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30 January, 2018

“Unusual Aerial Sightings” - A Search Through The Australian Government’s Records Systems

“Between June 2003 and June 2008 a major search was undertaken to locate and examine Australian Government files relating to “Unusual Aerial Sightings” - UFOs”...

Australian researcher Keith Basterfield has produced a detailed investigation of official Australian Government files revealing the official interest and handling of “Unusual Aerial Sightings” reports.  This updated collection includes references to recently located items and details of new items to be digitized and made available to the public.

“Unusual Aerial Sightings” - A Search Through The Australian Government’s Records Systems

28 June, 2017

“A Few Words About the Late Dr J. Allen Hynek”

The life of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, scientist, CUFOS founder and former US Air Force “UFO” consultant, is about to be re-examined in a major new book, “The Close Encounters Man”.

Jan Aldrich reflects on some of Hynek's considerable scientific achievements and provides detailed documentation of Hynek's various active and proposed UFO investigation projects for the US Air Force.

Read Jan Aldrich's “A few words about the late Dr J. Allen Hynek”.

Articles Collection Updated

Several new UFO articles have been added to the Articles Index.

View the expanded Articles Collection here.

14 June, 2017

The “Lost Files” Collection – Updated

Jan Aldrich adds several new "Orphan" cases in his updated folio collection of "Lost UFO Files" - those UFO incidents that were covered by the media and investigated by government agencies, but never made it into Project Blue Book Files.

Jan Aldrich's updated folio collection of "Lost UFO Files" .

The ‘Sea Fury’ Radar Incident Revisited.

One of the most controversial radar-visual UFO reports of the 1950s was the well-known Australian "Sea Fury" incident.  On a routine night flight, a Royal Australian Navy pilot was shadowed by two UFOs which were confirmed from the ground by radar and eyewitnesses.  A South Australian UFO researcher takes a "Cold Case" approach to the Sea Fury event and offers his perspective on the episode.

The ‘Sea Fury’ Radar Incident Revisited.

Veteran Australian UFO researcher and author Bill Chalker provides some contrasting commentary on the Sea Fury incident article above at his The OZ Files Blog.

20 April, 2017

Cold Case Review of The T. P. Drury UFO Footage

At about noon on 23 August 1953, Mr T. P. Dury, the Deputy Director of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) in Papua New Guinea, then an Australian territory, took daylight movie footage of an extraordinary unidentified "missile" over Port Moresby.  The UFO was gone in a few seconds but the story of the official handling of the filmed evidence lives on as an enduring part of the UFO mystery.

Australian researchers Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean undertake a "Cold Case Review" of this incident and subsequent investigations utilizing a comprehensive chronology of events and expanded collections of detailed public and previously classified reports.

Read The Cold Case Review Of The 23 August 1953, Port Morseby Visual Sighting And Colour Movie Film.

1 April, 2017

The Lost UFO Files

Newspaper accounts and official Directorate of Intelligence Report Index Cards refer to numerous UFO incidents that were investigated over the years by military and government agencies. However, in many cases none of these records can be located in the official Blue Book files.

Jan Aldrich commences his compilation of these "orphan" files in a new folio collection of "Lost UFO Files".

Top 10 Most Wanted UFO Articles

Barry Greenwood and Jan Aldrich nominate their 10 most wanted articles about UFOs which have yet to be recovered. These articles could help shed further light on UFO history.  We are looking for about 50 articles from the 1940s to 1980s and will update our lists for other decades soon.

Please visit the list of Top 10 Most Wanted UFO Articles and see whether you can assist Barry and Jan in locating them.

A Re-evaluation of the Balwyn UFO Photograph

Canadian researcher, Francois Beaulieu, puts forth his ideas and analyses of the the well-known April 2nd, 1966, Balwyn, Victoria, UFO photograph, previously the subject of investigations by Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean.

This incident continues to be evaluated by several researchers and Francois' article is but one example of the ongoing efforts.
A Re-evaluation of the Balwyn UFO Photograph

11 November, 2016

FEAF IR-29-52 - UFOs In The Korean War Zone

During the early part of the Korean War, a few UFO sightings were reported to Air Force headquarters and sent through channels to the Technical Intelligence Division (TID) at Wright Field.

