Background to 1948 Documents by Jan. L. Aldrich  

New Early Top Secret UFO Document Discovered

This is a revised and expanded version of the article concerning the Top Secret document USAFE Item 14, TT# 1524 that first appeared in the April, 2000 issue of the MUFON Journal.

"1.      As directed by Cover Sheet, dated 27 July 1948
subject "Pattern of Flying Saucers," a study was commenced
to determine the tactics of flying objects and the probability
of their existence."

The 27 July, 1948 Cover Sheet signed by Major-General C.P. Cabell, originated the commencement of a study that would result in "AIR 203", otherwise known as the "Analysis of Flying Object Incidents in the United States".

The assembled Cover Sheets and documents below show some of the processes involved in the creation of the Top Secret "Air Intelligence Report Study #203," of 10 December 1948.


Cover Sheet #1 -- 27 July , 1948 - SECRET

Cover Sheet #2 -- 17 August, 1948 - RESTRICTED

Cover Sheet #3 -- 18 August, 1948 - TOP SECRET

Cover Sheet #4 -- 18 August, 1948 - TOP SECRET

Cover Sheet #5 -- 8 November, 1948 - TOP SECRET

TT# 1524 -- USAFE ITEM 14 - TOP SECRET - 1948


All typos reproduced from the original Control Log

SECRET 24 August, 1946 Memo from Commander, U.S. Naval Forces in Europe regarding Rocket Bombs or Guided Missiles over Norway and Sweden as referenced in Top Secret document USAFE Item 14, TT# 1524.

SECRET 21 January, 1948 memo from Colonel R.F. Ennis, U.S. Army Intelligence, outlining Intelligence Requirements Unconventional Aircraft.

SECRET 3 March, 1948 memo from Maj-Gen S. E. Anderson, U.S.A.F. Director of Plans and Operations regarding AMC proposal to use fighter aircraft to intercept flying discs

SECRET 17 March, 1948 memo from Maj-Gen George C. McDonald, USAF Director of Intelligence, to Commanding General AMC, W-P AFB regarding the use of fighter aircraft to gather information on flying discs.

AFSAB Minutes

On the 17th and 18th of March, 1948, the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board met at the Pentagon for briefing and a conference that was presided over by Dr Theodore Von Karman.   Colonel Robert Taylor, III, Chief of the Collection Branch of the Air Intelligence Requirement Division of the USAF Directorate of Intelligence at USAF headquarters in the Pentagon, and Colonel Howard M. McCoy, Chief of Intelligence for Air Materiel Command, at Wright Field, Ohio, conducted a short briefing during the March 17th session of the board entitled, "Utilization of Technical Intelligence".

Among other items of interest, Col. McCoy made some short comments about "unidentified flying objects" and revealed details of a new effort to study them -- Project SIGN.

Read the excerpted AFSAB minutes, or view a scanned image of the relevant page here (The document is of "medium" quality and may take several moments to load.)

(Special thanks to William LaParl for uncovering the document, and to Bill Ralls and Glenn Joyner for the scanned version.)

SECRET 31 March, 1948 memorandum for JCS, Collection Branch, Air Intelligence Requirements Division, regarding British agreement to allow USAF to interview Reimar Horten

Colonel Brooke E. Allen's Oct 11, 1948 Memorandum For Chief, Air Intelligence Division regarding "Analysis of Flying Object Incidents in the U.S.."

Major General C.P. Cabell's Nov. 3 letter to AMC , WP-AFB  

Col. McCoy's Nov. 8 Response to Maj. Gen. Cabell.

Brig. Gen. Moore's Memorandum Seeking Authority to Deal With Media Articles About UFOs

Maj. Gen. Cabell's Air Staff Summary to Sec. Forrestal Regarding Cooperation With the Media

Memorandum to Forrestal Requesting Authority to Assist the Press

TOP SECRET 8 December, 1948 Memorandum For Director Of Intelligence And CNI from Brig.General, E. Moore, USAF Chief, Air Intelligence Division, detailing possible new Russian surface-to-surface missile that could be responsible for "UFO/Ghost Rocket" reports.

TOP SECRET Analysis of Flying Object Incidents in the United States," Study #203, 10 December 1948

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