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        Volume IV, Number 1, May-June 1967, page 8.

British Radar/Visual Case

A huge, cone-shaped UFO that slowly revolved, hovered for more than an hour, and shot away as an airplane approached was seen by members of Her Majesty's Coast Guard and others at Brixham, Devon, England at 11:25 a. m., April [1967]

Coast Guardsman Brian F. Jenkins stated in his report to NICAP member J. A. Hennessey that the object was seen stationary at approximately 15,000 feet.  It slowly drifted to the northwest during the next 80 minutes.  It was slowly revolving, revealing a door like structure on its side as it did so.  There was a curtain-like structure' at its bottom that changed shape during the flight.

At 12:40,' Jenkins stated, "an aircraft with a thick vapor trail approached the object from the northeast, flew above it and passed it, then turned and dived and approached the object from below, slowing down . . . until the vapor trail faded, and the aircraft was lost from sight.  A few minutes later the object was lost in a cloud."

The UFO disappeared at an estimated 22,000 feet altitude.

According to May 21st edition of the London Sunday Express, an undetermined number of people along the Devon coast saw the UFO.  Within minutes, the Royal Air Force submitted an account to the Ministry of Defense, who at first denied they had received any report, but then said that they did receive a report, but somehow it was not logged.

The object was also reported tracked on radar, according to a senior RAF controller at Plymouth.

At the same time as the sighting, an air vice marshall was visiting the Brixham Coast Guard station.

"We raised the subject [of the sighting] with his staff who remarked that they had never seen anything like it before," Jenkins remarked after they had seen his detailed drawing of the object.