By the summer of 1951 there was a change in UFO policy at Air Force Intelligence, and in March of 1952, the Far East Air Force HQ issued AG 350-7, Subject: “Reporting Information on Unidentified Flying Objects.”  On April 29, Air Force Letter 200-5 updated the intelligence collection instructions to send UFO reports directly to ATIC (Air Technical Intelligence Center) with copies to Air Force Headquarters Intelligence.

With that, 6004th AISS, various Far East Air Force units and the Air Technical Intelligence Liaison Office (ATILO) began to investigate UFOs reported in the war zone in earnest.

Using information collected by these sources, Captain Charles J. Malven, Air Technical Liaison Officer, authored FEAF IR-29-52, an intelligence report detailing “Radar and visual contacts with unidentified high-speed objects” by the US Navy carriers USS Philippine Sea and USS Princeton.

Jan Aldrich of Project 1947 takes a look at this series of high-confidence UFO Radar-Visual incidents recorded by US Navy and Marine assets during the Korean War in FEAF Radar Intelligence Summary IR-29-52.

3 August, 2016

The Secrets Behind “Have We Vistors From Space?”

Combining the allure of a cover featuring famous film star Marilyn Monroe and the hot topic of "flying saucers," the April 7, 1952 issue of LIFE Magazine, reached out to its millions of subscribers with the news that after being granted unprecedented access to technical and intelligence experts at the USAF, their conclusion was that "flying saucers" could be interplanetary spaceships.

How did LIFE obtain this information?  How was LIFE's reporter, Robert Ginna, granted such extraordinary access to US Air Force and Atomic Energy Commission installations and personnel?

As Captain Edward Ruppelt, head of Project Blue Book, asked in his book, The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects: "Did the Air Force prompt LIFE to write the article?"

Jan Aldrich takes you behind the scenes of the origins of LIFE's groundbreaking article, detailing the secret briefings and documents that show how it came to be written, and uncovers potential new areas of research.

Read The Secrets Behind “Have We Vistors From Space?”

July 25, 2016

New Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean Investigation

Keith has added to his collection of valuable catalogues and investigations with this two-part collaboration with researcher Paul Dean into the circumstances and analyses of the well-known April 2nd, 1966, Balwyn, Victoria, UFO photograph:

Balwyn UFO Stage One Report Final Version

Balwyn UFO Stage Two Report Final Version

Keith has his own website where you can keep up-to-date with his latest research:

Paul Dean's website is regularly updated with his own extensive research developments:

June 8, 2016

New Keith Basterfield Catalogues

Keith has recently updated his popular Catalogue of the More Interesting Australian UAP Reports.  He has included some new cases; checked sources for accuracy, and amended dates, times and other details as necessary:

A Catalogue of the More Interesting Australian UAP Reports as at 3 June 2016.

This joins Keith's other recent update:
Australian Government UAP Files Listing As at 23 May 2016.

The Disgraceful Flying Saucer Hoax

Written with the cooperation of Col. Harold E. Watson, head of ATIC, and "Project Grudge," reporter Bob Considine attempts to derail serious interest in "flying saucers" in this article from the January, 1951, issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.  Urged on by the Air Force, Considine declares the UFO phenomenon to be a "disgraceful hoax" perpetrated by "true believers," "gagsters," and "screwballs," and a waste of taxpayers' money to investigate.

Read The Disgraceful Flying Saucer Hoax

November 28, 2015

Updated Keith Basterfield Catalogue

Keith has released the latest version of his "Catalogue Of Pre 24 June 1947 Australian Unidentified Aerial Phenomena", documenting pre-Kenneth Arnold "flying saucer" sightings in Australia.  Version 3.0 contains 19 new entries from the 1909 era with additional source notes and commentary:

A Catalogue Of Pre 24 June 1947 Australian Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

October 22, 2015

Major New Research Updates

Project 1947 is pleased to announce details of ongoing research, site updates and and recent developments of interest.

