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Welcome to Barry Greenwood's index of UFO and Fortean-related professional and nonprofessional articles appearing in periodicals.  There are over 7,535 items in this index ranging from the early 1600's through to the current year.  Barry has spent over 40 years compiling this listing and we are pleased to be able to host it here on the Sign Historical Group website.

Read Barry's introduction to his bibliography.

The index is arranged in alphabetical order by the title of the periodical in which the article appeared.  Articles are further sorted by date within each specific periodical with the earliest date appearing first.

The complete database is available for download here in several formats, or can be viewed online here.

Database updated: November 8, 2003 (Latest additions appear in red font.)

Ball Lightning Bibliography updated: October 12, 2003 (Latest additions appear in red font.)

Technical questions regarding the internet presentation of Barry's index should be addressed to Loy Pressley at  Suggestions concerning the presentation of the index are welcome.

Questions or comments concerning the content of the index should be addressed to Barry Greenwood at

Downloadable Files
The complete database is available for download in any of several formats listed below.   Please click on the desired file type to begin the download.

Please Note: MS Access 2000 is not backwards compatible with Access 97.
File Type  File Name File Size Unzipped Size
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Ball Lightning Bibliography


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