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        Vol. IV,  No. 4 - January-February, 1968 - Page 3

British Jet Crew Spots UFO

A British jetliner crew, flying in clear skies over Italy on Nov. 15, 1967, watched an aluminum-colored, delta-shaped craft for 10 minutes.

Capt. H. Warburton-Gaskell, pilot of a British European Airways Comet airliner, was interviewed at London Airport by NICAP Investigator Julian Hennessey.  He described spotting the UFO at 2:30 p. m. local time, while flying 500 mph at 27,000 feet over Florence, Italy, on a flight from London to Athens, Greece.  The pilot described himself as one who has always been skeptical of similar reports from others.

Capt. Gaskell said the object when first seen, resembled a bright planet and was about 45 degrees above the horizon.  It took minutes, during which time the Comet flew more than 80 miles, to catch up with the UFO.

The object was a slender delta with a notch in the shortest end.  It was the color of aluminum foil, very bright and free of shadows or details.

"While the UFO's altitude was impossible to estimate, Capt. Gaskell said aircraft at 30,000 feet were leaving vapor trails, but the strange device was not.  He got the impression that the UFO may have descended while under observation, though this could not be verified.  The object finally disappeared overhead.

This report was initially reported through BEA channels to the Volunteer Flight Officer Network (VFON) operated by Herb Roth, of NICAP's Denver Colo., Subcommittee.  VFON rules require keeping the names of airlines and witnesses confidential, but NICAP was able to obtain permission from Caption Gaskell to release all details of the case.