Researchers from around the globe continue to look into historical UFO cases, make significant finds and generously share their results.

Please explore this comprehensive update detailing many new discoveries, projects and news of future undertakings.

Korean War UFO Articles and Documents

It all started with a leak to the newspapers. Somehow the press learned about the sighting of “flying discs” by crew members of two U. S. bombers operating over Wonsan and Sunchon, Korea.

Suddenly, without warning, news stories on the Wonsan-Sunchon incidents appeared in the press across the United States and the world on 19 February, 1952. . . . .

The USAF Directorate of Intelligence and USAF Public Relations Office in Washington, D. C., the “New” Project Grudge at Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, and the Far East Air Force (FEAF) Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan were all caught completely flat-footed by the leak.

Read this comprehensive collection of articles and documents detailing UFO activity during the Korean war.

July 31, 2015

New Ghost Rocket Research and Documentary

“For the last 65 years people have been seeing strange objects crashing and landing in lakes over Sweden.  What they are or where they come from remains unknown.”

“The Ghost Rockets documentary is a personal portrait of the members of UFO-Sweden and their ongoing attempts to shed light on this decades old mystery.”

Please visit their website for more information:

The Ghost Rockets - The Mystery Continues

With this announcement of UFO-Sweden's new Ghost Rocket research and documentary, partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund, it is perhaps timely to revisit the late Joel Carpenter's excellent essay on the subject:

The Ghost Rockets - Guided Missiles and UFOs

Another important contribution from Joel was his comprehensive:

The Green Fireball Chronology

Additional background and newspaper reports can be found in this collection of Swedish "GHOST ROCKET" Reports

Issue #15 of Barry Greenwood's U.F.O. Historical Revue has an article on the release of formerly Top Secret Ghost Rocket documents, including a 1946 report to the President from the Central Intelligence Group (CIG, forerunner of the CIA) signed by Lt. General (later General) Hoyt S. Vandenberg, then Director of Central Intelligence.

To date about 100 US government documents concerning Ghost Rockets are known.  Within these and other documents from the 1946-1949 era are references to over 100 more US government documents not yet uncovered.

Read Issue #15 of UHR here at The Barry Greenwood Archive.

June 19, 2015

New Air Force Vietnam-era UFO Reports Found

Barry Greenwood, veteran UFO researcher, respected FOIA activist and co-author of the groundbreaking books Clear Intent/The UFO Cover-up, announces the discovery of significant new Vietnam-era UFO cases that were never entered in Project Blue Book.  Read about Barry's latest discovery in issue 14 of his publication, UHR U.F.O. Historical Revue, and the background to his find here.

Barry requests any Vietnam veterans who may have information to add to please contact him.

New documents and updated information on the finds will be presented soon.

November 11, 2014

Updated Draft Catalogue of UFOs/USOs Reported by Seagoing Services - NavCat 2.0

Project 1947 has updated or enhanced over one hundred cases in this new version of the extensive draft Navy, Marine and Coast Guard catalogue of UFO/USO sightings, as well as adding over one hundred new cases.  Map references, article links and many illustrations have also been included.

Read Jan Aldrich's introduction to the updated draft catalogue here,
before reading the Updated Draft Catalogue of UFOs/USOs Reported by Seagoing Services.

This Draft collection is a work in progress and Jan welcomes any comments or additions.

June 1, 2014

William B. Nash

One of the most discussed UFO incidents of 1952 was the sighting of eight objects over Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, on July 14, 1952, by Pan American Airways pilots William B. Nash and William H. Fortenberry.  Nash was deeply affected by his experience and was determined to research the phenomenon and try to foster a wider acceptance for the reality of it.

Nash and Fortenberry collaborated on an article detailing their sighting for the October, 1952 issue of:

TRUE Magazine - We Flew Above Flying Saucers

Some skeptics had suggested that Nash's sighting was an optical illusion caused by "reflections" or some sort of atmospheric anomaly. 

