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The Barry Greenwood Archives

Barry Greenwood has been collecting UFO publications for over 40 years. His collection has become famous as a reference set for those who want to research the UFO field.

To do any kind research, be it historical or involving UFOs, four things are required: materials, researchers, access and forums. Materials include UFO documents, reports, articles, and in this case UFO publications.

You need discerning researchers to classify, analyze, and interpret the material, while the researchers, of course, need access to the material. Finally, you need a forum or fora where analysis and work can be reviewed. To get to these goals you must have a first-rate collection of material.

Barry Greenwood's publication collection is the foundation for a complete reference set of publications, at least for material produced in North America.

The listings in the Greenwood publication collections represent material in his possession. In the case of UFO publications there are many missing issues and even publications that are not known to us.

We are still in the collection phase for UFO materials and request your help in completing the Greenwood files with copies of material from your collection.

The Union Catalog of Serial UFO Articles is incomplete, and represents little more than an inventory of UFO and other material in Greenwood's collection. Many journals that printed numerous articles of interest are yet to be catalogued and added to this work. Please bring articles not listed in this collection to our attention.

Barry is not in a position to answer large numbers of requests for material from his collection, but reasonable requests will be considered. Offers to exchange publications are very welcome.

Please send all inquiries to:

  Barry Greenwood
  P.O. Box 176,
  Stoneham, MA 02180

Eight examples of Barry's collection may be viewed online below, or can be downloaded here.

Please note: These bibliographies remain a "work in progress." The "Union Catalog" presented here is currently less than half completed.

Ball Lightning CatalogueUpdated: October 12, 2003

Barry Greenwood's Union Catalog of Serial UFO Articles

        Updated: 8 November, 2003

Barry Greenwood's UFO Periodical Index

        – Updated: 28 November, 2001

Barry Greenwood's Non-English UFO Magazines

        – Updated: 19 September, 2001

Barry Greenwood's UFO Clipping Volumes Listing - December 5, 2002

Barry Greenwood's Topical UFO Files Index - August 24, 2000

Barry Greenwood's Government Folder Headings - August 26, 2000

Barry Greenwood's article UFOs: Government Involvement, Secrecy, and Documents

The Ray Fowler Archives in the holdings of Barry Greenwood.

          – NEW: – 3 March, 2002

Upon moving to Maine, Ray decided to give up most of his accumulated UFO records. SHG was contacted as a potential recipient in late 2001. An agreement was reached and I picked up the files in December. The files are being examined and, where needed, records are being slip-sheeted and rebound for preservation.

The inventory of the sighting files lists the folders of raw material: filled out report forms, photos, transcripts and articles relevant to each case. Some of the classics of New England UFO research lie within; Exeter, NH 1965, Beverly High School 1966; etc.

SHG has also been given permission to reproduce the sighting summary catalog used in Ray's first book, UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors. The catalog gives summary detail of the sightings that Ray has investigated over the years up to the early 1970s.

Both of these listings are an invaluable guide to UFO activity in New England over a twenty-year-plus span. SHG is grateful to receive the information and pleased to be able to offer these listings.

The Jan Aldrich Archives - UFO File Folder Headings

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