest Rangers.

Sighting summaries forwarded from General Twining to General Brentnall.

Routing and Record Sheet "SUBJECT: Flying Saucers" to General Brentnall forwarding two letters from Idaho and Oregon describing flying saucer sightings.

Draft of letter from General Brentnall replying to members of the public regarding "flying disc" sightings.

File copy of Gen. Brentnall reply to Mrs. Bill Foulke, of Boise, Idaho.

File copy of Gen. Brentnall reply to Mrs. Owen M. Ingle, of Cardington, Ohio.




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