The September, 1953 issue of "The Air Line Pilot," the official magazine of Nash's pilot union, contained an article by Captain Joe Hull entitled, "The Obituary of the Flying Saucers" which advocated that all "flying saucer" sightings could be explained scientifically using the logical approach of noted skeptic Dr. Donald H. Menzel.

Captain Joe Hull - The Obituary of The Flying Saucers

William Nash wrote a rebuttal to Hull's article and submitted it for publication.  It was rejected because well-known author Major Donald E. Keyhoe had already been approached to write a response to Hull.  We present William Nash's original unpublished article:

William B. Nash - The Flying Saucers Are Still Alive

Donald Keyhoe's article for "The Air Line Pilot" was a devastating rebuttal to Captain Hull's advocacy of Donald Menzel's explanations.  Using extensive sources developed in the writing of his books, Keyhoe was able to ask military experts at Project Bluebook to comment directly on Menzel's theories and methods:

Donald E. Keyhoe - Flying Saucer — Fact or Fancy?

William Nash's unpublished article was forwarded to Captain Hull for comment.  This resulted in a lengthy correspondence and ultimately formed the basis for a strong friendship between the two.  The letters provide an evocative insight into the state of UFOlogy in the early 1950s, and document Hull's acceptance of the reality of the "flying saucer" phenomenon.  Several years later Captain Hull experienced his own extraordinary UFO sighting which is documented in this collection:

The Nash-Hull Letters - William Nash - Joe Hull Letters

William Nash corresponded and shared leads to other incidents with Major Donald E. Keyhoe.  We present a small selection of these letters taken from Nash's files:

The Nash-Keyhoe Letters - William Nash - Donald E. Keyhoe Letters

Nash also exchanged information with noted Washington columnist, Robert S. Allen:

Nash-Allen Letters - William Nash - Robert S. Allen Letters

Robert S. Allen

Robert S. Allen was an influential Washington-based columnist who for several decades investigated and reported on the activities of the political and military elite.

Allen, who had been a Colonel in the U.S. Army during World War II, had extensive connections to people with high security clearances which allowed him to break many "scoops" regarding official investigations into the "flying saucers".
Allen's columns attracted a lot of attention from both the general public and the politically well-connected.  This introduction and small collection of Allen's articles demonstrates how highly-placed his sources must have been:

Robert S. Allen - An Introduction and Articles

Project 1947 welcomes information on any additional columns concerning UFOs or material he may have gathered on the subject.

Articles Collection Updated

Several new important UFO articles have been added to the Articles Index.

View the expanded Articles Collection here.

December 13, 2013

New UFO Articles From 1952

The UFO wave of 1952 resulted in a vast number of sightings being reported worldwide.  The lack of apparent official openness in dealing with the problem led to much confusion and speculation.

Several important investigative articles sought to get to the bottom of the matter by speaking "off the record" with many leading military and scientific experts.  Some of the best researched of these articles are now online:

People Today Magazine - Flying Saucers Are Real

Look Magazine - Donald Menzel's skeptical look at The Truth About Flying Saucers

Look Magazine - Hunt For The Flying Saucer

PIC Magazine - Ralph Mayher's I Proved Flying Saucers Are Real

A Reference Catalogue Of UAP Reported From The Nullarbor Plain Region Of Southern Australia

Australian researcher Keith Basterfield has produced many valuable catalogues, the latest being a catalogue of UAP reports from the vast, arid Nullarbor Plain region of Southern Australia.

Read Keith's Reference Catalogue Of UAP Reported From The Nullarbor Plain Region Of Southern Australia.

Updated 1945 Foo Fighter Documents

There are several new articles and official documents tracing the official military interest in the puzzling aerial phenomenon seen by allied pilots during World War II known as "Foo Fighters".

August 25, 2013

A Draft Catalogue of US Navy UFO and USO Reports

The US Air Force connection with the issue of UFOs is widely known.  The public is less aware of the US Navy's involvement in the managing and reporting of UFO and USO incidents.

Jan Aldrich provides a detailed collection of UFO and USO Reports made by US Navy, Marine, Coast Guard and other government maritime services.

