"When PROJECT 1947 was established as an inquiry into the UFO wave of 1947 -- one of the largest UFO waves in history -- it was not envisioned as dealing exclusively with the so-called Roswell Incident, the alleged crash of an alien spaceship and subsequent involvement of the U.S. military..."

Read Jan Aldrich's introduction to the PROJECT 1947 Roswell Page

The clamor for information about what really happened during the Roswell Incident resulted in an investigation by the Government Accounting Office. According to the GAO report, this involved "... an extensive search for government records related to the crash near Roswell."

In The Search For Records on Roswell, Jan Aldrich reviews the records that were searched for references to Roswell and suggests other possible archives and documents that might yield information.

Prof. C.B. Moore questions the often-quoted claim that the Roswell "UFO" was tracked by radar before crashing to earth in An Assessment Of Steve MacKenzie's Account Of the Radar Tracking Of An Unidentified Object Over Southern New Mexico During Early July, 1947

Jan Aldrich reviews "crashed disk" reports made during the UFO Summer of '47

The GAO-Roswell Appendices.

A collection of Roswell-Related Documents.

The pro, the con, and the undecided: A collection of Roswell Links covering the spectrum of Roswell opinion.







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