Read Jan's introduction to the draft catalogue here
before reading:

United States Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard And Other Government Seagoing Services Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) And Unidentified Submerged Object (USO) Sighting Reports

This Draft collection is a work in progress and Jan welcomes any comments or additions.

June 24, 2013

Many new cases and newspaper reports have been added to the 1952 Historical cases pages. 

More updates coming soon.

June 22, 2013

A Catalogue of UAP reports from Victoria, Bass Strait and Tasmania around the time of the Frederick Valentich disappearance on 21st October, 1978

Australian researcher Keith Basterfield has produced a detailed Catalogue of UAP reports that were observed in Victoria, Bass Strait and Tasmania around 21st October, 1978, when pilot Frederick Valentich and his aircraft disappeared while being "orbited" by an unknown object.

Keith combines a carefully researched listing of reports taken from recently released official files and published accounts to document the various sightings made in the days before and after the Valentich incident. This remains a "work in progress" and Keith would welcome any additional information or insights from other researchers and interested parties.

Dec 8, 2012

Updated – A Catalogue Of The More Interesting Australian UFO Reports

Australian researcher Keith Basterfield has released an update to his catalog of The More Interesting Australian UFO Reports.   This is a subjective listing of UFO reports sourced from books, journals, Australian government file archives, and material retrieved via FOIA requests.

Keith regards this collection as a sampling of the more interesting cases, some of which may yet be determined to have conventional explanations or yield more information.  He welcomes corrections and additions to this newly updated catalogue.

November 13, 2012

Some UFO Notes By Loren E. Gross

With the completion of The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse: UFOS: A History, July-December 1963, noted Historian Loren E. Gross announced that this would be the final volume in his epic task to document the history of UFOs from 1896 to 1963.

Loren's History series comprised a collection of nearly 10,000 pages spanning over 100 booklets, providing a richly detailed and multifaceted overview of the UFO phenomenon.

Additional background to Loren’s endeavors can be found in this interview with Richard H. Hall.

Having accomplished his main goal in documenting the core years of his UFO series, Loren began to mine newspaper clippings primarily from the 1970s and 80s.  He selected those he found to be the most interesting and annotated them with his comments. He called this collection “Some UFO Notes”, which he has kindly allowed Project 1947 to reproduce.

Jan Aldrich provides detailed insight into Loren's remarkable writing accomplishment in his introduction to our newest addition to the website Some UFO Notes by Loren E. Gross.

June 4, 2012

UK UFO Documents

The United Kingdom Government started investigating unidentified flying objects beginning in 1947.  According to press accounts the Royal Air Force accumulated a large number of reports.  Jan Aldrich provides a brief overview of the UK Government's handling of UFO reports and presents some interesting UK UFO documents that were found among the papers of the U.S. Air Force's scientific adviser on UFOs, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who also founded CUFOS.

Edward J. Ruppelt

Before writing his classic work, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects (1956), Edward J. Ruppelt produced a "book-length feature" article for the May, 1954, issue of TRUE Magazine entitled, What Our Air Force Found Out About Flying Saucers.

Captain William B. Nash, one of the witnesses in the well-known "Nash-Fortenberry" sighting of 1952, wrote a "Letter to the Editor" of TRUE disagreeing with Ruppelt's conclusions.  His letter was published but heavily edited.  The complete text has been reproduced here from Nash's files.

Nash also discussed Ruppelt's article as well as other contemporary UFO cases in a 1954 letter to his friend and fellow pilot, William J. Hull.

Prior to the publication of the revised edition of Ruppelt's The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects in 1959, Isabel Davis of CSI New York managed to obtain copies of two of the three new chapters.  She shared her concerns in a November 16, 1959, letter to her colleagues in CSI Los Angeles.

1954 Clippings

Several new additions to the 1954 news clippings collection.

February 18, 2012

A Catalogue Of The More Interesting Australian UFO Reports.

Australian researcher Keith Basterfield has released another comprehensive catalogue.

A Catalogue Of The More Interesting Australian UFO Reports is a subjective listing of UFO reports sourced from books, journals, Australian government file archives, and material retrieved via FOIA requests.

Keith regards this collection as a sampling of the more interesting cases, some of which may yet be determined to have conventional explanations or yield more information.  He welcomes corrections and additions to the catalogue.

February 8, 2012

Updated CFI/Research Proposal

Several years ago the SyFy Channel, with the aid of John Podesta, former Chief of Staff for President Clinton, started a campaign to press for the release of government documents dealing with UFOs under the title of the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFI).

CFI solicited proposals from UFO researchers for a list of key UFO documents that might be secured via research or FOIA legal action.  The Sign Historical Group produced a proposal which was not accepted within the tight deadline allowed for submissions.  However, many of the proposed avenues for research have since produced new information and opened up new research opportunities.

The original proposal with updated findings and potential leads can be read here.

Two Papers from Dr. James E. McDonald


Summary of address to participants in the Symposium on Meteorological Observations and Instrumentation, sponsored by the American Meteorological Society and other societies, Washington, D. C., February 13, 1969.


Presented June 10, 1969, Washington, D.C., in a talk sponsored by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena - NICAP

December 23, 2011

Project Henry and "Project A"

During the early 1950s there were a number of official and private attempts to investigate unidentified flying objects.  One of them was a sub-project run within Blue Book by J. Allen Hynek and his assistant Jennie Gluck (Zeidman) called Project HENRY.  Jan Aldrich examines the various UFO research efforts in Project Henry.

One of the other research projects at this time was undertaken by Ohio Northern University.  Known as "Project A", ONU requested sightings information from individuals as well as official groups in an effort to "find a logical explanation for the saucer appearances if possible, and to publicize the true findings." Read about Project A here

New Keith Basterfield Catalogues

Keith has added three new catalogues to his already impressive body of work. 

A Catalogue Of Pre 24 June 1947 Australian Unidentified Aerial Phenomena documents pre-Kenneth Arnold "flying saucer" sightings in Australia.  It is a "work in progress" and will be updated.

A Re-examination of the Zanthus Western Australia Aircraft Encounter of 22 August 1968 details Keith's investigation of an impressive UFO/aircraft encounter.

A Listing Of Reports From Woomera, South Australia, details various UFO reports from the restricted experimental military test and rocket range.

November 23, 2011

Back Online

The website is back online after an absence of over a month and we're pleased to present the following additions:

Lou Corbin, NICAP Member and WFBR Radio News Director.

Lou Corbin served in U.S. Army Intelligence during World War II and attained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.  He was a friend and confidant of retired Marine Corps Major Donald E. Keyhoe and shared his interest in the subject of UFOs. 

Corbin used his military and intelligence contacts to source information on UFO reports and the military response to them.  In his role as News Director for radio station WFBR in Baltimore, Maryland, Corbin presented a topical program dealing with the subject of "Flying Saucers". Col Frank Milani, Baltimore's Civil Defense Director, appeared on the program and demanded that the U.S. Air Force "lessen the secrecy surrounding Unidentified Flying Objects" 

The fallout from that program as well as a copy of the script from the WFBR broadcast is part of our look at the life of Lou Corbin WFBR Radio and NICAP Member.

Dr. Frank B. Salisbury

Frank Boyer Salisbury was born in Utah in 1926.  He graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. (1951) and M.A. (1952) and received his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology (1955).

In April 1962 he published an article entitled "Martian Biology" in Science magazine, and received many letters pointing him towards the growing number of "Flying Saucer" reports. This led Salisbury to consider that if life was likely on other planets, perhaps extraterrestrial visitation was also a possibility.

Salisbury began a lengthy investigation of local UFO sightings and in 1968 submitted a written statement to the U. S. House of Representatives' Committee on Science and Astronautics Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects.  Salisbury also wrote two articles for BioScience magazine: The Scientist and the UFO; and Recent Developments in the Study of UFOS

Salisbury's articles and House Committee presentation are available from the Sign Historical Group's Resource Page

September 20, 2009

Sign Oral History Project

Tom Tulien began the Sign Oral History Project in 1999 to record recollections of UFO witnesses, investigators officials, scientists, and other individuals associated with UFO history using archive-quality video media.

Tom has now launched his own dedicated website to host the fruits of his Sign Oral History Project and other planned exciting projects.  Visit the SOHP at

December 10, 2005

Julian J. A. Hennessey - The U.K. Government and UFOs

For many years Julian Hennessey worked as NICAP's representative in Great Britain where he investigated a large number of cases in the U.K. and Europe.  He was chairman of European Investigative Subcommittee #1 of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), and through persistent and meticulous efforts was able to create an impressive network of official and semi-official interest in UFO reports. 

Some of this official interest was less than supportive, and many times Hennessey became a thorn in the side of British government officials who continued to insist that there was no real interest in UFO reports other than those with "possible defense implications".

Jan Aldrich presents an overview of Julian's work in this introduction to the previously unpublished essay, The U.K. Government and UFOs, in which Julian outlines some significant historical British UFO events and his own involvement with UFO research in the 60s and 70s. 

July 17, 2005

Green Fireball and Ghost Rocket Chronologies

Joel Carpenter has produced two excellent Chronologies which examine in detail two of the most enduring aerial mysteries of modern times.

Green Fireballs Over Los Alamos introduces us to the "New Mexico Missile Crisis," a time when mysterious "green fireballs" were seen in the skies of the American Southwest overflying Top Secret military installations.

In a Green Fireball Chronology Joel Carpenter traces the history and people involved in trying to determine the origins of the elusive fireballs:  Secret Russian weapons, a natural phenomenon, or something "not of this world"?

Before the 1947 wave of "flying saucer" sightings, there were mysterious objects being seen in the skies of Scandinavia.  These "Ghost Rockets" were detected both visually and on radar, but their origin could not be determined.  Had the Russians been able to exploit captured German rocket technology so quickly, or were these "ghosts" the precursors to the flying saucer and Green Fireball sightings?  In a Ghost Rocket Chronology: Guided Missiles and UFOs, Joel explores the wide-ranging attempts to resolve and explain the "Ghost Rockets" during a time of rising political tensions and advances in rocket technology.

Paper Threat: Japanese Fu-Go balloons

Unknown aerial objects sighted in the skies over North America that were subject to strict media censorship and official secrecy...  UFOs in the form of a new intercontinental weapon launched during the closing days of World War II that became known as Fu-Go.

The race to deal with the Fu-go weapon established the precedent for official secrecy when dealing with the recovery of suspected airborne artifacts.  Several agencies and persons who had to deal with the Japanese balloon bombs later went on to play important roles in the investigation of Green Fireballs and UFOs.

Joel Carpenter's Paper Threat, the first intercontinental weapon system, documents the history of the Fu-go Balloon attacks and the many efforts by the government and military to deal with this new threat from the sky.

March 1, 2005

Minot AFB B-52 UFO Report

In 1968 numerous ground and air witnesses observed an unconventional aerial object as it maneuvered over the ICBM fields surrounding Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota. 

Portions of this dramatic incident were recently dramatized in the ABC News Special television documentary Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs: Seeing is Believing

Thomas Tulien, Chairman of the Sign Historical Group, and James Klotz, veteran CUFON researcher, have been investigating these dramatic events for over five years and are close to releasing their comprehensive report.  Details of the Minot AFB B-52 UFO Incident report can be read here.

October 30, 2004

UAL Flight 105

Just days after the Kenneth Arnold sighting of "flying saucers", the crew of United Air Lines flight 105 had their own astonishing encounter over Emmett, Idaho, on July 4, 1947.

January 3, 2004

Inventory of Material From The Files of Dr. Olavos T. Fontes

Dr. Willy Smith recently donated his collection of files to the Sign Historical Group.  Included in this material were many items from the files of the renowned Brazilian UFO researcher, Dr. Olavos T. Fontes.  An inventory of this material, along with Fontes-related items provided by other researchers, can be read here.  A selection of Internet links referring to Fontes-related cases is also included.